MIddle School Hottie

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Gods, what a hottie. I was working at the middle school and as I entered the classroom. I saw her at her desk. Long red hair framed her beautiful face. Her greenish eyes sparkled, as she smiled at me. She got up, so that I could pick up her trash can, under the desk.

That was when I noticed the rest of her. She was tall, with long legs emerging from her cotton dress. It was what was just below her smile that really got me. She had a very large set of boobs, under a fairly plain button up blouse. She noticed my gaze, and her smile got just a bit bigger.

I dumped her trash into my cart, and asked if her day was going well. She told me it was, and that was about the extent of it.

As the days went by, I made it a point to say hi, when I came by her classroom. She always greeted me with a smile, or a little wave. This went on for about a month. Then I began to notice a little change in her. She started to dress a bit more sexy. Now and then, an additional button was opened when I came by. I could see her curves as they were pushed together by her bra. She had a nice tan, and I enjoyed the views she gave me.

She began to take lunch at the same time I did, and we began to talk. She asked me to collect boxes for her, as she was moving out of state at the end of the school year. Her husband had gotten a job, and had already moved to the new state.

I was disappointed, but I told her I would bring some by every day. I got a very big smile from that. The next couple of weeks, I would drop off several boxes and she always thanked me for them. Early one morning, before school, I saw that she was wearing a black tank top with a denim shirt over it. The tank top really showed off her cleavage. She asked if I liked the view. I just nodded, not quite sure how to respond.

“I know you have been checking out my boobs,” she said. “I don’t mind, and in fact I’m flattered.”

I just smiled, and gave them a good look. She was a natural red head, and had freckles trickling down between her large globes. They were pushed up high and proud, by what I was sure was a push up bra.

“Very pretty,” I said.

“Thank you,” she said as she buttoned up the shirt. “I wore this today just for you, since I won’t be here much longer. I really appreciate what you have been doing for me.”

“It’s been my pleasure,” I said. “I have to finish my rounds now, though.”

While she was buttoning up the shirt, she smiled and asked me to come back at the end of the day. I said I would stop by, and then headed out of her room.

I thought about her off and on all escort ataşehir day, and wondered what she was up to. I mean, she had been nice to me most of the semester, but this was pretty unusual for her. I did not see her at lunch, but did not think too much about it.

The school day was finally over. I began to make my final round, picking up trash and locking doors. I could see her car from where I was, so I decided to stop at her room last. All the kids were gone, and so were the staff. She and I were the last ones on campus.

I got everything done, and headed to her classroom. The door was open, and I could see she was at her desk. Her head was down on the top of it, and I could hear her sobbing. I entered, and closed the door behind me. As it latched, she did not even look up.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as I walked up to the front of the desk.

“That bastard,” she sniffled. “I can’t believe it.”

“Believe what?”

“I just found out that my husband is moving all right, but not with me. He has a girlfriend in that new city.” She lifted her head. Her eyes were stained with tears, which were flowing freely.

“He is leaving me here, in favor of some bimbo,” she sobbed. “I already quit my job, and I have nowhere to go, now.”

“Oh my God,” I said, as I walked to be aside of her. “You are so pretty that I can’t believe he would not want you.”

“You think I’m really pretty?”, she said as she turned towards me. A small smile crossed her lips.

“Of course. You are pretty, have a fantastic body, and a nice personality.”

She stood up and wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. “Thank you.”

The kiss was soft and gentle, but the longer it lasted the more passionate it became. I returned it, but all the heat and passion was coming from her. I was getting very hard, and she noticed.

“I can tell you really think so. You’re pretty hard there.”

I blushed and just kissed her again. My hands began to caress her back, and hair. She asked if there was any place a bit more private. I told her that I knew of a spot in the gym, where the gymnastic mats were stored. She smiled and took me by the hand.

“Take me there, please.”

The gym was on the other side of the campus. We walked, hand in hand, taking the back hallways, so as to not be seen if anyone happened to be there. With her free hand, she kept undoing her denim shirt, giving me a peek at her goodies.

The lights in the gym were off, except for the Exit lights. Her body glowed in the dim green light. We crossed the gym floor and I kadıköy escort bayan opened the storage room. A dim overhead light provided all the light we needed. I pulled a few mats down so it would be comfortable for her, and closed the door.

“Mmm. Cozy,” she said as she pulled me close and kissed me full and hard. “You are a great kisser. What else are you great at, I wonder?”

She got on her knees and un-did my belt. Her fingers unzipped my pants and tugged them down quickly. She pulled down my underwear, and out popped my cock.

“Wow. That’s really hard, and nice. It’s pretty thick too.”

She licked the head, and swirled her tongue around the glans. My legs shivered. She looked up and just smiled. Her lips lowered down the shaft, and her head began bobbing up and down.

“God you taste good,” she said drooling. She took her mouth off my cock, and took her shirts off. I pulled her bra off and out spilled her twin globes. They were full, round, and partially tanned. There were crisp tan lines, and the white areas were capped off with large dark areolas. Her nipples were already rock hard, and fully extended.

“These look wonderful,” as I squeezed them and tweeked the nipples.

She lifted my cock up and licked the shaft as if it were an ice cream cone. Pre cum was dribbling out the slit, and she quickly lapped at it. Then she went back to sucking on the rock hard shaft.

“Let me see all of you,” I said.

She smiled and got up. Her skirt glided down her legs, followed by her panties. She stepped out of them and then gave me a little turn.

“Like what you see,” she giggled.

“Oh yeah. You look like a goddess. Lay down and let me worship you.”

She laughed, and as she dropped to the mat, I got out of the rest of my clothes. I got on my knees and spread her legs wide. Her pussy was bald, smooth, and framed by her tan lines. I told her she had a beautiful pussy, and she giggled. I lowered my head, spread her lips and ran my tongue up and down her lips.

Soft moans escaped her lips the more attention I paid to her pussy. She tasted wonderful, and the more I ate her, the more she responded. I nuzzled her clit with my tongue, and she came loudly. I knew I was on the right track, so my tongue entered her steaming hole. I was rewarded with a face full of her juices, and her vaginal walls began to spasm.

“Oh God,” she moaned. I’ve never cum like that before. “Don’t ever stop.”

My fingers began to flick her clit, and off she went again. The more I worked her pussy, the faster she came. Her sounds escort bostancı were bouncing off the concrete walls of the storage room. Her boobs were bouncing and her back was arching higher and high, the higher she got.

“Oh, put that thing in me,” she cried out. “I need something hard inside my pussy, and I need it now.”

I moved up her body, and began sucking on her boobs. My cock was just at the entrance of her pussy. She kept bouncing, trying to get it to enter her. I reached down with my fingers and rubbed her lips with my cockhead. Her moans told me that she was more than ready.

I pushed in quickly, and she let out a gasp. I filled her up completely, and began sliding in and out of her. Her walls spasmed, over and over in fierce climaxes.

I rolled her over and shoved it back into her. I reached for her boobs, and she bucked hard towards me. My balls slapped her ass, as we fucked as hard as we could. She was breathing so quickly, I was afraid she would pass out.

We changed again, and she got on top of me. Her boobs bounced and flailed wildly, and she rode me has hard as she could. Sweat ran off her body and pooled on my chest. She kept feeding me one breast and then the other. I suckled on the nipples as hard as I could.

“Fill my pussy,” she hissed. “Give me all you have in there. Don’t pull out. I want all of it.”

I rolled her over on to her back, so I could see her face and boobs. My cock stabbed at her hole again. Over and over I filled her up. I could tell she was ready. Her body was writhing on the mats uncontrollably, and she could barely breathe. I pounded her as hard and fast as I could. When I could hold off no longer, I told her to get ready.

“Come in me. Fill me,” she gurgled.

I smiled as I felt my balls begin to do their work. The first blast fired out so hard and so quickly, that it surprised me.

“Oh I feel it,” she said. “More. I want more.”

My cock pumped out load after load of my cream. I kept cumming and cumming, until the well was dry. I kept moving my rod in and out, and she loved all of it.

I was exhausted, and I laid my head onto her chest. I caressed her breasts, and gasped in air, trying to recover. She curled her arms around my back, and held me tight.

“Oh god, that was fantastic,” she said. I have never been fucked like that before. You made me come so many times l lost count. That was wonderful.

I rolled off of her, and she curled onto my chest. As we tried to recover, her fingers began tracing the length of my spent cock. It jumped to her touch, and she moved her head down to it. Her tongue slipped out and licked it clean.

“Oh that tastes great,” she purred. I want this cock forever. Please tell me I can have more of it.”

“I would love that,” and just smiled and purred as she made my cock hard again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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