Mindy’s Massage Ch. 14: Early and Late

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It was the next night, and Mindy was at a very plush local hotel with a client, doing a very rare overnight appointment with him. He was a repeat client, and they had gotten to know each other a little, and when he was in from out of town, he always had her come to see him, sometimes for only an hour and sometimes for several hours at a time. She found him interesting, as he had led a different kind of life, traveling a lot to Asia and the far east, on business while maintaining his wife and family in the United States.

He often told Mindy he would love to take her on long trips with him but it had never gone any farther, until this trip when he asked her if she would spend the night with him. She had agreed and they had settled on a fee, and made plans for the evening. She showed up to his hotel dressed nicely as always and ready to go to a dinner he had planned for them. He was in his fifties, of average height, and average weight, of Asian descent, and still had a full head of dark hair, with dark brown, flashing eyes, and had a ready smile for her every time he saw her.

Mindy’s only hesitation was that he had always been an insatiable lover for her. He stayed hard even after cumming, and was constantly sexing her while they were together, whether it was an hour or three or four. She hoped he would tire, and she could get some sleep at some point during the night. She walked up to the door of his room, knocked lightly, one hand holding her small overnight bag and purse. She was in a cute, low cut dark red blouse, with a tight, light beige skirt and nude colored high heels. She looked like she walked right out of Playboy, with her full breasts showing cleavage under her blouse, and lots of silky smooth thigh showing below the hem of her skirt.

The door opened slowly and Mindy gasped in surprise. Cecil, her date for the evening, was standing there inside the room, fully dressed in dress slacks, a long sleeve dress shirt and highly polished black shoes, with his pants unzipped and his hard cock sticking straight out from his body, pointing at the beautiful girl in front of him. Mindy covered her mouth with her free hand, in shock and then giggled at him. He grinned widely, and pointed at himself, motioning her to his cock.

Mindy stepped into the room, pushing the door shut behind her and, knowing what he wanted, dropped to her beautiful knees in front of him, and took his throbbing cock as deeply as she could into her sweet, soft, hot little mouth. His cock was a little longer than average but was very thick, and was always very hard. She used her tongue and bobbed her head back and forward on him and in just a few minutes, he was cumming, emptying the flood of semen into her mouth and throat. Mindy sucked him dry, licked him clean, and stood up, swallowing the last of his load. He stepped forward to her and they kissed passionately, before breaking apart. Mindy smiled, and said, “What an appetizer. I may be too full to eat now.”

Cecil laughed at her and said, “I’m sure you’ll find something to entice you at the Rancho Cantina.” The Rancho Cantina was a very upscale seafood and steak restaurant in town and Mindy had never been there. It was known to be very expensive and very excellent food. They left Mindy’s bag and walked together down through the lobby and out to Cecil’s car, where he opened the door for her, allowing her to slide into the seat of the big Lincoln, and then walked around to get in himself. They drove to the restaurant, with Cecil flirting with Mindy and making small talk with her about her life and his. The two really did share conversation well together and always found something to talk about, Mindy thought, then realized that most of the time together they were having sex.

They entered the restaurant and were escorted to their table, which was on a wall with windows, overlooking a park like area, with lots of trees and a small creek running through, lighted by indirect lighting and making a beautiful view at night. They were fairly well secluded from most of the room and could talk freely as they ordered and dined on what Mindy thought was some very good food. She had a shrimp cocktail, gazpacho, and a filet mignon that was amazingly tender and delightfully tasty, while Cecil had a T-bone that filled his plate. They left the restaurant completely full and totally satisfied with the quality and flavor of their meal, and as they got into the car, Cecil said, “Now for the dessert.”

Mindy could only nod, wondering how she was going to perform when she was so full. She stretched her legs and slid over closer to Cecil. He put his arm around her and hugged her close, and they talked as he drove them back to the hotel. Once there, he parked, and they walked together into the building, rode the elevator up to his room, and in a few minutes, were in the room. Cecil had a bottle of red wine and was opening it as Mindy made her way to the bathroom and prepared for the rest of the evening. When she returned, Cecil was naked, and sitting on the sofa, holding a bostancı escort bayan glass of wine for him, and one for her. His hard cock jutted from his loins, sticking out and up, the head dark red and the shaft hard and ribbed with full blood vessels. She took the glass of wine from him, took a sip then handed it back while she slipped out of her clothes. She first stepped out of her heels, then unzipped the skirt and let it slide down off her beautiful hips and her sleek thighs to step out of it. Her top followed, leaving her as naked as Cecil was, and her pussy was already very wet and tingly from the excitement of the situation and the impending sexual marathon she knew might occur this night.

She smiled sexily at him, and put one knee on the sofa facing him, just outside his thigh, then the other on the other side of him, straddling him and facing him on the sofa. She took the glass of wine from him again and took a swallow, before slowly lowering her body onto him. She held him by his shoulder as she felt the hard head of his throbbing rod touch her in the crotch very near the tiny, wet opening to her love canal. She made the necessary body adjustments, and with no hands, felt him slowly begin to slide into her. She felt the hardness of the head of his cock open her, wider and wider as his girth filled her as she settled lower onto him and his cock slid farther into her, until it was buried inside her and she was sitting on his thighs, and leaning forward to kiss him, her tongue darting into his mouth. She felt exquisite sensations flood her body as she began to quiver in excitement and slowly rise up and then settle back onto his shaft.

Cecil began using both hands, fondling her full breasts, and feeling all over her body, anywhere he could reach her smooth silky skin. He ran his fingers through the long silken locks of her beautiful shiny hair, and leaned into her to kiss her harder, their tongues intertwining in their mouths together. As Mindy rode him, she felt the passion grow in her body, filling her with mindless feelings of ecstasy. She slid up and down his hard dick, the head pulsing inside her and the shaft filling her tunnel completely as she felt the thrilling, intense sensations of sex flowing all through her. She watched Cecil’s face as he was swept away by the feel of her velvet slick pussy wrapped around his cock, her full, tender breasts with the silky smooth skin and hard little nipples in his hands, her butt and the backs of her thighs sliding against the front of his as they fucked with her sitting on him.

They moved together, as Mindy remembered they had before, feeling each other climb the slopes of passion to the point of climax, and very close together, they both came, Mindy’s orgasm washed over her a few seconds before his big penis began to throb and then spurt his white, hot ropes of sticky cum inside her quivering and spasming vagina. They were both tense and holding onto each other as they quaked together in totally overwhelming explosions of sexual satisfaction. They collapsed together, Mindy sagging against him in temporary exhaustion from her exertion and the completion she had felt with him. They both took some more wine, then moved naked together to the bed, lying beside each other, cuddling and hugging each other, Mindy’s head on his chest. He was lying on his back and almost as soon as they lay down, his penis started stiffening and rising again.

Mindy wasn’t surprised by his quick recovery, as it happened every time she met with him. She knew he would be insatiable for her, probably all night. In a few minutes, he was on top of her, sliding his hard staff into and out of her tight little cunny, feeling the wetness of their juices mixed together inside her as he fucked her. They changed positions several times as the sex lasted much longer. Then, he was behind her, fucking her doggy style, his hands on her hips and his pelvis pounding into her from behind. His balls were slapping against her pussy below his cock, where it entered her and pounded her every stroke. Mindy was leaning back into him on every stroke, her head down and the pulse pounding in her neck and head as she felt the familiar feelings flowing through her again. She felt her whole body trembling as she let him hit her from behind as hard as he could, and just took his best from him. She could feel his strength and stamina flowing into her as he fucked her. He was moving harder and becoming more rough with her as he worked on her. Finally, he grasped her hips hard in both hands and thrust even harder into her open, hot, wet pussy, as he once again began to empty his balls into her. His penis throbbed, spurted and filled her with his white spunk as he fucked her beautiful body senseless.

Mindy was past feeling pain, only the heat of sex as he roughly continued reaching into her and plumbing her depths with his cock. Again, they collapsed together, him lying on top of her, still in her from behind, sprawled across her beautiful body, his weight on her. Mindy ümraniye escort caught her breath, and finally got him to roll off her so she could get up, go to the bathroom and clean up from two passionate rounds of hot sex with her Asian lover. While in the bathroom, it occurred to her that she would not want to give up her lifestyle. She just had too much enjoyment sharing herself with different lovers and different situations that were always exciting and always new and different to her.

She came out of the bathroom, naked and glorious in her natural beauty, and rejoined Cecil on the big bed, where he rested. His penis had already grown hard and throbbing, demanding her full attention as he pulled her to him. They rested for only a few minutes, before Cecil pulled her on top of him, and she spread her thighs wide to straddle him, her hips over his, his cock jutting up and touching her crotch all around the sweet, slick lips of her hot little cunny. Mindy reached down to guide his hardness once more into her soft, slick, wet tunnel of love, The head opened her as he pushed upward into her, his whole penis once again sliding deep inside her. He groaned and gritted his teeth as he felt the incredibly intimate emotions flow through his whole body as he reached her depths and felt his balls push against her tight little buttocks. Mindy began moving sensually against him, lying forward onto his chest, kissing him passionately, her tongue darting into his mouth again as he responded to her eagerness and excitement.

They rolled around on the bed, fucking each other from all angles, never once letting his dick leave her hot pussy. It slid in and out of her, plumbing her depths and then teasing the outer lips as he went in and then slid out. Their bodies worked in unison, finding passion in each other and excitement in the sheer animal tension of the coupling. Finally, once again, his climax overcame him, his penis throbbing inside her, and his cum emptying into the depths of her fertile sex. She trembled and quivered as her own orgasm began to shake her from the center of her being. Mindy tensed and strained as the sensations washed through her, leaving her satiated, tired and weak from all the sexual energy she had expended this night. She was tired and aching all over, plus her pussy was starting to get sore from all the pounding, but she knew the night wasn’t over.

Cecil was pulling her to him to spoon him, her butt backing up to his crotch as her back pressed against his chest. Cecil reached around her to fondle her full, heavy breasts, squeezing them and pinching the nipples, making them tingle again. Mindy was finding a deeper and more fulfilling state of sexual awareness this night, knowing how tired she was and how sore she would be the next day, but unwilling to stop or deny Cecil or his passions. She wanted him to have all he wanted and to be absolutely satiated and satisfied the next morning.

It was getting very late and it was way past Mindy’s normal bedtime but she wasn’t ready to give up on their passions yet. She wiggled her butt against his crotch, feeling his hard cock against the bottom of her crotch, and rubbing the tiny lips of her little cunny. She felt the head of his cock rubbing against her little clit, making it swell and tingle again. She responded to his touch, and to the intensity of his passion as he rubbed and fondled her all over her beautiful body. His penis was throbbing against her little pussy, and her wetness was getting it all slick with her juices. He found her slit, and as she gasped in pleasure, he slid it deep into her again. He began stroking slowly in and out of her, taking a much slower and gentler pace, letting her feel the tiny intricacies of the full head and hard shaft of his cock, the bumpy surfaces of it covered in knobby veins, as he slid into her.

Cecil slid his hands over her, feeling her breasts, then her full hips and sleek thighs, before letting one hand drift between them to push a finger gently against the dampness of her tiny, virgin asshole.

Mindy had never allowed anyone entrance into her back door, and had never felt turned on by that part of sex. She had almost tried it with her first boyfriend but when he jammed a finger into her, it hurt badly and she stopped him, and had never tried it again. This time, however, Cecil was being so gentle and she didn’t want to ruin the mood, so she allowed him to continue rubbing her tiny bud, and gently applying some pressure to it. She was surprised when it started feeling good and became a little bit of a turn-on for her as he slowly worked his finger over the tiny opening. It became wetter and more lubed as juices from her pussy wet it more and more. Mindy felt the tip of his finger slip into her tiny bud a very small way, opening her up just a little to his attentions as he continued fucking her gently and slowly.

She was feeling sensations she had never felt before, her pussy was on fire with excitement and her ass was tingling in a way she had never felt. His finger escort kartal was in her to the first knuckle and he was gently easing it in and out of her tiny, tight butthole, feeling the tight clamp of her sphincter on his finger. Mindy was trying to relax when suddenly, Cecil stopped, pulled out of her, both finger and penis, and had her turn to him. Once facing him, Mindy lay on her side and Cecil rose up to straddle her lower thigh, and hold her upper leg up onto his shoulder to give him more room to fuck her, but his dick was sliding into her at a different angle, more sideways as he entered her and began fucking her again. His finger returned to her asshole, and he started over, very slowly sliding his finger first over the tiny rosebud then applying more pressure and more pressure as she responded again and his finger gradually regained its previous position of depth inside her. Then it began to slowly ease deeper into her.

Mindy was feeling more and more tingles of excitement coming from the fondling inside her ass as she continued enjoying his penis sliding into and out of her hot, clasping cunny. Mindy knew that if this continued she would end up with Cecil’s big cock up her ass and her never probed butt would be virgin no more. She wondered if she wanted this big event to be accomplished by some man who was paying her to have sex with him. She thought for a moment, wondering if it should be Frank or Josh or some other true suitor who first entered her nether entrance. She let her mind take it all in, and finally decided it just didn’t matter who was there first, as long as she was happy with it, and if it never happened again, she would only have to deal with telling Cecil no, not some guy that she really cared about and hated making unhappy. She returned mentally to the happenings at hand, and realized that Cecil’s finger was pretty well buried into her as deep as it could go.

She realized that it was feeling very good to her, and that she was really excited by her ass being invaded by a man. She felt him begin to slowly and gently add a finger to the one already in her, and she felt herself being stretched farther open. She liked it. She knew that soon, Cecil would gain his prize, and bury his hard cock into her ass, feeling the inside of her anal tract, the first man to ever gain entrance.

She was somewhat amazed that she was letting this happen but also very excited by it. She felt Cecil pull his slick coated cock out of her pussy, and she rolled readily onto her stomach, raising her ass a little and presenting the tiny little anus to him. Cecil had pulled his fingers out and replaced them with the hard round head of his throbbing cock, feeling it fit against the little rosebud. He began to push gently into her, and Mindy felt his penis very slowly begin to slide against her asshole and then into her anus, a little at a time.

It took several minutes for Cecil to gently ease his hardness into her virginal ass, and once he was about half way in, he began to pull back and then slide into her again, until after a few minutes, he was sliding all the way into her, burying himself inside her ass, before pulling almost all the way back out, leaving only about half of the head in, before pushing back into her as far as he could, making long, deep strokes inside her unfucked ass. Mindy was totally turned on, and was feeling the beginnings of orgasm starting to sweep over her. She was almost up on her knees, her head on the bed, her shoulders against the mattress and her tiny waist sloped up to her hips and full buttocks sticking up in the air as her lover plugged her in the butt with his hard dick.

She could feel his throbbing hardness with each stroke, reaching deep into her ass. She also felt her anus becoming more comfortable and the sex feeling better and better as he pumped into her. Her fingers were gently rubbing her clit as he pushed hard against her, fucking her ass stronger and faster. He was beginning to go very fast, in and out, his breath ragged and sharp, his body moving in rhythm as he felt his excitement swelling. Cecil wasn’t absolutely sure, but he was almost positive that he was the first to ever fuck her in the ass. She hadn’t said that was true, but he had gone so slow getting her to relent and had she had been so hesitant and reluctant at first, that he felt he knew. He was thrilled that at this point, Mindy was totally into it, and was getting off on his dick in her ass. He fucked harder into her, stretching her pliant and now willing ass to its limits as he slid his hardness into her.

Mindy was breathing deeply, fast and hard as her orgasm began building in her. She was amazed at how good this felt to her. She trembled and her ass trembled as the sensations became stronger and seemed to come from deeper inside her than they had ever come before. She was beyond thought in her passion, but knew this was a thrilling turn of events. She was very glad she had consented to allow Cecil to try this, and now was benefitting from his full on sexual onslaught. Her tiny asshole was the focus of both of them as he continued his thrusts, moving faster and faster against her. Mindy felt the waves beginning to wash through her, beginning in her loins and lower body and rolling all the way to her toes and the top of her head.

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