Miss Patrice

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Female Ejaculation

“Miss Patrice, might I see you in my office?”

Miss Patrice, executive secretary to the CEO, rose and followed him into a large, well-appointed office. She closed the door behind her. Mr. Standish, the CEO, was seated behind his desk in a large leather and upholstery chair.

“I have some appointments and phone calls to make Miss Patrice.”

Miss Patrice understood immediately what was needed. She walked around to Mr. Standish’s side of the desk and swung about to present her full ass to his face. Mr. Standish sighed deeply and contentedly. He raised Miss Standish’s skirt and looked into the crease of her bare arse staring him in the face. Standish inhaled deeply of the musk arising from his secretary. He laid his hands on the cheeks of her plush ass and spread them wide to allow his tongue access to her asshole.

“Wooh! Ahh, uhh!” Miss Patrice exclaimed and grunted as the CEO’s tongue first bathed and then penetrated her ass. He moved down to her pussy lips which protruded from between her thighs like the most delectable of fruits. His tongue encountered a wetness of her own as it explored the downy folds and tasted the nectar of her wantoness. The exploration lasted a minute before there was a knock at the office door.

Miss Patrice crawled under the desk, turned about to face Mr. Standish’s crotch and settled in to be comfortable.

“Enter!” said Mr. Standish. Even as the door opened to reveal a typist from the word processing pool Miss Patrice was unzipping the fly on her boss’ trousers. She reached into his crotch and firmly but carefully extracted a cock of some girth and length. Miss Patrice looked up from her position under the desk into Mr. Standish’s face, and as he invited the typist to take a seat, she squeezed and ran her hand the length of his cock from his balls to just under the head. A large drop appeared. Miss Patrice smiled up at Standish as she watched him lose his composure just a little. And then just a little more as he watched her tongue away the drop which was now hanging suspended from his cock. Mr. Standish shuddered. Then he began to dictate.

Miss Patrice knew her position well. She knew that it was not her duty to drain her boss’ delicious cock of its hot cum. At least not yet. The appointments and calls could go on for a long time and it was Miss Patrice’s task to see that Mr. Standish’s enthusiasm never waned.

Miss Patrice was very, very good at her job. She sucked and licked and nibbled and bit. She drew her teeth along the sensitive underside of the shaft and she bathed his balls in her mouth both one and two at a time. What’s more, and what was absolutely essential, Miss Patrice was quiet in the performance of her duties. Oh, she could slurp and smack over a rigid cock with the best of noisome cocksuckers but this was clearly not the time nor the place for such. Mr. Standish appreciated her tact in this matter and rewarded her generously for it – and not just with the hot contents of his balls.

When Mr. kurtköy escort Standish’s cock would wane in its hardness, which it inevitably did, Miss Patrice would take the entire shaft into her mouth, across her tongue and down into her throat ever so slowly. And then she would rock back and forth a little at a time. Let a little out of her throat and then back down again. In time she would allow more length to escape her throat. And then she would begin to allow the growing hardness to escape her mouth until only the tip was left touching her lips before she would slide it back down her gullet.

In between calls and appointments Mr. Standish would talk to her quietly and fiercely about the pleasures her hot mouth brought him. He would pull her off of his cock and ask her if she liked sucking cock. And if she liked sucking his cock. Miss Patrice smiled with her spit-shined lips and said, “I love sucking cock. I love sucking your big, beautiful cock. I love tasting it.” And she would swallow maybe just the head into her mouth. “I love the feel of your hard cock in my mouth.” And she would swallow him to his balls. Mr. Standish’s back arched in the chair and he gripped the armrests fitfully, trying not to loose his load yet. Miss Patrice once again released his prick from her face and Mr. Standish was able to relax a little.

Bathing his shaft and head with her tongue she begged for him to let loose his load in her mouth, “Let me taste you! Shoot your hot load in my mouth, feed me, drown me in your spunk!” Mr. Standish’s only reply was to pull his achingly-hard rod from her lips and playfully slap Miss Patrice across the face with his dripping wet pole. Standish returned to his work and Miss Patrice to hers.

Finally the appointments were at an end. Mr. Standish pressed the intercom button and spoke to the secretary manning the office door now that Miss Patrice was indisposed.

“Mrs. Walker, I am not available for the next while. Thank you.” Mr. Standish was invariably polite to his staff members. It was, reflected Mrs. Walker, one of the things that made working for him such a pleasure. That and his enormous prick and its enormous load of cum which he so generously shared with her. But today it was Miss Patrice’s day to wallow – or was that swallow? The thought brought a smile to Mrs. Walker’s lips which she wiped away with a long, langorous lick of her lips.

Mrs. Walker was deep in imagining that hard Standish prick running in and out of anywhere on her body when she realized that she could hear sounds emenating from the intercom phone. Mr. Standish had evidently left it on. The sounds of two bodies slapping together in rut were clearly, if quietly spilling forth. The syncopated grunting of Miss Patrice and Mr. Standish were sweet music to Mrs. Walker’s ears. She discreetly reached a hand down under her slacks. A finger found her slit and creased the folds of her quick-wettening pussy. She was doing her level best to keep her face appearing calm and undistracted malatya escort when the sounds from the speaker rose to a new level as Mr. Standish obviously shifted gears. Mrs. Walker adjusted the sound lower and sank a finger deep into her cunt.

When the work had been first finished Mr. Standish had dragged Miss Patrice out from under the desk and tongue-kissed her passionately. Still panting he had laid her across his desk and sank his dripping cock deep into Miss Patrice’s swimming pussy. To the balls he had sank inside of her and she had responded with a massive, quivering orgasm immediately upon entry. Standish watched as Miss Patrice squeezed and pulled at her own breasts, her eyes tightly shut and mouth soundlessly screaming. Standish began to thrust himself upon her and her green eyes flew open and her mouth said, “Fuck me!” before she bit down on her lip. Mr. Standish was a gentleman and he did as the lady asked.

Miss Patrice has been cumming well-nigh non-stop since the big prick had first stretched its way into her. She imagined how she must look to Mr. Standish. Her breasts, now freed from their bra, were simply bulging out of her open blouse. They swayed heavily with each hard thrust of the delightful shaft pistoning in and out of her. Her long, shapely and stockinged legs were spread wide-open in accomodation. She could hear profanities spilling from Mr. Standish’s mouth and hear herself answering the same.

Of a sudden, the cock was gone from her body and she was being drawn up to meet her boss’ hot lips. She was lifted from the desk and turned over on her face. Her breasts squished against the wood of the desk top, Miss Patrice barely had time to adjust to the new position before that raging and rampant rod was hammering at the gates of her body demanding entry once more. Miss Patrice shifted her hips slightly and captured the head of the prick with the lips of her pussy. She sighed and the shaft bulled into her hard.

“Uhh!” Mr. Standish grunted as his cock found its mark and the hot, slippery walls of Miss Patrice’ body closed about him. She was a sight designed to make any cock stand up and howl at any time, but in this position, with her muscled ass and back rippling below him as he entered, withdrew and entered again, it was almost more than he could handle. He leaned back to watch his dark phallus sliding in and out of the panting woman. He loved to watch strectched pussy lips cling to him as he withdrew and then collapse inward as he thrust forward once more.

Mr. Standish spread her ass cheeks wide open and withdrew from her dark, hot and wet hole. He ran his slippery cock between the spread cheeks of Miss Patrice’ arse and listened for her response.

“Ohh yesss!” Miss Patrice drew the words out slowly and quiveringly. She had never been fucked in the ass before but she was so alight with passion that she couldn’t help herself saying, “Yes. Yes! Fuck my ass! Come on you filthy bastard, fuck my asshole!”

Still, Mr. Standish hesitated kayseri escort for a moment. Miss Patrice cured him of his hesitations. Looking over her shoulder at him she said, “What’s wrong? Aren’t you man enough? Aren’t you man enough to fill my ass? To fuck me hard in the arsehole?!”

Mrs. Walker could barely credit her ear with what she was hearing; “Come on little boy, fuck meeee . . .!!!!” The teasing words ended in a muffled cry of pain and pleasure. Mrs. Walker could only imagine the massive bull’s prick of her boss invading the tight asshole of Miss Patrice. Mrs. Walker added a second finger to the one in her pussy and bit back the sobs of a cunt-clenching orgasm that left her in a puddle of her own juices.

Mr. Standish was riding Miss Patrice’ arsehole hard but ever so slow. After a couple of minutes of hearing her panting sobs, watching her cum and feeling her bowels squeeze him when she did so, he said, “I think Miss Patrice that you need to have your mouth washed out for the words you spoke to me.” Miss Patrice was silent but for the grunting and moaning that escaped her lips as the great rod pushed in and out of her tight ass. Miss Patrice was lost in the sensation.

“Don’t you agree Miss Patrice?”

This time Mr. Standish withdrew entirely from Miss Patrice’ delectable form. Miss Patrice had only begun to turn her head, perhaps to answer, when Mr. Standish entered her asshole once more and sank the length of his cock fully as deep as it would go.

He gruntingly repeated the question, “Don’t you agree Miss Patrice?” Miss Patrice could only shake her head in the affirmative as another orgasm wrenched her body. “Very good then”, said Standish as he withdrew from the palpating bowels of his secretary. A moment later he stood before her face. His cock hung heavy before her lips. “Time to wash out that dirty mouth Miss Patrice.”

Miss Patrice opened her mouth hungily and afforded Standish a wonderous view of her full cleavage. “Oh, Miss Patrice, what a sight you are. Are you ready to be cleansed Miss Patrice?” “Yes” was the husky response. Mr. Standish stepped forward.

The heavy prick slid along the top of Miss Patrice’ tongue filling her mouth with its girth. Then it began its entry into her throat and she fought not to gag at the intrusion of its size. Without hesitation now Mr. Standish began to make love to Miss Patrice’s mouth and face. It was a special love-making and they looked into one anothers eyes through the half-minute it took for Mr. Standish to erupt an enormous load of steaming cum into the mouth of Miss Patrice. Miss Patrice swallowed spurt after spurt of cum before holding back some in her mouth with which to lave the softening prick. Now it was the turn of Miss Patrice and she drew her head back and forth thrusting the weakening Mr. Standish in and out of her cum-soaked maw. The groans filled the room as another small load of cum flowed from the softening prick.

Mr. Standish finally reached over and switched off the intercom. His cock was back in his pants and he watched as Miss Patrice re-applied her make-up but thought better of lipstick – her swollen and reddened lips didn’t need it now.

“Now about that raise Miss Patrice . . ..”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32