Mississippi Heat

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Justine sighed; it was just past eight in the morning and already over one hundred degrees on the temperature gauge. If this was Mississippi in April, how in the world could, she survive July?

She wandered onto the cool balcony off the master bedroom hoping to find a breeze. Justine knew as Mistress of this fine house, that she should be dressed and taking control of household business. She knew it, just couldn’t put the thought into action

Justine was the new wife of Thomas Butler, owner of Far Flung Plantation. She needed to take control but the thought of anything but her seersucker wrapper and ice cold drinks were beyond her for now.

Thomas had been up, dressed, and gone since before five a.m. after a night of making love to her. She didn’t know how he did it. Shivering, at the memory of his touch on her body and the delights, he was introducing to her nightly. She reclined upon the new swing he’d bought and placed on the balcony for her pleasure.

She allowed her wrapper to fall open and as she thought of her hard working new husband, her foot moved the swing back and forth, creating a breeze that teased at her body.

The marriage had been a surprise to everyone in the county. He’d left to visit friends a grieving widower and returned with a young attractive wife. Thomas’s wife had died in childbirth taking with her a much-needed heir. Thomas needed an heir before his thirtieth birthday and he’d turned twenty-nine on their wedding day. Failure to produce one meant the loss of his plantation to heirs waiting impatiently in London.

Justine’s hands ran gently up her cooling legs and over her mound. They were married within two weeks of their first meeting and he had wasted no time bedding her. Every night since, he’d been with her and in her. Coming to the marriage bed a virgin Justine had been unprepared for the sensuality of their union. As was usual the bride’s mother had taught her to do her duty. She had not taught her to expect to enjoy it. Justine slowly moved her hands over her body duplicating his moves from last night enjoying the sensations her fingers brought.

Thomas had told his new young bride he was greatly pleased with her. It seems his first wife hadn’t been happy with the sexual side of marriage. She was always eager for him to be done and gone Justine couldn’t understand that, she was rapidly becoming besotted with her husband. She wasn’t sure she could last a day without his presence in her bed.

Her hands, which had been gently teasing at her mound, found her heaving breasts, caressed, and tweaked her still sore nipples. She closed her eyes and pictured his mouth sucking and pulling them taut then letting them go with a snap. She reached for her ice and shivering at how depraved her idea was how it would look if anyone saw her, she ran the ice over her sore and distended nipples. God it felt good and it hurt, but the hurt made small tingles run clear to her feminine center. She began to feel the stirrings of what Thomas called her coming. She trailed the ice and her hands down her belly. She moaned aloud, looked around, afraid that someone might hear then laughed. It was her house, who cared if they heard.

She daringly pushed the small sliver of ice left into her tunnel of pleasure to cool her off.

It ignited her fires instead and she frantically duplicated everything Thomas had done the night before, moaning and calling out as her climax approached. “Love me Thomas Love me.”

Justine was deep into her erotic dream and her feelings of pleasure when another hand joined hers. She felt her mouth covered by another. The mouth insisting she open to his demands and enjoy the offering. She started to struggle frantically. Softly in her ear, she heard “Shush little one, I just wish to play too.” She reached and pulled him closer. It appeared the Lord of the manor house was home. He was slick with sweat and smelled of his horse. Justine didn’t care; she needed him escort bostancı now and told him so.

He laughed as she tugged at his belt and pants. “Hurry Thomas oh hurry please.” Justine whimpered as she tried to hurry him along.

“Hurry my bride? Do you want me that much? You appeared to be doing quite well by yourself,” said her husband. “What would your sainted mother say if she could see her daughter right now?”

Justine opened her eyes, “Fuck my sainted mother, she didn’t understand about sex at all. Now fuck me please Thomas.”

This time Thomas’s laughter could be heard throughout the house, causing everyone to smile it was good to hear him laugh again.

“Say it again Justine? I love to hear you beg me to fuck you.” She pulled him down to her “Fuck me please husband.” He was happy to oblige his very sexy bride.

He kissed her as he plunged deep inside her waiting wet delightful pleasure tunnel.

“Hush now my wicked bride and enjoy.” He had not loved this woman when they were wed. He certainly hadn’t expected to find in his new marriage bed an Irish vixen to grab his heart and wrap it and him around her tiny finger. As they began to climax, he whispered into her delicate little pink ears. “We were made for each other woman”

Thomas lay sated and mused about his day. He’d returned to his rooms to change clothes and grab a quick lunch. When he heard his new wife moaning on the balcony, he went to investigate never dreaming he’d find her pleasuring herself. He became immediately hard wanting her. She was a beautiful sight. Auburn hair spilled everywhere, wrapper open showing her naked breasts and female mound. A woman who needed a man to take her and take her well.

Unlike his first wife, Justine had a bosom to be proud of large firm breasts with huge aureoles. When aroused her nipples lengthened and grew hard, pointed perkily upward. Thomas smiled to himself he was a breast man no doubt about that, and he could hardly wait for when she gave birth and they filled with milk. Just thinking about it made him hard again and still buried inside her, he scooped her up and carried her to the bath. Laying her directly on the cool marble floor, he reached for and turned on the water. Thank God for the cistern on the roof. With the spray of cool water and cold tile under them he raised her to her hands and knees and pushed deep inside her again. She quivered and shook as he plunged deep inside her repeatedly until she came screaming his name. He joined her pouring what felt like gallons of sperm into her waiting body.

Gently he withdrew from her, and picking her up sat her in the bath. Reaching for a scarf, he tied up her hair so it would remain dry. “Clean up my lovely lady, and then we’ll eat a light lunch.”

“Thomas, she smiled beguilingly at him, can’t you bathe with me, it would make you feel cooler too?” This bathing with someone was a new thing and something he was learning to enjoy. He stepped in and ordered her to scoot up. She was between his legs and he could feel himself starting to get hard again. He had always had a quick recovery but with Justine, it was guaranteed. She giggled and turning around sat on his member before he knew what was happening.

“Shameless hussy, don’t you ever get enough?” He asked as he pinched and pulled her nipples.

She looked at him with a befuddled expression and asked in all her innocence “No should I? Is it not my job to keep you happy and content.” Again, he dissolved in laughter as taking her by her hips; he helped her ride him.

Justine was tickled with herself for finding something that her husband liked and she knew that again she’d be swamped in the pleasure he brought her every soon. “Oh Thomas I am overcome again.” He roughly grabbed her and kissed her deeply murmuring as they parted “Me too and he filled her yet again with his seed.”

After they’d cleaned up, Justine dressed in the least amount of clothes ümraniye escort considered modest. They went downstairs for refreshments. He mentioned while they ate that he would be home all day tomorrow doing household accounts a job he was way behind on and hated.

Justine asked? “Do you have time to show me your system? I did all the books at Walker plantation from the time I was twelve. I may be able to take over this duty for you if you’d like me too.”

Thomas hated keeping the books and paying bills. He was guardedly happy at this news.. “How come I knew nothing of this wife?”

She giggled “Mother thought if you knew I had a brain you wouldn’t want me. I wanted you so I didn’t tell.”

Thomas growled playfully and swatted playfully at her. “Bad wife, perhaps I should spank you?” She smiled “If it’s as interesting as everything else you do to me that would be acceptable.”

“I’ll consider that then, meanwhile what other secrets are you keeping from me?”

She thought a moment and said, “I love reading all sorts of books, serious music, I can take care of most minor ills and wounds for animals and people as well, including stitches and uncomplicated childbirth. I loathe women who gossip and can’t hold a serious conversation.”

He drew her to his side and kissed her deeply. “I indeed have a jewel my lady, but we must keep you away from the widow Doherty for your sanity.” Giggling they both headed to the office. It took Thomas two hours to show her his system. It took Justine ten minutes to convince him hers was better. He left her to it gladly promising to be back for a late supper after dark.

Justine suggested that they allow the staff a siesta since it was too hot to work and so it was that everyone enjoyed several hours of unencumbered time. They were all beginning to appreciate this new lady and her novel ideas.

Once their siesta was over, Justine set the largest men to cleaning the neglected gardens, transplanting flowers still alive closer to the house and to building several more rock gardens. By the time, Thomas returned he was amazed at the work in progress considering their afternoon break. He’d ordered while he was in town repair people to come out and work on the stone pools. It appeared that his new wife and him thought alike on many levels.

Weeks flew by; Justine learned to work early and late, sleeping in the afternoon. Given their long nights of love, the nap during the day often times proved much needed. The plantation followed her example and theirs were the healthiest and happiest workers for miles. The house meanwhile was returning to its former splendor.

One night Thomas returned to find his home ablaze with lights, some of the servants softly playing music in the background and a lavish table set for two with festival foods. “Have I missed an important date, like your birthday my darling?” He asked with trepidation.

Justine coyly replied “No date we’ve celebrated yet, but one that’ll be celebrated after tonight.”

“Don’t keep me in suspense darling? What is it? he asked pulling her close and looking deeply into her eyes.

“It’s the night I announced to my husband he’s to be the father of twins.” Thomas sat down hard into the nearest chair.

All Thomas the man of many words could say was “OH,” then “TWINS,” then, “US?”

Giggling, Justine placed his hands on her just beginning to swell belly.

“He smiled “I thought you’d finally adjusted to the heat and were starting to gain a little weight.”

This time she playfully swatted him, “A lot more of that to come.”

“When are they due?”

“Christmas Eve or there about, how that for a Christmas gift daddy?”

Thomas was speechless for minutes again and then asked, “How do you know its twins?” She smiled “I ‘m a twin remember, mama is a twin and the two sisters have had three sets a piece. I wrote Dr Thorton when I suspected and he agreed with my kartal escort bayan diagnosis. So are you ready daddy?”

Thomas was quietly crying as he softly rubbed her belly. “I fear for you dear one, remember my last attempt at fatherhood.”

She kissed him deeply” Dr Thorton will arrive two months before they are due, for which you’ll owe him dearly and remain until they are born. I’m not Georgina, I’m young, healthy, and made to bear children I have big hips and my family breeds well” They laughed together. There were many grandchildren in her family.

She continued “There’s a down side to this my dear, but one I think I’ve figured a way around.. She slid from his lap onto the floor. From six months on there can be no loving. Thomas tried to talk but Justine was busy unhooking his trousers, and pulling his already lengthening member loose of its impediments. “I have always wanted to try this, now appears a good time.” Before he could open his mouth, he was in hers.

She remembered how good he made her feel as he licked and sucked her so she tried to duplicate all those moves. She could feel him shake, shiver, and grow inside her mouth. He tasted strange, unlike what she would have thought. He was soft as a brand new baby yet strong as steel underneath. The fluids that leaked from his tinniest slit tasted sweet yet had an edge of tart to them. She thought she could learn to like this just as he pushed deep into her mouth and filled it with hot thick fluid. Knowing nothing else, she swallowed all of it until he stopped. She licked him clean and letting him loose smiled. “I understand there is that my Lord.”

Thomas was speechless. He adjusted his clothes and picked her up bodily from the floor where she knelt. “Dinner?” murmured Justine?

“To hell with dinner” he replied. Carried her up the stairs and kicked open the door to their room and gently deposited her on their bed.

First he returned the favor she had shown him downstairs. Thomas was slow and gentle he made love to his wife, the future mother of his children as if he’d never touched her before in his life. He made her feel things in places she’d never thought of as sexual. Inside her elbows and knees, her feet, her toes, her ears, she had one climax after another and he hadn’t touched her mound or her breasts. Each one longer and better than the last,

Finally turning her over he started on her back and her rear. He’d never touched her there in all their lovemaking. Now he nibbled, licked and kissed and gently slapped her until she was warm and moaning under his touch. When it seemed she could stand no more, she begged him to fill her, to take her make her own. Only then did his tongue find her passageways and sweetly attack them and where his tongue wasn’t his fingers were. She soared into her pleasure repeatedly. He whispered in her ear “Do you trust me?”

She turned lust filled eyes to him and nodded. “You would never hurt me my Lord.”

He reached for sweet oil and liberally massaged it into her cheeks and her sweet red rear opening. Pushing gently into her female tunnel he coated himself with her juices added them to the mix. Replacing them with his fingers he pressed gently against her anal opening.

She was so relaxed, wet and oiled he slid in with only a startled “Oh my” from Justine.

He had time to think, “This woman was made to be used this way.” Justine had the biggest climax of the night and he was powerless to hold on as he climaxed with her flooding her with his juices.’

For a while the world melted and they were together in the space that all lovers seek and so seldom find. Returning to earth, they felt as if they’d lost something dear. He turned them to their sides, left himself buried deep, and they rested.

When he recovered, he smiled to himself and whispered into her ear. “Wife there is also that.”

Justines’s answer was “I am awfully hungry Thomas and tired. Could we eat in bed please?” The Master of the plantation got up and putting on his pants kissed her gently “Sleep my dear, I will return.”

Eyes already closed, she wondered once she was rested and eaten if they could try that again. Perhaps being pregnant would be workable after all.

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