Mommy Denies Your Orgasm

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I intentionally broke many of the tips in the various writing guides that can be found here on Literotica. The most important of which is that “the purpose of all erotica is to arouse the reader to orgasm.” I hope you do not have an orgasm. I hope you choose to bring yourself to the edge and then refrain from cumming when you read this.


“Ahem! What do you think you’re doing?” You see me standing there and try to cover your rock-hard prick. “No,” I say, “no; don’t try to cover up your shame. Stand up and tell me what is going on here.”

Trembling, you reveal your angry boner. You blush with embarrassment, but you’re also shaking with fear. You knew better. I had caught you before, and explained the rules. “Mom, I… I… Oh Mommy I’m sorry…”

“Don’t tell me you’re sorry. Tell me why you’re breaking my rules! You’re touching yourself in my house. You were trying to spill your nasty fluids in my room. And of all things, you’re using MY panties! Just because you’re 18 doesn’t mean you can start breaking my rules…”

“Oh Mommy,” you plead, “I can’t help it. It gets so hard. It hurts and I want it to shoot the bad stuff so much.” You’re trying to wish your erection away, but seeing me in my short cutoffs and tiny T-shirt is keeping you as aroused as ever. “I need to shoot it, Mommy. My penis throbs and aches, and I feel like I’m gonna just die I need to shoot it so bad. Please let me do it just once in a while. Please, I get so horny.”

I cock my head and look at you quizzically. “Horny, huh? Horny for what? Your own mother? Let’s see how horny you are for your mommy.” What happens next makes your heart pound with surprise as much as with excitement. I peel off my shirt, and since I wasn’t wearing a bra for my quick trip to the store, I stand there ankara escort topless before you. I grin as I watch your cock twitch when you lay your eyes on my breasts. I hear you swallow hard as I hook my thumbs into my shorts, pulling them off with my panties in a single swift stroke. Kicking my shorts and panties aside, I stand before you naked. You don’t move or speak. You’re lost… transfixed at the sight of your naked mother.

I slowly walk toward you, and drag a finger from your balls up the length of your needful shaft. Leaning in close, I whisper in your ear, “What makes you think I’m going to let you ‘shoot it’ even ‘just once in a while’? Do you think you’re a man? Do you think that you deserve to use your penis like a real man? Do you think that you deserve to cum like a real man?”

The pleasure of the first touch (other than your own) on your prick in your entire life is more amazing than you could have imagined. You think you might pass out with the sudden desire to melt into my finger, but you think you see a way out, so you struggle to keep your composure. “Yes, I am a man, MOTHER. I’m a man and I can jack it and shoot it whenever I want.”

“Hrumph. Listen to the big man who has to use pet names like ‘jack it’ and ‘shoot it’ for the things that grown ups call masturbation and cum. Well, big man, let’s see whether you’re a man or not.” To your amazement, I turn around, and bend over. I gently take your cock into my hand and guide it to the edge of the hole that could bring you so much badly needed relief. You know that I’d never allow you to have intercourse with me. I’d never consent to it, but the words that come out of my mouth next mesmerize you: “Just because you’re 18 doesn’t make you a ‘man.’ If you’re such a man, then rape me like a real man would. Take your mother’s escort ankara unwilling cunt by force if you think you deserve to use your penis like a man.”

“Mom, no,” you reply instinctively. “I couldn’t rape you! It would be wrong!” The words are painful to say because you want so badly to slide your painful erection into my nurturing, velvet-soft tunnel.

“It was wrong to touch your prick. It was wrong to try to spill your seed. It was definitely wrong to use my panties.” I wiggle my hips slightly, and my pussy lips caress your swollen, purple cockhead, making you whine with desire. “Go ahead. I dare you. I fucking double-dare you to invade my fuckhole against my wishes. Prove you’re a real man, and I’ll let you move out so that you can ‘jack it’ all day long if you want. If you don’t, then you’re going to loose your bedroom privileges and live in my room so that I can supervise you from now on.”

The thought of my hot, wet cunt wrapped around your swollen need swirls through your mind like a hellish wish just out of reach, but you can’t do it. “Mom I won’t rape you.” Uttering those words with your prick so close to ultimate satisfaction stings more than what happens next:

With a sudden, swift motion I whirl around, and slap you hard on the face. “I knew it! I knew you’re no man. You’re a little boy. A nasty little orgasm addicted strokeslut.” I lay back onto my bed, and pull you on top of me. I kiss you hard, forcefully shoving my tongue deep into your mouth. You kiss me back hungrily until I pull away: “Am I a bad mommy? Is that why you disobey my rules? Because I’m such a poor mother that you don’t love me?”

If you could feel anything but lust at this point, you suppose you would have felt guilt. “No, mommy, you’re a very good mother, and I love you so much. You try ankara escort bayan to teach me what’s right, but I’m too weak to obey.”

“I love you, too, son. Don’t worry, you’ll be staying with me now. I’ll help you be strong. We’ll work together to keep the bad thing from happening to you. Show me you love me. Show me you love my body. Make every inch of my boobies damp with your mouth.”

You are quick to comply, desperately licking and sucking at my round tits. You suck the nipples and lick the flesh. Wanting to be thorough, you even use your hands to lift them so that you can lick the underside of each breast. I arch my back and moan as your mouth sends electric bliss through my bosom. I tangle my fingers in your hair and push you downward. “I’m going to teach you to think about Mommy’s pleasure instead of your own selfish desires. I’m going to teach you to worship Mommy’s orgasms and value them far beyond your own greedy wish for release.”

Of course, you are enthusiastic to slide down my body and let your tongue slide across my shaven netherlips. I gasp as you penetrate the lips with your tongue. It sends a fireball of pleasure through my wet pussy. I gently grip your head with my thighs, and buck my hips as you attack my snatch with your tongue. I throw my head back and groan. I start to hump your face, and it isn’t long before I scream out loud with the ecstasy of an orgasm on my son’s face.

Once I recover, I roll you over. I kiss you quickly and slide down your body, dragging all of my fingers down your chest… down your tummy… so close to your prick… oh so close. I caress your thighs, and my mouth is so close to your painfully swollen rod that you can feel my hot breath on it. “Oh son, you have such a beautiful penis. It would be such a shame to ruin it with ejaculation.”

Your heart sinks. “Oh Mommy please. Please oh please I need it. I need to cum I just want to cum or die and I don’t know if I care which it’s so bad.”

“Nonesense,” I retort, “I just came hard enough for the both of us.”

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