Mommy’s Help Ch. 07

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(This is part 7 of a series; you must read the other 6 parts first! Enjoy! )

I slid out from under my parent’s bed and tried to compose myself as best as I could. I knew both my mother and father would be off to work, but I still stayed as quiet as possible as I grabbed my crumpled clothes and snuck my way back into my own bedroom. I slowly crawled into bed and cuddled up under my covers. My body was sore from head to toe from sleeping under that bed all night. As I lay and think of last night I feel familiar pains and aches, some from my mother’s sexual acts and some just from simply sleeping uncomfortably. My asshole finally started to feel somewhat better from her favorite toy two nights ago. Even so my dick and my balls really have been taking a beating all week and it’s all hitting me now, I decided to take a quick nap before a nice shower. As I drift off I grab my phone and send my mother a simple text message that read, “…<3..." I woke up about forty minutes later to the sound of my phone beeping. I grabbed it and seen two missed texts from Mom. “Aww… <3 to you too baby...can we finish this convo later, my hands are still trembling from the great orgasm your father gave me last night." I knew she was only saying this to get me upset and it worked, she loved to tease me and not admit how wet I make her. I figured I'd play along and humor her so I opened the next message. "Honey...why aren't you answering me, I'm still so horny from your daddy...c'mon talk to me!" I decided to play her little game…”Sorry mom I was sleeping, I had a rough night last night and it sounded like you did too.” I started my day while waiting for her response, I grabbed some clean clothes and made my way over to the bathroom and ran my shower water. I needed the water hot today, hotter than usual. As I slid into the shower I felt all the muscle on my body start to relax. I ran the soap slowly over myself and just enjoyed the feeling as long as I could. As I let the water run over my face I heard my phone that was sitting on the closed toilet bowl go off. Just hearing my mom’s text message sent a rush to my groin and I felt my cock hang slightly heavier. My impatience got the better beylikdüzü otele gelen escort of me and I finished up my shower and rushed to my phone. I opened her message that read…”Yes honey, mom had a real rough night…I just never felt so full and loved. I felt like there was something new and wonderful inside me while I sucked your fat dicked father…xoxo.”

I stood there naked in the bathroom half wet, I flipped on the camera of my phone and with one hand held my cock from its underside in the palm of my hand and took the picture with my other hand. I sent her the picture and titled it… “New and wonderful?” I dressed and ate knowing she was working and it could take some time to get a message back. Finally as I set my dirty dishes into the sink I heard the phone beep and I ran over to it. When I opened the phone I became slightly flush once I realized it was a picture mail. As the picture downloaded I read the title…”Hmmm…in a meeting at work… Bye Babe.” Then the picture took over the screen. It was a weird angle but after much inspection I realized mom must have held the camera outwards and took the picture of herself. In the picture I had seen a black board, some chairs and people standing around her. I zoomed in on her body in the picture and that’s when I seen it, the slightest hint of a hard nipple poking through her tight red button down suit shirt.

I had the day off so I decided I’d get my daily sample for the doctor myself and drop it off now. I was pretty sure the pretext of my medical condition was gone now between me and my mother and I figured why waste more of her time going to the doctors and such. However I knew I’d have to see this out with the doctor so he and his office didn’t get suspicious or think all of this was in vein. After a quick an non dramatic session in the family bathroom I collected my sample and did what I had to do at the doctors. I tried my best to give positive vibes to the doctor and make him feel like I was doing much better. I jumped back in my car and sent mom a quick text…” Just dropped sample off, doctor’s happy I’m doing better…he said he will call when he gets beylikdüzü rus escort some definite results.’

I lay on the sofa and watched TV till about 4pm and anxiously awaited my mother’s arrival. I Get this feeling right before I know I’m going to see her, it’s like my dick gets butterflies. I finally heard her car arrive, I quickly went face down flat on the sofa and slightly pulled my boxers down to show my ass to her. I heard the key turn in the door and that was the sound that got my dick at full length. I laid my head sideways so I could catch her reaction. As I stared at the slowly opening door mom walked in with a handful of grocery bags and immediately looked my way. I stared at her while I sported a big grin from ear to ear, But I slowly started to panic when I seen mom turn pale white and stomp over to me and drop her bags halfway towards me. As she was two feet from me all I heard from her mouth was…”Cum Fast!!!’

With that mom got on her knees and in frenzy grabbed my dick and jammed it in between the gap between the two sofa cushions. With both hands she grabbed fistfuls of my asscheeks and spread them as wide as possible. I felt the stretch of my asshole as she pulled them apart roughly. Before I could even ask what was happening she buried her tongue as hard and rudely as she could into my hole and licked every which was possible. I swear I think she tried to hit my prostate with her tongue, I realized there must have been a reason for all this panic and then I heard the car trunk slam. I started to hump the sofa in abandonment realizing my dad must have come home with mom. All this thinking and humping was going in slow motion but it couldn’t have been more than ten seconds and all the while mom never lifted her head to speak. The whole time she swirled and spun her tongue in and outside every part of my asshole. I totally loosened and relaxed my ass and felt her tongue sink in even deeper, her nose was pressed up against my skin.

I felt my orgasm approaching and kept my dick deep in the cushion gap. That’s when I heard it…”Hey I’m coming in with the bags!’ I realized this wasn’t my dad but my next door neighbor beylikdüzü türbanlı escort Danny. He must have seen my mom struggling with the bags and offered to help her. I was just about to cum deep inside the pillows when my mom and I both heard Danny cross the threshold of our front door entrance. Mom did one more deep swirl with her tongue then removed it with a plop sound. She sat beside me on the sofa, grabbed the fleece cover that was hanging off the back of the sofa and covered my important parts with it. I turned my head so I was laying face down and stopped my humping. My cock was so deep in the pillow and I felt the cum right at the at the tip screaming to shoot out.

“Sorry Dan, you know Phil…lazy as ever.” While saying this I felt moms hand Snake up my back thigh and search its way to my ass. “Oh you don’t have to tell me… I spend my whole morning trying to wake my two kids’ up.” Then “Ughh Mmmmm”…I moaned into the pillow as mom entered my ass with her pointer finger at the same time holding a conversation with our neighbor. “Let me just wake him up and send him to his room and then I’ll get you the recipe for your wife.’ With moms free hand she shook my slightly awake and kept the pretense of my sweet mom. “Phil baby… C’mon go up to bed we have company.” Her finger digging into my prostate with all her might was actually saying…”Cum in the sofa… and get the Fuck out before we get caught!” I did just what her finger asked me too. I started Cumming into the sofa and felt moms finger ease out of my ass; she must have felt the throbbing of my orgasm on her finger inside me. I was careful not to jerk or spasm, I let the cum flow freely from my balls into the sofa.

Once I was done Cumming I needed a few seconds for my dick to deflate before I could get up and walk upstairs. In the mean time I acted like I was slowly waking and seemed surprised to see mom and Dan. “There he is… hey kiddo your moms been trying to wake you.” Mom got off the sofa and stood next to our neighbor. I felt confident my dick was deflated enough so casually as I pulled the sheet off me I pulled my pants up.

I decided not to look at the sofa or my crotch and instead read moms face to see if we left any evidence. As I shook Danny’s hand and started to head upstairs I glanced at mom. She just finished her glance toward the sofa; she looked in my eyes then down to my crotch and back in my eyes. She lifted her pointer finger to her mouth, with a satisfied smirk said “Dinner will be ready in an hour…Hun.” …It was then I knew we were in the clear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32