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Mike’s Helper

This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


My name is Lois. Or mom. My husband’s name is Mike and our son’s name is Austin. Mike used to drive those long haul trucks. Single driver. He preferred that. Lodging and food was cheaper for the company than paying salary, benefits, and support for another driver. As a single driver he got nights off or days off, however he preferred. He just needed to maintain schedule.

With the time off he took college courses on the road with his laptop wherever he was at. It took five years but he got excellent grades and became an electrical engineer. He even went on for three more years and got a masters. Who would of thunk it. So he quit driving and started out in the electrical world.

He started with a company testing newly installed lines and equipment. Those big ones you see going over mountains and things like that. There was a lot of it too. He loves the work and he’s used to being away from home. I’d prefer him home more but it’s the life style we chose and it works for us. He makes plenty of money and that’s nice.

Austin started doing the same as his dad. He’s colleging and studying electrical engineering. He’s in his second year and stays at home. The college is near. We’re average people. We’re normal height, around 5ft10 and 11, but we’re slim. We’ve kept our weight down with our life styles, all three of us.

After all this time Mike asked me one morning while we were still in bed, “Lois, would you prefer me finding a position locally and stay at home more?” Well, for one thing there aren’t any positions locally. I searched thoroughly and talked to some people and there isn’t any. We would have to move to the city or another city and the near one is about an hour and a half away. That’s three hours or more travel time each day.

I write books and I don’t think I can write in a bigger city but I didn’t bring that up yet. I explained everything, except the problem writing, and we decided to stay as we were. Mike is happy. He enjoys traveling and seeing the country side. He’s just worried about me and my needs. I’m ok. I could use a little more attention but I’m fine and it’s not a big problem. I do keep busy.


Mike was home on Wednesday afternoon. It was my birthday. He said he and Austin collaborated in getting me presents. After supper Austin brought them in with a birthday cake and after the candles I opened the presents. One from each of my guys. Each package contained two panties. Really sexy thin panties. I’ve never worn panties like these. From Austin’s reaction I don’t think he expected his name to be on a set of these panties.

I found out a week later that Mike asked Austin to go shopping and buy four pair, really sexy ones, but I don’t think he expected his dad to wrap a set for me marked from Austin. I felt a little strange about it too. Austin had a fixed smile on his face but he was definitely ill at ease. Maybe a little embarrassed.

While eating cake Mike said, “We’ll clean up the kitchen. Why don’t you go get a pair of the new panties on with your silk robe and model them for us? We can have some wine and dance. It’ll give us a chance to thank you more.”

Austin started cleaning up the kitchen and Mike whispered to me, “Don’t wear a bra or wear one of those small ones, the kind you wear to bed.” I smiled, raised my eyebrows and went off to change. I thought Austin would go catch up on his studies but when I came back they were both in the den.

Mike said, “Lois, you look absolute beautiful. You look great.” My robe was silky with a single tie and went down about to my upper thighs. I did have a sleep bra on but the thing is it’s a mild open knit and only came up a little above half way on my breasts and my nipples were pushing against the knit and wasn’t all that covered. My robe covered me fairly good, only most of my thighs showing.

Austin stood up when Mike did. I was about ten feet away. Mike said, “Lois, you have to model your presents. We want to see how they look on you.” Saying that he included Austin and Austin gave his dad a quick glance.

I looked between Austin and Mike and said, “Mike, I think we might be embarrassing Austin.”

Mike was really smiling nicely and said, “I know dear but he’s a grown man and we need to treat him like one. It’s ok. I don’t mind and you both might find it nicer than you think. Let’s give it a try. Besides he’s studying electricity so he should be able to handle a shock by now.” At that we were all three laughing. I looked at Austin and he was smiling and held his hands out like, ‘sure, what the heck’.

I was pandering to Mike and him being home and my birthday so I took a sexy stance and seductively untied my robe and let it fall off my shoulders right on the floor. I stepped aside and slowly turned with little steps. Mike was smiling and glancing esenyurt anal yapan escort at Austin a little as I was. Austin had kind of a fixed smile, nice one, and was taking in the sight in large doses. He picked these panties out. They were low, way down on my hips.

Modeling my pants without my robe was so sudden like I didn’t think. My little bush was peeking at the top but not that much. You had to look carefully to get a look at the strands that were out. You could easily see my ridges and bumps and plows pushing up against the fabric. A good portion of my buns were out. For a guy I would be considered almost as nude as I could get without being actually nude. This was a nice arousing erotic display. I was a little excited at the guys looking.

When I got fully turned around and facing again I did some of that leg turning where I sent one knee out a ways and then one out front and both out some and twisting left and right so my panties would twist right at my crotch. Austin took a big breath one time and tilted his eyes right up into mine. I gave him a sly sneaky type of smile and he absolutely loved it and gave me one back.

He was caught up with it too. He was still shy somewhat but didn’t back off. Mike said, “Ok, next pair. We want to see all four.” I smiled and got my robe and went to change. I modeled all four pair and two of them showed more definition and a shadow where my bush was at. Austin and Mike both clapped and cheered. I took off my robe each time. I loved watching Austin’s reactions. He was quiet most of the time but very much enjoying himself.

The last pair I had on was one of the more erotic types. After I modeled it Mike stood up and took off his top and said, “How about a nice slow dance?” He got the music going and I still had my robe off and we locked up and I knew he could feel what I could feel. Body parts galore. Three nice slow dances, about five minutes each.

Mike said, “Would you like to dance with Austin? I think he would like being a little intimate like this. He may not know what to do, I mean like we do, but you could coach him. How close to get, how to get comfortable with being that close. Whatever your two would like. I think it would be great for both of you.”

That caught me by surprise. I wasn’t even considering dancing with Austin dressed like this or actually undressed like this. “Mike, its ok if that’s what you and Austin want,” I said. “I wouldn’t mind. I’ll see what he does and more or less match him. I’m sure he’ll enjoy himself. How far should I let it go?”

“I don’t have any restrictions between you and Austin on a personal level,” Mike said. “If you’re enjoying yourself and he’s enjoying himself, then I am too. Besides I saw him staring at your pants and breasts. Go Austin.”

“Mike, you’re absolutely incorrigible,” I said. “Do you think I should put my robe back on?”

“Whatever you think Austin would like,” he said. We stopped dancing and he said, “Your turn Austin.”

Austin stood up. No smile. Mouth open. He wasn’t expecting this either. He was almost frozen. Mike was smiling at Austin shaking his head ‘yes’ a few times, just slightly. I caught myself and smiled and walked over and got Austin’s hand and we walked over in back of the sofa. That’s where we danced. Mike sat on the sofa with his back to us and put his feet up on the coffee table and put his head back and listened to the music, relaxing. It was good for him to be home.

I gave Austin a kiss right on the lips, just a light one and lifted his top off. We were very close to the same height and body shape. I got my arms around his neck and started moving around very slowly. He got his arms around my waist and then around back and we got into each other. That caused him to take a breath and a slight hiccup in his movements but he stayed with it. My nipples were rubbing against his chest through the knit and I could feel him rubbing between my thighs as we moved around. Poor baby.

I ignored it and shifted with the dance, rubbing us together. He finally figured out it was ok and expected in this kind of dance so he pressed in some and I pressed in some. Once or twice he tilted towards me and pulled my waist so I got into him more so I did the same to him. He was having fun. Once I shifted and put one of my legs right between his with one of his legs between mine.

Dance around that way a few minutes and it’s going to get very good. He liked it so much we managed to do it three more times. Mike never turned to look. I saw him move now and then. He wasn’t asleep. We finished dancing and complemented each other politely and sat down. The rest of the evening was fun too.

I didn’t try to hide everything but I had my robe on. The bottom was open most of the evening and the guys could see right into my crotch and I got it open a little more and they could see up higher than the top of my new erotic panties. More skin there. Sometimes esenyurt escort I had my feet on the foot stool so they could see a nice gap between my thighs and a little under. I did that on purpose but ignored it so it didn’t get to be a ‘thing’.

Austin couldn’t see right up from the front but he had a nice angle. I thought they both just wanted to be entertained. Sometimes everybody feels that way. Mike knew what those bumps and runs were under my erotic panties at the bottom and Austin could wonder and imagine.

I gave Austin the best thank you hug I could come up with and Mike and I went to bed. Mike was breathing heavier before we got settled. With my new panties and parading around in them and treating Austin like an adult, which he is, and letting him sample me like his dad does really got us in the mood and we spent some time catching up on each other. Birthdays are great.


A few days later Mike was back on his site, next state over, and I was potting a plant in the kitchen sink when Austin came in. He sat down and said, “Mom. About your birthday. Can we talk about that?”

I sat across the table and said, “Sure.”

We sat a few moments. He didn’t say anything. I said, “It was very exciting. I enjoyed the dancing more than I thought I would. I mean with you and your dad. Thank you very much.”

“I thought maybe I went a little too far,” he said. “I thought you might’ve been embarrassed but I don’t really know.”

“It was kind of sexy wasn’t it? Austin, your dad got us dancing and let us have all the fun we wanted,” I said, “I think he wanted us to do that. He got you to shop for my new panties and wrapped a couple from you. He got me to model them and wear my silk robe and he got us together.”

“That’s true,” he said. “I don’t know why he did that, maybe just to include me.”

I said. “Austin, I don’t know for sure but your dad might be thinking about being away so much and is seeing if you might like to be, you know, more personal with me now that you’re older. I mean, we had a good time. I wouldn’t mind being teased like that now and then. What do you think?”

“I did have a good time too,” he said. “I’ve thought about it ever since.”

“Would you like to try it again? Just to see.” Austin sat looking at me but I knew he was going to say yes. He finally shook his head ‘yes’.

“Have you ever been in the cupboard when the light is out? It’s really dark in there. There’s lots of room but you have to be careful not to knock stuff off the shelves. Come on.” I got his hand and we went in the cupboard and shut the door. There was a teeny tiny crack of very low light down at the bottom.

I put a hand around his neck to get us started. He got around my waist. I started slipping his top up and off. I said, “If it’s ok we might as well start at about like we were on my birthday.” He slipped my top up and off. We didn’t say a word but wasn’t hurrying. I kicked my shoes off and he did too. I hooked my shorts and pushed them down and off. I was pretty sure he knew what I was taking off. If not he would fairly soon.

He slowly melted into me and we started moving back and forth. There was room in the cupboard to move around and we did, silent dancing. I said, “Are you feeling neurotic or enjoying yourself?”

“I’m enjoying myself,” he said. “I know you and dad do this all the time. It does get erotic.”

“Oh yes,” I said. “I’m feeling it just like you are.” I got into kissing him and let my lips and tongue get his. Every few minutes it felt more erotic, more serious. I was taking deep breaths and pushing myself into him and trying to hold back all at the same time. It was amazing how horny Austin made me. Probably standard first dick stuff.

My vulva turned from a vagina into a pussy. It did that. When I had a penis playing with me it turned into a dick. I was trying to decide if it was ok with Mike was it ok with me. I was also finding out if Austin was truly ok with this. Right now he was caught up in the sex. As his mom I needed to find that thread that said it would be ok with him because it was great fun and me being his mom was a simple happenstance.

He started moving his hands and played with the top of my buns on the outside of my pants. I felt him along my outside thighs but he didn’t venture on the inside. We kept moving on each other. Both of his hands met about at the top of my buns and slowly slid down with a finger pressing in the center, not all the way down. He was probing. I gave him a nice moan to let him know I liked it and what it did to me.

I spread my legs and he moaned right in my mouth. He tilted and I felt his dick right up under my clit, digging in with a good deal of pressure. He was so turned on he couldn’t thrust. His fingers dug in and pulled my buns up and out. I don’t think he knew he was within about a half inch of my pussy. I was willing him to go for it but I think he was thinking of his dick and where it was.

We esenyurt eve gelen escort stayed at that highly erotic level messing with each other for about ten minutes in that dark cupboard. He didn’t orgasm and I didn’t either. Probably because we weren’t rubbing a lot in the right places. We actually both got out of breath and slowed down, our sex cups pretty near the top. He didn’t touch my pussy and I didn’t touch his dick but they almost touched each other. I thought he was coming through my panties.

We laughed and talked and got dressed and kissed and held each other more and finally emerged back in the real world from the cupboard. We didn’t knock anything off the shelves.


Mike was back two days later. He and Austin spent more time together. They always did but it seemed more than normal. He did ask me casual questions and I gave him casual answers and let him know Austin and I were being friendly without saying anything specific. He was visibly happy with my ramblings and I knew I was working into what he was trying to do.

Over several days I slowly gave him a sketch of Austin and I hugging and kissing a little and maybe we happen to do a little rubbing like when we danced and I might have gotten turned on a little more than I thought I would, like I was in the den. Of course he knew I was fudging the full extent but he was happy with what he found out.

Once Mike said, “I’m really glad you and Austin are getting closer. One day he’ll be out of college and gone. It isn’t hurting anything you two enjoying each other more while you have the chance. You’ll both grow on each other.” I said I understood and would do my best and thanked him for the suggestions.

He said at Austin’s young age he might tend to get a little intimate but I was the experienced adult so I should follow my feelings and instincts. Mike left for his next section and was going to be away for about 10 days. I thought I would see if Austin was interested in some playing with each other.

I did have a fleeting thought that Austin didn’t go out that much. I didn’t think he was gay. I didn’t care if he was. Maybe Mike was concerned but nothing was ever said. At the way Austin responded when we were together I didn’t think he was but wasn’t concerned either way. Just one of those thoughts to explain Mike’s actions and suggestions. Maybe he just wanted me to have more fun.

Austin was finished with his studies and we were in the den. I let my shoes fall on the floor and got my book. I had on shorts with big openings in the legs. I pretended I had an itch or something and occasionally reached my fingers down to touch a spot that might be attracting my attention. The spot was just up inside my shorts. I ignored doing that and keep reading.

Once I got up and turned around with my back to Austin and reached down in my pants from the front and rubbed a little right at the bottom so he could see the movements. I turned back slowly so he wouldn’t get caught. He said, “Are you ok?”

I said, “Yeaw. My pants are rubbing me. Probably a thread hanging out. Sometimes hemming threads are sturdier.” I stood there a moment and said, “Do you mind if I take them off?”

“No, go ahead,” he said.

I gave him a sly smile and slowly turned back around so all he saw was my back. I hooked my shorts and slid them down and off, leaning over as required, and hooked my pants and slid them down, same way then got my shorts and lifted my feet one at a time and got my shorts started back up and in place. I turned around slowly bending over to retrieve my pants.

Austin was very excited. I don’t think he even noticed yet. I tossed my panties on the end of the couch and wonders of wonders they landed with the crotch right out. I sat down and got my book and said, “Oh, that is so much more comfortable. I ought to stop wearing pants altogether. The only problem with that is my shorts tend to tickle me, well, you know where they tickle me.”

He smiled and shook his head up and down a couple of times. So, I got his mind in my pants and the mood intimate. I read a while and moved my middle around some so he would notice, not much. Finally I said, “I was about to go put on a different pair of pants and was thinking. Would you be interested in playing some like before? In bed this time. It’s a lot more comfortable and great for teasing. Even very good erotic teasing.”

His face lit up and he said, “Sure. That would be fun.”

“Great,” I said. “Oh, uh, there’s something I’ve been meaning to mention in case it’s worrying you. I can’t get pregnant so if you happen to, you know, while we’re having some fun with each other don’t worry about it. It’s normal and natural, just go ahead if it happens. It won’t bother me at all and I might be able to help it along so you enjoy it more. Sorry if I said too much there.”

“No, you didn’t,” he said. “I thought I was going to, you know, a couple of times but I held off.”

“There’s one more thing. We have about 15 condoms in a drawer if you would like to have them. We don’t use them anymore. They’re not that old and sealed of course.” Austin smiled and pressed his lips together and shook his up and down a couple of times. I said, “I’ll put them under your pillow the next time I think about it.” Any sexual comments to keep the mood up.

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