Morning Rendezvous

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A Mark and Catherine Story

The buzzing of my alarm brought the vivid dream I was having to an abrupt end. Gone were the visions of naked bodies wrapped within each other, only to be replaced by the groggy feeling of not enough sleep. Swinging my legs over the side of the bed, I leaned over trying to find my cell phone who’s alarm continued to blare as I had knocked if off the bedside table. Finally retrieving the phone I was able to shut off the alarm, returning a sense of quiet to the bedroom. Rubbing my eyes I looked at the clock, and saw it returning the painful truth in glaring red numbers 5:00. This morning however would not be full of the normal routine of getting ready for work, as this morning I was going to meet Catherine for breakfast in bed.

Slowly walked to the bathroom, I reviewed our messages from the night prior, the sexual teasing and banter. Looking at the photographs she had sent to me, both of her and of others, showing me what she wanted me to do to her. Her additions to our mutual Tumblr Blog brought a smile to my face as I turned on the water in the shower, letting it warm as I stripped off my clothes. As I stood in the bathroom waiting for the water, I continued to scroll through the posts on our blog, looking through pictures of couples engaged in various sexual acts. I absent mindedly started to stroke my growing erection, allowing my fingers to trace over the soft skin of my now rock hard dick. Shaking my head to release me from my daze, I stepped into the shower to get my mind off of the next few hours.

As I washed myself, I went over my plan for the morning again in my head. I had been planning this morning for quite a while, Catherine however had no idea that it was going to happen. I smiled thinking of the copy of the key I had been able to make the last time we were out running errands without her knowing. Sure I had just been being a gentleman when I offered to carry her keys but of course I had other motives in mind. I quickly finished off the shower and dried my body. As I got dressed, I made sure that I had everything I needed for the morning. Glancing into the small duffel bag I had packed, I double checked all of its contents and zipped the bag up, a grin on my face. As I walked out to my car, the cold air of the morning made me pull my coat tighter against my body hoping that the change in weather had not changed Catherine’s sleeping habits. The one habit I was most concerned with was her preference to sleeping in the nude. Many times in our late night talks she brought up how she enjoyed sleeping naked and loved the feeling of her sheets on her skin. One final check of my pocket for her key and I was off.

The drive to her house felt longer than it ever had before. The traffic seemed to be moving slower and there seemed to be more of it, even though it was much earlier than I was normally on the highway. The closer I got to her condo, the harder it was to drive within the rules of the road. All I wanted was to be at her place. Making the final turn into her complex, I could feel my heart beating inside of my chest and a stirring in my pants. As I parked I took several deep breaths to calm myself and picking up my bag, exited the car.

Walking up to the front door of Catherine’s building I slipped the key into the lock and was relieved when it turned easily and the door swung open. Glancing down the hallway I saw only one person slowly walking back to their unit with a dog. I quickly climbed the two sets of stairs to her third floor condo, again scouting the hallway and finding it empty. I gently pressed my ear against the cool wood of the door to her unit straining for any sound inside. Hearing none, I again pulled the key from my pocket and inserted it into the lock. As quietly as I could I turned the key and felt the tumblers give way and grant me access to her condo. I quickly kartal escort bayan and quietly slid into the foyer and closed the door behind me. It took me a moment for my eyes to adjust to the lack of light inside, but knowing the floor plan made it much easier. Removing my shoes allowed me to move through the hallway quietly until I found my way to her bedroom. Glancing inside I was met by a sight to behold. True to her word, Catherine lay on her bed, naked as the day she was born.

Catherine lay on her stomach, head facing away from me with one leg under the comforter but the rest of her body exposed to me. In the little early morning light shining through the blinds I could see the lines of her body. Her left leg bent slightly with her right one straight. Her positioning causing her hips to tilt slightly, with her butt angled toward me. Her hair was laid across the pillow as if she was posing for me. I quietly set down my bag and as slowly as possible opened the zipper. My eyes had finally grown accustomed to the low light in the room and I was easily able to find what I was looking for. I removed my camera from the bag and navigated the familiar settings to a low light function. Looking through the view finder I was able to focus in on Catherine’s beautiful naked body on the bed. Quickly I squeezed the shutter release and paused with dread for the second after the sound of the shutter sounded like a gunshot in the silent room. It was then I realized that I had been holding my breath since taking the picture, willing her to stay asleep. I slowly let my breath go and smiled as she did not stir.

I continued to take photos of Catherine on the bed, moving closer with each picture. Changing my focus from overall pictures to more specific ones, focusing on the curves of her body, how the light shown across her hips, to the slight view of her pussy I was able to see between her legs. Satisfied with my photographs I set my camera down on the floor, and began to take off my clothes. Folding them neatly in a pile I step away, and take one last look at Catherine as she sleeps before my next move. I breathe deeply and reach down into my bag once more, this time retrieving the vibrator which I had purchased a few days ago. Luckily I had spent a bit more money and gotten the upgraded version with the quiet yet powerful motor. Clicking the control to the low setting, I feel the toy come alive in my hand. Catherine however still remains motionless. I smile to myself knowing that this will not remain this way for long. Walking up next to the bed, I cup the toy in my hand as I snake it past her thighs, holding the vibrating egg in my fingers palm up. My left hand rests softly against her lower back while my right brings the vibrator against her flesh. I feel the muscles in her lower back tighten as she stirs from her sleep, her body confused by the sensation of the vibrations against her clit and my hand on her as well. She begins to push herself up off the bed, quickly looking over her shoulder with fear in her eyes.

“Just relax Catherine, relax and enjoy yourself.”

The look of fear that had initially filled her face quickly is replaced with a smile as her eyes meet mine and then make their way down my naked body.

“But how did you…”

Shaking my head softly “Shhhh don’t worry about that now.” I say to her as I press the vibrating egg a bit more firmly into her clit.

A moan escapes from her lips as she rotates he hips and spreads her legs a bit wider for me, allowing my palm to feel the warmth of her pussy. I can feel her wetness seeping out of her and onto my hand as I slowly move the vibrator in between her lips. Coating it with her juices. She starts to try and roll over to face me, but my hand slides up her back to her shoulders, pressing her into the bed.

Leaning over close to escort maltepe her ear I whisper “Don’t try to move again, or else you will regret it.” With the last word, my teeth finding purchase on the soft skin of her neck nipping at her flesh.

My left hand runs down off Catherine’s shoulders tracing down her spine to the softness of her butt. I start to massage her butt as I hold the vibrator tightly against her clit. I look up to see her gripping the pillow tightly as she bites down on her lip, clearly enjoying the sensations that she is experiencing. Slowly I start to move the egg in a circle around her clit, causing it to create pressure in different ways with each passing moment.

“Oh God Mark”, she cries out at one point and starts pressing her hips hard into my hand, almost thrusting them into it.

I continue to massage Catherine’s butt as I turn the vibrator to its highest setting, as I do a squeal of pleasure erupts from Catherine as she buries her face into the pillow to keep from screaming out even louder. Taking the thumb of my right hand which holds the vibrating egg, I slide it along her lips, parting them and allowing her juices to coat me. Then pushing it into her as I explore her wetness I can feel her begin to squeeze down on my thumb as her breathing quickens. Suddenly I feel the warm rush of wetness covering my hand as Catherine’s orgasm overtakes her, her body thrashing on the bed, toes curling from the pleasure. I continue to rub my thumb into her pussy as she starts to come down from her orgasm, a soft glow of moisture on her skin from the excitement of it all. I let the toy drop from my hands onto the bed, and push it off onto the floor as it has served its purpose for the day.

Catherine starts to roll over and greet me, but clearly she has forgotten my previous instructions.

“I thought I told you not to move”. I say to her firmly

A look of confusion crosses her face, she clearly was not expecting this to come out of my mouth.

“If you can’t follow directions, I guess I will just have to make you do what I say”.

Walking back to the foot of the bed, I pick up the bag, now containing only my last useful item for the morning. I carry it next to the bed, and push Catherine over onto her back. Reaching down I run my hand down along the side of her face, cupping her chin and gripping my thumb and fingers, holding her tightly. I pull her face to mine, kissing her forcefully for a moment then letting her head fall down to the bed. My hand then traced its way down her naked chest to her breasts, nipples hard from her recent orgasm. I twirl my fingers around one nipple and then the other, teasing them to become even harder. I then firmly pinch down on one, causing a slight yelp from Catherine, followed by a moan of pleasure. Abandoning her nipple, I then move my hand up her one arm, to the wrist which I hold tightly to the bed with one hand. Reaching into my bag with the other, I retrieve a restraint which I quickly attach to her right arm. Once attached to her arm, I tie the loose end to the bed frame tightly, leaving her arm stretched straight. Catherine had expressed an interest in being tied up, but had never done it before.

I worked swiftly, and soon had both her arms and legs bound to the bed. Catherine had a look of anticipation mixed with fear on her face, not sure what to expect next from me.

“Well now maybe we will see if you will follow directions and remember that I am the Boss here”.

I say as I walk around the bed, admiring my handiwork. As I make my way to the foot of the bed, I again retrieve my camera from the floor and start to take pictures of Catherine exposed to me. At first she is shocked what I am doing, but soon I can see the wetness return to her pussy with each passing click of the shutter. Walking up next to her and raising pendik escort the camera to my face I zoom in to take a picture of her face, and she turns away from me.

“Look at me”. I say .

“No, I won’t” Catherine replies meekly.

“I said look at me!” dropping the camera from my face, I wrap my fingers into Catherine’s hair and turn her head toward me, my erection now at her eye level.

“Open your mouth.” I say to her, calmly but firmly.

As she does I guide my hard cock into her mouth watching her jaw open to accommodate my girth, feeling her tongue press along the bottom of my length. Soon I feel my tip pressing against the back of her throat and knowing she can take no more of me, I hold my pressure there for a moment.

“Now look at me, like I told you before”

Her eyes meet mine, and I smile down at her, raising the camera again and take a couple of quick pictures before setting the camera down. Slowly I release the pressure of my hand holding her head and start to slide myself in and out of her mouth. My hardness coated with her saliva such an intoxicating sight. I see her straining to touch me with her hand closest to me but I do not release her instead only allowing her to touch me with her mouth. The feeling of her mouth is amazing but I want to make sure that I am able to sample her sweet wetness of another spot this morning. I pull myself from Catherine’s mouth, and a look of sadness crosses over her face.

“I want your cum Mark, I want to taste you.”

“Soon you will taste both of our cum Catherine.” I say as I climb onto the bed.

Crawling between her legs I kneel in front of her, allowing my fingers to fall to her wetness, soon my fingers are coated with her juices which I bring to my fingers to taste. Looking down at her I slide my fingers, which are visibly wet with her juices, into my mouth and swirl my tongue around them. I slowly start to stroke myself as I kneel between her legs, with a smile on my face. Again Catherine starts to struggle against the restraints, wanting to touch me. Instead I grip myself by the base and enter her with one smooth thrust. This is not a time for tender lovemaking as I have been teased for too long this morning. Each thrust causes our bodies to collide, with my hips crashing into hers. Within moments, she is crying out again.

“Oh fuck Mark! Oh my God I’m cumming again!”

The feeling of her orgasm gripping me only spurs me on more, the sound of our bodies coming together fills the room. Each time fully withdrawing my cock from her, so she can feel me filling her completely. Soon any slack she may have had in the restraints on her legs is gone as I have pushed her up even higher on the bed. I am leaned over her, our bodies moving together as she tries to raise her hips to me. I feel my own orgasm rapidly approaching, and soon my body tenses as I begin to explode. Stream after stream of my hot cum fills Catherine as I empty myself completely into her, with the last stream firing off another orgasm in Catherine. I feel her pussy gripping me, milking every last drop of cum out of my spent body. I pull myself from inside of her, and crawl off the bed. Walking up to the head of the bed I lean closer to her.

“Now you can taste my cum, our cum.”

Catherine smiles at me and slowly licks my hardness from bottom to top, cleaning our mutual juices off of me, her eyes never leaving mine. I release one hand from the restraint and she grasps my cock with her hand as she continues to take me into her mouth. All to soon she stops, looks up at me and smiles.

“All clean, and it was delicious.”

“Yes you were.” I reply

Bringing my lips to hers, I kiss her deeply, the faint taste of our cum on her lips. Reaching over I undo the other restraints, releasing her and falling into bed next to her.

“Good morning, so did you enjoy your breakfast in bed?” I ask her playfully as I pull her close to me pull the blanket over our naked bodies.

“You know I did,” she replied “but now I want seconds.” As she grasped my cock in her hands and looked at me with her devilish smile.

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