Mother and Her White Boyfriend

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My name is Li Zhang and I’m 20 years old. My mom is Chen Zhang who immigrated to the US when after her marriage to my father from China. However, when I was 12 years old, my dad left us and went with some other woman. So, my mom is very self-conscious about herself, thinking she wasn’t beautiful enough for my dad. But, she doesn’t realize that she is very beautiful and the guys in the neighborhood all say that she is hot AF.

My mom who is now 39 (she was 19 when she gave birth to me), looks like she is 30 due to her Asian heritage hasn’t dated anyone since dad left. I’m in college and also living with her. I wanted her to be happy so I thought about asking her to date again. I went to the couch where mom was sitting watching TV.

“Mom, you look so lonely these days. I think it’s time you start dating again.”

My mom looked to me and said, “Well son, I don’t think anyone will want me. Your dad left me, remember?”

I was getting angry thinking about dad and told her, “You are still very beautiful and the guys in the neighborhood think you are hot.”

This caused her to blush a little. So she said that she will try dating again. Being happy that she took my advice, I told her that I had a trip with some friends and was going for about a month. This would be a great time for her to experiment with dating again. Looking halkalı eve gelen escort a bit shy, mom told me to enjoy my trip.

I went on the trip and a few days were left before my return home, but due to my best friend getting sick, I returned with him a few days early. I thought about surprising my mother not knowing how I was about to be surprised instead.

Reaching in front of my home, I saw an SUV being parked outside my home. While thinking about who it could have been, I went ahead and opened the door to the house using my spare key. I was being as silent as possible so as to surprise my mom. As I reached the living room, I could hear a faint moan coming from the floor above where my mom has her bedroom. As I climbed the stair stealthily, I now heard the moans clearly. It was causing me to be excited. I reached my mom’s room and saw that luckily the door was just open enough to peek through. Through the open part, I saw a large white guy thrusting his cock inside my mom. My mom was facing the wall with her ass in the air and the guy pounding her from behind.

“Ah, your asian pussy is so tight, I can’t believe it. Shake that asian ass, you bitch.”

I was surprised at the guy saying such things to my mom. While on the other hand I was also aroused. So, I started halkalı grup yapan escort to unzip my pants and jack while watching them have sex. From my position, I could easily see them but they couldn’t see me.

There were wild moans coming from my loving mother as she was getting pounded.

“Fuck me harder John, fuck my pussy into oblivion. I was so alone for such a long time that I forgot how much I enjoy sex. Make me your asian bitch.” My mom was saying such things surprised me. The guy, John was apparently turned on by my mom saying that he almost forcefully changed her position making her face him and gave a strong kiss on her mouth. I could see his tongue forcing inside her mouth. His hand grabbing her breasts like crazy. His thrusting also increased in intensity and he was giving very powerful thrust that his balls were slapping against my mom’s pussy making sloppy noise.

“Bitch, I will destroy your pussy and leave a permanent mark upon your womb.” Saying this John positioned my mom and pile drove her.

“Ah, ah. YES, YES… Fuck me hard John. AHHHH…!!”

“I will pour my thick cum into your fertile asian womb. You will carry my baby and give birth to a half-white kid. GET PREGNANT…!!”

With this saying, I could see his balls ready to halkalı masöz escort pour white thick seed into my mom’s fertile womb. John gave a grunt and his balls tightened pouring semen inside mom.

A thick cum was oozing from the sides of the pussy where John dick was still inside gushing his thick cum in my mom. After a minute, he removed his dick from inside my mother’s pussy and a thick stream of cum was falling around her pussy and on the bed. Both of them fell side by side on the bed, panting heavily.

John’s cock again got hard again and he slapped my mom’s ass producing loud noise.

“Get up. I will now fuck your asshole.”

Saying this, he positioned his dick near mom’s asshole.

“Please no more. I don’t think I can handle your cock on my asshole. It will tear apart.”

Mom was begging him. But John pushed her legs apart and kept them on his shoulders. Suddenly, he gave a powerful thrust and I could see and hear the painful moan from my mother’s mouth. However, after some initial pain, mom was now enjoying and matching her hips to his thrust.

“YES!! YES!! Baby fuck my tight asshole harder. Make them loose from your cock.”

John was grunting and thrusting his cock in and out of her asshole. After a few minutes, he cummed hard and both lay down on the bed and fell asleep.

By this time, I too had cummed on my underwear with thick jizz. So, hurrying I zipped my pants and went downstairs to my room.


Note: If you like this story and want to continue it as a series, then do comment. In case it becomes a series, in the next part, John will taunt Li by owning his mother and showing him them having sex in an excellent viewing.

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