Mother Explores Son’s Sexual Appeal

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Big Tits

Embarking upon the forbidden, a mother and son test the waters of having an incestuous relationship.


“Yes, Joey. What is it?”

“I need a favor?”

“A favor? What? Whatever it is, can it wait? I’m busy cleaning the house.”

“No. It’s can’t wait any longer. I have something I’ve wanted to ask you for years.”

“For years? For goodness sakes? Why wouldn’t you ask me whatever it is before now? I’m always available,” she said sitting on the side of his bed and putting a hand on the side of his thigh as if she was about to lean down and kiss him. “We have a good mother and son relationship and, especially after your father suddenly died last year, we’ve developed an even closer relationship with each of us helping the other through our grief, despair, and depression. You can ask me anything and I’ll give you an honest answer.”

“Thanks Mom,” he said reaching out to touch her hand and playing with her fingers when she touched his hand, he gazed up at her before wiping away a clump of blonde hair that fell in her eyes.

“So, tell me,” she said with a smile. “What is it you’d like to ask me? Ask me anything, anything at all. You know that you can always talk openly and honestly with me.”

“Yes, I know that but I don’t want to ask you something that will make you angry at me mother.”

“Angry? Why would I be angry over you asking me a question?”

“Because you get angry over stupid stuff,” he said with an nervous laugh.

“We’re both adults Joey. Just because being 21-years-old technically makes you a man doesn’t mean that you’re still not my little boy. You’ll always be Susan’s little boy,” she said mussing his chestnut hair with her hand. “I’d never get mad over you asking me a mere question.”

“You promise you won’t get mad at me?”

“Yes, I promise,” she said with a laugh. “Now tell me. What’s your question? I still have laundry to do.”

“Well, being that I miss Dad–“

“I do too,” she said with a forlorn sigh. “Your father meant everything to me. He was my whole world and just as are you, he was a wonderful man,” she said wiping a tear from her eye while staring at him with love. “I can’t believe how much you look like him. I have pictures of him when he was 21-years-old and in the way that he looked then, you could be his twin brother now,” she said with a loving smile.

“I know. I saw those photos of Dad too,” he said. “I can definitely see what Dad saw in you, when I saw some of the old photos of you when you were dating Dad. Especially the one of you in your barely there bikini, you were hot Mom, not that you’re still not hot, just older.”

“Older? I’m only 40-years-old Joey. That’s hardly older,” she said tickling his ribs. “Thank you, for the compliment, I think, Joey but I wish you wouldn’t go snooping through my things. I mean, I don’t mind showing you my old photos, so long as you ask me first. There may be a few photos of me that I’d rather you not see,” she said.

“I know,” he said smiling a cheesy smile.

“You know what?”

“I saw them.”

“You saw me naked.”

“I did.”

“Oh, God. Well that was a long time ago. Twenty pounds heavier, I wish I still looked like that,” she said.

“You’re still hot Mom,” he said, “a real MILF?”

“MILF? What’s that?”

“A mother I’d like to fuck?”

“Joey! You’re not supposed to want to fuck your mother.” She punched him in his shoulder. “You’re not supposed to have such inappropriate thoughts about me.” She looked at him and smiled before her facial expression of a loving mother was suddenly replaced by a sexual excited woman. “So what is it you wanted to ask me?”

“I wanted to know what it would feel like to kiss you.”

“Kiss me? You want to know what it feels like to kiss me? I have no idea,” she said with a laugh. I imagine it would feel the same kissing me as it would kissing any other woman.”

Obviously knowing what he mean, she looked at him with feigned confusion.

“You know that’s not what I meant mother.”

“You’ve kissed me a thousand times,” she said with suddenly nervousness. “Especially now with your father dying suddenly, as if we both need to say goodbye every time we part company in case we should never see one another alive again, you kiss me on the lips when you leave and you kiss me on the lips when you return home.”

“No, that’s not the kind of kiss I’m talking about.”

“What other kiss is there between a mother and her son?” She reached her hand up to push back her hair before giving him a deep look with her big, blue eyes.

“A real kiss,” he said.

“A real kiss? You mean a kiss between a man and a woman? That kind of kiss?”


“A French kiss?”


“Joey, I can’t kiss you in that way.” She looked at him as if he just told her that he was gay before looking at him with nervous trepidation. “Now why would you want to kiss your old mother?”

Nonetheless, as if getting ready for him to kiss her, she pulled her hand away from his hand to tie back her hair with an elastic bizimkent escort she kept in her housecoat pocket.

“I need to know.”

“You need to know what?”

“It’s driving me crazy Mom.”

“What is driving you crazy? Tell me Joey. You can tell me anything,” she said with concern.

“Well promise you won’t get mad,” he said looking at her in the way a son should never look at his mother.

“I already promised you that I won’t get mad. You can tell me anything,” she said touching her son’s chest with a gentle hand.

“I need to know what it’s like to kiss you, really kiss you, French kiss you.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea Joey. A kiss like that, is more of a sexual kiss between consenting adults and not the type of kiss that should be experienced between a mother and her son,” she said with obvious reservation as if she was thinking what it would be like to kiss her son too.

“I think about you a lot. I dream about you too. I have sexual fantasies about you,” he said.

“There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s healthy for a man your age to have–“

“I’ve been masturbating over the thoughts of having sex with you.”

“Masturbating? You’re been masturbating over me?” She looked at him with a look of sexual excitement. “Seriously?”


They fell silent and Joey wondered what she was thinking. Was she thinking about him stroking his cock over the thoughts of her? Was she thinking about him cumming all over his hand, chest, and stomach while being so sexually excited by the thoughts of having sex with his naked mother? Or was she thinking about masturbating him so that he wouldn’t have to masturbate himself? Having a difficult time reading her, he didn’t have a clue. A good sign, she didn’t leave his room. She was still sitting there on his bed and she wasn’t angry by his sexual confession.

“Why me?” As if his confession had unleashed something forbidden in her, she asked him the question in a low, far away voice.

“Because you’re beautiful, sexy, and I love you Mom,” he said touching her knee. “There’s no one that I’d like to have sex with than with you.”

“I love you too Joey only not in that way,” she said with an understanding smile. “We can’t have sex.”

“Why not?”

“Because that’s incest and incest is–“

“I don’t see what’s wrong with two people exploring their feelings and their bodies just because they’re related by blood. It makes no sense. If anything, an incestuous relationship between a mother and her son would be more–“

“Don’t,” she said putting her finger to his lips. “I can’t go there.” She pulled her finger away when he took his mother’s finger in his mouth and sucked it in the way that he wished he could suck her nipple. “Joey. Eww. Don’t do that. That’s gross. You’re making me feel all weird inside.”

“It’s not gross how I feel about you Mom,” he said moving his hand to her thigh and leaving it there when she didn’t move to resist him from touching her there. He was only a few inches from touching her pussy and just the thoughts of fingering her gave him an erection.

“You need to get out of the house more Joey instead of staying home alone with me. You spend way too much time in your room looking at porn. I’m fine now. You don’t always need to keep me company and go with me on my errands. I can do things for myself now.”

“I’m always thinking about you, Mom.”

“I’m always thinking about you too but not in that way. Still, believe it or not, you’re normal in the way of the Oedipus Complex. Every son wants to have sex with their mother,” she said with an uncomfortable laugh. “You just have too many hormones raging through your body and too much time on your hands. Once you return to college, you’ll be too busy to give your old mother another thought, sexual or otherwise,” she said with a nervous laugh.

“Have you ever thought of me in that way?”

“In what way? You mean sexually?”


“Certainly not,” she said pulling her hand off of her son’s chest. “I’m your mother,” she said, “and you’re my child, my baby boy. I’m the one who changed your shitty diapers.”

“And you’re the one who breast fed me too.”

“You remember that?”

“You didn’t stop breast feeding me until I was five-years-old Mom,” he said with a laugh. “Yeah, I remember you breast feeding me. I remember you having big tits too,” he said reaching out to put his index finger when he saw the impression it made through her bra and housecoat.

Slow to react, it wasn’t until she looked down and watched his finger fingering her nipple that she realized he was touching her where he shouldn’t.

“Joey! Don’t do that. Stop,” she said brushing his finger away.

“Sorry Mom.”

“Oh, Joey,” she said leaning down to him to give him a hug and a motherly kiss on the lips. Only with his hand trapped between her breast and his body, he cupped her big tit in his hand. Not moving his finger this time, she didn’t even know that he was copping a cheap feel of her big tit. bostancı escort “I know you’re sad because your father died but I’m not going anywhere for a long, long time. You don’t have feel that you need to make love to me for me to know how much you love me.”

Only, he could tell she was lying about never sexually thinking about him. Just by the mere mention of the thought of him thinking about her sexually inspired her nipples to make their appearance through her bra and housecoat. She had big nipples too. Just as he’s imagined sucking her nipples now, he remembered sucking his mother’s milk then. Besides, he’s heard her in her bedroom and in the bathtub masturbating when she thought he wasn’t home or in a different part of the house where he wouldn’t hear. In the heat of her passion, just as she’s having an orgasm, she’s even heard him call his name which is what prompted this sudden confession.

“You didn’t answer my question?”

“Question? What question? You haven’t asked me a question. Did you ask me a question?”

She appeared distracted. No doubt, after giving her something else to think about, he caused her some confusion along with her sexual excitement. Only, he was hoping to cause her even more sexual excitement with what he was about to ask her next.

“May I kiss you?”

“Kiss me? I’m not going to have sex with you Joey if that’s what this is about. I’d never have sex with my son.”

“It’s just a kiss Mom.”

She looked at him while biting her lip and fingering one of her buttons on her housecoat.

“If all that you want is a kiss, I guess that would be okay.”

“A real kiss?”


“A French kiss?”

“Yes, I know what a real kiss is Joey.”

“With tongues.”

“Yes but that’s all. Okay? Nothing more than that. I mean it,” she said scolding him as if he had already done something wrong when he was hoping to do something so very bad before doing something so very good.

“Okay,” he said propping up his pillows and sitting up in his bed.

He leaned to her as she leaned to him.

“This is foolish Joey,” she said moving away from him at the very last moment. “Are you sure you want to do this, kiss your mother?”

“Are you kidding me? Oh, God yes Mom. I need to know what it feels like to kiss you, really kiss you.”

“Know what? What is it that you need to know about kissing me? What’s the big mystery? If you’ve kissed a woman, you’ve kissed your mother. We’re all built the same with lips and tongues.”

“You’re so much more than mere body pieces mother. Besides, I need to know if my sexual attraction is imagined or real and if my lustful desire for you is mainly because of what I’m truly feeling for you or merely what I’m going through with Dad’s death.”

“I see,” she said suddenly looking so pensive before sticking out her chest with resolve and moving up her chin with confidence. “If I can help you with a kiss, I’m willing to kiss you Joey. Only, it’s just a kiss. Please don’t take a mother kissing her son in his time of grief as your invitation to grope my body through my housecoat,” she said looking down at herself to straighten the material.

She leaned into her son again and closed her eyes this time. As soon they touched lips, Joey parted his mother’s lips with his tongue. She responded by relinquishing her tongue to him and they were kissing, really kissing, French kissing. Joey was finally kissing his mother and she was returning his kiss.

Only, as soon as he reached for her breast, actually felt his mother’s tit through her housecoat and bra before squeezing, fondling it, and caressing her breast, he was disappointed. Normally, his mother didn’t wear a bra beneath her housecoat. She seldom wore anything beneath her housecoat. Wearing her housecoat after she’s taken a shower or before she showered, she was normally naked under that thin bit of cotton.

“Joey! Stop,” she said pushing his hand away from her big boob. “You promised you wouldn’t grope me.”

“Actually, I didn’t promise that I wouldn’t grope you and I wasn’t groping you. I was only feeling your breast through your housecoat and bra. Trust me, I couldn’t feel a thing. Besides you promised me you’d kiss me and you didn’t.”

“I kissed you.”

“It wasn’t long enough for me to know how I feel about you. It wasn’t a real kiss. You broke it off too soon.”

“So what are you saying?”

“I’m saying that I’d like for you to kiss me again only, this time, longer. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. You need to kiss me again Mother.”

“I’m not going to sit here and make out with my son, Joey. That’s just wrong. That’s just nasty. That’s just asking for trouble.”

“Trouble? Why is a kiss between a mother and son asking for trouble? It’s just a kiss Mom unless you feel that there’s more.”

She looked at him as if pondering her options after he asked her if he could use her car.

“Well, okay, but this is it. And don’t twist what I say around to make it appear that French kissing is my idea when it was büyükçekmece escort all your idea. This is the last kiss,” she said leaning down to him again.

This time, as soon as their lips touch and as soon as he parted her lips with his tongue, he reached a hand between her legs and up her housecoat. Only, as soon as he touched her panties and forced his hands deep between her legs to cup her panty clad pussy, she pulled away, pulled down her housecoat, and closed her knees.

“Joey! What the Hell are you doing? What’s gotten into you? Gees. Oh, my God. You touched me where no son should ever touch his mother.”

“No I didn’t.”

“You touched my panty and cupped me in your hand.”

“Technically I touched you where no son should ever touch his mother but it wasn’t as if you weren’t wearing panties.”

“I’m just glad that I was wearing panties, otherwise you would have…”

“Would have what?”

“Never mind.”

“So what if I did touch your pussy? Would you have been embarrassed by the fact that you’re wet for me?”

“Wet for you? I assure you that I’m not wet for you,” she said sitting back on her haunches to get up on her high horse.

“Show me then. Let me feel,” he said reaching his hand beneath her housecoat again.

“I’m not going to allow you to feel my pussy Joey. What’s wrong with you?”

“Then, what about my kiss? I’m still waiting.”

“I kissed you twice already Joey. We’re done kissing.”

“You said you’d give me real kiss Mom but every time we start kissing you stop.”

“Well that’s because you’re groping me,” she said flattening down her hair with her palm. “If you promise me not to grope me again, I promise I’ll give you a real kiss, a kiss that ill curl your toes,” she said with a chuckle. “Okay?”

“I dare you to curl my toes Mom. Being that my toes have never been curled, my toes need to me curled.”

“Okay then. Are you ready for some toe curling?”

“Yes,” said Joey closing his eyes and puckering his lips.

This time, instead of him kissing her. She kissed him. Only, as soon as their lips touched and as soon as Joey parted his mother’s lips with his tongue, and as soon as his mother showed the sexual passion she had hidden for her son, he pulled his mother’s hand beneath the covers and put it on his cock.


“What now mom?”

“You’re not wearing any underwear. You put my hand on you.”


“You promised not to grope me.”

“I didn’t grope you Mom. You groped me.”

“I did no such thing. You forced my hand on your penis.”

“Do you want to see it?”

“Unless you want me to change your diaper, certainly not,” she said too late before Joey threw the covers aside to expose himself to her.

“Joey! Oh, my God.”


“You have an erection,” she said staring down at her son’s cock.

“I know.”

“You’re so much bigger than your father.”

“I am?”

“Yes,” she said looking from his cock to his face before looking back down at his cock again. “Did I do that to you?”

“Do what?”

“Give you an erection?”


“I’m sorry Joey that I affect you in that way but…it’s so big,” she said staring at him without speaking. “This is all my fault. Is there something that I can do to make you not want me?”

“Well, yeah. Duh?”

“What? Just tell me. I’m willing to do anything to help you not want me in a sexual way.”

“Well, you could start by stop walking around me in your housecoat without wearing any underwear. I don’t know if you realize it but you spend the day flashing me your big tits down your housecoat top and/or your pussy through you unbuttoned buttons and opened legs.”

“Okay,” she said. “I can do that but my housecoats are so comfortable. Nonetheless, I promise to always wear a bra and panty beneath them.”

“Then there’s the matter of your nightgowns,” he said watching his mother stare down at his cock before looking up at him.

“My nightgowns? What about my nightgowns? I’m covered, aren’t I?”

“Not hardly Mom,” he said with a dirty laugh. “You never wear a bathrobe and I can see right through your nightgowns as if you’re naked, especially when you stand in front of the open refrigerator door at night without a light on in the kitchen, stand in front of the TV without a light on in the living room, and when you open the curtains in the bedroom in morning and stand in front of the big bay window in the living room. With the sun flowing through your sheer, nearly transparent nightgown, I swear that I can count the hairs on your pussy.”

“Joey! Oh, my God. I had no idea. I’m so embarrassed,” she said blushing.

With his covers kicked back and his cock still sticking straight out, she put her hand on the clump of covers by his thigh and he moved her hand to his thigh before moving it to his cock again.

“Touch me Mom.”

“Apparently, whether I like it or not I am touching you,” she said staring at his erection before looking up at him again.

“Stroke me.”

“Is that what this is all about? You want me to give you a hand job?”


She stared at his cock before staring at him.

“If I masturbate you, will you stop this nonsense for once and for all.”

“Yes,” he said.

She wrapped her fingers around his cock and started slowly stroking him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32