Mother-In-Law Lust

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None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for my first son being born with jaundice, but I’m getting way ahead of myself, so let me explain. My wife’s name is Patty and I’m Mike and we had been married for about four years when she got pregnant with our first child. My wife is a great looking babe, about 5’7″, 120lbs, very nice body, shoulder length brown hair and a face that belongs on a magazine cover. I’m a lucky guy, no doubt. We got married when she was 24 and I was 26 and had a great sex life up until she got pregnant. I have a very high sex drive and Patty is no slouch, so we went at it on a regular basis, and it was hot and heavy! Then, like I said, she was expecting and there were some complications, so she put the kabash on sex for the last 7 months of her pregnancy. It was tough, especially after getting it so often and suddenly to be shut off, I was a hurting pup. I tried to relieve the pressure myself any way I could because I didn’t want to cheat on my wife. I spent some serious time in the bathroom, just me, a copy of playboy and old rosy palmer. It was ok, just not real satisfying.

It was decided in Patty’s eighth month that the doctor would induce her instead of letting her go through the process naturally, due to some of her complications. This gave us more control, in terms of planning, since we now knew when the baby would be born. Her parents had insisted on coming out to help when she had the baby. They live in a different part of the country, so this means they would be staying with us for a couple of weeks. Her parents, John and Eleanor were ok, both in their 50’s, very conservative, button down types. They had three kids all together, two girls and a boy. Her dad was retired, having spent most of his career as a CFO or controller for large companies. Her mom was involved with the local society types and they both played golf and sailed. I didn’t know them very well, having met them just before the wedding and then only seeing them on the occasional holiday. Patty usually went out to see them without me when her schedule would permit, and it just never seemed to coincide with mine. To say the least, we weren’t close. We went to pick them up at the airport the day before Patty was scheduled to be induced. Her dad looked every bit the accountant, dark hair, slicked back, small mustache, dressed in a suit, like he was arriving for some meeting. Her mom was the same, every hair in place, conservative dress, looking like she was about to convene a meeting of the local flower club. Now don’t get me wrong, her mom is not a bad looking woman, just the opposite. She’s about 5’6″, 135lbs, shoulder length blonde hair, pretty face that shows her age, and what looks like a decent figure, although you couldn’t know for sure since everything she wears is loose fitting and covers her from head to foot.

The ride home was uneventful, with Patty jabbering away in the back seat with her mom and her dad and I exchanging pleasantries about the weather or some such thing. We got home, had supper and we all went to bed early. Patty and I because we needed to be at the hospital at 6:00am and her parents beat from the trip.

I teased Patty about hearing imaginary noises coming from her parent’s room, and she laughed and said in her entire lifetime she had never seen her folks do anymore than exchange a brief kiss. She said if it wasn’t for her and her siblings, she couldn’t prove that her folks ever had sex. But, she said, they seemed very happy together, so there must be something going on in their bed. I told her I couldn’t picture her dad getting wild and crazy, or her mom enjoying it. She giggled and said she could just see them with the lights all off trying not to make a sound so as not to damage the children’s mental well being! We settled down and began to snuggle up. I talked her into giving me a hand job while we fooled around a bit. I was going off the wall lately and couldn’t wait to get our sex life back on track.

We got to the hospital on time, leaving her parents asleep at home. Everything went fine with the delivery and Patty was very cool during the whole thing. The baby arrived about 3 hours after they started working with Patty and we were cooing at him when her folks arrived. Everyone made a big fuss and Patty and I were really enjoying ourselves, when the doctor came in. He said that while everything checked out fine, the baby was jaundiced and would require a bit of a stay at the hospital. He explained how common it was and it was nothing to get alarmed about. However, since Patty was planning to breast feed, she needed to stay with the baby and continue to do so until they could both be released. The doctor said it could be anywhere from a few days to a week, he just wasn’t sure. We were all disappointed, and Patty’s folks insisted on staying longer until she and the baby came home and were well settled. Just great, I thought, alone with the folks for a week, what a party! I was beat and Patty looked like she beylikdüzü ucuz escort could use a rest, so we all left.

It was on this day that I got the first of two eye-opening revelations! When we got home, I flopped on the couch hoping to get some shuteye, while her mom and dad puttered around, settling in for what looked like a long stay. My father in-law got involved in one of those puzzles that have like a million pieces we had laying around somewhere. My mother in-law grabbed the paper and sat in the chair next to the couch in the living room. The way we were arranged, she was kind of facing me, with the couch and the chair creating an “L” formation and the chair forming the bottom of the “L”. I felt like I was about to drift off, when for some reason I shifted onto my side and opened my eyes. Eleanor was deeply entranced in the newspaper, so I could only see her from the waist down. That’s when it hit me! She had on one of those long, pleated skirts that came down to her knees and was fairly loose. Obviously, when she sat down the skirt rode up a bit over her knee and kind of billowed out. The first thing I saw was an outstanding set of legs! I mean they were long, tapered and gorgeous, the kind you see on Bay Watch! Who knew with the way she dresses, and having never seen her in anything above the knee, that she was hiding a set of killer gams? But, that wasn’t all! As my eyes rode up her legs I saw that the way the skirt kind of billowed out, her entire thigh was exposed at eye level. And what a thigh shot!! It was creamy white and looked as smooth as silk as it seemed to go on and on until it faded into the darkness. I felt my dick lurch in my pants! I know I’ve been deprived of any healthy sex, but the look of those legs and thigh would make any red-blooded man catch his breath! I kept staring at this incredibly sexy leg show and started to fantasize what it would be like to lie between them! I mean this was my wife’s mother and she was turning me on! I’m sure she had no idea what was going on and how she was driving me crazy. She began to wrestle with the paper, so I rolled over onto my stomach, burying my hard dick into the cushion. A short while later I heard her call my name softly and ask if I thought we should start dinner? I said sure and told her I’d get up, but she told me to take my time, since she wanted to get changed first. She got up to leave while I waited for my dick to subside so I could move. Eventually I was back to normal and made my way to the kitchen, passing John along the way who was still absorbed in the puzzle and showed no signs of moving. As I dug through the pots and pans I heard her come into the kitchen. It was then that I got my second revelation of the day. Eleanor had changed into a pair of pleated tan khakis and a knit golf shirt. I didn’t pay much attention to the pants right away because the shirt was just tight enough to show off a great set of tits! They looked to be at least a set of 38’s, round and full and much larger than her daughters. The stirring in my pants began again as I watched her move around the kitchen, being careful to be subtle about it. We started to prepare the food and I couldn’t help but watch her luscious tits bounce each time she cut a vegetable. I was in a high state of arousal, as my mind drifted back to the thigh and leg show I had seen just moments before. I made my way over to the sink behind her in order to check the rest of her out. As I turned I focused in on her lower half and was fairly surprised by how decent her ass was. I mean, It wasn’t as good as Patty’s, and it showed the signs of a slight middle age spread, but it looked firm and round and sexy and I could easily imagine my hands on each cheek, massaging it roughly! I couldn’t believe the effect my own straight-laced mother in-law was having on me, without her having a clue! The rest of the prep work went along with me, on the one hand, trying to conceal my raging hard on, while on the other, not being able to tear my eyes away from the sight of her impressive mounds! John soon joined us and we quickly finished cooking and were at the table eating. I couldn’t take the chance of getting caught, so I kept my eyes on my plate while the three of us made small talk. I finished first and announced that I was beat and was going to shower and head to bed.

As I undressed in the bathroom and climbed into the shower, images of Eleanor’s body filled my head. My dick was at full attention and throbbing as I soaped up my cock and began to jerk it off. On the third stroke my mind turned to her silky thigh and legs and I felt my cream rush up my shaft and explode in a shuddering orgasm!!! I had to hold onto the wall as I continued to gush, dreaming that I was cumming all over her legs and thighs!! I was spent and quickly finished my shower and went to bed. Several times I awoke with another raging hard on, half in a dream state, imagining I was ravishing my mother in-law, sucking on beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort her tits, caressing her thighs, gripping the cheeks of her ass as I pulled her twat down onto my steel hard cock. During one of these half-dreams it seemed and felt so real, that I came all over the sheets, while in my mind I was hosing down her pussy walls as we clutched onto one another in the peak of passion!!!!!

I drifted back to sleep and when I next awoke my room was flooded with light and the clock on my bedside read 10:00am. I sat up, feeling like I had just gone to bed, when I remembered all the dreams and that I had spent the night in a constant state of arousal that had culminated in my cumming all over the sheets. I staggered to the shower and tried to make some sense of it all. After all, this woman had hardly interested me until last night and now I spent the night dreaming of fucking the shit out of her! I rationalized with myself about what I was thinking and told myself to get a grip, I was obviously off the wall because of the lack of sex lately. And of all people, my mother in-law? God knows she’s so up tight she’d suck big time in the sack! By the time I was done with the shower I felt a lot better and seemed to have my head on straight as pertained to my mother in-law. Of course having blown my load twice in the last eight hours certainly helps. I got dried off and excitedly got ready to go back to the hospital to see Patty and the baby. I smelled coffee brewing in the kitchen and went in to get some. My mother in-law called out from the dinning room “Michael, is that you?”(she always called me Michael, so proper)

“Yea”, I replied.

“Oh, good, she said, I was waiting for you to get up. John has gone out for a bit to search out some golf courses. He should be back soon and then we thought we’ll go see Patty”

I could hear the newspaper rustle and figured she had her nose stuck in it again. I decided to go sit in the living room and catch the news before leaving. Our living and dinning room are open to each other and I caught a glimpse of Eleanor out of the corner of my eye, sitting at the dinning room table reading the Sunday paper. As I settled into the chair I turned on the t.v. and flipped it to one of those Sunday morning programs. As I sipped my coffee I glanced over at Eleanor, still enthralled in her reading. I was somewhat surprised to see that she was still in her nightgown and robe. It was a white silk job wrapped tightly around her with the collar practically choking her. Same old Eleanor, I thought, cover it all up, until I let my eyes drift down. She had crossed her legs and the robe had parted slightly, leaving her nightgown showing just above the knee. Once again I had a shot of those killer legs peeking out from under her gown. It must have been how the robe kind of draped itself across her thigh, parting just above the knee before it cascaded down to the floor, framing those great legs. I couldn’t believe it, but my dick started to stir as I stared at Eleanor’s legs. It wasn’t anywhere near as great a sight as I had the night before, but somehow it was just as sexy. It must have been the idea of her being Patty’s mom and all that got me so wired, I just sat there drinking my coffee staring at those legs! Finally I willed myself to get up and get out and went into the kitchen to put my cup into the sink. Just as I was about to leave, Eleanor walked in carrying her plate and making her way to the sink.

She smiled politely, and asked “Are you leaving now?”

“Uh,…Yeah”, I said, somewhat embarrassed that I had just been gaping at her.

“OK”, she said, “we won’t be far behind” and turned on the water to wash her plate.

I was almost to the door as she called out my name

“Michael, where does Patty keep the soap, I don’t want to run the dishwasher for just this plate”

“Uh”, I thought as I made my way back to the kitchen, “Did you look under the sink?”

As I entered I saw Eleanor, one hand on the sink the other on the door, kind of slightly bent over looking into the cabinet. As I got closer I noticed that in her present position the front of her robe had fallen forward revealing the top of her black nightgown, and, more importantly, the tops of her tits. What a sight I had as I got next to her and peered down into her robe to see those two creamy globes, looking as if they might burst out of their confinement at any moment. Her tits were covered with freckles, which in my state I found highly erotic! I could also make out the imprint of her nipples protruding from the gown. My cock got hard as I fought the urge to plunge my face between those tits!

Eleanor woke me from my state by saying “I don’t see it”

I immediately dropped down to help her look. I found it and we both stood straight up with Eleanor resuming her washing totally unaware of what just happened. beyoğlu escort I left quickly and got into my car and started driving, once again drowning in images of my mother in-law’s legs and freckle covered tits! I pulled over at a side street and parked while I unbuckled my belt and zipped down my pants to relieve my aching dick. I took my cock in my hand, massaging the head and stroking the shaft as I pictured those boobs in my hands, the hard nipples between my fingers, the smooth flesh jiggling beneath my caress. I felt my balls tingle and my dick lurch as I shot my load, some of it reaching the dash while the rest cascaded down on my hands. It was amazing the effect this woman’s body was having on me. I shot three loads in less than nine hours, all because of some unintentional leg and tit shots! Patty had better hurry up and get home before I totally loose my mind! I grabbed some Kleenex from the glove box and cleaned up before I got back under way. I had to get this under control or it was going to be a long week!

The visit with Patty and the baby went well and her folks joined us after a while. I eye balled Eleanor despite myself, feeling some stirrings in my crotch the moment she walked in. Her mom had on a dark pair of pleated dockers, a white, knit, short sleeve shirt that had a “v” shaped neckline with a flat collar and a sweater tied around her neck. Aside from home, it was the most relaxed outfit I’d seen her in since we met

Unfortunately, it didn’t allow for a whole lot of flesh to be seen, just a peek from her neckline. Man, was I pathetic, reduced to hoping for a glimpse of skin from her mom! It crossed my mind that maybe I should just go out and get a hooker and satisfy this hunger I had, but I was afraid of catching something. The rest of the day went along with me just hanging out, watching t.v. in Patty’s room, holding the baby. Her folks went in and out, grabbing lunch or coffee, until they decided to head out. I stayed for a while, not being in any hurry to go home. Finally, I’d had enough and decided to head home for dinner. I kissed Patty and the baby goodbye and got on my way.

When I got there my in-laws were reading in the living room and the scent of supper cooking was strong in the air. I checked Eleanor out quickly and saw that she had discarded the sweater she had draped over her shoulders earlier. Still nothing to rave about, but the way those big tits of hers rose and fell as she breathed was almost hypnotic. I felt that familiar feeling begin to spark in my groin and decided to involve myself with getting dinner on the table. We ate rather quietly (we had spent the entire day together after all) and then cleaned up.

By the time we were done it had gotten quite late and John said he thought he would read in bed for a short while. He found a golf course nearby and had reserved an early tee time. He asked Eleanor if she had changed her mind about joining him, but she begged off saying that she just wasn’t up for it. He said he understood and excused himself to the guestroom. I thought I would take a shower before I settled in to watch a little of the tube and Eleanor said to let her know when I was done so she could go next. As I stepped into the shower I felt the hot water doing its magic as the tension I had been feeling began to fade. I got out and began to dry off when I remembered that Eleanor was waiting to go next. I opened the door a bit and called out to her that I was done. I spent a few more minuets drying off and combing my hair and then loosely wrapped the towel around my waist so I could slip across the hall to our bedroom. Just as I stepped one foot out the door I smacked right into Eleanor, chests colliding! She was about to walk in carrying a clean towel and bed clothes and we both let out a little gasp of surprise! We backed away from each other, me still gripping the side of my towel, while Eleanor looked at me with a wide-eyed expression. “Oh Michael, I’m sorry, I thought you had left!” she exclaimed

“No problem” I said and noticed her eyes quickly scanning my naked chest.

Now I’m no body builder, but I work out and I could see by the look in her eye that she seemed to both enjoy the view and felt guilty about looking. We made our way around one another, and I went to my room as she closed the door to the bathroom. As I put on a pair of thin sweat pants and a T-shirt I couldn’t help but remember the sensation of my chest pressed against her soft, pillowy tits!! It only lasted a moment, but I could still feel it!

I made my way into the living room and turned on the t.v., searching out something to watch. I saw that a movie I wanted to catch was starting in twenty minuets, so I decided to leave it on coming attractions and go get a snack in the kitchen. I got some cheese and crackers and was going to get a coke, but at the last second grabbed a large bottle of wine and a glass. I figured it would relax me and help me get good nights rest. I made my way back to the living room with my stash and got settled back in with five minuets to go before the movie started.

I was really surprised when Eleanor entered the room.

“Do you mind if I join you?” she asked.

I looked up and saw that she had on the same robe as this morning, tied tightly around her waist, with that freshly showered look.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32