Mother in Law’s favorite Son in Law

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It happened during a family vacation in Florida. Living in the Northeastern US meant long cold winters and this year we were determined to do something about that. We rented a house in Orlando for a week and decided to beat the cold of February.

My family includes me, Lynn, and Pete my boyfriend, my daughter’s Julie and Mary, their husbands Mike and Steve and their five kids. Julie has three and Mary two.

I am the grandmother, but keep myself in the best shape I can. Pete appreciates it but doesn’t always have the stamina I wish he did. My girls have put on weight with the kids and never lost it, having careers and whatever. Mike is enormously fat and out of shape while Steve, the oldest of them, is in fantastic shape. Yes, I am a bit shallow and vain but I am also sexually alive and these things interest me. I am also old enough to not really care too much what people think, and say what I want.

We had been down in the wonderful warm weather for a few days. We were having a great time. The kids were happy playing with their cousins and Julie and Mary were enjoying each other unlike when they were kids and fought constantly. Pete was playing golf all day, everyday and came home having had enough drinks to nod off early. Mike was a bit of an odd ball and went fishing by himself all day. Steve played with the kids and was with Mary and his family mostly. He worked a lot and was able to get away from it until today.

The girls and kids went to Disney while Pete went golfing and Mike was off fishing or smoking pot or whatever he did. Steve was sadly tethered to his laptop here at the condo. I decided to stay and do some laundry and read my book and relax. I did get a charge out of the looks I had been getting at the pool from random strangers which was another draw.

It was a beautiful day and I had exercised by walking around the nearby lake and then laid in the sun reading my book. I was feeling alive and excited as some of the men at the pool had taken notice of me in my bikini. I am attractive but at sixty-five I do not get a lot of head turning looks. Today however these guys, probably in their forties were glancing over at me. It did not help that the book I was reading had some heavy sexual themes.

It was about eleven thirty and I wanted to move the laundry to the dryer and then have some lunch. I gathered my things and gave the boys a smile and walked out of the pool area with a little more wiggle than I had walked in with.

I slipped off my sandals and immediately felt the cool of the condo as the AC hit me. I noticed my nipples harden in my bikini top as I started to take off my wrap.

“Hi Lynn” Steve surprised me as he walked out of the kitchen with a cup of coffee. His halkalı ucuz escort eyes possibly taking in my pointed bikini before coming up to my face.

“Oh, hi Steve, how’s work?” I asked as I tried to cover myself with my coverup but without bringing much attention to it.

“Eh, ok. How was the sun?” He asked smiling at me, sipping his hot coffee.

“It was nice,” I smiled then moved pass him, trying to hide my rock hard nipples.

“Chilly in here huh?” he said with a knowing smile as he turned and went back to the bedroom where he was working.

I went through the kitchen and into the small room where the washer and dryer were. I put the towel and my coverup on the washer as the dryer had finished. I smiled at my nervousness of Steve seeing my nipples, knowing he would never think of me in that way. Although the idea of him here in the condo, alone with me, turned into a quick fantasy of him sitting in his room with a hard on imagining me coming on to him, like had happened in my book. I could not help but get turned on having seen him all weekend in his swim suit. His body is cut and thin, and his cock clearly sizable in his clingy trunks. My hand closed around my breast as my thumb brushed my stiff nipple.

I am not sure how long I stood there caressing my breast thinking of my son in law but long enough. I then moved the bin over in front of the dryer and opened it. I bent over and pulled the clothing from the machine having to reach far in to get the random small stuff.

I stood back up and realize Steve was standing behind me. He was naked and holding his hard cock in his hand.

“Steve!” I asked trying to muster a forceful dominant tone, but failing. My eyes refused to see anything but his big hard cock.

“You have one fine ass,” he said as his eyes went down my throat to my breasts where my nipples stood prominently. His voice was different, normally nice and accommodating, now deep and serious.

“This is inappropriate Steve, please put some clothes on.” I demanded as I could not help but noticed my thighs warming at the sight of him and his obvious intent.

“So the looks you have been giving me all weekend should not have led me to believe you would want this?” he said stepping closer and offering his cock to me.

“Steve, please, what if someone comes home?” I asked as my voice became shaky and submissive as he came closer.

“They won’t.” He said calmly as he reached out for my hand. He pulled it to his cock and I wrapped my fingers around it. I nearly melted feeling his hot hard cock in my hand.

“That’s it Lynn,” he sighed as I began to squeeze and stroke it. “I have wanted you for twenty years.” halkalı üniversiteli escort He said quietly.

“Oh god me too,” I heard myself admit in a whisper as my hand quickened up and down his length.

He reached behind me and unhooked my bikini letting it fall to the floor releasing my 36C breasts and stiff brown, silver dollar nipples.

“Beautiful” he moaned as he cupped them in his warm hands. He looked into my eyes as his hands massaged my breasts and I stroked his cock.

He came another step and bringing his hands to my face and kissing me. No peck or cheek brush a full on, deep throated tongue sliding passionate kiss. I opened my mouth and accepted him, then moved my tongue into his. His hands slid to my back and then down into my bikini bottoms pulling me against his. His bare chest against my breasts, his abs against mine, his hip bones against mine. It had been so long since I had been with a man thin enough to feel his hip bones. His cock was still in my hand.

He broke our lip lock then kissed his way to my ear and whispered “I want to taste you Mom.” His words sending electricity between my legs. He ran his hands around the sides of my bikini bottoms then pulled them down as he squatted in front of me. He leaned forward letting his face press into my closed thighs.

“Oh God” I gasped at his quickness. He moved his tongue between my thighs then lifted one to his shoulder opening my crotch to his mouth. He wasted no time brining his hungry mouth to my tender flesh. My greying bush was of no concern as he soon had my lips engorged and wet and my clit, oh my, my clit was so excited.

It was surreal as I looked down at my son in law of twenty years kissing and licking my pussy. He was the husband to my daughter, the father of my grandchildren and now my lover. My heart raced, my head spun and my body was on the verge of a complete explosion.

In an awkward moment he lifted me onto the washer. I knocked over the detergent and some towels but did not care as he now was sliding his tongue up and down my crotch. I leaned back against the control panel of the washer and the wall pulling my feet up and giving him all the access I could. He brought his tongue around my clit then down through my lips to my ass then back.

“Oh Fuck Steve that’s good,” I groaned deeply as my orgasm grew closer and closer. I had not had a man go down on me in years and this was my son in law. It was intense and he was fantastic at it.

“Mary doesn’t like this,” he gasped between breaths before going back down on me. It was all too much and I seized with orgasm. I flooded his face with my juices as he licked and sucked and milked my last haramidere escort twitch. Slowly he brought me down and finally sat up smiling, covered with my juices.

“I knew you would cum hard like that,” he said leaning forward and kissing me. My juices filled my mouth and he wiped his cheeks on mine in an erotic nuzzle. He leaned back and stepped away.

“Now it’s my turn” he said and pulled me off the washer and turned me facing away from him. He dragged his fingertips down my back slowly then brought his cock up under me.

“God how I have fantasized about this!” he said as he thrust his head slowly into me. I arched my back and relaxed as he easily slid into me. He wasted no time pushing his full length into me. He held it there leaning his body against mine as I held us up with my hands on the washing machine. His hand came around and caressed my breasts as he pulled our bodies together.

“Oh god that feels good,” I groaned moving my hips in hopes of getting him going.

He slowly began to gyrate his hips with his cock still deep inside me. He touched places I had never known. His hands tightened on my tits and nipples as he quickened his circles.

“Oh fuck, yes Steve!” I cried reaching back with one hand to his tight ass. He started pumping and I had to use two hands to brace myself. He released my tits so they now bounce with his thrusts. His hands on my hips as his cock moved in and out of me.

“Oh Fuck Lynn, you are better than I imagined,” he grunted. His thrusts quickened as his cock seemed to somehow grow larger or I tightened around it. My orgasm was not far off. He slammed his full weight into me and my thighs met the machine. My feet came off the floor as he impaled me on his shaft. My clit pressed against the edge of the metal top ad he thrust up into me.

“Oh yeah!” he moaned loving it.

I bit my lip to keep from screaming as my body tightened stiffer and stiffer. His cock ramming into me, drenched in my juices. I reached back feeling his neck, pulling his body against mine. I leaned my head back on his shoulder as my back arched.

“I am gonna cum inside you Mom,” he hissed into my ear sending me into orgasmic overdrive like I had never known. I hardly remember his coming as my body convulsed. I could feel nothing but his cock moving inside me. My torso constricted and I could not breath as pleasure drenched my every nerve ending. MY toes curled as I could feel nothing but the intense rush.

I may have blacked out as his grunts as he finished pumping his seed deep into me was the first thing I remember. He held me against the machine for a minute while we caught our breathe. Then he stepped back removing his cock from me and letting our juices run down my wobbly legs.

I turned leaning against the machine. We looked at each other in silence as the pleasure we had just experienced overrode any guilt or concern for familial obligation.

“I might have to work tomorrow too,” He said with a shit eating smile.

“There may be more laundry for me to do.” I said with a similar smile.

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