Mother is a Cheating Fuckdoll Ep. 04

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Warning: as this is a follow-up, I would recommend that you read the three previous episodes so that characters who are part of this story can make sense in context. It’s meant to be fictional (yes, you read well…not real), about sex, fun and fantasy. Therefore, if it is not your cup of tea, please move elsewhere. However, for readers who would like to add constructive criticism (and I do appreciate there is plenty of room for criticism in my stories), suggestions or recommendations, please feel free to fire away. Other than that, enjoy!


Mum was preparing breakfast on Sunday morning when I woke up. Our last night adventure at a local dogging spot had been more than successful even if we had hardly averted catastrophe when a police patrol had turned up soon after our fun. Today would be our first full day without Dad. He had safely reached the US west coast, on a mission for his lawyer firm. I had pushed my luck and asked Mum if I could share her bed while the cat was away but she had categorically opposed the suggestion. Sex was sex but no way that we were going to have an affair. That was not the deal. I figured that she just wanted a bit of breathing space. After all, a lot had happened recently. Around ten in the morning, she emerged from the bathroom and I pinched myself to check if I was really awake. I realised why a sweltering heat had invaded the house despite the not so warm weather outside. Mum had pushed the radiators to their max. In front of me, a statuesque lady was on full display, only wearing a liquid gold micro bikini with matching stilettos. The top was hardly covering her nipples and the rest of her globes was totally exposed. Seeing my disbelief, she could not help laughing, very satisfied of her special effect on me.

“What do you think of my new beach outfit? Or should I say my new bitch outfit? I got it from one of the guys I fucked at Kumar’s shop. Makes me feel like a total slut.”

“Blimey, Mum! That’s out of this world…oh my god, outrageous, but I fucking love it! Wicked!” I replied enthusiastically.

In my mind, the message was clear. She wanted to start the day with a dirty fuck. I was about to unzip and take her right here, on the spot, but she dismissed it.

“Hey Josh, what do you think you are doing? Keep the snake in the cage. It’s just a little tease.”

As she was brushing me off, she looked at her phone that had started to ring and said:

“That’s Rob, what does he want now? I hope it is nothing to do with the police at the dogging spot yesterday.”

“I doubt it Mum, they were quite keen to let us go away after I spoke and negotiated something with them.”

“What negotiation?” she asked before adding “Anyway, I’d better check, still.” Looking through the window, she dialled his number, looking worried.

“Rob? Hi, what’s up?” she snapped. They exchanged a few words and having stayed close to Mum, I figured their conversation was about work. I sensed an opportunity and ventured just behind her. Without saying a word, I wrapped my hands around her breast and gently rubbed her nipples. She startled and moved the mobile phone away from her ear while looking at me with disapproving eyes and uttering a silent “Stop it!”.

“Sorry Rob” she continued, “I was just saying hello to my son.”

I moved back towards her and deposited a very sensual kiss at the back of her neck. This time, she just pushed me away without looking at me and carried on with her conversation.

“What? Tomorrow? In Birmingham…can’t they do London? Ah…ok…which means that you can’t…”

It was not difficult to understand that something had not gone as planned with her work schedule. Despite her rebuff, I could not look anywhere else. Seeing her, standing in such a ridiculously provocative outfit made me want to tease her even more, at the risk of getting her annoyed. I sat on the sofa just behind her, stared for a while and unzipped my fly. My cock was rock solid and I felt an urge to masturbate while I was looking. After a minute of this game, I coughed a couple of times to draw her attention. She finally turned around and when she realised what I was doing, she rolled her eyes and shook her head. I could tell the conversation was not going well and that she was slightly pissed off.

“I will bear all the responsibility of this if things don’t go well, and if they do, the commission will not be fully mine. Hardly fair.” But shortly after, she sounded as if she was about to wave the white flag.

“Well, needless to argue any longer, tell me who this is and what you intended to offer this client… wait one sec, please, won’t be long.”

She covered her handset with the palm of her hand so that nothing could be heard, turned around and came to me:

“Just what I needed on a Sunday morning…and you, messing around!”

It was her turn to stare at me for a few seconds. Then, to my surprise or my delight, probably both, she moved to her innovia escort mouth the palm of her hand that had been covering the mobile and licked it. Still looking at me, she guided the same hand towards her mound, pushed aside the string of her bikini and rubbed her clit before introducing one of her fingers deep inside. She turned around soon after, grabbed my cock, presented her bum and sat on my rigid pole, impaling herself. Her hand covered her mouth again and kept quiet a lascivious moan.

“Rob, you’re still here?” she asked slightly out of breath. “Yes, eh…sorry, I had to go to another room for something and I ran back, so…”

I grabbed her hips and slowly made her dance on my stick. The vision of her arse sliding up and down was blissful. Where was the conservative mother I used to know? Her confidence had developed to such an extent that she now could even fuck and hold a conversation over the phone. While she was busy focusing on what Rob had to say, I could not resist taking a couple of pictures with my own phone. Surely the old man would be grateful for that. His expectations about being a cuckold for the whole week had been met to a high standard for the last 24 hours. I could not resist caressing her bouncing tits. Each of my thrusts gave the impression they were about to take off and move away from my Mum’s body. But every time they fell back into place with a loud slapping noise. I could tell the dirty bitch was enjoying being fucked like a common slut. Soon, it became harder for her to concentrate and conceal her desire for moaning.

“No, no I am with you Rob, carry on…sorry, it’s just that I am in the kitchen, and…”

At that very moment, I felt like ravaging her at a quicker pace. I was on some kind of mission to flood her with my semen … as if I had wanted to impregnate her. This was just a dirty fantasy crossing my mind and rest assured that I had no intention to knock her up! But the need to come increased as much as my pace fucking her. The softness of her bum and the beautiful cock warmer I was penetrating made me reach some kind of nirvana. Now was the point of no return. I could not take it any more even if I would not have minded enjoying this a little bit longer. I became rigid and pulled her hips towards me, making sure I was deep inside her. I now felt many ropes of cum travelling through my penis, landing into her cavity and hitting her cervix.

This time, it was too much for her and she could not help shout: “Oh fuck, fuck, yes, nice and warm!”

She quickly realised what she had just said.

“Sorry Rob, just cooking and just tasted some custard. Really yummy.”

I do not know if he was dumb enough to believe that but Mum had proved many times that she was a good actress. If it had not been for the fact that she didn’t want him to know about my involvement since the convention, she would not have cared less. But her family reputation had to be protected. She stood up and grabbed a piece of paper and a pen to note the latest details provided by her colleague. Some of my spunk was slowly dripping and running along her right leg. “Absolutely filthy”, I thought. Mum finally spent another 10 minutes on the phone with Rob and joined me for a cup of tea as soon as their conversation ended.

“Josh, you dirty bastard, how dare you… he could have realised and…”.

I cut it short.

“Come on, you were gagging for it. You would not have dressed like that if you hadn’t wished a bit of fun! You bloody enjoyed it and anyway, you were the one to sit on my cock!”

“Well, eh… yes, but… don’t do it again, that’s embarrassing.”

“The cheek of it” I thought. But anyway, I had no intention to argue any longer. And neither did she. It did not take her long to compliment me and say that, actually, a good shag had been what she needed to calm her down.

She summed up what she had discussed with Rob and the unexpected news that had landed. Rob would have to travel this evening to Western Scotland as a large client, developing a golf resort there, had requested his urgent presence for the marketing of brand-new flats to an international clientele. At the same time, a very large client from the Emirates, was visiting Birmingham for a business acquisition along with his elder son who would be in charge of his UK project. As a way to thank and encourage his son, he wanted to buy him a property in a prime location. Either Chelsea or Mayfair in London. But he had no time to visit the capital for a few suggestions and he had requested a visit from someone in Birmingham. It would have to be a senior property consultant with top London homes in his or her portfolio. In normal circumstances, Mum would have been flattered to make herself available but Emir Ibn Ibrahim al Walabi was not among her clients but her boss’s.

Any sale that she would achieve might only result in a shared commission with him. As a woman, engaging into negotiation with high net istanbul escort worth clients from the Middle East might not prove easy and she knew that she would have to be at the top of her game. Rob’s advice had been clear: “show him that you’re in charge, that you are powerful within the company and be aware that …when he is away from his base, he’s very receptive to female charms”. Regarding the client’s son, there was a big question mark as he was unknown to her colleagues. It was a light week for me in terms of workload (well, actually not really, but thanks to Dad I had made the relevant arrangements), and my mind being filthy as ever, I imagined – while listening to Mum – that an opportunity for fun may arise.

“Wow, this job is a biggie Mum!” I stated. “What time have you got to be there?”

“The meeting is at 2 p.m. tomorrow” she replied, sounding worried. “I am going to have to work very hard on a presentation this afternoon and research everything I can on the properties that I am going to suggest.”

“If you need to relax at some point, I have a very hidden talent for massages…” I laughed.

“Oh, don’t be so cheesy, buddy boy!”

“By the way, Mum, I reckon that it would be good if you went there, accompanied by a driver and assistant. You would not be stressed by all that driving and you could review your negotiation lines during the trip. Besides, when facing your Middle eastern client, showing that you have an assistant there to help you, take notes, etc… this would convey a sense of importance regarding your position.”

She initially smiled, suggesting a “nice try” but soon after she realised that my idea was not that stupid.

“Actually, why not…but you would have to keep it low profile…I suppose I could prepare a little script for you…asking questions to the client or me at some point…just reminding us if we have thought about this and that. It might look good and thought through to the client.”

The deal was done. Tomorrow might just bring another boring working day, a lot of driving and nothing more. But who knows? Mum went back to the bathroom as she needed to wash all the cum that I had deposited in her little cunt. I took advantage of this to send the pictures and comments to Dad about our little fun during the morning and I went back to my bedroom. I decided to check if any fun could be had in or around Birmingham when it came to sex. My first port of call would be the swinger website. After a couple of hours browsing the net, I came with an idea as I found a place that could be of interest and no more than a 20 minute drive from where the meeting was due to take place, at an upmarket hotel in central Birmingham where the Emir had booked a penthouse suite.

As I had no idea about what was in store, the length of the meeting and other contingencies, I did not contact any member of the swinger website. If an opportunity arose, then I was ready and a box had been ticked. Nothing else happened during the rest of the day except that I took a master class in property negotiation. We rehearsed a few questions that I would have to ask as certain points during the meeting. I was slightly preoccupied as I feared that my non professionalism would show very easily. Mum proved to be a good lecturer and by the end of the afternoon, after some extra reading on the London property market, I felt confident that I could pretend to support her. I thought about extra play during our evening, but I could see that it was not the time to mess around and stress her. Tomorrow would be another day and I did not disclose anything to her regarding what I had in mind after the meeting.

We had to shoot off around 10 o’clock on Monday morning as it would take us at least two hours and a half to drive there, knowing that traffic could be heavy. Mum’s outfit was a mix of business and a touch of sexy. Her body shape would not allow some lack of sexiness and who would complain about it, at least from my perspective? She opted for a black pencil skirt thinking that anything showing above the knee might be seen as a lack of modesty by the Emir. A white blouse, that for once she buttoned high up was on display under a matching black jacket. Black stockings were on and I guessed, inspecting the top of her skirt, that she had also chosen to wear suspenders. After all, a powerful woman would make a statement of confidence by wearing suspenders and not hold ups. She finished her look with a pair of classic black court shoes with a 3 inches heel.

For most women, this kind of height would be more than respectable but for her, it was very close to wearing flat or ballet shoes. While she had been getting ready for our little trip, I had ventured to my parents’ bedroom and aimed at Mum’s wardrobe. Having a large sports bag, I picked up a more appropriate outfit for some dirty play. When it came to sexy outfits, her resources were quite spectacular: dresses, skirts, heels, lingerie… filled two full kadıköy escort wardrobes. I made sure that she would not notice and took the bag into the car boot, ready to go. Our trip was uneventful and we reached Birmingham soon after midday and got a quick lunch by the hotel where our visit was planned. Mum had spent most of the trip on her mobile phone, dealing with various issues at work. Thinking about we might do after our meeting, I said to her:

“Mum, I am very happy to assist you for this job, but please don’t drag me to your Head Office or tell me that you have other dealings with your colleagues.”

Not knowing what I had in mind, she understood that my involvement was already substantial enough and she did not wish to add more to it.

“Don’t worry darling, I have made that clear to them and anyway if we don’t finish before 5 p.m., that would be too late for that.”

At 2 p.m. we were welcomed in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency hotel by a middle-aged man who introduced himself at His Highness’s butler. He guided us to the top floor where we soon reached a double door displaying in golden letters: “Presidential Suite”. We got in and were left speechless at the fantastic view over the City offered by the frameless widows. Mum commented to the butler:

“This place is amazing!”

“It certainly is Madam. More than 140 square meters on two floors with a kitchen and a bathroom as big as a flat. And the whole place is very well furnished as you can see. Piano, giant screens, here and in the bedroom. His Highness is very pleased despite his fear of not being in London.”

We sat in the lounge and were offered soft drinks as refreshments. Ten minutes later, we saw the Emir coming down from the spiral staircase and we both saluted him.

“Good afternoon your Highness, many thanks for taking the time to welcome us.” Mum launched sycophantically.

“Good afternoon” he replied. “Thank you for making it at short notice. With all the travelling and the business in this country, it is not very easy to plan long in advance.”

We carried on for a while with all the small talk and formerly introduced ourselves. The emir was a man for whom it was very difficult to give an age, but my first guess would have been around 65 or 70. His general demeanour breathed total confidence and you could see that he had been used to give orders and be served for years. But overall, despite his obvious power and wealth, he did not show any form of arrogance that you sometimes saw with newly rich people. A few moments later, the Emir’s son – Osama – joined us. A very westernised character in his appearance. It was hard for me not to assimilate him to a caricature of Middle Eastern wealthy young men sent out to Europe to build a CV and a reputation. Probably aged around 22 or 23, he was dressed up in a typical Hugo Boss suit and Church’s loafers. I could have been totally wrong and prejudiced, but I could figure him haunting clubs and hotels rather than offices.

“So…” the Emir said, “you know that I am looking for a property in London for Osama. My sources tell me that you are fully stacked…” he stated with a grin and staring at my mum. She smiled back wondering if she had really heard that! The emir did not take long to complete his sentence… “I mean, stacked with beautiful properties in your portfolio.” He knew what he was doing and I suddenly remembered that Rob had warned Mum about him: “when he is away from the Emirates…”

Mum opened her I-pad and browsed through the properties that she had pre-selected explaining the locations for each, their amenities, concierge service, etc… She also gave them some insight about the property market and went through a detailed analysis of what their investment could be in the future, with the latest trends. As requested, I sometimes bounced back on her arguments, giving her time to take a breather or get additional information from her prospective client:

“Your Highness, what would be your priority in terms…”, “How long do you believe you would keep this property before selling it?”, “Is it important for you to have an indoor swimming pool, a sauna…”

They finally discussed the key to everything: the budget. And one hour and a half later:

“Well, well, well…congratulations, your selection is very in line with what I am looking for. But the final word will come from my son Osama as he is the one who will live there. Hopefully your charms, Madam, won’t make him too hard…”

Again, Mum looked at him with a feel of embarrassment. Immediately he added: “too hard… in the way he negotiates.” Soon after, the emir and his son withdrew from the lounge as they wanted to discuss the matter further. I whispered to Mum as soon as we were on our own:

“Oh my God, I think he’s desperate to put his hands on you, the old bastard!”

“I know but don’t show any emotion. They don’t have much time on their hands and they will commit quickly if one of these properties catches their eyes. Well hopefully…”

The butler came back with more refreshments and made small talk to us.

“I hope you are progressing well and that His Highness is pleased with your suggestions.”

Mum offered a polite smile and added: “Well, we have shown him the best we had!”

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