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This is a Valentine’s Day contest story. Please vote.


An indecent proposal to his mother, sister, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law, a man wins the Power Ball jackpot on Valentine’s Day and offers to trade money for sex.

Johnny was a family man. A faithful husband and a good father, he provided well for his family. A good Christian, he was a God fearing man. Married with children, two sons, he loved his immediate family and his extended family equally as well. Unfortunately, as do we all, John had a dark side, a hidden secret, and a sordid sexual past. His secret was the incestuous sexual lust that he had for his mother and sister and the forbidden sexual desire that he had for his mother-in-law and sister-in-law. In the way that President Jimmy Carter did and so many men do when perusing the latest issue of Playboy, Johnny lusted over women other than his wife, especially the women that he was forbidden to have, his sexy female relatives.

“Oh, the shame of a man lusting over a woman that’s not his wife but worse when lusting over women that are his blood relatives and relatives by marriage.”

How could he? Why does he? Say it’s not so. How dare a man lust over another woman other than his small breasted, plain Jane wife. Say that incest and forbidden lust doesn’t exist. Thou shall not commit adultery. Thou shalt not covet thou neighbor’s wife.

Odd that even though the tenth commandment reads, ‘Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house. Thou shalt not covet they neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor anything that is thy neighbor’s,’ there’s nothing there about a woman coveting a neighbor’s husband.

At the end of the tenth commandment there is an all inclusive passage that ‘thou shalt not covet anything that is thy neighbor’s.’

I guess that’s where the women coveting someone else’s husband comes into play. Nonetheless, most of us don’t have a manservant, a maidservant, an ox, or an ass. It’s safe to assume that I’d never covet my neighbor’s maidservant, ox, and/or ass in the way that I may covet thy neighbor’s wife and/or manservant. I think after all this time, we need new commandments, something that includes watching too much TV, spending too much time texting on our cell phones, playing too many video games, reading too much pornography, and writing too much erotica.

‘Thou shall not spend too much time reading Literotica. Also, ‘Thou shalt not write about a woman sucketh a man’s cocketh or about a man fucketh a woman up the asseth unless that man and woman are married…to one another.’

Anyway, back to the story…

As much as Johnny loved his wife, Carol, his mother, Linda, and his sister, Anne, he also loved his mother-in-law, Marianne, and his sister-in-law, Samantha. Only, as much as he loved the women of his family, he lusted over the women of his family. Being that he was a man and a weak man at that, when it comes to incestuous and sexual lust, he couldn’t help himself. Night and day, every day and especially every night, when he wasn’t masturbating over his foxy mother and pretty sister, he was masturbating over his hot mother-in-law and sexy sister-in-law. Filled with sexual lust with the deep rooted yearning of needing to intimately and sexually experience the women who comprised his family, John was incorrigible in his lust and unrelenting in his sexual desire for his mother, his sister, his mother-in-law, and his sister-in-law.

“I wish I could fuck them all,” he said as he stroked his cock upstairs while his wife was watching Desperate Housewives downstairs. “I wish they’d all suck me. It’s a good thing there isn’t a commandment about, ‘Thou shall not have incestuous sex with your mother and your sister and forbidden sex with your mother-in-law and sister-in-law,’ because I’d be on the fast track to Hell.”

Knowing his sexual fantasies would never come true and knowing they were nothing more than just sexual fantasies, he extended his masturbation sessions to masturbate over other females in his life. Being that his life was filled with hot females, surrounded by them and sexually lusting over them all, he wished his wife was as hot. He wished his wife was prettier. He wish his wife had bigger tits. He wished his wife was sexier. He wished his wife would suck his cock more often and when she did suck his cock, he wished she’d allow him to cum in her mouth instead of all over her tits. He wished his wife was hot enough to lust over and masturbate over while imagining her naked and on her knees before him in the way that he lusted and masturbated over every female who crossed his path.

He masturbated over his female doctor, his dentist, his dental hygienist, his hairstylist, his deli worker, his supermarket cashier, his mail woman, and his dog groomer. His life was surrounded by hot women, that is, until he came home to his plain Jane, small breasted wife. Except for his wife, there wasn’t a woman he knew who beylikdüzü otele gelen escort was safe from him lusting and masturbating over them. If only his wife was as hot as all the women in his life, he’d never lust over another woman again. If only his wife had one redeeming sexual quality that he could hang onto that would make him lust over her but she had none.

For the life of him, sadly, he didn’t know why he married her. She seldom gave him a blowjob and when she did give him a blowjob, she didn’t allow him to cum in her mouth, never mind swallowing his cum. Always the same, she pulled his cock from her mouth to ejaculate on her tits..

Alas, while imagining seeing all the women in his life in their bras and panties, while imagining them all naked and while imagining having sex with everyone of them, he masturbated over every woman he knew. Maybe if his wife gave him more sex and maybe if his wife gave him what he so wanted, a blowjob where she allowed him to cum in her mouth and she swallowed, he wouldn’t lust and masturbate over other women. What was once a request, blowjobs and the lack thereof, had become a monumental issue between them.

She seldom sucked his cock and she never allowed him to cum in her mouth, forget about her swallowing his cum. Always, she pulled him out of her mouth before he was about to cum in her cock sucking virginal mouth for him to ejaculate over her small tits. Just once, he wished he had the balls to put a hard hand to the back of her head and force her to allow him to cum in his mouth and not let go of her head until she swallowed. Only, knowing her as he did, she’d probably bite down on his cock.

He didn’t want to ejaculate over her small tits. He was tired of ejaculating all over her small tits. He hated ejaculating on her small tits. He wanted to ejaculate in her mouth. Ejaculating over her small breasts was like kissing his sister.

“Oh, if only I could convince my sister to blow me. Being that she has a tramp stamp on her lower back and a piercing on her tongue, I bet she sucks cock. I bet she’d allow me to cum in her mouth instead of on her big tits.”

If only his wife would swallow his cum, maybe he wouldn’t lust and masturbate over other women. No doubt, figuring that they were all cocksuckers and would all allow him to cum in their mouths, he imagined his bevy of women, his mother, his sister, his mother-in-law, and his sister-in-law, that appeared in his nightly sexual fantasies on their knees and naked while blowing him. Making the sounds that all men love to hear when they’re being blown to show that the woman are enjoying sucking them as much as they’re enjoying being sucked, he imagined how they’d act and sound like in bed when he had his cock buried deep inside their mouths or pussies.

Sadly and unfortunately, knowing he’d never have sex with any of them, he had grown accustomed to lusting over women from afar while masturbating. Then, one day, Valentine’s Day, his life suddenly changed for the better when he won ten-million dollars in the Power Ball lottery. If only he had won the Power Ball when it was a bigger jackpot, such as the week before when a man from New York and a man from California won and split a two-hundred-million dollar jackpot. Why are the big winners always from New York and California? Ah, ten million dollars is better than nothing, he thought to himself, that is, until he discovered how little he’d have left after the cash payout and after paying taxes. Nonetheless, he thanked God for his good fortune.

“Thank you Jesus!”

Where most normal men would think of buying the mundane things with all that money, things that they could never afford otherwise, such as a house, a new car or a new truck, a big screen TV, new golf clubs, and/or a boat, his thoughts were more sexual than material. Wanting to get the most bang for his lottery winnings buck, he wondered what he could do sexually with all of that money. Sure he could have sex with prostitutes and call girls until he contracted a sexual disease and his cock fell off, but he needed more than just having sex with a stranger. What fun is that? Okay having sex with a stranger is fun but he needed to satisfy the incestuous lust and the forbidden desire he had to bed other women, especially those women in his immediate family, his mother, his sister, his mother-in-law, and his sister-in-law. Maybe, somehow, he could use his lottery winnings to accomplish his sexual cravings.

He may be a God fearing man, a family man, and a good man but he wasn’t a fool. He knew that money tempted lots of people and he wondered if money would temp his mother, his sister, his mother-in-law, and his sister-in-law to have sex with him. Being that it was Valentine’s day, thinking of himself as Cupid, only a more pornographic and incestuous kind of Cupid, one filled with more sexual lust than with romantic love, his dream was to have incestuous beylikdüzü rus escort and forbidden sex with his female family members. Suddenly filled with good will towards women, especially being that it was Valentine’s Day, the day of love, worth a try and with nothing to lose but his money, he had a plan.

Immediately sharing his good fortune with his wife, he told her that he only won one-million dollars instead of ten-million dollars and received a mere four-hundred-thousand dollars after taking the cash payout and paying the taxes instead of the four-million dollars that he received. Needing her to put him high up on her pedestal, a lofty position he never held before, so that she’d leave him the fuck alone to implement his plan to bed his mother, his sister, her mother, and her sister, he gave all of that money, four-hundred-thousand dollars, to his wife. Now a hero in her eyes that her loving husband, a man that she refused to suck his cock and have him cum in her mouth, would give her all of his lottery winnings, she was happy…eventually. Yet, just wanting to keep her quiet, he had ulterior motives for the rest of the undisclosed money.

* * * * *

“Happy Valentine’s Day Honey. This is for you,” he said handing her a Valentine’s Day card.

“What the Hell is this?” She held the Valentine’s Day card as if her palm was a scale and she was weighing it. “It’s a little light,” she said in a voice that could remove paint from a wall. “No gift card to the Olive Garden or to the Red Lobster, is there nothing else in here but a Hallmark Valentine’s Day card?” She looked at him and held the Valentine’s Day card up by the corner as if it was covered in excrement. “No flowers? No candy? The last of the big spenders, you bought me just a lousy Valentine’s Day card? How could you! How dare you!”

“Open it,” he said.

“I can’t believe you didn’t even buy me a gift card to the Olive Garden or to Red Lobster?” She gave him her unhappy wife look, the look that he’s grown to hate, and the look that she gives him whenever he forgets her birthday or anniversary and especially when he asks her for a blowjob. “It’s Valentine’s Day and you didn’t even give me gift certificate to the beauty salon for me to have a makeover.”

She’d have to go to a plastic surgeon for breast implants, a face lift, and liposuction to complete her makeover instead of just a mere beauty salon he thought to himself without verbalizing it.

“Just open the card honey,” he said smiling at her. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” he said leaning in to give her a kiss but kissing her cheek when she turned her lips away from him.

‘Bitch,’ he thought to himself.

“After all I’ve done for you to make your life easier by cooking, cleaning, and picking up after you,” she said feeling the envelope for a gift card before waving the unopened card in his face and before tossing the Valentine’s Day card in the trash. “How dare you! You son of a bitch. You dirty motherfucker. You’re such a cheap bastard John,” she said with a hurt look on her face and with tears in her eyes.

“Happy Valentine’s Day sweetie,” he said retrieving the card from the trash and handing it to her again. “Sorry but busy with other things, I didn’t have time to buy you flowers, candy, and/or pick up a gift card to the Olive Garden or to Red Lobster and/or a gift certificate to the beauty salon. Just open the card honey and you’ll understand why I only bought you a lousy Valentine’s Day card,” he said with an excited laugh.

As soon as she opened the Valentine’s card her attitude changed. It was as if the four-hundred-thousand dollar check turned on a switch that changed her from a shrew to a diva. Only, her excitement didn’t last very long. She looked up at him while holding the card in her hand with a confused look of not knowing if she should believe him or not.

“What’s this? A check for four-hundred-thousand dollars? Ha! Ha! Very funny,” she said about to rip up the check.

“No! Don’t! It’s real,” he said smiling wildly. “It’s a real check with money behind it for you to cash it and spend the money however you’d like.”

“It is?” She studied the check before studying him. “Where’d you get this kind of money?” An ungrateful little shrew, she waved the check in front of his face. “Have you been gambling again? What did I tell you about gambling all of our–“

“I didn’t go to the casino,” he said wanting to say her name but unable to remember it. “I won a million bucks in the Power Ball.”

“A million bucks?” Not trusting him, she looked at him as if he was cheating her. “Where’s the rest of the money? There’s only four-hundred-thousand dollars here.”

“What rest?” He laughed. “That’s all of it. That’s all there is,” he said turning out his pockets and looking at her with sad eyes. “That’s what’s left of the money after taking the cash payout and paying federal and state taxes.”

He watched her staring beylikdüzü türbanlı escort at the check as if it was a trick and one that would self-implode or internally combust.

“I’m grateful for the four-hundred-thousand dollars John but they really fuck people over when winning the lottery, don’t they? What a load of crap. It’s all a bunch of false advertising when they tell suckers that they’ve won a million bucks and walk away with only 40% of that. Bastards! Cocksuckers! Sons of bitches! How dare they!”

“It isn’t fair, sweetie, that the lottery takes so much from their cash payout before the federal and state take their cuts too, but think of it as free money,” he said. He took her by the shoulders and looked deeply in her dimwitted eyes while brushing back her stringy, mousey, brown hair from her plain Jane face before reaching down to cup her tiny, A cup tits in his big hand through her padded bra.

“Thank you but why are you giving me all of your lottery winnings. This isn’t like you John when you always take the last cookie and/or the last bit of ice cream to make yourself a treat without asking me if I’d like some,” she said eyeing him with suspicion.

“For all that you do for me,” he said laying on thick, “I’m giving all of my lottery winnings as my special Valentine’s Day gift of love to you and for you to do whatever your heart desires and to buy whatever you want,” he said kissing her on the lips before hugging her. “I love you…” he said pausing while trying to think of her name, “…Carol.”

“Oh, honey,” she said, no doubt climbing the ladder in her mind to place him high up on her pedestal while thinking that he was such a sweet and generous husband. She fell in his arms and kissed him passionately before looking up at him with sexual excitement that he’s never, ever seen her give him before. “Thank you,” she said.

“You welcome. The pleasure is all mine,” he said while thinking of bedding his mother, his sister, his mother-in-law, and his sister-in-law.

“As my special gift to you for Valentine’s Day, my dear, sweet husband,” she said reaching down to feel his cock through his pants. “How would you like a Valentine’s Day blowjob?” She looked at him with expectant eyes as if there was a two for one sale at Wal-Mart.

“A blowjob?” An unexpected pleasure, he never thought his wife would ever volunteer to suck his cock. His Honeymoon fifteen, long years ago was the last time she volunteered to blow him and even then, she didn’t even finish the job.

“Would you like me to suck your cock as my Valentine’s Day gift to you?” She reached her hand down and cupped his testicles through his pants while giving him a sexual wink. “Would you like to hump my mouth and fuck my face?” She ran a slow tongue across her tight, thin lips.

“A Valentine’s Day blowjob? Seriously? You’ll blow me for Valentine’s Day? Are you kidding me?” He looked at his beloved wife with shocked, sexual surprised and lustful anticipation of receiving a Valentine’s Day blowjob.

“Absolutely,” she said. “I’d love to suck the cock of my beloved husband on Valentine’s Day, the day of romance, love, and sex.”

“Sure,” he said not one to turn down a free blowjob that actually cost him four-hundred-thousand dollars. “I’d love for you to suck my cock…Carol,” he said momentarily forgetting her name again. “You haven’t sucked my cock since Heath Leger died when you stopped saving yourself for him and gave up all hopes of ever marrying him,” he said with a smirk.

“Yeah, well, the joker is dead and you’re my new reality hero now,” she said falling to her knees, unzipping him, and taking out his cock to suck him. “You can even cum in my mouth,” she said looking up at him with her beady, little, brown eyes. “Would you like that John? Would you like to cum in my mouth? I’ll swallow you too,” she said licking his cock while pumping his prick before stuffing his big cock in her mouth and while still looking up at him.

Instead of his wife, he imagined his mother feeling his cock through his pants. Instead of his wife, he imagined his sister asking him if he wanted a blowjob. Instead of his wife, he imagined his mother-in-law asking if he wanted to cum in her mouth. Instead of his wife, he imagined his sister-in-law telling him she’d swallow him before sucking him. Four women he’d rather have blowing him than his wife, he’d be happier if he were with any one of them. Yet, in the way of the grass is always greener, he wondered if he was with his mother, sister, mother-in-law, of sister-in-law, if he’d be lusting over his wife, whatever her name is, instead of in the way that he’s not lusting over her now.

Finally, after being married to what’s her name for fifteen years, he found the key to unlocking his wife’s passion, money, lots of money, something, no doubt, that Donald Trump and Hugh Hefner have known all along for years. Finally, it took him to win the lottery for him to uncover their secret now. Finally, it took him to give her four-hundred-thousand dollars for her to blow him, allow him to cum in her mouth, and swallow.

“Cum in your mouth? Seriously? I can cum in your mouth for Valentine’s Day? No way. And you’ll swallow me too? No way. I can’t believe this. This is the best Valentine’s Day of my life,” he said putting a gentle hand behind his wife’s head.

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