Motorcycle Ride

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“Climb aboard.” His voice called over the rumbling engine as he lifted the Harley off its kickstand.

Carol stood in disbelief staring at the iron horse and its rider. Since her workout with Steve on the conference table things had gotten busy in the office. Steve began working a late shift so their romance was on a holding pattern. Now don’t get me wrong, things happened. But those are for another story.

What Carol had really hoped for was an opportunity outside the office.

Over the winter she discovered that Steve rode a Harley. Heritage soft tail to be exact.

He had promised her in April, “When the weather gets warmer, I promise I’ll take you for a ride. We’ll head up the hills, if you can get away.”

Well timing is everything.

Summer in the rockies was the perfect time of year. The melting spring snows ushered in meadows filled with mountain wild flowers. The fresh smell of ponderosa pine and aspen. The crashing sound of water as it jumped from rock to rock as it tumbled its way down the Continental Divide. Though the temperatures were in the 80’s the air was brisk at the higher elevation.

It was mid June when Carol asked, “well what about your promise?”

“What are you doing this weekend?” Steve came back fast.

“Uh, I think I can… but I don’t have the right clothes to wear.”

“What are you doing after work?”

Pausing for a moment to think she said, “Where do you want to go?”

“Do you always answer a question with a question?”

Carol smiled, “No… yes… well the better question would be how long will it take so I know when I’ll get home.”

“When we’re through you may not want to go home.” he could see the look on her face then continued, “It will only take us about an hour. The place is on your way.”

“Thanks.” she smiled demurely.

After work she followed closely behind. Pulling into the Harley dealership her heart leaped. ‘He’s taking me shopping.’

Walking in they headed straight to the ladies section. “You’d look great in these!” Steve exclaimed holding up a pair of leather panties.

Carol snorted out loud. “You’re kidding right?”

“No way. Think about it.” Pointing out the side ties. “At least they’ll come off easy.” he quickly raised and lowered his eyebrows. “Whatta you think?”

“Mmm as long as you use your teeth.” Now Carol was getting into it.

She grabbed a bra off the rack holding git up to her chest. “How about this one?” It was black leather with a silver chain attached to both nipples.

“Perfect.” Chimed Steve.

Looking through the T shirts she found one that only a year ago she would have been embarrassed to read. Having worked around cops, especially Steve fro the past year had broke down these inhibitions. The pink shirt was emblazon in glittered words, if your cock was as big as your mouth I might be interested

“Get it!” Steve quipped.

Next she found a pair of lace up leather chaps, and a leather jacket she thought was ‘pretty’, with fringe across the back and down the arms. Last she tried on a pair of black engineer boots with silver on the heels.

“There, now you’re all set.” Steve exclaimed. “I even have an extra helmet you can wear.”

Carol was ecstatic, “I can’t wait.”

Before parting Steve handed Carol a small wrapped package saying, “I’ve been escort kartal saving this for some time to give to you. Now is as good as any. Don’t open it until you get home. You’ll need it for the ride.”

Driving back home she almost got in an accident while staring at the package. ‘Geez, Carol.’ She said out loud. ‘Pay attention.’

She arrived home to an empty house. Going into the kitchen she opened the package and discovered a note from Steve and a silk pouch containing two black glass balls. The note read, these are for the ride.

Carol was puzzled. She had never seen anything like these and wondered, ‘What the hell do I do with these?’ She almost called him but was too embarrassed. So she called Lisa. Her BFF. After describing them to Lisa they both had a good laugh. That night Carol found two new friends. She named one Mo and the other Jo.

Waking early she took a long hot bath taking nearly 30 minutes neatly trimming her strawberry blonde bush. She finished with a strawberry flavored douche. Taking Mo she inserted it between her moist lips. Next she pushed in Jo. ‘Oh my god they feel so good.’ The sensations as she moved to get her leather panties on was incredible. She found herself flexing her pussy muscles to keep them from falling out. ‘That could be embarrassing.” She chuckled. Fortunately her new leather panties held them both in place. Big smile.

With her jeans on she buckled up her chaps and stood in front of her floor mirror. ‘What the hell does Steve see in me?’ she asked herself. ‘All I see is a thirty five year old mother of three. Sure my D sized breasts are still firm. And my nipples still point upwards. But my stomach, after three kids, could use some work. And my butt ain’t half bad, in jeans. But hey I’m a work in progress.’ Overall she liked her new look. She had never worn leather before. She was hoping that Steve liked it too.

“Well are you ready to ride?” Steve called out over the rumble of the engine. The low slung soft tail in all its black and chrome glory was enough to get her hot. But Steve straddling the lowered touring seat was nothing short of ‘Delicious’.

He had on a black leather vest over a stark white T shirt. The vest had one small patch that read, ‘Its a sick world and I’m a happy guy’. Black leather chaps covered his jeans. His waist length blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail. With his full beard she often teased that his beard reminded her of ZZ Top.

She extended a leg over the rear seat and snuggled in behind him.

The rear seat positioned Carol just slightly above Steve’s hips. The vibration of the motorcycle accentuated the sensations from Mo and Jo clutched tightly inside her wet vagina. ‘I think i’m gonna cum before we get out of the parking lot.’

Speaking over the growling exhaust, “Grab ahold of my belt loops and hang on.”

She ran her fingers through his loops and pulled in tight. “Let’s go.”

Off like the wind they went. The helmet she had on helped as the wind whipped over the handle bars.

With every curve their bodies moved together in perfect harmony. They worked there way up Big Thompson Canyon and into Estes Park.

Carol savored every moment.

As they climbed in elevation the sun seemed more intense. With all the leather on Carol was getting overheated. “Can we stop somewhere. maltepe escort I need to take off my jacket and stretch.”

Over Trail Ridge Road, Steve spotted a pullout with only enough room for a bike. Steve turned off the bike, holding it while Carol got off.

“While we’re here how ’bout a picnic.” Steve asked while opening the panniers removing a blanket, and picnic basket.

“You are a real boy scout!” Carol exclaimed. “do you always come so prepared.”

Taking off her jacket and handing it to Steve he tucked it away inside the saddlebag.

“Always.” he replied. “Now follow me.”

Walking through a stand of aspen they crossed a field of Indian paintbrush mixed with mountain blue bells to a grassy area near a small stream. Away from the road. Private.

Steve laid the blanket out along a flat spot and sat the basket on it.

“Wine?” Steve inquired.

“Would love some.”

Steve produced a bottle from the basket and poured Carol a glass. On a small plate he placed some cheese, crackers, and some fruit.

While they talked and ate curiosity finally got the best of Carol, “What else do you have in that basket?” she asked.

Handing her the basket Steve grinned,

“Look for yourself. Tell me if find anything that excites you.”

“That could prove fatal.” she joked as she dove into the treasure trove.

Steve noticed that she stopped rummaging. “What did you find?”

Pulling a set of Peerless handcuffs from the basket she ordered, “Up against that tree.”

“Whoa, slow down.” Steve looked around to see if they were truly alone.

“I’m now the law around here and I told you to get up against that tree.” pointing towards a medium sized aspen.

Steve stood and walked over to the tree. “Now what officer.”

“Remove all your clothes!” Carol was getting into the role.

Slowly Steve removed his vest pulling his white t shirt over his head. His workouts showed. His chest and abs were well defined. Next he unbuckled his chaps dropping them to the grassy slope. As he unsnapped the buttons on his jeans Carol could see he wasn’t wearing underwear.

“Commando?” Carol questioned.

“The only way to go.” He smiled.

He stepped out of his pants his cock standing at attention.

“Now put your hands on your head and face the tree.”

Placing his hands on his head he turned facing away from Carol.

“Nice ass. Now give me your right hand.”

Taking his right hand she clicked one cuff onto his wrist.

“Now back up against the tree.” she again ordered.

With his back against the tree, “Now give me your other hand.”

With both hands locked she had him where she wanted.

“Spread ’em.” She ordered.

Without delay Steve spread his legs apart.

Carol stepped back, intently examining every inch of his body.

“Don’t move.” she said.

“Where the hell do you think I can go?” Smiling he shot back.

“Oh a wise guy huh?” Hurrying back to the basket she returned with a Polaroid camera.

“What’s that for?” Steve asked.

“Booking photo.” She quipped.

“You gonna use those in a lineup?” Steve joked.

‘Hmmm, good idea.’ she smiling at his predicament. She took a few photos before putting it back in the basket.

He knew she was up to something by the pendik escort bayan gleam in her eye. She walked around the backside of the tree. He could hear her rustling in the leaves and it excited him more.

Within minutes she stood facing Steve in only her leather chaps and bra.

“Now that is sexy!” He exclaimed.

“You wanna know what I think is sexy?” she inquired.

“Okay I’ll play. What do you think is sexy?”

Taking Jo out of her wet snatch she placed it into Steve’s mouth.

Next came Mo. Eagerly Steve swirled both Mo and Jo around the inside of his mouth.

“Now that is sexy.” Carol smiled and paused to consider her next move.

Steve mumbled. “Emremamerrmtm.”

“Don’t take them out of your mouth. I want you to taste me while I play.”

With the slightest tug on the strings her breasts were released from the bondage of the leather bra. Her exposed nipples hardened with the cool mountain air.

“Oooh someone is leaking.” She announced seeing the steady stream of clear liquid which now ran from the slit of Steve’s swollen head and down the length of his 7″ cock.

Reaching out she touched it lightly with her index finger bringing it back to her lips. Like applying lip gloss she rubbed it over her lips pursing them when she was done. Next she slathered it around his hardened shaft, and head. She loved the way it glistened.

She continued to milk him lapping it up like a kitten to milk. “Mmm I love how you taste.”

Her lips and tongue full of pre-cum she kissed him taking one of the glass balls from his mouth. Dropping it into her hand, “I know how much you love me to suck you off…” Steve grunted, “uh huh.”

“…but as much as I love cum, there’s just something about watching a man shoot his load.”

Never had Steve experienced a woman who talked dirty and it excited him immensely.

Wrapping her fingers around his swollen shaft she pumped it up and down rigorously.

With her other hand she began tickling his testicles. “Cum for momma.” she cooed.

“Aaaah.” He moaned.

Carol could feel his orgasm building. She stroked harder and tugged at his balls. Feeling the pulsations in his balls she knew that Steve couldn’t last much longer.

“Oh yeah baby, let me see you cum.”

The first stream shot upwards and over her left shoulder. “Oh yeah keep it cumming.”

When the next wave exploded Carol saw it coming and opened her mouth but it hit her on her upper lip. That was all it took. The pump was primed. Carol quickly enveloped his cock head with her lips as the third stream rushed down her throat. After swallowing that round she took Steve’s cock deep into her mouth while he finished emptying his balls.

Finishing she stood facing Steve again. Putting her mouth to his she released her mouthful of cum. “After I unhand cuff you, I want you to put Mo and Jo back in my pussy using only your mouth.”

Steve could only nod.

“Open up.” Carol requested.

As he did she put the other glass ball back in Steve’s mouth. “oh and I want them covered in your cum.”

Carol moved around behind Steve and released him from his restraints. She lay down on the blanket spreading her legs wide. Steve crawled down between her legs nuzzling

his lips tightly into hers. As her hot wet lips parted, Steve released both balls and the mouthful of spunk into her quivering hole.

Carol groaned. “Mmm now that feels fantastic.”

Steve flicked his tongue around her swollen clit.

“Next stop you can fuck me.” Carol proclaimed.

“You never know.” Steve answered.

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