Mounting Tension

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Mounting Tension: A Sibling Quarantine Story

It was not the summer they expected. With Alan finishing his bachelor’s, and Linda completing her first year of college, both Wilhelm children were looking to cut loose. Instead they were stuck in their parent’s house, and certain urges were going unfulfilled.

It was Alan that felt it first. Realizing he was growing uncomfortable around his little sister. He could not help stealing glances at her, though he tried not to. Linda was not unaware. Though at first she couldn’t believe what a perv her brother was, as the weeks passed she began to justify his leering. She began thinking

“Jeez, I must be looking hot if my own brother is staring.”

And as her mind changed she also began devising a plan. She figured her brother was too shy, so given the opportunity she would make the move.

“I must be absolutely nuts” she mused.

The chance came sooner than expected. What neither child realized was that their parents were feeling cooped up as well. They announced that for their anniversary they would be taking a romantic 4 day riverside camping trip. They wanted to be sure their children knew what a bad idea a large gathering would be, and to resist having a party. Alan and Linda assured their parents that they understood.

Linda immediately started finalizing how she would test her brother. Two days later their parents left, and the plan was put into motion almost immediately. Linda wore skimpy clothes around the house. She would proudly display her DD breasts and shapely bottom. She would get herself all wet when doing the dishes, and go out of her way to rub against her brother.

Alan became nervous. Was his sister teasing him on purpose? He thought he had to be crazy, but was he?

“Get those thoughts out of your head” he would say to himself. “It’s not possible, I mean, she’s your God damn sister!” But the nagging feeling persisted.

After 2 days of seemingly being tortured, Alan began breaking down. Linda asked him to apply sunscreen to her back while she was catching a tan. There she was, glistening in a tiny bikini, and then she put the cherry on top. After returning indoors Alan looked back out the window just in time to see Linda undo her top. That was the final straw, and exactly what she was counting on.

Tap tap tap “I know it’s wrong, we shouldn’t, but I can’t resist” tap tap tap.

Linda heard the faint sounds and whispers coming from her brother’s room. She had him. She would enact the final phase of the plan, and she was sure it would work.

It wasn’t a complicated scheme. Simply asking her brother if he would have a glass of wine and watch a movie with her, but she reveled in its simple brilliance.

“Hey Alan, wanna hang with me tonight? Thinking of watching a Kubrick movie with a glass of wine.” She cooed from outside her brother’s door, knowing Kubrick is Alan’s favorite director.

“Ummm, yeah I guess so” he nervously responded “when?”

“I’m just gonna jump in the shower. Maybe 30 minutes?” Linda queried.

“Ok, sounds great” Alan answered, not entirely knowing what to expect.

“He doesn’t stand a chance!” Linda told herself in the shower. She decided to go all out. Her sexiest smelling soaps, fully washing her hair, and giving herself a perfect landing strip. She was taking longer than she said, but it was going to be worth the wait. After toweling off she selected her tiniest g-string and barely there bra. She looked in the mirror and gave her body a wiggle. “No man could resist this.” She smiled devilishly before throwing on a robe and heading downstairs.

“It’s been an hour!” Alan whined “I almost went to bed.”

Linda slyly responded “I was dirtier than I thought. Pour the wine while I pick the movie!”

This was the curveball she was waiting to throw. innovia escort She knew he wasn’t expecting the choice to be “Eyes Wide Shut” Alan fidgeted a bit as the film began.

“You really want to watch this one?” Alan asked sheepishly.

“Yes. It’s my absolute FAVORITE” was Linda’s response.

As they watched quietly Linda began making maneuvers. Resting her head on Alan’s shoulder. Allowing her robe to fall open a bit giving her brother a glimpse of her ample cleavage. She was just waiting for the right scene to close the deal. The party scene. And then all their desire and wickedness would culminate in carnal acts of depravity.

“Think you would enjoy a party like that?” Linda inquired to her brother. Various acts of sexual debauchery occurring on the screen.

“Probably. I mean all the women are gorgeous” Alan responded unsteadily.

“But they could be anyone…” Linda countered. “You could end up fucking someone you wouldn’t want to, someone forbidden, like your own sister” she said in a decidedly wicked tone.

Alan swallowed hard and stammered “No… no way. You would recognize family…”he replied unconvincingly.

“How?” Linda wondered. Then whispering breathily while running a fingertip on her brother’s leg. “You know what I look like naked?” Another wicked grin dashing across her face.

Unable to respond Alan only managed incoherent babbles “Oh, well, I mean, um, you know…”

Linda knew it was game, set, match. She stood up and allowed her robe to fall away. Three barely there pieces of fabric the only thing between her, her brother, and ultimate sin. It was even more exciting than she imagined.

Alan’s jaw dropped to the floor. His sister gently gyrating in front of him. Her breasts and ass jiggling perfectly. Just enough, but not giving it all away.

Linda began approaching him saying “I think you would still do it even knowing it was me. All you boys have dirty minds. I know you’ve been watching me.”

Alan was frozen. Watching his sister sway as she approached him. He was acutely aware that he was only wearing at t-shirt and thin basketball shorts. There was no way to hide his excitement as his little sister placed her hands on his shoulders, her tits in his face, and straddled his lap.

Linda had never felt such a rush. Being in total control of an older man. Of breaking so many rules. Grinding into her brother, feeling his excitement against her. She ran her hands up and down his body. He was in such shock that he hadn’t moved. She placed his hands on her hips and began dry humping him.

“I told you so.” She laughed. “It’s your lucky day Alan. Your little sister is going to fulfill your fantasies.” Pressing her titties into his face and grinding her soaking pussy on his cock. The movie now entirely irrelevant background. “Tell me what you want”

“Ummmm…I uh…” Alan was still in shock.

“I know what you want” said Linda, again taking the lead. “You wanna see these?”

Alan could just nod as his watched his sister undo her bra. He did manage to regain some function though. He moved his hands from Linda’s hips and began fondling her melons. She moaned lightly as he kneaded her perfect globes. They were huge, but not saggy, heavy, and bouncy with small pointy nipples. Many people assumed they were fake due to her slender body, but they were simply natural, and perfect.

Now down to only the skimpiest of undergarments, Linda’s excitement was starting to get the better of her as well. “Don’t you want to suck my titties?” She leaned forward, tits bouncing as she continued torturing her brother’s cock through his shorts.

“Only since we first got stuck here.” Said Alan, finally finding his footing. He cupped Linda’s left breast with his right hand and dove in. Wrapping his istanbul escort left arm around his sister’s waist as he took in a mouthful. Sucking and lightly nibbling Linda’s nipples. Kissing and caressing all over. He alternated a few times before working up the courage to make a request.

“Hey Linda? Can I ask you to do something? “

“Yes lover?”

Clearing his throat “I’ve always thought it was amazingly hot to see a girl sucking her own breasts… would you do that for me?”

“Oh you naughty boy” Linda moved her brother’s hands back down to her hips. “You mean like this?” She said playfully putting her own nipple to her mouth and bouncing full force in her brother’s lap.

After a few moments Alan simply said “we should go to your bedroom.”

“Why mine?” Asked Linda quizzically.

“Because I’m going to fuck my sister…” Alan bragged “and it’s far naughtier to fuck your own little sister in her bed!”

And with that he scooped her up and carried her off to the bedroom. She helped him shed his shirt along the way, and as they reached the bed he placed her down gently, taking a moment to appreciate her beauty.

Sliding off his shorts Alan positioned himself between his sister’s legs. He lifted the band of Linda’s g-string and put his raging hard cock under it before letting go. Linda’s body beginning to writhe underneath him, Alan placed his hands on her shoulders and began moving his member back and forth against her pussy. Gently teasing them both simultaneously. Him spilling precum as her own juices gushed.

“I have to admit this is something I’ve desired. Having to always lie to my friends about thinking you aren’t hot. Sister or not, you’re obviously smoking. Before we go any further, even though you put this all in motion, are you sure it’s ok? There’s no going back…”

Linda gave her brother a fiendish look. She slid her thumbs under her waistband and kicked off her panties. She smiled while revealing the most perfect two inch long, one inch wide landing strip above her snatch.

“I got it all dressed up just for you” she said while moving the head of her brother’s penis to the entrance of the forbidden. “Do it Alan. We both need this. Fuck your little sister!”

And with that she wrapped her legs around her brother and pulled him into her. But the slow penetration and realization of his ultimate taboo fantasy was too much for Alan. Almost instantly he began firing rope after rope of semen inside of Linda.

“Oh God, it’s too good! I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry, it’s just too much.” Alan cried holding Linda’s hips while cumming deep inside her.

“Damn it Alan! Why are you already cumming?! And inside me!” However she was unknowingly still holding him into her with her legs. Moaning and grinding her hips she yelled “You aren’t supposed to cum inside your sister!”

Alan retorted, spasms subsiding “In all fairness I think being inside you at all is the sin…”

They shared a laugh as Alan lied down beside Linda in her bed. “I’m so sorry… it was more intense than I ever imagined.”

“That’s ok bro, it was pretty intense.” She said snuggling against him.

“That is by far the most I’ve ever cum, but I’m still horny. Look” said Alan motioning to his still erect cock.

“Pretty impressive bro” said Linda, once again sporting her devilish grin. She kept the smile while climbing on top of Alan and again aligning their sex in the mating position. “Wanna give it another go?” She asked, already mounting her brother’s manhood.

“Absolutely!” Alan shouted excitedly while gently helping guide Linda down.

As he fully penetrated her, Linda lied down on her brother’s chest, pressing her breasts into him as he wrapped his arms around her. They kissed passionately as they began humping, Alan kadıköy escort better able to control himself after the first round.

Linda began picking up the pace, bouncing faster on Alan. She pushed her body up a bit, her massive bouncing tits over her brother’s face.

Alan grabbed the heaving mass and attached himself to it, like a newborn going for its fist meal.

“Oh fuck yes Alan! Suck my titties. Suck my tits while I ride you!”

Alan happily obliged his sister. Gorging himself on the breasts he had been dreaming of while sneaking a hand down to flick Linda’s clitoris.

Moans gave way to screams as Linda coaxed her brother ever deeper. She sat straight up and bounced as hard as possible, Alan thrusting to meet her down strokes. Linda’s tits mesmerizing her brother with their bouncing as her legs began to quiver.

“Oh God Alan, I’m gonna cum. Im gonna cum all over your cock. Please, keep fucking me. Don’t stop fucking me!”

“Do it Linda, cum for me.” Alan urged, grabbing his sister’s hips and thrusting as hard as he could.

Linda began shaking as her pussy clenched her brother’s dick. He continued pounding her as she orgasmed.

“OH YES YES YES! I’ve never felt anything like this!” She cried, wading through the ecstasy. As the waves crashed and passed Linda grabbed her own chest and looked at Alan.

“I bet I know what you would like to see.” As she once again started sucking her own breasts while riding Alan. His hands still on her hips and smashing into her, she said “You like that baby? You get turned on fucking my pussy while I suck my titties?”

“Oh absolutely. It’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. You’re the hottest girl I’ve ever seen, Linda!” Alan croaked. He began feeling that tightness in his balls and knew he didn’t have long. “Linda, I’m going to cum again. Since I already came inside you once, it doesn’t matter if I do it again, right? There’s just something so hot and nasty about coming inside your sister in her bed.”

With barely a hesitation Linda squealed “Yes Alan, do it! Cum inside your little sister’s pussy again.” She leaned back down speaking directly into his ear “do it, cum inside me, as deep as you can. I want to feel you fill me up again. I want you to cum inside me every time we fuck. Do it. Put a baby inside your sister. Fuck me Alan! Fuck me and cum inside my pussy!”

Linda repositioned herself slightly so her brother could once again wrap his arms around her. She continued to talk dirty and beg for cum while offering her breasts to her brother’s eager mouth. Grinding and gyrating his cock inside her.

“Suck my tits again Alan. I want you sucking my nipples while you cum. I know you love my big tits. I came up with this whole plan because I caught you staring. Don’t they turn you on? Don’t you love sucking your sister’s titties while you cum inside her pussy? Cum inside me Alan! Cum inside your little sister!”

And with that command Alan again filled Linda’s pussy with his cum. He groaned and held her down, being sure to put as much inside her as possible.

“Jesus Linda, this is so hot. I can’t stop cumming!” Alan moaned, his love juice now overflowing and spilling out of his sister’s pussy.

“Keep pumping it into me!” Linda cried back.

The torrents of pleasure began subsiding and Linda collapsed forward, her breasts cushioning her body against ber brother. They both lied there, panting and satisfied. She on top of him, and he still inside of her.

“That was amazing, Linda” Alan sighed while lightly stroking his sister’s hair “but we shouldn’t have done that. It was so wrong. Nobody can ever know…”

“Shhhh” Linda placed a finger over her brother’s lips and gave him a light kiss. “We both wanted it. Nobody needs to know. It’ll be our naughty secret. I loooove having my brother cum inside me while we fuck in my bed. How hot is that?”

“You’re right…I did want this. It’s the hottest event in history!”

“Love you bro”

“Love you too…”

He faded as they drifted asleep. Alan still inside Linda. Their perfect dirty union complete, but far from finished!

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