Movie Night Ch. 04: Petra

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I woke up holding Susan. She had moved from her “legs raised” position, to snuggling with her back against me. We were both naked. Spooning. My hand was on her breasts, cupping it, and I could smell the mixture of her faint perfume, and our sex. I could hear her breathing. It was nearly 11 a.m. We had been resting together for nearly 4 hours.

I backed out from under the thin covers we had drawn over us, gently rustling her in the process, just enough for her to stir, lift her own eyelids, and roll towards me. Over her shoulder “Good morning, Daddy. Are you o.k.?” The sincerity in her eyes told me about her love, and I meekly responded “yes, pumpkin, just a lot to take in, that’s all.” I saw her eyes drop for a moment, and I quickly took the queue “You, my dear daughter…are absolutely beautiful, in every way I can think.”

Susan lifted her eyes to me, and closing the gap between us, her lips instantly connected with mine, her tongue entering my mouth just far enough to cause me to pause, and her lips pressed forward again, wetly. The lipstick was still present, and I watched her lips approach me in awe. “I love you, Dad. That was, good, wasn’t it?” Her smile returning now. “Thanks for resting with me, but more importantly, thanks for the gift of a new life” Susan was rubbing her smooth, flat belly, her breasts perked above her hands, still very red and swollen from my mouth. “I hope we have a son.” As she lifted her body slightly, slipping her legs off the mattress to stand, there was more to come “Holy crap, Dad…how much did you PUT in me? Look at this.” I had already gotten off the bed, and was leaning just next to her to find my own clothes, when she turned to faced me.

My cum was literally pouring out of her. She looked down and held her fingers on either side of her labia, pulling them up and spreading them open, and the effect was to remove any sealing effect they may have been having. It wasn’t thick, it was just several “pumps” of clear, viscous fluid coating her lower opening, and flowing heavily down her thigh now, nearly to her ankle. “Uh…yep…that should’ve done it, Dad. Geesh…I knew you were a heavy cummer, but wow…you didn’t have to drown me.” Her fingers tried to direct the flow, but only ended up getting covered themselves, and Susan took the moment to taste. “Yummy!” she smiled at me. “Just wait until Petra feels this!” and with that, she scooted towards the shower.

I found my gym shorts, a loose T-shirt, and listening to her humming in the shower, decided a breakfast was in order. Maybe a long run. Maybe psychotherapy, I don’t know. This was weird. The thing is, my balls ached. Not painful, just …I don’t know…they were swollen and achy. I cupped them with my hand and felt they were…well…full. Not certain how to describe it. Usually, in the past, frequent sex sessions with Tammy would cause them to hang low and the sacs skin feel thin and loose, but this was different. These were heavy in my hand, swollen, and… well… it felt really good. I think the nap with Susan had helped me regain some strength, and now, my stomach beckoned.

I slowly trodded out of the bedroom, and leaning over the balcony, wiping the rest from my eyes, I could smell the aroma of coffee, bacon, and toast rising up the stairwell, just in front of the front doorway. “Man, that smells good.” It was Riley who greeted me with smiles and giggles as I descended the steps and sat down at the table.

Riley spoke first “Um…so…Mr. D.,” she intoned, approaching me from my right side as she set down a plate and a glass of orange juice in front of me “did you get enough rest last night”. Riley was dressed in a plush cotton bathrobe, bunny slippers and all, her hair pulled back and tied with a scrunchy. Her robe, however, was undone in front, and my side-ways glance at her was greeted first by her amazing right breast perched high atop her chest, and her amazing, thick areola and nipple bounced with the movement. No bra. No panties. Oh, Fuck, really?

I could see freckles everywhere again, across her chest, down her breasts, across those delicious abs, and above and entering her light red pubes. My mind was taken back to that moment of intense heat when I could feel her breath in my ear as she orgasmed riding the top of my cock. My breath paused, and she noticed.

“hmm…Well, Mr. D., apparently so”, and resting her youthful ass on my right knee, she wrapped her arms around my neck and put her lips into my ear “You’re in for quite a day, Mr. D. I’m supposed to be a good girl and wait my turn, but right now, I really don’t want to be.” Riley’s tongue reached into my ear and licked, as her teeth gently nibbled the lobe. I lowered my head slightly, gazing at her breast now, so close to me once again, and my left hand slipped effortlessly into and under her robe, streaking up past her thighs. Riley cooed in my ear and spread her right thigh just slightly, allowing me to find her protruding labia, now hot and moist, my fingers lightly maltepe escort parting them and finding her clit, lifted it gently.

The motion caused Riley to exhaust her lungs into my ears at that moment, and her right hand landed on my chest, rubbing through my T-shirt. “N-n-no…Mr. D…wait…I’m supposed to…wait…oh…fuck.” and I dropped my head into her chest, instantly pulling her nipple into my mouth, the firmness of her areola once again surprising me. “Oh, FUCK..Mr. D…Oh…Oh…fuuuuuck.” and my fingers slipped down through Riley’s wetness and finding the entrance, I pressed two gently inside her. She was sticky. Wet. Swollen. Visions of Susan’s own stickiness indicating her fertility popped into my mind, and I felt my cock swell further with the thought.

“Dammit, Riley…it’s my turn, and you know it!” Petra’s voice snapped at us from behind the chair. “Do you have NO self-control?” We both jumped at the voice, and Petra was smiling behind us, now approaching, and slipped both arms around my neck, kissing my left cheek, where Riley wasn’t. Oh…my…she smelled good. Riley…Riley smelled like a woman in heat, her essence now drifting up on the hot air emanating from her woman hood where my fingers were still lodged, but Petra smelled like rain. WHAT was that fragrance, and how does an 18 year old know how to wear it, anyways?

Riley closed her legs around my hands, forcing them to leave, and quickly stood up off my lap “I’m sorry, Petra…I’m sorry…I just…fuck…I am so, ready, P. Please..?”

“You know the arrangements, Ri…wait your damned turn. The guy hasn’t even had breakfast yet!”

Riley’s face was flushed, and the freckles only accentuated her condition. “o.k. o.k. o.k. o.k. o.k.” and she turned back towards the sink, a few lonely dishes beckoning her.

Petra spoke next “So…Mr. D. ‘red lipstick’? What’s THAT all about?” I demurred, and my stomach reminded me about the plate in front of me, though Petra’s form and figure, dressed in a black, button-up nighty, not silk, but really thin, gave away her own womanly charms, and had me captivated. Her black hair hung low on her shoulders, and those legs…dammit…those endlessly supple, smooth, gazelle-like springs blended in a set of hips just under her nighty that guys kill for.

Each step away from me reminded me about the strength of that ass swaying. There were no panty lines. I could see that clearly, and when she turned to make certain I was watching…and I was watching…my eyes moved back up her supple form to see her breasts and nipples strain once again against the fabric. She didn’t need a bra…she needed to pass out epicac syrup to wake me up after I fainted from the sight of those amazing nipples waiting to be set free. They were heavier than Riley’s, not as much areola…but lighter than Susan’s, and without a bra, moved like magic inside her gown. Every guy knows that motion. It locks up our brain.

Sitting down now across from me “Mr. D., this must seem a bit much from us” her maturity now surprising me. “Did Susan explain it all? Do you understand where we’re coming from, and what we want? How it is you fit in? What we need?”

“Fuck, P, of course she did…you heard them this morning, right?” Riley shot into the conversation from her head turned above the sink.

The orange juice slid down my throat effortlessly, and I replied, blushing, I’m sure “Well, yes, ladies, as a matter of fact, she did. I must say, I’ve got more than a few thoughts and emotions going here.”

“Look, Mr. D”, Petra stared forth into my eyes. Man. I could get lost in those in a hurry, I thought. “This isn’t some ‘flavor-of-the-day’ thing we’ve decided on. We’ve been discussing this a lot over the past, what Riley, 5 maybe 6 months?”

“To be sure” Riley spoke. “Ever since that dickless Blake and his escapades, I guess…and Jodi’s death.”

Now THAT brought things into better focus. Jodi was the 4th of this crew. To say these were all friends doesn’t quite capture the extent of that friendship. These kids had all known each other since preschool, I think, and her car accident and death last fall rocked their perceptions of time and mortality.

Petra went on “We’re young. We have good lives, with good family, and we’re ready now, Mr. D. to pass that life along, even as we prepare for our own.” Petra stood, and walking around the table to sit next to me, continued “we three…Riley, Susan, me…we know we’ll find ‘Mr. Right’ someday, because he’ll accept us as we are, like you do, but more importantly, he’ll accept our kids, too. THAT’S how we’ll know he’s ‘the one’. In the meantime, we’ll be busy with college, and get on to our lives.”

Riley, now turned around, facing us, and I gazed to my right to see her, and listen. “You, Mr. D. You’re the only guy we know who has everything we’re needing for this transition in our lives. You’ve said it before…your business is successful, and you want to help us out mecidiyeköy escort when we need it. So…we’re saying yes!”

“Mostly Maribel, Mr. D.” Petra added, “but probably some other, minor stuff. It won’t be much, since we’re practically on campus, anyways in that big ol’ house, and we’ll all be working anyways.” True to that; this was a requirement I placed on Susan. Sounds like they all had the same, good plan to stay working.

“We want someone reliable, Mr. D.” Riley came back. Now crossing the gap to put her hands on my shoulders. “Someone we trust, but more importantly, someone we love” and she kissed me on the left cheek.

…and she held it there. Her mouth…that kiss…penetrated into me. I got it.

“Girls, this is dangerous. What if someone finds out?”

“WHO…the fuck…COULD find out, Mr. D.?” It was Riley. Good God…that Irish spirit. “It’s not like YOU’RE going to talk it around, right? You couldn’t possibly be that stupid?”

“And we’re certainly not going to be ‘spreading the news’ “, Petra added. “Like Riley said, we want discretion, and something to last long-term from someone we know, love, and trust.”

“Please, Mr. D…say you understand? Besides…think of the ‘long term’ benefits of this until we DO find Mr. Right?” It was Riley speaking, but I was looking at Petra.

“Yes, girls, I do.” My head was fogged again. Petra had unbuttoned her top buttons? When did that happen?

“Well,” Petra added “is this something you WANT, Mr. D” and sliding her chair closer, I watched her hands grasp the next button, lower. Riley’s hands were on my shoulder still, and her lips were again in my ears. “Isn’t she beautiful…Dad…I do get to call you Daddy, right Mr. D? I mean…you ARE about to become a Daddy again with us?” I was staring into Petra’s eyes now.

“…or is this something you’re just willing to DO with us?” Petra finished.

Another button free, and the cleavage of her youth now firmly on display. Petra slipped forward, her hands on my bare thighs, and pressed her lips into me. Her right hand moved up my thigh, gathering up the fabric of my shorts, and squeezing the now-thick length of my shaft. I moaned. Petra’s tongue came forth, and Riley spoke, almost too quietly to hear “she’s ready now, Mr. D…Daddy…will you please make a baby inside Petra for us?”

I nearly came in my shorts with those words. I didn’t think Petra heard it, but she smiled during the kiss and moving back just enough, spoke into my mouth “she’s right, Mr. D., I am ready. Wanna know how I can tell?”

“Oooo, P., so naughty” Riley remarked. “Go ahead, Mr. D…feel her. I bet you can tell, right? Susan taught us.”

Petra edged forward slightly, lifting her hand off my cock, and standing up, undid her remaining button. Now, in the light of the mid-morning, I could see the perfect, protruding roundness and fullness of her breast as she cupped it and, guiding my head forward with her hand, slipped it into my mouth. “I want you to feel ALL of me, Mr. D. I want you to know how ready I really am.” My mouth took in the semi-soft nipple, distending it towards the back of my throat, then swirled my tongue around it. It thickened and filled the space on my tongue, and I flattened my tongue out over it for emphasis.

Petra’s knees wobbled, and I heard the groan. When I looked up, her eyes were screwed shut, her head tilting to the side now.

“Go ahead, Mr. D… Daddy.” Riley whispered in my ear “Feel her. Do it. Feel how ready she is for you now, Daddy. Do it. I want to watch.”

My right hand slipped between Petra’s thighs, and she pushed her hips forward . She was in heat. My fingers found the swollen lips and toyed with them. So smooth. So buttery silky. So ripe, and when they parted, I was instantly greeted with a soft flow of stickiness. The heat wafted up, and my nostrils filled with the unmistakable smell of a woman…ready to be taken.

Riley hands moved down and pulled at my shorts. I lifted my ass as she untied the string, and lifting the band over my swollen member, pulled them down the length of my thighs to almost my knees, freeing my cock from the restraint.

“Can you feel it, Mr.D.?” Riley asked. “Yes, Riley…I can feel her. ” I was whispering to them both. “I can tell my baby girl is ready for me.”

“Oh, Fuck, P.” It was Riley again. “You’re going to get it all now, P. No more hiding. Look at this.”

Petra’s hands rested on my shoulders now, and I had closed my knees together. I was fully rigid, my cock pointing directly up, the veins sharply contrasting with the smooth stretched skin. My cock-head, deep-purple, was perched atop the full thickness of my rod, and I was leaking pre-cum.

My body, too, was ready.

My hand left Petra’s crease, and with both hands moving around to her ass, she moved towards me, anticipating the motion I was to use to bring her forth to me. Spreading her legs slightly, just enough merter escort to clear mine, she advanced, and my tongue switched breasts…switched nipples, and I spoke to her directly “Gently, now, little girl…very, very gently, o.k.?”

With her words, I felt Riley shrink off my shoulder and move slightly to my left. She must have been on her knees when Petra finally stood perched above me and looked down to answer her. Both of Riley’s hands were on my cock, squeezing a drop of precum forward. Petra saw the pillar underneath her, primed and ready, and Riley demanded, in a whisper just loud enough “Now, P., do it now…I wanna see you do it.”

I gripped Petra’s ass as we stared into each other’s eyes. Riley was orchestrating our union, and Petra was lowering herself just far enough that Riley could swipe the head of my cock over her slit, spreading out my precum along her exposed valley, alternately rubbing her clit and dipping me just into her opening. Petra’s eyes were glazed over now, but I still told her “I love you, Petra…I love all my baby girls, and I want to give you something special today. Are you ready for me? Are you ready to be pregnant with our baby? Do you want to feel it happen today?”

With this, Riley had lodged my cock-head into Petra’s entrance, and as Petra lowered herself fully, Riley’s hands swept down to my balls and squeezed gently, until Petra had fully surrounded me with her most precious of gifts. She was only half-way down, but she was flowing copiously. Another gentle rise and fall, followed by another, and suddenly, I felt Petra’s ass pressing into my balls, Riley’s hands back on my shoulders.

“Oh…Fuck…Yes…Mr. D. That feels so full” was all Petra could muster. Riley spoke next “Can you feel him all the way, P.? Does it feel good?”

“Oh, Ri…yes…oh, fuck…yes…sooooo goooood.” Petra’s mouth was open just above my chest now, and she was drooling. My shaft was wet, and being squeezed tight at every possible spot.


I didn’t move my body even an inch. I just smoothed my hands over Petra’s ass-cheeks, and let a finger tip rub easily over her exposed ass. She whimpered at the new sensation, and lowered her belly, thrusting her ass slightly higher. She liked that. I slipped into the exposed bud just the tip of my finger, and Petra groaned deeply on my shoulder. She was tight inside, and she was liking this. A lot.

Petra’s hands were around my neck again, and I lifted her head for another kiss. “It’s important, Petra, that we do this right. Can you help me, please?” Petra’s eyes were still glossed over, and she nodded weakly.

“Oh, Fuck, Mr. D. that is so unfuckingbelievingly hot.” Riley. Never at a loss for words.

“Come with me, Petra” and I summoned all my strength and self-control to lift her off the chair, still deeply lodged inside her. Petra’s eyes cleared up, and her strength returned as she wrapped her legs around my hips and leaning back, stretched her arms so that her hands locked behind my neck. The angle caused me to press even more deeply into her, and I felt her vagina quasm around me.

I had to stop. This was going to set me off, and I wanted to enjoy this, if only to ensure I made this a moment to remember for her. We paused. Petra purred, squeezing my cock again. I resumed the slow march into the living room, as Petra reached up to kiss me, deeply…wetly. “Oh, Fuck, Mr. D. soooo gooooooood. So good. So…fuck…so…fucking…so …fuck…good… Fuck you have a nice cock.”

Riley followed behind. Her hands on my ass, helping my shorts down, kissing my butt cheeks as we walked.

We ended at the sofa. The movie night sofa. With it’s big, overstuffed arms and oversized pillows. I lowered Petra’s ass on the armrest and felt it squeeze me in response. She was flowing now, and I looked down to see the wetness coating my cock as I pulled back, but also my balls, and now soaking the armrest. I could smell her sex.

“Fuck me, Mr. D.” Petra was inflamed now. Her biology was beckoning her forth, and she had the confidence to say so. Her left hand was on the couch backing, but her right hand was still around my neck. “Show me how you do it, Mr. D. … Daddy… Show me how a big, fucking stud FUCKS his daughter’s best friend. Show me how much cum you can make for me, Daddy. Give it all to me. You DO want to get me pregnant today, right?”

I was pounding into her now. Her words inflaming my ego and my cock at the same time. I watched as my shaft pulled out, her inner labia stretched grotesquely tight around it, and the glistening liquid lubricating its way back in as I pistoned back into her depths. I had my left hand on her right breast now, squeezing it as my right hand was pushing her left thigh up at the knee, and she moved her hand off the couch to cup and squeeze her left breast, now pinching and extending the nipple to heighten what was an impending orgasm.

It took a while. Petra knew what she wanted. Yes, it was mostly to become pregnant today, but the look in her eyes told me she wanted more. She wanted an alpha male, a prime specimen, with heavy balls attached to a large cock to inseminate her. To breed her. She wanted to know that she had given her body at it’s peak fertility to someone willing and able to plant his seed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32