Moving Back Home Ch. 02

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I followed Mom out to the kitchen. She was sitting at the table, still naked, with her legs crossed. I could see sweat glistening off of her breasts, nipples still hard. They weren’t huge, but at a B-cup, they fit her slim figure well. I had to walk past her to get to the other chair, and as I did she slapped my butt. It stung a bit. She had slapped it hard, but I never minded a little spanking during foreplay or sex. She just smiled and told me to have a seat. “I think we need to discuss some things Jason, before we go any further,” Mom said, eyeing my body through the glass topped table. I looked down and could just barely see her bush above her crossed thighs. “I’m guessing since you came out here without getting dressed that you would like to continue doing things like this. I know I would.” She giggled a little as she said the last part. All I could think about was what her pussy would feel like around my cock. “Well Jason, do you want to continue taking care of each other’s needs?”

“Yes” was all I could think to say.

“All right. The first thing is that I’ve come to find being nude around the house comfortable, I prefer it. I would like if you were as well, otherwise it would feel a little strange. Or at least wear just your underwear. Is that ok with you hun?”

“Yes Mom. I’m not sure if I’ll be naked, but I won’t wear more than my briefs around the house. I’m more comfortable in just my underwear anyway.”

“What about those thongs I saw in your room?” She asked me.

I actually blushed at her mentioning them. Strange since she had just had my cock in her mouth, but it still embarrassed me a little to find out that she knew I wore something like that. I had started wearing them after Janet bought me some one day, said she wanted to see me in them. They are men’s thongs, not panties. Plain cotton, but comfortable. I wear them about half the time.

“Those too,” I said to her, trying not to blush more.

Mom smirked at me and said, “good.”

“Can I ask why you don’t have any body hair Jason?” she asked me.

“Janet asked me to shave it a long time ago, and I tried it, since she shaved everywhere.” I was getting more relaxed about having a conversation like this, and starting to get hard again. “About a year and a half ago, we switched to waxing.”

“Ouch, that must hurt,” Mom said, eve gelen escort grimacing at the thought of it.

“It did at first, but even that was better than having to shave every other day. I mean I only have to get waxed once a month or so. It still stings when its done, but I prefer that to the itching and raw skin from shaving.”

“I know what you mean. I hate shaving my legs.” Mom smiled as she said, “I have to say I did like the smooth feeling of yours, but if you want to let it grow back then that’s up to you.” She paused for a minute, then asked, “So, you go to a salon to have it done?”

I blushed a bit, and got harder thinking about the answer. “At first, but for a while now we had been doing each other with home waxing kits. It really doesn’t hurt as bad after you’ve been doing it for a while, the hair doesn’t grow back as thick. I guess I’ll have to find a salon to do it again.”

“Maybe” was all Mom said, smirking again. “It was sexual wasn’t it, the waxing each other? It became a kind of foreplay didn’t it?” I noticed that mom was playing with her nipple a little, almost absentmindedly. I was very hard.

“It did,” I admitted. “The feeling seemed to turn her on, she got very wet. Getting waxed in itself didn’t get me excited, but she would caress me a lot before she yanked it off. That did turn me on, the way she teased me while doing it. And I enjoyed doing her, knowing how hot it got her, she would cum very quickly after.”

“I bet you did. I might have to look into getting my legs waxed instead of shaving.” She caressed her thigh as she said this. “Might even let you do it for me. I won’t trim or shave my bush though, other than the edges to keep it even, so don’t ask.”

“I won’t, to be honest I prefer the look of a woman with hair around her pussy,” I told her. It suddenly hit me that I was discussing details of my sexual preferences and experiences with my mother. But, instead of being freaked out by this revelation, I was excited by it. I felt that I could talk honestly with her about anything, didn’t have to worry that she might think me strange if I brought up anything kinky or unusual. I looked and she had the fingers of her left hand were playing with the bit of her bush that showed above her crossed legs. “Yours is wet again isn’t it Mom?, fatih escort I asked her.

“Yes it is hun,” she told me as she uncrossed her legs and pushed a finger into her slit, “but nothing more happens till we finish talking.” She pulled her finger out and, staring into my eyes, sucked her juices off of it. “Now, I do date some, and I don’t plan to stop just because we are taking care of each other Jason. I expect that you will be dating too, and I wouldn’t think of asking you stop. If I feel like having sex with one of my dates I will. If you are going to get jealous about such things this ends now.”

“That’s good for me. I don’t think jealousy will be an issue in this. I might want to stop if I start to get serious about a girl, but for now it sounds perfect Mom.”

“If you ever want to stop just say so hun. I wouldn’t make you pleasure me sexually if you didn’t want to. Whatever your feelings are talk to me about them. I won’t keep things from you”.

“So, Mom, if I asked if you were having sex with someone you would tell me?”

“Yes, I would. I’d even tell you all about it in detail if you wanted to hear it. And by the way you are touching yourself it looks like you might be interested in that.”

I hadn’t even realized that I was playing with my dick. Slowly teasing it, enjoying the feeling without really working toward an orgasm. Mom was teasing her pussy still too. “We’ll see about that when it comes up,” I told her. “I’m wondering if you have any kinks or fetishes that might be fun.”

She smiled. “We can talk about such thing later, Sweety.” She stood up slowly. She turned away and pushed in her chair, giving me a nice look at her round bottom. “Right now I need you in my bedroom, are you coming.”

“I’m sure I will be soon,” I said as I got up to follow her. She giggled at my little joke. I caught up to her behind the couch in the living room. I pressed up against her back, reaching around to squeeze her tits. Mom pressed back into me, her butt pushing hard into my stiff cock. I slid a hand from her breast and down her belly, till I reached the edge of her thick hair. She turned her head to one side and I leaned over her shoulder and kissed her deeply, feeling her push her tongue into my mouth.

My hand went farther, reaching her hard little clit. She gasped halkalı anal yapan escort against my mouth as I brushed it. She bent forward some and reached down, between her legs. I felt her fingers brush my hairless balls, then drag up the length of my pole. Mom wrapped her hand around the head, pulling on me.

I turned her toward the couch, pressing forward. She bent over the back of it and spread her legs farther. I pressed against her again then kneeled down. I kissed her butt cheeks moving toward the middle. I pressed my face between her legs, licking her pussy from behind. Mom was moaning and pushing against my face.

“I want you inside me baby,” Mom said between moans, “I know you want it to. Fuck me already, before I cum on your face again.”

My tongue was in her pussy; I just dragged it up, across the tight bud of her back hole, and to her back. I began kissing my way up her back, listening to her as she played with her clit, waiting for me to enter her. I got up to her neck and then stood straight, my cock so hard it hurt. I pushed it to her wet, waiting pussy. I slid into Mom in one fast motion, feeling my balls touch the hand she had on her clit.

She gasped loudly then moaned. “MMM, don’t just sit there honey,” she said as she wiggled against me and the couch, “FUCK ME!!”

I started to slide out of her, slowly because I felt I would cum any minute. Mom had her hands both on her nipples again, pulling on them hard. I was moving in and out of her now, and she was pushing back against me as I thrust in. Her moaning was getting louder, her breathing faster. I put my hand on her butt, my thumb rubbing her crack. She was breathing faster, her moans and gasps barely more than squeaks that came each time I thrust into her. My thumb began rubbing her pink little asshole, and I felt her tighten on my dick. She was close to screaming as she came, and I kept going, faster and faster. Just as I felt her orgasm subsiding I came, deep inside my mother.

I slowed, but didn’t pull out. I reached for her shoulders, and pulled Mom to me. She turned her head to kiss me without pulling me out of her pussy. My mouth was all over hers, my hands on her breasts. We stayed like that, mouths locked together, until I got soft and slipped out of her. Mom took me around the couch, where she had me lay down. Mom took my shrinking cock into her mouth and slowly sucked on it as she pulled her mouth off. She lay down with me, pressed tight on me in the space that wasn’t big enough for us to lay any other way. She kissed me deeply again, then lay her head on my chest.

“Thank you Jason,” she whispered as we fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32