Mr. Sims’ Extra Credit Ch. 02

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My name is Harold Sims. I teach human biology to seniors at East Middle High in Southern California. To get the background on what is going on here I suggest starting with Part 01.

After I passed out the graded tests Julie acted very surprised at getting her “A” even though she new it was coming. I was very careful to correct all her answers so there was no suspicion if someone saw her answers. I got a good wink and a smile from her as she left the room that day. I was looking forward to the next test and got excited about how Julie was going to earn her next “A”.

As the next month rolled around it got to the point where I was getting a bit nervous and excited about what I assumed was inevitable. There was still a week to go before my “study session” with Julie. And that is when I got the best surprise of all. I was sitting at my desk after class and all the students left me there alone like usual. I was about half way through when a student walked through the door. I looked up and saw Tanya. She was hotter than Julie. She had nice round voluptuous tits that she often showed of with low cut tops like the one she had one. She had red hair and was below average height. She had a cute face and a nice round ass.

I guess Julie broke me because now I was looking at every girl in the school a whole new way but I was sure that Julie was unique.

“Hi Mr. Sims.” Tanya greeted me.

“Hi Tanya. What can I do for you?” I replied casually as I figured she just had a question about the lecture I gave today.

“Well, I was talking with Julie…” Tanya said with a pause.

“Oh yeah?” My heart started pumping like crazy but I tried to act casual.

“Yeah. We all noticed how well she did on the test and she said something about you doing one-on-one study sessions.”

“Did Julie give you ALL the details of how much work she had to put into getting that ‘A’?” I asked hoping to get an idea what she new.

“Not at first but I caught up with her and asked her the details and I am hoping that you will give me a chance to show you my potential.” I thought she said this suggestively but I didn’t want to assume so I decided to schedule the session and check with Julie to find out what she told her.


“Julie.” I said as she was leaving class the next day. “I need to speak with you.”

She approached me as the rest of the students exited. “Yes Mr. Sims?”

“Julie, Tanya came and asked to sign up for a one-on-one study session but she wasn’t clear as to what you told her. Did you tell her everything?” ataşehir escort I asked.

“I’m sorry Mr. Sims. She sounded desperate. Her applications to college hinge on getting a good GPA. I am sorry I told I just thought you could help her like you helped me. I promise I haven’t told anyone else. Please forgive me.” She said in a begging manner.

“Julie. It’s ok. I just didn’t want to make a fool of myself at our meeting. Are you sure she is up for it? Are you ok with it? You were my first student and I want you to know that I respect you.” I said to reassure her.

“Mr. Sims. Who you fuck is your business. I think you are cute and sexy but we could never date. It would actually be kinda hot knowing Tanya was on your dick before I got there. She is hot.” Julie spoke with a true attraction to both me and Tanya.

“Thanks Julie. Well I look forward to our meeting too. I will see you next Wednesday.”


Monday before the test rolled around and I was grading homework after school waiting for Tanya to show. I got kinda hard just thinking of her and what we might do.

Tanya got almost all the way to my desk before I noticed her. “Hey Mr. Sims.”

There she was standing in front of me. Boobs bulging and in her cheer uniform.

“Hi Tanya. How was practice?”

“Great! I have been excited and thinking about our session today so I thought you might like these.” Tanya said as she reached into her bag and pulled out a red laced thong and reached out to hand it to me.

I quickly grabbed it as the door was still open. I crumpled it in my fist, stood up and walked to the door. I closed it, locked it and slowly turned around. I could feel the dampness of the panties in my hand and couldn’t help myself. As I looked at her standing there I opened my fist and held the panties up to my faced. I could smell her aroma sweet and strong.

“Mmmm, you have been excited.” I said as I started walking toward her.

“Oh yes Mr. Sims. I have been at least that wet after ever class the entire year. You know you are hella hot right?”

“I’m sorry?” I said with slight confusion.

“Mr. Sims. Don’t play coy. You have to know that a lot of girls fantasize about doing a hot teacher like you. I know at least six girls that have thought of you while fingering themselves at night and I am one of them.” Tanya said with a wink.

“Wow. I didn’t realize. Well just so you know I have jacked off many times thinking of your tits and ass.” I said this now that so much was out in the kadıköy escort bayan open.

“Well Mr. Sims now you get your chance and I get mine. Where do you want me?”

I kissed her. It was hard and deep. Our hands were everywhere. She was grabbing the bulge in my pants and I was cupping her tits. Then I remembered her panties were on my desk. I reached under her skirt as we continued to kiss and I cupped her wet pussy. She was shaved and dripping. I slipped a finger in with no problem. She started moaning and undoing my zipper. My cock as free and she dropped to her knees.

“Wow! Julie said it was big but…wow!” She said and then engulfed my cock in her mouth.

She wasn’t fooling around. The tip of my cock was in her throat with a few pushes. I was fucking her mouth and she was fondling my balls. Then she stopped.

“Julie said you can go twice. Can you?” She asked in a pleading manner.

“Oh yeah. We have an hour so twice is no problem.”

“Oh good because I want you to cum in my mouth and my pussy.” She smiled and then deep throated me again.

I grabbed let her take care of the pace. I hadn’t had sex sine Julie and I hadn’t jacked off since Friday so I didn’t last too long. I was in the back of her throat when I started shooting my load. She just kept it back there and gulped and gulped. Not one drop left her mouth. She pulled it out part way and sucked on the tip to make sure I was all empty. After she was done she stood up and kissed me.

“Wow Tanya, that was great! You are very good at that. Do you suck all guys like that?” I asked.

“Mr. Sims. No guys in this school are worthy of that. I have blown a few but they are happy with a little head bob and then they are coming. I’ve been practicing on a dildo since I was fifteen. I guess it worked.” She said as she stroked my limp cock and we pecked kisses here and there.

“Tanya. Practice makes perfect and that was perfect.” I said encouragingly.

“Why don’t you have a seat in the front row and I will give you a show so you can get ready for round two.”

“Yes ma’am.” I kidded.

She giggled at my lame joke and I sat down. She walked over to her bag and pulled out a huge dildo. Then she walked to my desk and sat at the edge facing me. She lifted her knees and slowly worked her thighs moving her hands closer and closer to her dripping wet pussy. I could see her juices glistening all around her crotch. She must have been dripping since she took off her panties after cheer practice.

She started to rub her pussy. Spreading escort maltepe her juices all over she was very well lubed. She kept eye contact with me the entire time she was touching herself. She would glance down at my cock once in a while to see how I was doing.

She did everything. She rubbed her clit. She fingered her pussy and ass. Then she grabbed the dildo and plunged it in. It wasn’t bigger than my cock but it was pretty big. She pushed it all the way into her pussy with one shove. I don’t know why but that made my cock spring into action.

She pulled the dildo out and said, “Ok Mr. Sims. Now it is your turn.

I stood up and walked over. I stood between her legs and with one thrust I was all the way in her sopping wet hole.

I couldn’t believe I was fucking a cheerleader in my classroom. It was like a dream come true.

I pounded away. Slow then quickly then slow again. She looked up at the ceiling and then closed her eyes as I continued my motions.

“Fuck my pussy Mr. Sims! Make me cum like you made Julie cum!” Tanya shouted.

I hoped no one heard. I pulled out my cock and her off the desk. I turned her around and pushed her onto the desk again. With her bent over at the waist I flipped up her skirt and fingered her a few times.

“Oh yeah Mr. Sims! Come in my pussy from behind.

I grabbed her round ass and pulled myself into her. With two pushes I was in. Since I had come once I was lasting a while. I felt her hand move between her legs to finger her clit. Her moaning got to loud.

“Tanya, please keep it down a bit. Maybe one day we can do a home session and you can scream all you want but there could be people outside the door.”

“Yes Mr. Sims.” She said like a pupil.

The fucking continued and soon her orgasm hit. Her pussy contracted around my cock and that was all I needed. I kept pumping and she kept coming. I shot my wad deep inside her but kept pumping as she was still going. I stayed hard as long as her pussy was squeezing my cock.

Finally her orgasm subsided. I finally went limp and she squeezed my empty cock out. She got off the desk and dropped to her knees. She put my cock in her mouth and started to suck all my cum and her juices off.

“You like the taste of your pussy do you?” I asked knowingly.

“I always lick my dildo clean and mixed with your cum makes it like desert.”

“Ok Tanya our time is up but you officially have the Monday before each test if you need more tutoring.” I said with a wink.

“I only wish you gave tests more often.” She said as she packed up her dildo and headed for the door.

I couldn’t believe what was happening and now my mind was racing trying to figure out who the other four girls were that Tanya knew fantasized about me while finger themselves. That is assuming that Julie is one of the six.

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