Mum, Sis and Bro. Pt. 04

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As we slowly cruised along in the bright sunshine, I was really starting to enjoy myself. The engines were just a murmur as they pushed the boat along at a steady 10mph. The lake seemed to have almost sheer sides, at less than 50 metres from the shore we were in nearly 40 metres of water. Admiring the scenery and wildlife, my thoughts were interrupted as Beth came on deck with coffee.

“Bloody hell its warm, your shoulders are burning.” Beth said.

Smoothing sun oil into my shoulder’s, neck and chest, she started on my thigh’s. Rolling the hem of my shorts back a little, she poured a generous glob of oil onto my skin and started to work it in. I’m not sure if it was her perfume or the attention she was paying to my legs, but soon I had a raging hard on.

“Oh Mike, don’t you ever get tired” she giggled. Finishing my legs, she stood up, I noticed her nipples were swollen and jutting into her t shirt.

“Not the only one who was enjoying their selves,” I noted. Playfully swatting my arm, she sat on the opposite bench seat. Scanning, the lake she said,

“Head for the middle of the lake please.” As she reclined on the bench.

Pushing the throttles, the boat jumped forward, the bow swinging around as I steered for the open water. Soon the shoreline was far behind us and I eased the throttles back to a sedate crawl. Standing up, Beth scanned the horizon again. Satisfied we were alone she hooked her thumbs into her panties and stepped out of them. Shrugging her t shirt off she stood naked, the sun adding a sheen to her skin. Noticing me gazing longingly between her legs, made her giggle. “Down tiger, I need to oil myself up. Don’t want to get it on my clothes, you can have all you want … later!

“I want to get lots on my pussy and arse as I want to try something I read in a magazine.”

I watched as my sister worked the oil into her Mons, Pussy and Anus. She was right of course I could have a much as I wanted, later. It didn’t help though. As I watched her massage the oil into her sex, I had to release my straining dick from my shorts. Fascinated I watched as she turned, facing the sun, directly behind me. Spreading her legs wide she laid on her back, putting her hands behind her knee’s she pulled back.

Unable to see her eyes behind her sunglasses I had no idea what she was looking at, but I knew what I was looking at, heaven! Moving a little, she seemed satisfied with her position. The sun was shining directly onto her pussy, the view I had was amazing. Moving her hands to her upper calves she pulled her legs even further apart. As her sex lips and arse cheeks parted I could see every detail of her, the pinkness of her pussy contrasted with the darker hue of the rosebud of her anus. Returning the throttles to idle I leaned back and enjoyed the spectacle that is my gorgeous sister.

Stroking my cock slowly, I continued to watch, engrossed I barely heard the radio crackle into life.

“Mable calling Mike and Beth, you got your ears on.”

Tearing my eyes away from Beth I snatched up the microphone.

“Yeah, loud and clear 10-4” I chuckled, as I copied her CB chatter,

“You got a pen and paper, need to give you co-ordinance for the GPS, got a nice surprise for you both.”

Grabbing the pen from the chart table I wrote down the sequence of numbers, taking careful note of instructions on how to enter them in the GPS. Putting the mic back in its holder, I looked at Beth as she stood up and started putting her panties back on.

Unable to hide my disappointment as she covered herself up, Smiling, she murmured, “It will make it better later. Entering the GPS co-ordinance, I turned the boat in a lazy arc, pushing the throttles to the stops we followed the GPS track.

Unsure I should run the motors flat out I pulled back a bit, according to the GPS we had about 9 miles to go. Coming back onto deck, Beth had dressed in a short white summer dress. her hair was tied back in a ponytail.

“What was all that about, were you just teasing me?”

“No, I read about this woman that likes to show her pussy and arse to the sun every morning. Says it makes her feel great. I’m not so sure, think it started to burn me inside. Wonder what the big surprise is, why didn’t you ask her?”

“Didn’t get chance, besides I was distracted”

“Oh yes, do you think I am pretty, I mean is my pussy as nice as Mums?”

“It’s different, but just as beautiful and taste’s wonderful”

Hoping I had reassured her I went below to wash, shave and change. As I rinsed and dried my face, I felt the boat slow and turn to the left. Going back on deck I saw that we were approaching Granddads landing stage. Wondering why they had called us back I walked to the bow and prepared to tie the boat off. Beth really seemed to have got the hang of mooring and glided into the mooring. Helping Beth off the boat we started to walk up to the house.

Chapter 2

Walking up the track, we could see Harry and Mabel sitting with a blonde woman, şirinevler türbanlı escort at a picnic table. As we got closer Beth and I gasped as we realised it was Mum. It had only been 10 days or so since we had waved her goodbye, but we both rushed into her waiting arms. After kissing and hugging her, we sat down and greedily drank down the tall glass of fresh orange, Mabel placed in front of us.

“I suppose you are wondering what the hell I am doing here,” Mum said.

“Well, what about the shop” Beth and I chorused.

“Well the lady that managed the shop a year or so ago was looking for a job, managed to employ 2 others that used to work there as well. So, I thought, what the hell, haven’t had a holiday in a long time. Of course, if you 2 would rather not have your old mum tag along, I will stay here for a few days.”

“Of course, Mum, Mike and I would love to have you along. The weather has been gorgeous, you and I can tan, whilst Mike acts as captain. Winking at me, she added.

“Suppose we can keep him topped up with snacks, drink, whatever.”

The look from her made my cock twitch as I caught her double meaning, Mum smiled “Yeah, poor baby, needs looking after.” I had to shift my weight, tugging my cock into a more comfortable position, as my imagination ran riot.

After a late lunch, we loaded Mums case onto the boat and headed out into the lake. Turning left this time, we followed the shore to a small river. A glance at the map told me that it was ok, it was one of the area’s that Harry had marked as stunning. Slowing to a crawl and keeping a careful eye on the depth gauge, I held my breath as I saw the water starting to get shallow. After a few hundred yards the water started to get deeper, I could relax a little, although the river was still narrow, and the sides towered above the boat.

As I carefully navigated a sharp bend, the river opened into a small lake, surrounded by Mountains, following it to the end, I was stunned to see a small waterfall. Having stowed Mum’s stuff, the girls came up on deck. Lowering the anchor into about 10 metres of crystal-clear water, I waited for the boat to swing round and settle, bow on to the waterfall.

“Fancy a swim?” Beth asked Mum,

“Would love too but need to go shopping as need to buy a bikini.”

“Well there’s no one here, when was the last time you skinny dipped?

“Oh god, not since I was a girl,” mum giggled.

“Well it’s time to be a girl again,” Beth said, as she pulled her dress off.

Mum looked shocked, as Beth’s bra and panties joined her dress on the deck. Looking at me, I just shrugged and started to undo my belt and trousers. Biting her lip, mum lifted her dress over her head, carefully putting it over the back of the bench seat, she threw her panties and bra on top. Presumably to cover her embarrassment she leapt over the side, hitting the water with a splash, she surfaced.

“Fuck, it’s absolutely freezing” as she swum to the stern and scrabbled up the ladder. Beth and I were absolutely falling about with laughter as she got to the upper deck.

“You pair of sod’s, you knew, right?”

Almost crying with laughter, we could only nod as Beth handed her a towel, I was transfixed, looking at my mother’s nudity. Her blonde hair hung damply onto her shoulders just above her heavy breasts. Her nipples stood proud and high. Catching me looking, she moved her towel up to her chest and parted her legs, swivelling her hips towards me. Her smile broadened at the look on my face as I stared at her shaven pussy, with just a little strip of trimmed hair on her mons. Now it was my turn to feel embarrassed as my cock filled and rose hard against my belly.

Grabbing my cock, Beth stroked and rubbed my super sensitive bell end.

I hope you don’t mind, Mum, Mike and I are lovers. He is the love of my life, kind, generous and fun to be with. Mum stood, hands on hips, looking stern, breaking into a huge smile.

“You want top or bottom?”

Catching on a lot quicker than me, “ooooh bottom please.” Following them into the cabin, I was afraid my cock would burst as it throbbed and twitched as I watched my sister and mothers arse sway.

Telling me to lay on the bed, mum turned and kissed Beth full on the lips as she caressed her breast’s, parting they looked at me, finally Beth straddled my hips and my mother straddled my head. In unison, they lowered their pussies. Licking the length of Mum’s sopping pussy, I heard her gasp as I reached her clitty. At about the same time I felt my cock enter my sisters tight, very wet pussy, grunting as she took my length.

Furiously lapping at my Mum’s clit as Beth rode my cock, taking long slow strokes I was in absolute heaven. Sucking her clit into my lips, I grazed it with my teeth, within seconds, her juices poured all over my face. Lifting her sensitive clit away from my face I heard her say.

“Can we swap Beth my clit is so sensitive at the moment; şirinevler ucuz escort I badly need a cock inside me.”

Without hesitation Beth changed places, her familiar scent filling my nostrils as she lowered her pussy onto my tongue. Mum wasn’t as tight or hot as Beth, but her pussy seemed to grip and work my bell end as she sank onto my length. Knowing I wouldn’t last long, I lapped sucked and nibbled at Beth’s clit. As Beth came, she squealed and ground herself into my face, cum poured out of her. I shot a massive load deep into my mother, tipping her into her 2nd orgasm.

Flopping onto the bed beside me, mums amazing tits heaved as she came down from her orgasm. Crawling across me Beth got between Mums legs, looking at her for permission, she smiled broadly as Mum spread her legs. As Beth went down on her, Mum slapped Beth’s arse and pulled her round so they were locked in 69.

I watched for a few minutes as they licked and sucked each other. Feeling my cock getting hard, I got behind Beth and plunged balls deep in her sweet pussy. Continuing to lick her clit, Mum reached up and fondled my bollox. Neither of us could believe the feeling as Mum’s skilled tongue worked Beth’s clit and her hand fondled my balls. Beth’s pussy gripped my cock so hard I was unable to move inside her. Raising her head from her Mother’s pussy she literally screamed, her body shook and trembled as her pussy dumped another load of girl cum on my cock.

Falling forwards and to one side she curled into a ball, still trembling. Quickly taking her place my mother and I, licked and sucked each other, Mum cumming a few seconds before I poured a load into her mouth.

Checking Beth, I realised she was fast asleep, indicating to Mum, we went out to the lower rear deck. Grabbing a bottle of wine from the fridge, we sat around the small table and chatted. As I poured the last of the wine, Mum leaned across and kissed me fully on the lips. Her soft lips parted as her tongue searched for mine, responding we enjoyed a passionate kiss.

“Thank you so much Mike, I feel a bit of a gate crasher, are you sure you don’t mind me interrupting your holiday?” Gathering her in my arms I reassured her that we were both thrilled she had joined us.

“Is this a private party or can anybody join in,” Beth giggled as she put another bottle of wine on the small table.

“Feel better after your sleep?” mum asked. I chuckled as I added, “that’s the problem with young girls, just can’t stand the pace!”

“Oh boy, you’re going to pay for that remark later,” Beth said, as she opened the wine.

As we finished the 2nd bottle, Mum leaned across the table,

“Would you mind calling me Julie, while we are here, think it would be better in public. Now I am going to leave you love birds to it, it’s been a while since I have had so much sex and wine. I feel drunk and really tired she giggled.”

Saying good night and kissing each of us, she tottered off to bed. Beth and I moved up to the top deck, laughing and joking until gone midnight. Going to bed, we made slow passionate love, feeling her clamp down on me as her pussy spasmed I came deep inside the love of my life.

Chapter 3

Waking early the next morning, I untangled myself from Beth and quietly as I could, went on deck. It was obviously going to be another beautiful day; the early morning sunshine hurt my eye’s and made my head throb. Or maybe, last nights wine, lack of sleep and marathon sex session was to blame for my fragile state, I thought to myself, as I smiled at the memory and grabbed my sunglasses.

Climbing the stairs to the upper deck, I settled into the comfortable bench seat, groaning as I saw that it was only 7,15 am. Sipping some orange juice, from the deck fridge, I marvelled at the panorama that surrounded the boat. A large bird circled low over the water before plunging into the frigid water, as it took off again, I saw a large fish in its talon’s

Looking over the deck rail into the clear water, I could see a large fish as it slowly swam underneath the boat. Hearing, my stomach rumble, I realised that I hadn’t eaten since lunch yesterday. Wondering if freshwater fish were edible, I looked through the small fridge. Finding a large sausage roll, I quickly devoured it.

“Jesus, take it you are hungry,”

As she walked across the deck and flopped in the seat opposite me, it was obvious that she was feeling very fragile. Seemingly unconcerned by her nudity she lazily scratched her shoulder and reclined across the bench seat. Although I was tired and doubted, I could get it up, I feasted my eyes on her body. As I gazed at her, I noticed the scar on her lower belly.

“They had to cut me, to drag you 2 out,” she said, stroking the scar.

Feeling stupid, I passed her an orange juice from the fridge. Sipping our juice, we relaxed, basking in the sunshine and enjoying the silence of our surrounding’s. Stealing at a look at mum, I smiled as I took in her şişli escort “just got up look.” Her immaculately styled hair, was tangled, and yesterday’s make up was a bit smudged. I concluded that my mother was still the prettiest women I had ever seen.

“Do you think, if I went to have a shower, it would wake Beth?” Mum asked.

“Yeah the pump is quite noisy, besides the water will be stone cold,” I replied. Explaining that the water was heated via a heat exchanger, when the engines were running. Seeing a bucket on the deck, that we used to wash the decks with, she lowered it over the side.

“Oh well, needs must,” she mused as she hauled the full bucket onto the deck. As she poured some on her head, she squealed at the cold. Tipping the rest over her and combing her hair, she looked radiant. Grabbing a towel as she dried herself, my eyes took in every detail of her magnificent body as she vigorously rubbed her skin dry.

Going below to the galley I filled the kettle to make some coffee, after a while I poured some of the hot water into a bowl. Refilling the kettle, I added some cold to the bowl and washed the coating of cum from my, cock, balls and thigh’s.

As I waited for the kettle to boil, I peeked in at Beth, she was still fast asleep, don’t think she had moved since I got up. Going to the bathroom I collected Mums and my toothbrushes and toothpaste. Julie had spread the towel out on the deck, as I struggled up the ladder, my eyes were met with the delicious sight of the pink lips and folds of her pussy, as she luxuriated in the bright sunshine. Feeling my cock harden I continued onto the deck, offering her toothbrush, she made no attempt to close her legs or cover up as she brushed her teeth.

“Come make gently love to me she purred.”

Moving over to her I started to lower my head between her legs, grabbing my head she dragged me up her body and guided me to her opening. As I glided into her silky-smooth softness, she sighed contentedly.

Neither of us felt the need to fuck, just enjoying the feelings of the closeness and intimacy as our bodies locked together. Breaking off from a passionate kiss, we nibbled and stroked each other. I think I learned more about intimacy and sex in those few minutes than I believed possible.

Eventually we heard Beth moving about, her squeals as she realised the shower was cold, made us giggle. Pulling my cock from Julie, we relaxed in the sunshine and enjoyed our coffee. Beth looked terrible as she clambered up onto deck, her eyes were bloodshot and her face pale.

Collapsing onto a seat she mumbled.

“Oh god, how can you 2 look so fresh, I feel awful. I am never drinking wine again!”

Laughing at her, mum brought a full bucket of lake water up and tipped it all over her. It was a good job nobody was around as Beth screamed, reaching in we rubbed the water into her hair and body, before she could recover. Retreating to a safe distance mum handed her a towel, we both watched as she rubbed the dampness and cold from her skin.

Going below I made her a cup of tea; her fingers were shaking as she took the cup. Cradling the cup for warmth she said.

“You utter bastards, that water was bloody freezing!”

Going to the lower deck I checked the engines and drives as Harry had shown me, satisfied with the levels I closed the hatches. Going to the lower steering position I turned the ignition on and pressed the starters, both engines fired immediately, peering over the stern I could see that both exhaust were circulating water. Leaving the engines to warm at idle, I climbed the stairs back to the upper deck.

Julie and Beth were cuddling on the towel laid out on the deck, sharing a passionate kiss. Waiting for them to finish I tried not to watch, instead watching, as another large bird flew towards the mountain with a fish flapping hopelessly in its large talon’s.

Studying the map, I picked out, what looked like a small town with mooring marked on the map. As Beth started to look a bit more human, I started the electric windlass, hearing the anchor click into place, moved the throttles forward a little and edged out of the small lake.

As we entered the main lake, I watched the temperature gauges climb. After a few minutes I informed the girls that the water would be warm enough for a shower. The lake was incredibly calm, so I was able to maintain a fair pace without the boat being thrown around, allowing the girls to shower in peace.

Coming back on deck, Beth looked much better, dressed in shorts and blouse her eyes sparkled as she looked at me.

“Think we have left enough water for you, let me drive for a while.”

Showing her on the map, where I wanted to go, she eased the throttles back to a more sedate cruise. Meeting Julie in the galley, she looked absolutely stunning in a pale blue mini dress, her blonde hair scraped back into a ponytail. “Wow,” was all I could say, I knew she was 36, but she genuinely looked 26.

I’m sorry you didn’t cum earlier, would you like a Bj,” she asked a big smile lighting up her pretty face.

“No, earlier was amazing, I am glad I didn’t cum, think it would have ruined the experience. Do you want me to make you cum?” I asked, reaching between her legs. Shaking her head, she swatted my hand away and kissed me deeply, before heading upstairs.

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