Musical Dicks: A Sibling Fuck Story

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Musical Dicks: A Sibling Fuck Story

Summary: A sorority event takes a surprising accidental incest twist.

Note 1: This is a NUDE DAY 2016 Contest story so please vote.

Note 2: Thanks to Robert, Domson27 and Wayne for editing.

Musical Dicks: A Sibling Fuck Story

Joining a sorority had already been crazy… way crazier than I could have imagined.

I had already given a stranger a hand job at a mall, eaten out a senior sister’s pussy in front of the entire sorority, sucked dick through a glory hole and rode a Sybian for as long as I could in front of others.

Now I was no prude. I had sucked quite a few dicks in high school, fucked a few, tried anal a few times, and ate some pussy in high school (who hadn’t?), but I still hadn’t been prepared for this.

Especially the next task… which was wickedly delicious.

We were dressed all in identical slutty cheerleader outfits, with garter-belts and stockings that made us look like we were in a poorly written porn movie. That said, I thought I looked pretty hot. We were also instructed not to wear a bra or panties.

We were then led to the main floor. I saw a couple dozen chairs in a circle and instantly wondered if we were going to play a game of musical chairs. As a member of our student council in high school, we had made quite a bit of money during Thanksgiving playing musical chairs for pies. Each contestant would pay two dollars to play and the winner would get a pumpkin pie.

Suddenly, we were blindfolded. Once we were masked, we could hear commotion in the room. It was obvious more people were joining us.

We were then ordered by sorority chapter president Amber, “You will now be led to the chairs. Once there, Stop and wait.”

I was led a few feet and then stopped.

Amber continued, “Today, you are going to be going on one wild exhilarating ride.”

There was laughter coming from every direction.

Her tone, which implied something naughty, instantly intrigued me; even though I couldn’t fathom how musical chairs could possibly be an ‘exhilarating ride’.

“Kneel, pledges,” Amber ordered.

I obeyed.

“Lean forward and using only your mouth, no hands, find your first surprise,” Amber instructed.

I had no idea what the surprise was as I hesitated. I then heard a groan beside me and the light bulb went on.

“Hurry up, pledges Josie, Bonnie and Tiffany,” Amber demanded, her tone instantly firm and scolding. Four days of hazing and I already knew that Amber lacked patience towards any sort of insolence.

That is me… Tiffany. I leaned forward assuming a dick was in front of me, and sure enough it was. Although I had to lean quite far and fell face first in someone’s poor crotch.

“Oh fuck,” a guy groaned loudly as I obviously bagged him pretty hard.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry,” I apologized, balance never being one of my strong suits.

“Suck his dick and make it better, pledge Tiffany,” another sorority sister ordered, as I rebalanced myself. “You can steady yourself with your hands, but only use your mouth to get the cock in front of you hard for the game.”

I was even more curious what the game was. Were we about to play a sexual game of musical chairs?

I moved my hands to the stranger’s legs for balance as he said, “Make it all better with your pretty lips, pledge.”

I considered myself a pretty good cock sucker, I came in second for fastest load swallowed during the glory hole competition and I came in fifth with most loads in the thirty minute time frame with seven. I leaned forward, found his flaccid cock; which seemed pretty big, and said, trying to sound as sexy as I could, “I’ll nurse you back to health.”

Blindfolded and not using hands, simple tasks like taking a cock in your mouth were more difficult than one would think. It took me three tries before I had his mushroom top in my mouth.

Once it was all in, I used my tongue to swirl around the cock, knowing I couldn’t bob on it until it was at least semi-hard. I had also always enjoyed the brief time when a cock hardened in my mouth… I liked the power of knowing my mouth and tongue were making him hard… getting him ready for more.

“Once your man is hard, stand up, pledges,” Amber instructed.

This made me begin bobbing on the semi-erect cock as I didn’t want to be the last one done.

Using my tongue, and creating extra saliva had him hard in seconds… and realizing he was a good seven plus inches and thick. I loved thick cocks that spread my cunt.

The guy was impressed as he said, “Shit, that is one wicked mouth.”

As I stood up, somehow just knowing this guy was hot, I replied, “Find me later, I have another hole I would like to stick that big dick of yours into.”

“Now pledges, this activity is the final one before tomorrow’s gala and will decide the order of tomorrow’s grand ball and also what dress you are allowed to wear,” Amber revealed, and then topkapı escort added, “or if you get a dress at all.”

There were gasps throughout the room.

“We are about to play musical dicks,” she declared, which, of course, made perfect sense. “And in each round the girl who doesn’t get a dick in them is eliminated. Once eliminated you will receive an envelope and receive either a punishment or a privilege, unless you win it all, and get to pick the dress you want. Also, when the next person is eliminated they can take your dress or choose a different one. Are the rules simple enough?”

“Yes, Head Mistress Amber,” twenty-four of us said in unison, being trained to respond like submissive puppy dogs.

“You may take off the blindfolds,” Amber announced.

Curious to see whose big dick was just in my mouth, I quickly did as instructed and was surprised to see a skinny nerd in front of me. He smiled awkwardly like nerds do. I was stunned to see such a big dick on such a skinny guy.

I smiled back, trying to act casual and not shocked, “I still love that dick of yours.”

“Thanks,” he nodded.

“Along the stairwell you will see all twenty-four dresses, I mean outfits,” Amber continued.

I turned away from my big dicked nerd to see a bunch of beautiful gowns and then four that were not. The other four were hideous: a pale green with purple polka dots dress, a yellow one piece jumpsuit that my grandma wouldn’t even wear, a white onesie that had red spots where the tits and pussy were and a t-shirt that said, “bimbo cum slut” with a mini skirt so short I couldn’t fathom it actually being a skirt.

I was appalled.

It was clear that you needed to win this. Going out first may still give you the benefits of a good dress. It all depended what later people chose. The last four would get the crappy ones and trade for the ones they wanted. So only by finishing top four were you in pretty good shape.

Then I realized finishing second could get you a shitty one too, if the winner then decided to take the dress you just took from someone else.


Fuckity, fuck, fuck!!!!!

I needed to win if I wanted to make sure I didn’t get one of the circus outfits.

“Also,” Amber continued, “each time we will take a guy out, and whoever loses that round is going to suck or fuck that guy or both… unless given another task. And sorry guys, we are taking you out based solely on the most important thing you have… dick size.”

All the girls, including myself, glanced back to assess the different packages that were available to us. To my surprise, many of the guys in my peripheral had some pretty nice big dicks.

Sarah went to a guy a few to my right and said, “Sorry, stud.”

The poor guy looked mortified being the first out.

Sarah shrugged, “Don’t be too sad, you get to be the first to shoot your load in one of the pledges.”

“All right pledges, round one. Like musical chairs, you will walk in a circle, not stopping until the music stops. The only difference is that you won’t always be sitting on their laps… so listen closely to instructions for each round,” Amber instructed.

I could already envision a mixture of jerking off, sucking and maybe even fucking. Oddly, looking at the mostly big dicks all saluting us, I was getting pretty excited and was already wet. I smiled at my nerd, noticing that they almost all looked rather nerdy, “I’ll be back for this.”

The music started and I began walking, focusing on the cocks that were all hard and ready for action. Although I wasn’t a skank, I did like cock… a lot… and size did indeed matter… a lot!

I did an entire loop, seeing all twenty-three hard cocks, and was impressed with almost every single one. Two were even black and that was a taboo I had not yet committed. I focused on the cocks and not the faces.

Amber explained, as I began a second loop, “I hope you’re enjoying the nice big cocks from Beta Delta Kappa. Although Alpha Kappa Pi is our affiliate frat house, we also secretly like to work with Beta Delta Kappa… and hopefully you can see why.”

My eyes went big, as I kept walking, suddenly greatly worried about the fact that my brother could be one of the twenty-three cocks I was drooling over… he was a sophomore in the Beta Delta Kappa fraternity (just 14 months older than me, as my parents had back-to-back babies). I kept walking, still avoiding eye contact, as I fretted over my new worry, but still listening to Amber’s instructions.

“When the music stops, you will drop to your knees and jerk off whatever cock you can get your hands on,” Amber continued.

I made the second loop, still avoiding eye contact, worried that my brother was one of them. That said, if he was… good for him. All the cocks were impressive in size, with a few that were bigger than I had ever experienced…and a couple even looked to be a good ten inches.

Suddenly, the music stopped.

It startled me and I hesitated.

As I saw fellow pledges türbanlı escort drop to their knees, I quickly realized the ones around me were all taken already. I suddenly panicked and looked around with desperation… I needed a dick in my hand.

I saw another pledge looking equally frantic and I quickly moved around looking for the free dick. She did the same thing and seeing one lonely unattended dick I literally dove at it, grabbing it just a second before my fellow pledge reached it.

The guy groaned, as I bagged him with my urgent desperation… two guys, two dicks, two guys bagged. “Sorry,” I apologized to both the guy as well as the devastated pledge who was the first out.

Amber said, “Well, that was close. Erin, you are the first one eliminated. Crawl over to me.”

I watched as she crawled to Amber, looking both devastated and mortified.

“Pick a dress,” Amber instructed.

Erin went to the dresses and choose a cute, but not stunning, blue one.

“Now open your envelope,” Amber instructed, as a third year whose name I couldn’t remember handed Erin an envelope with the number twenty-four on it.

Erin opened it tentatively, pulling out a red piece of paper. As she read it her entire face paled.

“Read it out loud,” Amber demanded.

Erin, tears welling, read, “Finishing last, sure isn’t a gas. For tonight, you’re a human piss tank, better that than a two-bit skank.”

There were gasps and groans from the room.

Erin pleaded, “Please, please don’t make me do that.”

“Your fate is sealed,” Amber shrugged. “Go and serve number 24 and then Valerie will take you to your special location for the night.”

“Please, no,” Erin begged.

“Keep questioning it and you will either leave and not join the sorority or I will make your punishment last the entire month,” Amber threatened, “Is this clear?”

“Yes,” Erin whispered, putting her head down.

“Good, now go and enjoy number 24,” Amber said, dismissing the mortified pledge, who walked over to the first nerd.

As this happened, I glanced around, praying my brother wasn’t one of the twenty-three dicks being stroked. I couldn’t see many though on my knees, but was happy to see that he wasn’t any of the few I could see.

“Remaining pledges, stand up,” Amber ordered.

I let go of the cock in my hand and repeated, “Sorry.”

I watched as one of the nerds and his chair was pulled from the game. As I looked around, being able to get a lot better view standing up… I sighed, suddenly feeling some anxiety in my stomach. My brother was indeed here. I could see him at the other end. I only could see the back of his head, but that was all I needed. It was definitely him.


The music started as Amber continued, “This time you will deep throat whatever cock you can devour once the music stops.”

A few girls gasped, some giggled. These dicks were pretty big and would not be easy to deep throat for many of the pledges. Thankfully, I had a reasonable amount of experience sucking dick and figured I would be able to do that.

As I walked, I reached my brother and let out a gasp. His dick was huge… maybe the biggest here. Shit, if I was to win there was a major likelihood I would, at some point, have to touch my brother’s dick… maybe even suck it… maybe even fuck it.

“You are not safe until you have the cock buried in your mouth,” Amber clarified.

I kept walking, my head spinning with consequence. I needed to win this. But, I also didn’t want to commit incest to do so. Even though… I had to admit… he had an amazing cock: big and thick… it was even completely shaved.

I was getting closer to circling back to my brother, as I pondered my predicament. Was I willing to commit incest to win?

The question was answered for me… my instincts and desire to win took control when the music stopped and I was between my brother and another dick. The other dick was completely devoured by an eager Asian whose name I couldn’t remember, something weird, and before I even knew it I was on my knees and my brother’s huge pecker was tickling my tonsils.

Laughter, gagging, and frantic movement echoed around me, as I knelt there in front of my older brother with what seemed like ten inches buried in my mouth as I breathed through my nose and focused on not gagging.

I had my brother’s dick in my mouth.

I had my brother’s massive dick in my mouth.

My pussy, betraying me, was getting very, very wet.

Shit, I wished I was wearing underwear.

Shit, I was getting horny sucking my brother’s massive prick, the biggest I had ever had in my mouth.



Oh God.

“It looks like we have a loser. Brenda, you are out,” Amber declared.

“The bitch pushed me off,” Brenda protested.

“You shouldn’t have gagged,” Amber replied.

“Whatever, this is bullshit,” Brenda said, clearly pissed.

Amber sighed, “Pick your dress and, pledges, you can take the dick out of tüyap escort your mouth. We don’t want any quick triggers.”

My eyes were watering slightly, and I focused on not gagging, as I sat back up.

I looked up at my brother who looked at me with the same shock I was feeling.

I gave him a look that implied, ‘Don’t say a word’.

He nodded, as if we telepathically understood.

No one here needed to know that he was my brother.

I look away and saw Brenda take one of the nicest dresses, a red one with a long slit up the side. It was quite sexy. Brenda threatened, “No one better try to take this from me.”

Amber scolded with fierce anger, “There will be no threats from fucking pledges, is that clear?”

Brenda looked furious but like Erin, her tone quickly changed as she nodded, “Yes.”

“Good, now open your envelope,” Amber ordered, as Sarah handed the defeated bitchy Brenda the envelope.

Truthfully, I was happy to see Brenda out. She was a bitch and someone I thought would be a major threat in the competition. Now, she had one of the dresses I may want… even though red wasn’t really my colour. I would have no problem taking it from her if… no… when… I won.

I heard Erin moan, “Oh God, yes,” and glanced to see her getting fucked from behind… her eyes closed as she rubbed herself.

Shit, that looked hot.

Brenda opened the envelope, and her entire face paled. “You can’t be serious?” she said with the disdain and contempt that defined her character.

“Read it,” Amber ordered.

Brenda sighed, but read it, “Second worse, is a curse, you will be the fluffer for the night… sucking cock is hopefully something you can do right.”

Amber pointed to a spot which had a pillow on the ground and ordered, “Kneel, pledge.”

Brenda was still fuming, but she wordlessly walked over to her designated spot.

Amber added, “Since our pledge is acting like a selfish diva, anyone who wants to shoot a load on her face is welcome to.”

Brenda’ mouth dropped open again, but smartly she didn’t say anything.

“Round three,” Amber declared, as the last nerd pulled walked over and shoved his dick in Brenda’s mouth and began to roughly face-fuck her. “Oh yeah, guys, use Brenda’s face as you wish tonight.”

The slobbering sounds echoed through the room as another nerd and chair was pulled from the circle.

The music started and Amber said, “For the next three rounds you will do five bobs on the cock of your choice.”

I hadn’t gone half way around the room when the music stopped. I quickly devoured the nice hard eight inch cock in front of me and bobbed quickly five times thinking I could easily do more. A nice load of cum right now would be nice. Unlike most girls, I liked cum. I liked the taste, I liked the texture and I even liked taking facials as I enjoyed the sluttiness of it and the warmth.

“And Sabrina is out,” Amber declared.

Sabrina was one of the three pledges I had befriended. She was funny and had some spunk like me. She went and grabbed one of the four hideous outfits: the pale green dress with purple polka dots. As she did, she shrugged, “Green and purple are my two favourite colours.”

Amber laughed, “There’s a girl taking one for the team.”

Sarah handed Sabrina an envelope.

“I hope I get to do something slutty,” Sabrina joked, treating the game like it was… a twisted, kinky fun night.

“Oh, I think you will be indeed be giving to the team,” Amber joked, as Sabrina opened the envelope.

Sabrina didn’t need to be told to read the punishment. She read, “The third to go, time for a show.” She looked around and quipped, “That’s my weekend motto.”

“Keep reading,” Amber ordered.

“Do you like cats? Do you like dogs? Now you’re a puppy, looking for some pussy,” Sabrina read, sounding confused.

Sarah walked out and ordered, “On all fours, puppy.”

Sabrina smiled and joked, “Woof!” As she obeyed the order.

Sarah moved to her knees too and poured some lubricant on what looked like a tail. She then pushed it inside of Sabrina.

Sabrina yelped slightly, before asking playfully, “Do all pets take it in the ass?”

“Here they do,” Amber chimed in.

“Not complaining, just asking,” the sexy, sultry, Sabrina said, as she now had a tail, which was apparently in her ass.

“Your task tonight is to be the house pet,” Amber explained, before adding, “that includes being on all fours all night and earning points by being a good pet.”

“Is this a punishment or a reward?” Sabrina smiled.

Amanda laughed, as she glared down at Brenda, “Now that is the spirit we like to see from our pledges.”

A senior whose name I didn’t know, snapped her fingers and I watched as Sabrina crawled to her as the music began again.

As quickly as it started, it stopped. I quickly dropped to the guy next to the one I’d just sucked and eagerly bobbed five times.

“And Becky is out,” Amber declared. “Pick a dress.”

Becky, looking as devastated as the previous losers, went to the dress rack and chose a light green one which was nice, but not hideous. Becky was playing it safe… smart.

Sarah handed her an envelope. Becky opened it and read it out loud. “You’re number four, time for the back door.”

Sarah’s face went red.

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