My Birthday

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Yesterday was my birthday. Not my eighteenth birthday as in so many Literotica stories, turn it around and that’s more like it. I was eighty-one yesterday.

When Elsie died six years ago, I just couldn’t abide living alone in the big, empty family home, so I sold it and moved to the cottage. She was just two years younger than me, and she went before her time, but that is life, I guess.

We have always lived in what they call Cottage Country, so it was no big deal winterize the cottage and decide what I wanted there for my retirement home.

I moved things like furniture and other stuff around a bit to have what I wanted, and get rid of the rest. Some things were given to family members, some were sold, and some even ended up in the dump.

The cottage is situated on a low hill overlooking the lake about a hundred yards away. I have a dock there and a twelve foot aluminum boat I use for fishing.

The cottage was sure a wonderful place to be, so many fun filled family week ends with the kids and then the grand kids. Great times when family or friends would come up from the cities down south to go fishing, or just relax for a few days. It was a great place to get away from the rat race, but that was in the past, nowadays, it’s almost too quiet.

I’m not complaining, I’m comfortable here. I have all that anyone needs, and I have my memories to keep me company. Lots of really good memories too!

I was always into books and I have a library that contains more books than I will ever read in this lifetime. I have satellite TV to keep me abreast of what is going on in the world, and I have my car, snug in the garage that I built with my own hands a few years back, ready to carry me anywhere I might want to go.

Travel doesn’t interest me much, and I mostly keep to myself because the family is always so busy when I go to visit them. Oh, they tell me that they are glad to see me, and go out of their way to make me feel welcome, but they are all a part of the rat race that governs our lives, and their time is not their own.

It was late fall, the leaves were mostly all gone, and an early dusting of snow left a couple of inches of the white stuff on the ground.

Most of the family had headed down south, two carloads of them off to Panama City in Florida to enjoy some sun and surf. It looked like I would be alone for my birthday, but really, that was no big deal. After you have had as many birthdays as I have, celebrating them is no big deal.

This year my birthday falls on a Sunday, and I thought that I would drive out to the highway for a meal at the gas station. They have a pretty good restaurant there, and a meal there would let me celebrate my birthday with some of my memories.

Imagine my surprise when mid morning on Saturday my granddaughter Karen’s little red truck pulls in the yard.

She graduated from high school a couple of years ago, and her family bought her the truck for a graduation present, but more likely in recognition that she would need some wheels to attend university.

It was a cute little truck, candy apple red, with a tonneau cover over the short box. It had a stick shift and there were two bucket seats in it. Karen had it tricked out in all the do-dads that young people seem to need on their vehicles.

Karen’s mom told me that they bought the truck for her because she liked trucks, and because they hoped that she would get in less trouble with a truck that only had two seats in it. She said that too often a bunch of rowdy back seat kids were the cause of accidents.

It was chilly out there, and before I could pull on a jacket to go welcome her, Karen had lifted up the metal tonneau cover, and extracted a plastic laundry basket from the box. I was able innovia escort to make it to the door to open it for her when she got to the cottage.

I opened the door and stood aside as Karen breezed into the place with a cheerful, “Hi Gramps.” I hate it when anybody calls me Gramps, or Pops, but I never have the heart to tell her that.

We go back a long way! Karen was always the one that spent time with her grandfather, whether it was at our home or here at the cottage. We had lots of good times together before she grew up into that “young lady” that had other interests and not much time for grandpa.

Karen told me that she was always short of cash, and she decided to come out and houseclean my place in lieu of a birthday gift. She also told me that she had brought some groceries with her from home.

First thing that Karen does is to make a lunch from the stuff that I have on hand.

After lunch, she puts the dirty dishes in the sink with the breakfast dishes, and starts stripping my bed, getting ready to do some laundry.

Karen goes through the house like a good dose of salts, grabbing everything she can find to wash, and then she starts vacuuming the rugs, taking the mats out to beat the dust out of them, and that sort of thing.

When the laundry is done, then it’s the same thing all over again, but this time it’s in reverse, putting things back, and making my bed up with clean bed clothes.

Then she turns her attention to the refrigerator, and that is a revelation. Despite her twenty years in this life, it would appear that Karen knows what best for me, better than my eighty some years of experience with myself.

It just doesn’t matter what I say, if she thinks that some food is too old, no good, or whatever, it’s gone into the garbage, and that’s that, no argument. Thankfully she brought most things needed to replace what she has thrown out.

Karen’s work is not finished by supper time, but she gets a meal on the table a couple of hours later, and we sit down to a good meal, served perfectly. She even brought a little bouquet of artificial flowers for a centerpiece on the table, and for the first time in a long while, the table has a tablecloth on it.

Just watching Karen work has worn me out, and after watching the National News that comes on at nine, I tell her that it’s off to be for me.

Karen told me that it was too early for her to turn in, and she would see if she could find a good movie on the TV before going to bed. She came into my arms, gave me a nice kiss, telling me to sleep tight and don’t let the bugs bite, a joke from the time we had together when she was a child.

Somewhere along about three in the morning, my full bladder warned me that a catastrophe was imminent unless something was done quickly to avert it.

I rose from my bed, went to the bathroom and did what had to be done, and returned to my bed, still more than half asleep.

I was surprised to see Karen, naked, sound asleep in my bed, but I was too sleepy for it to completely register in my mind.

I went back to sleep and slept like a log, better than I have in a long time.

When I woke up, I was lying on my side with my legs drawn up, and Karen was sleeping beside me, her ass spooned up to me, naked as a jay bird.

I didn’t know what to make of this, wondering what to do next, and to tell the truth, I was a little embarrassed.

I need not have worried, Karen wakened a couple of minutes later, and when she became aware that I was awake, she wiggled her ass around, trying to snuggle it up even closer to me, if that was possible.

Not knowing what to do in this situation, I grabbed her like I used to do, wrestled her around a bit istanbul escort and pretended to bite her neck where it meets her shoulder. “You better be careful young lady, or I’ll eat you,” I said.

“Would you do that for me?” Karen asked.

“I would do anything for you Karen,” I replied and let her go.

She bounced out of bed, making no effort to cover her nakedness, wishing me a Happy Birthday, and informing that the birthday boy was to get his breakfast in bed this morning.

Karen pulled on a flowered house coat and bounced off to the kitchen to make our breakfast, after asking me what I wanted.

To tell the truth, I would have preferred to eat in the kitchen, and sit at the table talking to her while she prepared breakfast, especially if she would take the house coat off!

However, it was her show, and I let her play it out, but in the meantime I had to get up to go to the bathroom for a leak. That taken care of, I felt a lot better and went back to bed to await developments.

When she brought my breakfast to me on a tray, there was a big blue pill on the tray, and she insisted that I take the pill right away while she was watching. After I took the pill, I started eating the breakfast she had prepared while she sat on the edge of the bed, and balancing her tray on her knees, ate her breakfast.

Karen wasn’t the least bit concerned about keeping the front of her house coat closed, and in a way it would be ridiculous to worry about it now after the way she was prancing around in the nude earlier.

I got some good looks at her saucy little tits, her belly button and the fine hair that covered her pubic mound. I did get a couple of accidental glances at her cunt, and I would have liked to have a better look, but that was not to be.

She took the trays to the kitchen when we were finished, and after cleaning them up, she came back in my bed room, took the house coat off, and sat on the side of the bed naked.

All the while, Karen is carrying on a conversation with me in a bantering way, not the slightest bit self conscious about her nudity. The joking around started taking on a sexy tone, at times getting almost raunchy, and as she was moving around the room, I got to see me all of her treasures.

Gradually Karen was coming on to me, rubbing my chest with her hand, rubbing her tits on my chest when she kissed me on the lips.

It wasn’t long until she crawled back in bed with me, and began to rub my belly with her hand. Then her hand went a little lower, and she started to play with my pubic hair with her fingers.

I could feel my cock starting to stand up, and it felt good, no doubt helped along by that minx Karen who was getting bolder with everything that she did to me. Now she was rubbing her cunt on my knee, and I could tell that it was wet. That helped too!

Rubbing her cunt on my leg put her perky little tits on a level with my belly and I could feel the firm little nipples rubbing against me there. Her belly was rubbing my pecker and it was making it harder than it had been in twenty years.

Finally, Karen took my cock in her hand and squeezed it, then stroking it three or four strokes. At that point Karen moved around until was within inches of my cock, looking it all over, sliding the foreskin back, squeezing a little pre cum from it and finally lightly kissing the head of it.

Now I was desperately wanting to get my cock into some hole, preferably a woman’s cunt. It seemed that Karen sensed my desperation, took my cock in her mouth, and plunged until my cock reached the back of her throat. A few strokes later, she pulled away, and positioned her cunt so that it was right in front of my face.

Earlier, I was kadıköy escort trying to get a peek at Karen’s cunt, but there it was, inches from eyes, and I was seeing the most intimate details of her darling little pussy.

“Eat me Grandpa, you said you would,” Karen told me, a little plaintively.

I had never heard that term before, and there was no way I was going to become a cannibal, no matter what. “You want me to suck your cunt?” I asked tentatively.

“Yeah, just do it!” she replied, kind of breathlessly.

I got my hands under her ass and held her cunt to me. Getting my nose right in it, I could smell her woman scent, not strong, but unmistakable. I got my tongue going and did whatever she seemed to like the most, until she climaxed.

When she came, she rolled off of me, and lying on her back, she pulled me on top of her. She guided my pole into her fuck hole, and after savoring the feel for a minute or so, I began to work with her. The feeling was incredible, something I never expected to feel again.

Little Miss Karen was bouncing her ass all over the bed and was whimpering with her lust. She was telling me to fuck her, to fuck her hard, and when she came she made an even greater effort to get me off.

I wanted to come and I was really trying, but I just could not make it. After fucking her for quite a long time, I gave up, I couldn’t get off.

Lying on my side after resting for fifteen minutes or so, I pulled her ass to me, and slid my cock in her cunt. There was no doubt that I could get further into her in this position, and it felt good. I didn’t have to worry about keeping my weight off of her or anything else, all I had to concentrate on was my pecker sliding in and out of her cunt.

Even so, I had the added attraction of rubbing her taut little belly, feeling her cunt or playing with her lovely little tits, all attractions worthy of one’s undivided attention.

A bonus of this position was my ability to stroke faster. I have never heard fucking rated in strokes per minute, or inches per some measure of time, but if you measured it in pleasure, it was the greatest for me.

The faster I went, the faster I wanted to go. The deeper I went, the deeper I wanted to go, both of which turned Karen on a little more. Before long, I could feel tingling in my scrotum, the signal of an approaching orgasm. It took quite a while to reach my orgasm, but there was no doubt in my mind that I was coming this time.

And come I did. I had the most exquisite orgasm in all of my years! It was something else, something I will never forget.

Karen was really wound up, and I had to put my hand on her ass to stop her because she was starting to hurt me. I couldn’t just leave her up there, so I finger fucked her till she had a couple of shattering orgasms, and it was her turn to beg me to stop.

I cuddled her to me after that until I fell asleep. The first thing I knew, Karen was waking me for lunch, fully dressed and looking like she just got out of the shower.

We had a pleasant lunch, never mentioning our little encounter once, but gabbing about everything else. We talked about her university studies, in her second year now, and she complained that it was tough. There was a lot of work that had to be done, and the work was not easy either.

After lunch Karen cleaned up, washed the dishes, then packed up her cleaning supplies in the laundry basked, put her ski jacket on and prepared to leave.

I thanked her profusely for what I called the nicest gift I ever got for my birthday, and cleaning up the place too.

I held the door open for her as she left carrying the laundry basket to her truck. It was snowing lightly now, and her boots left tracks in the snow. I watched as her little ass winked at me as she walked across the yard. She put the laundry basket in the back of the truck and as she turned to get in the truck, she yelled over her shoulder, “Love ya Gramps,” got in the truck and was gone.

I wonder? Maybe next year, who knows!

The end.

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