My Brother’s Wife Ch. 03

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This is the fourth story in a long line of stories involving me and Stephanie some or all of which may or may not be true and or exaggerated. Like last time, feel free to leave me any comments telling me what you think, and I’ll see you real soon!

I was addicted. plain and simple. My every waking moment was consumed with thoughts of Stephanie. Everything at work was distorted by thoughts of her. Every moment at home alone was spent half aroused or more by her memory. Every second spent talking to my girlfriend I heard Stephanies voice instead of my girlfriends. Every time I fucked my girlfriend it was Stephanies’ body I saw lying in front of me. We were still sexting constantly and once or twice a week for the next month or two while Joe was still out of town Stephanie would come over to my apartment to get drunk and suck my dick.

We explored a wide variety of kinks together during all this and I realized this entire situation was ridiculously perfect. Here was a girl most people would find plenty attractive enough who was happily married and a swinger relationship so was able to separate sex and feelings. Here was a girl who was willing to do and try anything with her partner to see if either or both of them liked it.

We found out I thoroughly enjoyed ass play during a blowjob. Roleplaying was huge as well. She went nuts over me playing a doctor, I loved hearing her beg to see Daddy’s dick. She bought me bed restraints to tie me down and edge me while using anal beads. I liked being tied up, not as big a fan of the anal beads. We both enjoyed driving around town while she gave me road head. We would take turns fake seducing each other to cheat on our significant others as if it was the first time. I bought her mittens and socks like puppy dog paws and a buttplug with a dog tail, and she would crawl around on a leash and lick peanut butter from my balls. I would blow loads in her mouth and she would immediately jump up and kiss me, swirling my cum in our mouths. We would give each other full-body oil massages or shower together with hand stuff. She şirinevler escort asked me to pee on her in the shower but afterward, we both agreed that was a poor choice. Through all this, she kept torturing me by withholding actual sex though.

The last time she came over before Joe was finally getting home from his business trip was an important visit. When she knocked on the door I let her in and we started talking. “I can’t tell you how much this has meant to me, Calvin. To find someone who is so much fun to fool around with without having to worry about feelings getting involved.” I nodded my agreement, we had already discussed this before and she knew I had no desire to break up hers and my brother’s marriage even though that’s exactly what would happen if he found out simply because I was his brother. “Now drop those pants please Daddy, baby girl promises to be a good girl and suck it like a lollipop!”

I pulled my pants down and my half-erect cock hit the open air. “Come here sweetie, Daddy needs your special kisses,” I told her. As she dropped from her chair to the ground she turned on the baby girl charm I loved so much and started licking and sucking my dick. “Mmmmm, Daddys dick is so yummy and fun to play with. I love making you feel good like this Daddy.” Stephanie knew how much this kind of talk turned me on and loved getting me all worked up.

I stepped back a few minutes into this Daddy roleplay blowjob though and decided I needed to try again to slide my dick into the one place I wanted most. “Daddy wants to have some fun too. Turn around, lean over the chair, and lift your skirt sweety.” With such an innocent expression on her face, she did as I asked and I knelt behind her and started licking her pussy in long slow strokes. “Oh god Daddy you’re making my pussy all tingly!” I kept licking her pussy, flicking my tongue over her clit and sliding my finger in and out of her pussy at the same time. Slowly I stood up still fingering her as she squealed and moaned and I pulled my finger away and positioned şirinevler elit escort the tip of my dick at her wet pussy lips. “Are you ready to stop teasing Daddy?” I whispered in her ear. She looked back over her shoulder at me and panted out “Give me that dick Daddy, I want it… No, I need it so bad… Please I’m so sorry for teasing you so long! I’m begging you… Fuck me like you’ve been begging for all this time!”

I had every intention of slowly sliding my dick into her pussy, taking my time, and making her squirm. but as those last words left her mouth I grabbed her hips and slammed home so hard my balls made an audible slap against her wet pussy followed quickly by her screaming. Honestly, it could have been pain or it could have been an intense pleasure, there’s such a fine line between the two but as I pulled out slower and proceeded to start pumping in and out at slower pace it all turned to pleasure without a doubt in my mind. It was all I had imagined and more! Pulsing tightly around the swollen head and shaft of my cock as it slid in and out of this wonderful soaking wet pussy I hadn’t been able to get off my brain for what seemed like forever. Each thrust of my hard dick made her grunt and moan and each time she grunted and moaned made me moan and twitch inside her making her moan more. We were both wrapped up in ecstasy that had been building up for what felt like years and it was crescendoing at this moment in time.

As I pumped her wet little box with my dick I moved my hands from her hips to her ass cheeks, squeezing and slapping until I couldn’t resist the urge any longer popped my thumb into her ass making her moan louder. I slid it into the second knuckle and started slowly sliding my dick in and out of her pussy again, as I have yet to meet a girl who even if she doesn’t like or want anal sex doesn’t at least enjoy a finger in her ass while also getting her pussy fingered, licked or fucked.

It felt like her pussy just kept getting wetter, warmer and tighter as we fucked until she pushed off of şirinevler escort me and out of breath told me “Lay down, I want to ride you so god damn bad!” So I laid back down on the ground where I was and she kneeled over my legs facing my feet in a reverse cowgirl position. She positioned herself over my dick, grabbed it firmly in her hand, and guided it into her hungry pussy. “Oh yea that hits all the right spots,” she said as she wiggled around on my lap, gyrating around like she was using my dick to stir up her insides. At this point, I had a great view of her ass as she started bouncing it up and down impaling herself on my dick over and over again, and once again I could not resist the urge to poke my thumb into her sweet little ass since it was right there taunting me. “You are a naughty little boy aren’t you? Fuck that feels amazing though,” she said as she pumped up and down and started fondling and squeezing my balls.

“Turnabout is fair play you know?” she asked and one of her hands slid down from my balls lower until she slid a finger into my ass as far as she could manage from her position. At this point, everything started going faster, as she bounced her ass up and down pounding herself on my cock while we both pumped our fingers inside each other in a wet sloppy frenzy. Almost in her perfect sync our toes started to curl and our bodies tensed up more and more and I gasped out “Jump off quick I can’t hold back I’m about to explode!” but if she heard me she showed no sign of it she just kept going faster and harder until I couldn’t stop myself and I felt the first squirt of cum shoot out of my dick like a bullet. As soon as she felt my cock swell and twitch and that first squirt hit deep inside her she threw her head back and yelled “Holy shit I’m fucking cumming!” and her pussy clamped down milking shot after shot of thick cum deeper and deeper inside her until my body had no more to give and she quit spasming on top of me and collapsed forwards.

After the tunnel vision faded I looked forward at Stephanie sprawled face down over my legs where she had collapsed as cum leaked out of her gaping pussy and it dawned on me what I had just done. I had just shot so much cum so deep inside her I half expected to see it leaking out of her mouth. “Shit I am so fucked…” I whispered and just dropped my head back to the floor, terrified to enjoy all that had just happened.

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