My Daughter , Me Ch. 3

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It was a great fuck I had with Rocky and mom. Rocky wanted me to come visit him in Chicago sometime soon and I asked my mom if I could go. She said I could and so I IMed Rocky under my screen name, which was SweetNsexy00. Here was Rocky and me’s conversation:

SweetNsexy00: Hey Rocky, what’s up? It’s Tanya 🙂

ROCKY MAN: Oh hey you 🙂 Nothing here I am just surfing the web and looking at porno pictures to jack off too.

SweetNsexy00: Mmm…I wish I could help

ROCKY MAN: I bet you do, Tanya 🙂

SweetNsexy00: My mom said I could come and visit you in Chicago sometime, so when do you think this is possible?

ROCKY MAN: Umm…I’ll have to see when the wife will be out of town ok?

SweetNsexy00: OK. Will you e-mail me and let me know?

ROCKY MAN: Sure will 🙂 Babe, you are more hotter than your mother at sex, did you know that?

SweetNsexy00: No, I didn’t know that. Thank you for the compliment 🙂

ROCKY MAN: No problem sexy 🙂

I gave Rocky my e-mail address which he didn’t have so he would let me know when his wife was going to be out of town and when it will be alright for me to visit. I couldn’t wait for the e-mail OK from Rocky that I got so horny just thinking about it. I started to rub my breasts when my mother walked in on me.

“What are you doing?” asked my mother.

“Oh, umm…just masturbating, do you wanna help?” I asked my mother with a slight grin.

“Sure!!” My mother said excitedly as she got on my bed.

My mother started to cup my breasts as she was kissing beşiktaş masöz escort my neck all over. Mmm…she’s such a good kisser. Then she pushed me down on my bed and I spread eagle and she was eating me out like crazy. She was sucking on my clit, kissing my clit, and then she put two fingers in my pussy going in and out. I orgasmed right there and came really hard. My mom then drank up all of my cum that was running down my legs and laid next to me and we fell asleep holding each other.

After the nap, I went online and checked my e-mail out and got a message from Rocky. He said it was alright for me to come into Chicago this Wednesday night and it was Tuesday and I could stay for three days with him. I got my bags packed and told mom I am going to the airport now. She said alright so I went in my car and drove to the airport. I arrived at the airport and noticed a handsome guy looking at me. He walked over to me and started introducing himself. He was about 6’2, brown hair, brown eyes, muscular and very hot. I decided to chat with him until it was time for my flight.

“So are you flying out to Chicago?” I asked.

“Yes ma’am.” Replied the young man.

“Me too. I am visiting a friend of mine.” I said.

“How old are you and wha’ts your name?” Ask the young man.

“I’m Tanya and I am 18 years old what about you?” I said.

“I’m Rich, and I am 26.” Rich said.

“Well see you on the flight, Rich.” I said as I grinned. Our flight was waiting for passengers so Rich and I went on the flight. beşiktaş otele gelen escort Rich sat next to me on the flight. Rich and I talked through the whole flight from politics to music to celebrities to love. Rich wasn’t married but he had a girlfriend who he met online and they were meeting as soon as he got there today. I then had to use the bathroom because I was feeling a bit horny. Rich excused me.

I went in the restroom and fingered myself and two minutes later, Rich came in. Rich started to kiss me deeply and rubbing my breasts. His hands felt so strong. I took off my white blouse I had on an let Rich see the see-through bra I was wearing. He could see my pink nipples erect and he started to pinch them and I closed my eyes as I enjoyed. He then unzipped my black mini-skirt and started to rub my pussy outside of my white silk and lace panties. Just then, one of the flight attendants knocked at the door and told us to get out of the bathroom because it was almost time to put on our seatbelts to land.

I got dressed real quick and stepped out with Rich and sat back down and I let my skirt ride up on me. Rich then started to finger me as we were landing I came all over his fingers. He had three fingers in me. It was the best oral sex I had from a guy. As I got off the plane with Rich, I gave Rich my e-mail address so he could e-mail me sometime. I then saw Rocky waiting for me. I ran up to him and we hugged and kissed each other for five minutes.

After the hugging and kissing scene, beşiktaş rus escort Rocky and I went to his place. His cat, Garfield, greeted us and Garfield hissed at me.

“I am going to change into something comfortable if that is OK with you Rocky?” I asked.

“Sure is babe. I’ll be waiting for you.” Rocky said. I changed into a red silk teddy that had black lace it sort of looked a little like a dress but it was a real sexy teddy of my mom’s that I decided to borrow.

“Here I am.” I said as I smiled in his hallway while Rocky was sitting in the family room on the couch.

“Damn girl, you are toooo sexy for me.” Rocky said as he eyed me down.

“So do you want to play with me?” I asked Rocky seductively as I sat on his lap.

“I sure do.” Rocky said as he was squeezing my breasts through my teddy.

I then pulled the straps and took off my teddy and threw it on the floor. Rocky then carried me to his bedroom and laid me on the bed gently and started to lick my pussy furiously.


Rocky kept licking and licking and I then asked him to get on top of me and fuck.


Just as I was about to cum, Rocky’s wife came in.


“Oh umm…hehe…this is my friend, Tanya, Tanya meet my wife Susan.” Rocky said as he was red in the face.

“How do you do?” I greeted Susan.


Rocky packed his things and I packed mine and we headed into the airport. When we got to Michigan, Rocky started to date my mother and my mother was very happy. She said she was going on a business trip but that’s another story.

To Be Continued…

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