My Family’s Nudist Colony? Ch. 08

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My Family’s Nudist Colony? Ch 08

Daughter helps Daddy Cum Again

Wendy got Angie an appointment with her doctor. Bree drove her. Bree joined Angie in the exam room. After listening to Angie’s symptoms the doctor said,

“It sounds like you have a urinary tract infection. What we used to call ‘The Honeymoon Disease” because so many brides used to get it. It can occur as a result of irritation and bacteria from frequent and prolonged sexual intercourse.”

Bree piped up saying, “Thanks sounds about right.”

The doctor reviewed Angie’s paperwork and said, “I thought that’s what you said. You’ve been married for 20 years.”

Bree, being a smart aleck said, “It’s like she and Dad are having a second honeymoon.”

“Oh, I see. Well, we’ll run a lab test to confirm the infection. We can call in the prescription to your pharmacy if you need it. The antibiotic will have you feeling your old self in a couple of days. You should refrain from sexual intercourse until the pain goes away.”

Embarrassed, Angie wished she could hide. This old man now knew that she was having frequent and prolonged intercourse.

“Thank you doctor. We’ve just moved to town from Indiana. Can you also write my daughters and me prescriptions for birth control pills? My youngest, Chloe, and I take them because of irregular periods.”

Angie handed the doctor three prescription bottles containing Angie, Bree and Chloe’s birth control pills.

“No problem, ma’am. I can examine Bree now, if that works for you. Chloe can come in soon? “

Angie looked at Bree who said, “Sure now works for me,” and pulled her top off.

“I’ll make an appointment for Chloe,” Angie answered.

Angie scooted off the exam table making room for Bree. Bree stripped otele gelen escort quickly and hopped on. Angie stood beside her in her paper gown.

In the stirrups, Bree’s bare pussy looked truly exposed. Her vagina opened up like a flower in bloom. Her slit spread open showing the pink inner lips. The silver ring above her clit glistened.

“Doctor, Angie asked pointing to the ring, “Is that metal ring…safe?”

The doctor touched it moving it about and replied, “Well, there doesn’t seem to be any inflammation or infection. Piercings are safe. Your daughter is certainly aware of it and takes care not to pull on it too hard.”

The doctor gently tugged on the ring pulling on Bree’s clit, and then he released the ring causing the flesh to snap back. A shocked Bree let out a moan, “Oohh.” And, intrigued, Angie looked on silently, intently.

“What about the hairless…bit?” Angie asked.

“Oh, that’s just a matter of personal preference.”

The exam proceeded. Bree checked out fine. She and her mom dressed and returned to the resort.


While Bree and Angie were at the doctor, Dave decided to start a list of things that needed to be repaired or improved at the resort. He hoped by staying busy, he could avoid the erection problem of the previous day. He and Chloe went on an inspection tour.

In their travels, Dave and Chloe walked by the maintenance shed. They overheard two guys talking.

One said, “You know, my uncle almost ended up the running this place.”

The other said, “You don’t say.”

“Yea, he owns a dog racing track. He also owns a kennel for old, broke down racing dogs.,,

The second guy interrupted, “Good old Jake loved betting the dogs.”

“Yeap. So pendik escort if Jake’s nephew didn’t take over this place, it would have gone to my Uncle and his dog charity.”

The second man started laughing and said, “I guess I’m lucky that that didn’t happen because then you’d be the boss and you’re the biggest prick I know.”

As the two men chuckled, Dave and Chloe moved on. Chloe was feeling uneasy. Hearing those guys re-enforced to her how tenuous their grasp was on this place. Someone else was ready to take over if they made a mistake.

The next hour passed uneventfully. Dave inspected buildings and equipment and made a list of things that needed paint, repairs or replacing. They ended up near the kid’s play ground. Chloe saw kids playing tag and others on the swing.

A mother and daughter were playing hopscotch. The woman had large breast that jiggled erotically when she jumped about. Dave couldn’t help but notice and his dick swelled. Dave forced himself to look away. He turned to find a woman bending over from the waist to pick up a ball. Her firm tan ass perfectly framed her brown anus and shaved pussy. The sighting was brief, but breathtaking. Dave felt his dick growing heavier.

Chloe noticed the change in her father. She tried to lead him away from temptation by grabbing his hand and pulling him aside. However, her plan was dashed because they walked in the direction of the outdoor showers. A gorgeous young woman was glistening under the falling water as she soaped her breasts, stomach and nether region. Dave’s erection bumped into Chloe’s ass when she stopped suddenly upon seeing the bathing beauty .

Chloe panicked as she looked as her dad’s hard dick. “Oh, no,” she cried.

Chloe quickly looked around rus escort for a place to hide. Spotting a flower bed with waist high bushes nearby, Chloe pushed him into it and stood guard.

“Will it away it or masturbate, but lose it quick,” she told her dad.

Dave couldn’t believe it had happen again. He hid his dick behind the bush and started jacking off. Minutes went by. Chloe was getting more nervous every second. Someone could walk this way!

“Aren’t you done yet?” she asked frantically.

“No…I’m sorry…”

Chloe tuned to her dad. She lifted her breast up and pointed her nipples at him saying

“Look at me. Just look at me. Cum on my tits,” she said urgently hoping that it sounded sexy enough to get him off. It had worked for her high school boyfriends.

Dave stared at her wonderful breasts. She presented them to him like a delicious meal on a silver platter. Chloe tried to be sexy. She rubbed her breast together and played with her nipples. Still he stroked without climaxing. The tension built…for Chloe. It burst for her when she saw a group in the distance heading their way.

“Shit,” she said desperately.

Chloe stepped in the garden and knocked his hand away. Chloe grasped his penis and took it into her teenage mouth. She was inexperienced at cock sucking, but she had youth, beauty and enthusiasm on her side. Dave marveled at how good it felt to be in her mouth. It was warm, wet and a forbidden area for him. He was soon overwhelmed and blew his load into his lovely daughter’s mouth.

Cum filled her mouth to overflowing; it spilled out dribbling down her chin. She gagged and pulled off him. She coughed spitting his seed on the ground. His dick continued to discharge spraying semen on her marvelous boobs.

Dave was relieved that his erection was gone and he was highly embarrassed that his daughter had had to suck him off.

“Chloe…I’m sorry…you had to…get involved”

“Dad, it’s like my field hockey coach said, sometimes you got to do what you got to do. Let’s go home and check on mom.”

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