My First Sex party – The Initiation

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Beth was always one of my best friends in high school and is now my “BFF”. She’s always been pretty wild and enjoyed quite a reputation in school for being a party girl. In contrast, I was known in school more for being a slut than a “partier”. While this was just one of many differences between us, for whatever reason she and I always got along extremely well.

Beth was always teasing me that I should let her join in sometime with one of the guys I went out with. While I’m sure none of them would have complained about making it a three-some, I always declined as I’d never done anything sexual with a girl (outside of my family, that is) while in high school.

Like most girls I knew, I participated in silly games at slumber parties and such, including masturbating and other innocent stuff like that. But when it came to actually touching another girl in a sexual way, THAT never happened. I can’t say that it was so much a conscious decision by me NOT to do it but more like it just never seemed like something we wanted to do. At the time, only “those girls” did that sort of thing. Personally I was quite happy being fucked by boys! Girls didn’t have dicks and what was sex without being fucked? Besides, if I wanted to taste a pussy I already had mine available.

When I went off to college that mindset quickly changed thanks to my freshman roomie Brenda. She was secretly bi-sexual (had it been public knowledge they would never have accepted her application) and a lot more “aggressive” than most of my friends had been. Even so, while Brenda and I spent most of the school year sleeping together, there was never anything “romantic” about our relationship. It was just a physical thing between us that satisfied our mutual needs. I’ve always preferred guys and while Brenda knocked down some barriers for me, it wasn’t like I suddenly converted to be a lesbian or anything like that. Technically I was now officially bisexual, but the scales remained heavily weighted towards the guys.

One day shortly after returning home for summer break, I had lunch with Beth and as usual she wasted no time in updating me on her latest sexual adventures. God, it seemed all the girl did was party! Today she was all worked up and excited about the next party that was coming up soon.

The way she explained it to me, all the parties were held in someone’s home and apparently there were very few limits on what was allowed. Beth DID say, much to my relief, that there were absolutely no drugs allowed and only some light drinking. The focus was on sex – and lots of it. Beth assured me that nobody would make me participate or do anything I didn’t want to do. By the same token, she warned me that if I didn’t do ANYTHING but watch that I probably wouldn’t be invited back again.

Still, I was a bit unsure about the whole concept so Beth described the last party she’d been to and how she’d been fucked by several guys – a couple of whom she’d never even seen before they started fucking her. As she described the thrill of having multiple men do her and then leave without her even knowing so much as their names, I started to feel that familiar tingle between my legs.

Beth undoubtedly could see that I was getting flushed from the sexual excitement that was building up inside of me. Once she had me all hot and bothered, she pushed me yet again to agree to go. At that point, what could I say? It’s hard to say no to something when just talking about it has you playing with yourself in front of your best friend!

It was a few days before the party and now that I’d finally agreed to go it seemed all I could think about was what might happen. Beth had been pretty descriptive about the sex itself but surprisingly vague on the details when it came to how things actually worked once you were there. Would we just walk in and start doing it with whoever was available? Maybe there was like a “meeting” first where everyone was introduced and then somehow “assigned” to someone else or a group?

Beth HAD said that it was an exclusive group that got together on a regular basis. Most people, unlike her, didn’t make it to all of them but over time sooner or later she’d met most everyone and figured she’d done them all, including the girls, at least once. For someone like me to be included, it was on an invitation basis only and even then the member inviting someone had to have them cleared beforehand. Condoms were available but Beth said she rarely had the guy use one since everyone was tested regularly. In fact, reducing the risk of STDs was one of the major reasons for having a closed membership.


Finally the day of the party arrived. Sitting back on my bed, I debated as to what I should wear. Having never been to anything like this before, I didn’t exactly know the protocol. Again, Beth had been a bit vague on this as well, saying only that “anything” I wore would be alright. Well, THAT certainly helped a lot! Should I go as a conservative church girl wearing jeans and a full blouse, sınırsız escort perhaps even going so far as to don a bra and panties; or should I dress as the classic school slut, wearing just a tight skirt with no panties and a sheer top? Not surprisingly, I finally settled on something in between.

Somewhere in my closet I found a nice plaid skirt that my mom had bought me a few years back for a church dinner. I’d grown a bit taller since then so it would’ve been inappropriate to wear to church any more but it was perfect for tonight. The hem came down to a little above mid-thigh, far enough to keep my ass covered should I bend over but high enough to draw attention in a crowd. When I tried to pull it up I found my ass had grown more than I had realized as it is pretty tight, especially around my butt, which was fine with me as it made it pretty obvious that I am not wearing any panties.

The material was more sheer than it first appeared, so much so that if I hadn’t been shaving my crotch I would have had to wear panties because the dark outline of my pubic hair would have shown through the thin cotton in the right light. Since I WAS shaved I decided to go sans panties as the skirt was barely long enough to let me sit without my bare ass showing. Besides, this wasn’t exactly church I was going to!

To go along with the skirt, I chose a cute peasant girl halter – the type that has no shoulder straps but your arms still fit through sleeves. It was also made of thin cotton and without a bra my nipples visibly poked through even without being excited so I could only imagine what they would look like if once I got horny. A plain pair of white heels finished off my outfit, not quite spikes but still a couple of inches that helped make my legs look tight and sexy.

As always, my hair remained as an issue. Over the years I’ve tried about everything to do something with it, only to be met with bitter disappointment every time. I even experimented with going light blonde for a while which was probably my biggest fashion disaster of all time! My problem is I have the curse of straight hair which has no body without the aid of tons of expensive hair products. Although I can eventually get it to look full bodied and wavy, if only people knew what it took to achieve that!

From past experience I knew a heavy session of sex typically destroyed all my efforts anyway so given my expectations for this evening, there wasn’t much sense in putting in the hours of effort to do it up fancy. In the end I decided to just tie it back in a simple pony tail. Actually, this had the added benefit of making it such that I wouldn’t have to keep brushing it out of my face while sucking someone’s cock, assuming I actually did such a thing. Somehow I thought the odds of THAT were pretty good!

With my outfit laid out on my bed, I went to the bathroom where I took a long hot shower. After a quick shave of my underarms, legs and pussy (I had just shaved them the previous morning so they weren’t too bad), I washed my legs and worked my way to my crotch where my fingers passed over my pussy and clit, making me shiver just a little. Any other time and I most likely would have lingered a while longer, maybe even a LOT longer. As tempting as it was to play with myself for a while, I knew that Beth would be over soon and besides, something told me I’d be getting plenty of stimulation before much longer.

Afterward my shower I dried my hair and brushed it out, then worked on my makeup. Unlike some girls I know, I’ve never been a big one for dumping on the makeup but a bit of eye shadow and blush never hurt. Thank god the dreaded zits seemed to finally have given their quest for ruining my life! Fortunately, I never had a severe case of acne but even one pimple was one too many. The last thing I wanted to look like tonight was some immature teenager.

Clean, dry and ready to go, I returned to my bedroom where I quickly dressed. It didn’t take long to throw on the skirt and blouse and the heels simply slipped on. Looking in the full-length mirror in my room, I took stock of my appearance. If there’s a single girl in the world that can look in a mirror and NOT criticize herself, I’ve yet to meet her and I’m not so sure I would even WANT to! Maybe it’s because you know yourself so intimately that every little flaw and blemish seems to stand out like someone’s shining a spotlight on it. Well, my boobs weren’t about to grow any more tonight and my nose was what it was, so I sighed and grabbed my purse as I headed downstairs to wait for Beth.

My mom and dad were in the kitchen so I joined them as it was still at least ten or fifteen minutes before Beth had said she would stop by. They both know my agenda for the evening as I’d told my mom earlier in the week where I was going and what I’d be doing – at least hopefully I would be.

Like most wives, my mom tells my dad everything, which as fine with me, so he knew why I was all dressed up. Upon my entry taksim escort into the kitchen, my mom looked over and just smiled at me, a little twinkle in her eye. When I got closer my dad grabbed me by the waist and let out a long wolf whistle. Reaching under my skirt, he squeezed my bare butt with his large hand.

“Hmmm… You know Kelly, when I first saw you in that that skirt somehow I just knew you weren’t wearing any panties,” he chuckled and then went on saying, “Well, I guess I was right! Mmmmmmm, you have such a cute little butt – what do you think of Kelly’s ass Mary?”

My mom just rolled her eyes at my father’s silly comments and responded by saying, “Good grief John, get your hands off your daughter’s bare butt. God, sometimes I just don’t know what I’m going to do with the two of you!”

As she spoke, my dad reached down between my legs and from behind his finger began to tease my pussy and then he pushed one in me just a little bit, just enough to let me know it was inside of me but not as far as I would have preferred. With another finger, he reached up and touched my clit causing me to jump just a little and let out a little gasp.

“John!” my mom scolded him, “What did I tell you? Now behave yourself!”

“Oh Mary, I don’t think she minds,” my dad said with a grin on his face. He looked at me and grinned, “Besides, from what you told me earlier, she’s going to be getting a lot more than just my finger tonight anyway!”

Not to be outdone, I reached down and rubbed his crotch through his pants with a naughty grin on my face.

“Why daddy, it looks like you have something on your mind. Hmmm, what’s going on down here?” I teased him. Indeed, his cock was already hardening as he played with my ass and pussy. As much as I loved his cock, it was hard to concentrate on it when he was touching me this way.

My mom sat down on a kitchen chair with a huff, “Goodness gracious, what am I ever going to do with you two? Can’t you keep your hands off each other for just two minutes?”

Undeterred by her comments, I unzipped my dad’s pants and then reached in to pull his stiff cock out where I could see it better. I looked over at my mom as I started stroking it with my hand. “But Mom, look at daddy’s poor cock – he NEEDS my attention.”

“That’s right Mary,” my dad said, giving my mom a totally fake dejected look, “Can’t you see it needs Kelly’s special attention?” Then he looked back at me with a grin, “Besides, if nothing else it can be a warm-up for your party tonight!”

He pulled his hand out from under my skirt which allowed me to kneel down in front of him. I looked at my mom and she just shrugged her shoulders. What could she say? My dad wanted me to suck his dick and as his daughter, I couldn’t say no. In any case, my mom was just teasing. She knew how much it meant to me to be able to please my father, not to mention how much he enjoyed it. What was the harm in a quick blowjob anyway?

Turning my attention back to my dad, I leaned forward and dropped my head to his crotch where I started sucking and stroking his stiff warm cock. As I went down on his dick, taking it slowly into my mouth, I glanced over again at my mom who was now smiling and shaking her head in mock disbelief.

“God damn, that feels so good Kelly,” my dad groaned as I took all of him in until my face was almost pressing against his hairy crotch.

He put his hands on my head and gently pushed it down until my face and nose was now pushing into his crotch. He smelled so good – a heavy scent of musk and sweat, the scent of a male lusting for me.

Just then a car horn blew and I knew it was Beth. Talk about bad timing! I was torn between my obligation to Beth to be on time and my obligation to my father to please him and satisfy his needs. Of course, my father had the first priority so I kept sucking on his cock, figuring I would have to make up some excuse for Beth after I was finished with him (she had no idea that I had sex with my dad so I couldn’t tell her the REAL reason I was late!) Fortunately, my mom got up and knelt next to me.

“You better get going dear,” she said softly, “I think I can handle the situation from here.”

I let my dad’s cock slip from my mouth and she quickly took him in her mouth and started sucking him and massaging his balls. As I went out through the front door I looked back at the sight of my mom blowing my dad in the middle of the kitchen. Thank goodness Beth hadn’t tried to come in to find out why I was late!


I jumped in Beth’s car and wiped my mouth. Beth looked at me with a question on her face but I just giggled and said, “Sorry, just saying goodbye to my dad.”

Even though I’d never told Beth about my incestual relationships with my family, she must have noticed the flushness in my face and the way my stiff nipples were poking out. Still, I doubted she even considered that I may have been saying goodbye by blowing him. Who would ever tesettürlü escort think that would happen without knowing something about it in the first place?

In the end, Beth just shrugged and drove over to the house where the party was being held. She was more silent than usual which caused me to wonder if she WAS suspicious about something. Well, maybe I would tell her someday but this was not obviously not the time or place for such a revelation. We had better things to do.

Even though the party was only a few miles away in a straight line, in the Pittsburgh area such a road didn’t exist and it took almost fifteen minutes to get there as we twisted and turned through the hills. Finally Beth pointed out the house where we were going. Like so most homes in the area, it was a modest red brick two story home in a nice section of town.

Several cars were already parked outside so at least we knew were not the first to arrive. By the time Beth found a parking space and we made our way to the front door, someone must have noticed and the door was already being opened for us by this great looking guy who I would have guessed to be in his mid to late twenties or so.

“Hey Beth! Glad you could make it tonight!,” he greeted us. Then he looked at me and smiled, saying, “And you must be Kelly. Hi, I’m Pete. Beth has told us a lot about you and I must say, you look even hotter than she described!” He moved to the side and motioned for us to come in. “Well, don’t just stand there, come on in!”

I looked at Beth and she just raised her eyebrows and took me by the hand. We followed Pete into the house and there looked to be around ten to twelve other people already in the kitchen and living room. Although a few were drinking beer or wine, I was pleased to see that most had just soft drinks or bottled water. There was no sign whatsoever of hard liquor or drugs so it looked like Beth was telling the truth about those.

Looking around, it appeared that I was dressed fairly middle of the road. At the extreme was a girl who looked ready for church while a few could have passed for street-walkers. As for the guys, they were all wearing jeans and either a shirt or T-shirt, typical men.

One thing that was readily obvious was that everyone was hot! Most looked to be in their twenties with a few approaching or in their thirties. There didn’t seem to be any obvious couples, which was again something Beth had promised would be the case. This was supposed to be a singles sex party, not a “swinger” party or some dating service for meeting your future wife or even girlfriend.

Beth and I quickly mingled with the crowd and grabbed something to drink. I’ve never been a fan of alcoholic beverages although I’ve shared a small glass of wine with my parents from time to time, so it was just a diet Pepsi for me.

The group eventually seemed to naturally split up and every made their way to the living room where we shared some small talk for the next twenty minutes or so. In that time, a few more people showed up and eventually there were twenty people in the room, including me, with an even mix of guys and girls. Once the last stragglers had settled in, Pete stood up and addressed the group.

“Hey folks, glad you all could make it tonight. Pardon me if you’ve heard all this before. Let’s not forget that the primary rule for the evening is to do whatever you want and ONLY what you want. Nobody here is under any obligation or pressure. My house is yours tonight so feel free to go anywhere although privacy is NOT a right. If you want a date then go out and have one. Here everyone shares their experiences with everyone else so anything you do can be watched by anyone else and feel free to watch anyone you would like. Also, let’s respect each other’s privacy to absolutely NO cameras or videos. Once again, nobody does anything they don’t want to so respect is the name of the game here.”

With that Pete walked over to me and bent over to kiss me on the cheek. “So Beth, are you going to introduce us to your friend?”

Beth stood up and pointed to me. “Hi everyone. This is Kelly and it’s her first time at one of these. She’s nineteen and goes to college in Ohio. Kelly’s not only my best friend, but as you all can see she’s is quite a fox.” She paused, looked at me with a grin on her face and then over at Pete saying cryptically, “So Pete, I think you’re going to enjoy tonight’s initiation.”

Everyone in the room laughed but I didn’t have a clue what the joke was all about. Initiation? Beth had never mentioned anything about such a thing to me. I looked at her and she couldn’t help but giggle at my confusion. Then I heard someone say, “Come on Pete, show her what you’ve got.” Another person called out, “Let’s go Pete, fuck her!”

Fuck her? What the hell was THAT all about? My eyes widened when I heard that last comment and I quickly looked at Beth, who just kept giggling, and then at Pete who was eying me with what could only be described as the look the wolf has when he sees a sheep cut from the herd. Indeed, I’ve seen that look enough times in a guy’s face to understand what it meant. There was no doubt in my mind that Pete had every intention of fucking me – and it looked like he was planning to do it right here and now in front of everyone!

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