My Grandmother Teaches Me About “Life” Ch. 07

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This is the seventh in a series of chapters of how my grandmother and her friend/ friends instructed me on the ways of PLEASURING older, oversexe, ladies. All people / charters in these stories are older than 18 and younger than 75. Any resemblance between real people and ones in these stories is just a coincidence.

List of charters for this chapter;

Grandmother Dee, age 63 (average build for a 62 year old lady with 42DD breasts) 5′ 3″, always horny with a hairy pussy and arm pits. (Love those “hairy areas” on her and her friends).

Grandson Larry (Dee call him Herman – get it her “man”), age 21 (for the time of these chapters is 1983) 5′ 11″ in tall and 195 pound. Penis = 10 ¾” long {8 ½”hanging when soft} and 6 ¾” in circumference.

Sally, age 44 slim build with pleasant sized breasts (medium size but saggy), 5′ 5″ tall an “ALL OVER” tan and unshaven.

Jean (Sally’s mother) age 62, 6′ 1″ tall, 34D-31-36. Red head and never shaved “down below.” (She was married for about six years and then found out her husband was fucking everything in sight, so she dumped him and has been “living life to the fullest” for the last twenty five years.) She is one of grannies old and dearest friend and a NUDIST with her for all her divorced life.

Betty “wild eagle”, She is Jeans Indian live in maid and “well you know what else.” She is 41 and a little over 5″ tall and standing next to Jean looks like “MUT and Jeff” from the old cartoon movies. She is about 36C-34-36 with dark black hair top and bottom and smiles all the time.


As a reminder, Granny and her friends are “casual” NUDISTS and when they are in each other’s house, they run around naked and “letting it all hang down” as the wording goes about sexy old ladies and their pendulous breasts. Being in this WARM area of the country (Arizona) they could get away this romping around NUDE and not get their “older” bodies cold. (I do like to see them “CHILLED” as their nipples stand out so nice hard and looked so suck able)

Chapter Seven

That afternoon, after have a late lunch, Sally and I went out to the pool for a “rest from the morning of sex session.”

Just as we were setting up the lounges in the shade the “wireless” went off. (Remember being 1968 and miles from the nearest town in northern AZ, you did not have even a landline phone)

Sally went to answer it and came back with a sad look on her face.

She told me that Betty’s father had suffered another heart attack and she needed to get home ASAP. Sally said we would try to get hold of them on the radio so she could head back to the reservation.

After about ten minutes we got hold of Jean on the radio and told her what had happened.

She told us to get hold of Dave (the pilot) and have him meet them at the airport we had flown into, and to be ready to fly Betty to the reservation and she would cover all costs without questions.

They would be there in about one hour.

We got hold of Dave and explained the situation, and he said he would be there waiting and not to worry about anything.

Come to find out Jean and Dave were “friends” from way back and they still were.

After all zeytinburnu escort the excitement me and Sally went and took a cool down shower and went and sat in the den to relax.

Sally started to ply with my cock and I suggested that we go to the bedroom to enjoy an “afternoon delight.”

Sally stood up and took my hand and walked me to the bedroom and lay down on the bed hanging her legs over the side and spread them wide.

“You like my pussy, don’t you?”

Sally whispered, her huge tits quivering as she wiggled her round, naked ass on the bed. “My, my, look at what a huge boner my baby’s got. Yes, you just love my tight, juicy cunt!”

I was too horny to answer. Instead, I just stared lustfully at sally’s wet fuck slit, licking my lips as I prepared to bury my head between her legs.

I hungry to suck her aching pussy. Giggling, Sally cocked her legs up high in the air and held them up with her arms under her knees. Her juice-glistened pussy and pink, puckered asshole were now completely open to my lustful gaze.

“Start licking, Larry,” she whispered. “You know you want to. Lick the cream out of my juicy little pussy. Suck my clit and make me cum.”

“Put your tongue in my cunt, Larry,” she pleaded. “I said suck my pussy! Oh, Larry, my cunt’s so hot!”

Pushing my tongue out, I dipped it between the puffy, pouty lips of her hairy pussy. I glided it delicately up and down her seeping pussy furrow, lapping up cunt juice. Sally whined and clutched the back of his head. She started grinding and thrusting, fucking her throbbing cunt hole onto my lips.

“Suck that cunt!” she cried.

I held her legs apart with my hands. I pushed my tongue deep inside her pussy, relishing the taste of her cunt juice.

“Unngghhh! Oh! You’re a good pussy licker!

That’s right!” Sally’s beautiful face contorted with passion. “Lick my cunt, lick my cunt! Oh can’t you see my hard little clit? Please, lover, lick me there, too!”

Sally’s round, fat clit was very swollen, the pink nubbin protruding from the protective folds at the top of her hairless cunt hole. Experimentally, I licked her clit. Sally bucked her ass violently, fucking her creamy pussy all over his face.

“Ah, ah, ahhhhh! Yes, yes!” She pulled my hair. “Lick me right there! Lick my clit! Oh, fuck, I want you to suck it for me!”

I wrapped his lips around Sally’s stiff clit. He sucked her clit gently but forcefully, drawing it out with the suction of his dimpling cheeks. At the same time, he jammed first one, then two fingers deep inside her throbbing fuck hole. He jacked off her horny pussy hard and fast, sucking and licking her clit bud, fucking his fingers through the gooshy wetness of her cunt slit.

“I’m cumming!” Sally cried. Her cheeks flushed, and her face contorted with raw passion. “Lick my pussy, honey, lick me! Unngghhh! Oh! Cumming!”

Her hairy cunt throbbed in orgasm, the glistening pink cunt lips visibly spasming and contracting around my fingers, on his mouth. Sally’s enormous, stiff-nippled tits jiggled like a pair of spongy melons as she fucked her pussy wildly onto my mouth.

I raised his head. His cheeks glistened with sweat and pussy cream.

“I gotta fuck you now,” he sighed. “Shit, look at me. My cock’s as hard aksaray escort as a rock!”

I rose to my knees, so she could see his prick. He hadn’t exaggerated. The huge, fat cock rod was painfully stiff, in spite of all the cum-loads he’d shot up her pussy already that day.

Sally licked her lips, staring hungrily at the Larry’s big, swollen cock.

The prick shaft was completely bloated, twitching and throbbing. The blood had made the mushroom cock knob puff out obscenely, stretching the skin, and a thick glob of pre-cum shone on it’s end.

Sally rolled onto her stomach. Hurriedly, she got in the dog-fucking position, rising onto her hands and knees. Her enormous tits quivered pendulously over the bed as she arched up her ass, baring her hairy pussy and her puckered asshole for the invasion of my cock.

“All right, fuck Me,” she mewled, looking at him anxiously over her shoulder. “See how wet and open my cunt is? Fuck that big stiff cock up my juicy pussy!”

Larry moaned and knee-walked forward, until his pulsing cock tip nudged between the flowering folds Sally juicy pussy. He clutched her slim waist for support and fucked two inches of his prick up her juice-gushing pussy.

Sharon grunted and moaned as she began to fuck back onto Larry’s huge cock. Her tongue lolled luridly out of her mouth as she feverishly slammed her hairy cunt back onto his prick. “Fuck me, fuck me! Oh, I love it when we fuck me so much!”

Larry hunched over her round ass and long back, sliding his hands up to grasp her enormous, resilient tits. He eased his big prick all the way up her tender, sucking pussy.

Then he started fucking her, In and out his meaty cock sawed, fucking rapidly in and out of her juicy, clasping pussy. Excitedly, Sally humped to meet his fuck-strokes.

A day’s worth of willing practice had taught them each other’s rhythms very well. Within a few seconds, the naked lovers were fucking and grunting together as if they’d been doing it all their lives, making the bed squeak as Sally wildly bucked her hips, and Larryy wildly fucked his long, rigid cock into her clinging cunt.

Danny raised his torso, releasing her swinging tits and holding her waist again, so he could look down at her crotch. For a moment he just watched his fat cock fucking into her, and the lips of her wet pussy clinging to the cock shaft with every fuck-stroke.

After a while we sat up and decided to go for a quick dip and then fix some snack to have by the pool while we waited for Granny Dee and Jean to return.

Granny and Jean did not get back till around eight that night.

They had been rushing all over with Betty and all to get her to the airport that they had forgot to get gas and ran out just as they were leaving the airport to come home.

It took a while to get someone to bring them gas and well they had to repay him properly if you get my drift.

We all sat and talked for a long time and they crashed for the night. But before going to bed granny said that we were going to have to leave around noon tomorrow to make sure we got to the airport on time for Dave to fly us back to her car. She said we had to be home in time for the my big surprise that was arriving the day after next

I was the first up and after making coffee and ataköy escort breakfast rolls, went to each gal’s room to wake them.

Granny was the first one that I went to wake with a tray of coffee and a roll.

She turned too looked at me as I walked in the door, and to my surprise Sally and Jean were already there with big smiles on their faces and Granny asked me if I was up to doing to her and Jean what Sally had told them happen yesterday afternoon between us.

My cock was swinging limply as I walked in the door, but with that question, it started to rise to its fullest.

I looked at the three of them laying there on the king size bed all naked and so wonderfully tanned and I just licked my lips and sticking out my tongue said, “most certainly, but we only have time for one of you this morning, as granny said we are leaving this afternoon, OK?”

They just laughed and answered, “OK!”

They then just got out of bed and we all headed down to the kitchen to get the rest of them some coffee and rolls.

Jean grabbed my fully erect, hard swinging cock and said that she was first as Dee would have me all to herself tonight when we got back to her place, as Sally was staying for a couple of weeks more.

Granny laughed and said, “Do you thing I will be able hold off that long to leave my hands or mouth off that cock during the plane ride.

Jean gently led me to the pool and told me to get in the water as she sat on the edge of the pool with her legs spread wide open waiting for my tongue to find its mark.

Sally and granny sat on the lounge chair nearby and with a movie camera filmed the whole thing.

Jean legs wrapped around my head and almost crushed my ears into my head as she had her first climax of the morning within five minutes of me licking and sucking on her huge clit.

Her lips got so swollen and her “little man” (as she called it) got sticking out so far, I could lick it to her heart’s content.

I know she juiced so much that my face got slippery, it feel like when my “cum” is all over her huge breast after a “Titty fuck.”.

I climbed out of the pool and gently rolled her over and knelt down behind her. She got up on her knees and slid her legs open to let my cock slide into her moist cunt in a single trust.

Dee got up and moved the camera so she could get a good shot of my total lenght penetration into Jean pulsating cunt, as Sally lay on her lounge playing with herself. (Granny had a second camera shooting that action)

I reached around Jean and grabbed hold of her swinging breast and gently pinched her nipples and cupped her breasts.

I started to pull out of her a little and Jean pushed her ass back against me and said to leave it fully in as she loved the feel of it buried deep in her pussy.

Granny set the camera down, pointing it at us, and went over to assist Sally’s play time by licking that sucklant pussy.

Sally reached up and took hold of granny’s tits and pulled them into her mouth as granny bent over inserting two of her fingers into Sally OH SO wet hairy cunt.

By the time I filled Jean’s cunt with my third load, granny was finishing Sally’s pussy licking and mentioned that we had to get cleaned up and get to the airport before Dave left without us.

I asked why it was so important we leave today and with a big smile granny said, “I have a big two part surprise for you when we get to my place this evening.”

I looked at her and asked, “WHAT?”

She just smiled and said, “Just wait and see.”


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