My Megan Addiction Ch. 06

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As I lay there with Megan on the sofa, basking in the glow of a new, sexually intense relationship, my mind raced. What was I going to do with Megan’s mother, Eve? What was I going to do with Megan? I realized I needed to put some distance between Megan and me for a few days — much like I did with Eve — so I could try and get my head screwed back on. I spent the next three days — Thursday, Friday and Saturday — avoiding Megan and all of her phone calls and text messages. It was not easy and, by Saturday, she was on to my avoidance and not happy with me.

Sunday came and I, as I always do during football season, perched myself on my chair in front of the TV where I’d remain for the entire day, arising only to get food or go to the bathroom.

Later that morning, Megan woke up and came downstairs. She asked me what I did the day before and I told her about my two rounds of golf and dinner with some friends. Megan had worked until close for the 3rd night in a row and then had gone out drinking and dancing with some girlfriends.

“You should have seen me last night, Daddy. You would have liked what I wore.” She said.

“Un hunh.” I responded without taking my eyes off the game on the TV. I was trying hard to appear distracted.

“I danced with one guy so that he’d buy my drinks but I told him to get lost when he started grinding me on the dance floor. I want a man, a gentleman.” She said, then a long pause.

“Like you, Daddy. You could have me anytime, anywhere, any hole.”

“Very tempting. What are you going to do today?” I asked feigning interest.

“Well, it’s supposed to be a hot day for November so I thought I’d lay out by the pool for a little while, then I’m gonna go see a movie with a friend this afternoon.” She said.

“Oh, all right. Well, you know me, I’m going to do what I do every Sunday during football season.” I informed her.

“I know.” She said, feigning mock exasperation.

About an hour or two later, Megan came downstairs in a bikini and headed towards the pool. She made sure I saw her. My jaw dropped and I hoped it was not too obvious.

She wore a teeny metallic gold bikini that contrasted very well with her naturally dark complexion. The bottoms were so low that her ass, already tight and small, was somewhat visible. The triangle top barely covered her firm, perfectly shaped C-cup tits. Little string wrapped around her neck and back. My blood began boiling and I thought about taking her right then, right there. I fought to suppress the urge.

I watched her intently as she made her way out to a lounge chair by the pool. She positioned it so that I had no problem seeing her from my chair in my den. I knew she was doing this — teasing me, making sure I saw her in her sexy, skimpy bikini — on purpose.

I watched my team play for a few hours and managed only to glance at Megan during commercials. The door bell rang and I assumed it was her friend, here to pick her up. As I walked to the door, I wondered why Megan was not ready if her friend was here to go to the movie.

When I opened the door, I was surprised to see Andrew. Andrew, also Megan’s age, was one of Megan’s high school boyfriends and her date to the senior prom six months earlier. I hadn’t seen Andrew since the spring. I welcomed him in and began chatting him up, finding out what he’d been up to. As we stood in the foyer, Megan came in – still in her skimpy metallic gold bikini — and greeted him with a hug and a peck on the cheek.

“Hey, I’m sorry I’m not ready. Come on up and wait while I change.” She said apologetically.

Poor Andrew looked confused. I’m sure he thought he’d be told to wait downstairs while she changed. Megan could tell he was reluctant and grabbed him and led him up the stairs.

“Come on, I won’t bite. I’ll be quick.” She encouraged.

I returned to my chair in the den, watching the game. From my position, I could see the stairs etiler eve gelen escort and the foyer. Five minutes passed and they had not come downstairs. Ten minutes passed and they were still up there. I decided to go have a look for myself. I quietly made my way up the stairs and stopped in the upstairs hallway. Down the hall, I could tell the door to Megan’s room was ajar. Curiously, I didn’t hear any voices so I walked quietly down the hall to peek in to her room. As I approached her room, with the door half open, I could now hear Andrew moaning softly.

I positioned myself so I could see them in her room but, hopefully, was out of their line of sight. Andrew was sitting on the edge of the bed, his eyes closed, his pants and boxers down around his ankles. Megan’s head was bobbing in his lap. Still in her impossibly tiny metallic gold bikini and on her knees before him, she was sucking Andrew’s cock. Her head rose and fell over his penis while her right hand pumped his shaft. Her pace was moderate. I continued to watch, my dick stiffening instantly.

“Oh yeah that’s good.” Andrew said quietly.

“Mmmm.” Megan moaned back, letting Andrew know she, too, was liking this.

She bobbed and pumped his cock a few more times and then, very suddenly, be began to cum.

“Unh, I’m cumming!” was all Andrew said.

Megan’s hand kept pumping but she jerked her head away in surprise and disdain. Andrew’s dick spewed cum out all over Megan’s face, chest and breasts. Megan’s hand continued to work his shaft, pointing the red and swollen head at her tits. I could tell from their body language that his dick continued to spray her with his warm, pearly white semen.

“I’m sorry, so sorry!” Andrew blurted out. “I didn’t mean to cum in your mouth or on your face, it just happened so quickly! It was so incredible and you’re so good at that!”

Megan backed away from him but still on her knees. Cum dripped from both hands that she held up and out away from her torso. Her back was to me now and Andrew’s eyes were open.

“I told you not to cum in my mouth. I was going to let you fuck me but oh well!” Megan said in obvious disdain.

“I can get hard and cum again real soon.” Andrew pleaded, either to cool Megan down or to not lose the opportunity to fuck a hot, tight pussy. Or both.

“No, we’ll miss the movie. Get your clothes on. I’ll be right back.” She said.

Megan got up and made her way to her bathroom to clean up. As she did, she blocked Andrew’s ability to see me. I walked backwards and returned to my chair downstairs.

I tried to get back into the game but couldn’t. I was angry. After watching Megan and Jeff a few days earlier, I was under the impression that she was, sexually, not promiscuous or aggressive — but only so with me. But after seeing her with Andrew, I was wrong. I was now thinking that perhaps Megan was a slut and, given my obsession with her, was very distraught about this. As I thought about this, my anger grew and my erection subsided.

A few minutes later, they descended. Megan was wearing a short denim miniskirt and a bright yellow, tight, halter top. She looked so good, so young, so innocent. Megan came in to the den, sheepish Andrew right behind her, to tell me goodbye.

“What time will you be home?” I asked.

” I don’t know.” Megan replied. “A few hours, at least.”

“Not too late, sir. I have to be at work at 10 o’clock tonight for inventory count.” Andrew offered.

Megan’s eyes betrayed her anger. She obviously did not want me to know what time she’d be home. She forgets I’m an attorney with significant court room experience. I know how to read people. Sternly, she whirled around, grabbed Andrew’s hand, and led him out the door.

As the hours passed, I stewed in anger and jealousy. I watched some more football but I was not into it. I tried to calm down by enjoying some etiler grup yapan escort red wine. No matter what I tried, I could not get out of my mind the vision of sexy little Megan — my Megan – sucking another male’s dick. I was both mad, jealous and aroused. I began to plot my revenge.

At 9:30pm, I made my way into the dining room, adjacent to the foyer. It was very dark in the house and the only light came from the porch light I had left on for Megan. I could see outside to the driveway and the porch. I continued sipping my wine, having just opened a 2nd bottle. I sat there in the dark and waited. Sure enough, about 15 minutes later, Andrew’s pick up truck pulled into the driveway. Megan got out and made her way to the door. Andrew took off.

The sound of key finding the lock in the door knob, the door opening. I stood up. Megan entered and turned to lock the door. With her back to me, I quickly approached her and shoved her body against the door. This startled Megan who yelped and quivered. Using my torso to pin her against the door, I took my hands and reached around to her front. I found the snap and zipper on her denim miniskirt and undid these. I lowered them to the floor. No panties.

Angrily, I whispered in her ear, “Where are your panties?”

“I took them off in the theater so Andrew could finger fuck me during the movie. I gave them to him as a gift.” She said, her tone defiant.

“You little slut!” I seethed.

And with that, I literally dragged her over to the dining room and bent her over the table. Megan was genuinely fearful and resisted some, but not entirely. In a matter of seconds, I spread her legs, pulled my erect seven inch cock out of boxers, spit into my hand, lubed my cock head and guided it to the entrance to her cunt. And, with as much force as I could muster, shoved my cock as far inside her tight little pussy as possible. Lacking wetness in her vagina, Megan whimpered in pain. I began to slam my cock into her pussy, nearly all the way out and then all the way back in.

“Did you like sucking his dick in my house?” I blurted as I pounded her ridiculously tight pussy.

“Oh, I did Daddy. I love sucking cock. Did you like watching me suck Andrew’s cock? Do you like knowing that I let someone else put their dick in my mouth?” Megan asked, implying she had used Andrew to get to me.

“Unh!” I groaned loudly as I rammed her tight little pussy to the hilt. “You little bitch. Is that why you up there with him, to make me jealous? Is that why you sucked his cock you little whore?” I interrogated.

“Yes, Daddy. That’s why. You turned me into a little nympho cock whore and then you avoided me for days. I had to get it somewhere.” Megan said, sardonically.

“And did you cum when he fingered your pussy in the theater?” I asked.

“I was so horny that I came twice Daddy. But I was thinking of you while Andrew had his fingers inside my tight pussy.” She explained.

Megan just lay there as I continued fucking her with such ferocity. I moaned and groaned each time I rammed her to the hilt. Her pussy had now become wet and I slid in and out of her tight snatch with ease, increasing the pace of my fucking.

“Did you fuck him?” I asked.

“No Daddy. You’re the only man who I’m going to let fuck me. Only your big thick cock.” She replied. “But I did give him a hand job in the theater. That’s why I don’t have my panties on. I used them to wipe up his cum.”

“You’re such a little whore, Megan. I think you’ve always been a little cock whore.” I said as I continued to fuck her, lustfully, angrily.

“No, you made me that way Daddy. And I want to be your little cock whore. I told you that. You can fill me up any time, any place, and hole you want Daddy. It’s yours.” She said in such an innocent, sweet tone.

And then the urge arrived. I could feel my balls swell. I grabbed Megan’s etiler masöz escort long, straight dark hair and yanked back, hard. The other hand reached around and forcefully pushed away her bra, cupping her tit and pinching her nipple.

“Ow, you’re hurting me Daddy.” She cried as I yanked her head back by her hair.

“I’m going to fill your pussy with my cum, you little whore.” I said to her.

“Do it, Daddy. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Cum for me Daddy.” She shouted.

“Oh, hear I go, Megan. I’m cumming, I’m cumming in your pussy.” I shouted back. “Oh, Megan, I love your pussy. You’re so sexy and tight.”

I continued ramming her hot, wet snatch until I could do so no more. I shoved my cock as far up her snatch as possible, and held it there to make sure all my sperm filled the depths of her vagina. And as I gushered my warm semen into her amazingly tight vagina, I pulled even harder on her hair and head.

As I came down from the euphoric high of my orgasm, I released my grip on Megan’s hair and tit. Light-headed, I moved back and then sat down on a dining room chair, my hard, wet cock sticking out and glistening in the soft light coming from outside.

“Get over and clean me up.” I commanded Megan.

Dutifully, she pushed up from the table, spun around, bent over and stuck my erect penis in her mouth. She sucked and licked and I pushed her head and mouth all the way down to the base of my shaft.

“That’s it, my little whore. Suck me clean. Do you taste your own pussy juice? Lap it up!” I told her.

I pulled her away when I thought she was done and fell back against the chair, spent, tired, exhausted. Megan hoisted herself onto the dining room table, facing me. She spread her legs and began to masturbate. One held spread open her labia to expose her hard little clit which the other hand stroked and rubbed furiously. She stared directly into my eyes holding my gaze with hers.

“Oh Daddy, you made me so horny, so wet. I’m going to cum for you.” Megan said softly.

As she rubbed and stroked, my cum began to slowly ooze out of her cunt and ran onto the table.

“Do you feel my cum seeping out of your tight little pussy?” I asked her. “I can feel it. Can you see it?” She asked.

“Yes, I can.” I replied. “You have a beautiful pussy, Megan. I love the dark hair, the neat trim. Love it.”

Megan reached out the hand that was rubbing her little love nub and scooped up the cum that had pooled up on the table. She coated her labia and clitoris with my thick, milky semen and then resumed rubbing her clit with one hand. The other hand moved from her labia down to her vagina, into which she inserted two slender fingers.

“Oh god Daddy, I’m going to cum. Watch me, watch me cum for you.” She said.

I sat and watched as the first wave of Megan’s orgasm hit.

“Oh god, oh yeah!” she exclaimed loudly as her eyes rolled back and up. Her hands were moving rapidly, finger fucking herself while stroking her clit.

“Cum for me, baby.” I said to her.

“Oh Daddy, I’m cumming so hard!” she wailed.

She bucked and flopped, struggling to brace herself while perched on the dining room table. Moans and groans of pleasure ushered from deep within her. I’d never watched a woman cum so intensely. Her orgasm was so strong that tears flowed from her eyes.

A minute went by and, when she came to, I embraced her and kissed her passionately. She responded in kind.

“I love you Daddy. I’m a whore but only for you.” She whispered softly in my ear.

“I know baby. I love you, too. I need to be the only man for you. The only man you give yourself to.” I replied. “Come on, let’s go shower.”

“I can’t walk . . . my legs are too wobbly.” Megan said with a smile. “I swear.”

I scooped her up in my arms and carried her to my bathroom where we both prepared for a shower. In those few seconds from our embrace to the bathroom, I knew in my mind that I had made my decision. I could not tolerate the thought of Megan with any other man. I had to have her tight, young perfect body — and her willingness to be my whore — all to myself. The decision made, the hard part was next: terminating the marriage with Eve and figuring out how I was going to treat, in public, my relationship with Megan.

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