My Mom was the Best Ch. 01

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(This is another student’s drunken bragging, be any of it factual or his wild fantasy is unknown to me. Any resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental, and the actions contained herein are not condoned and should not be duplicated. All characters are over the age of 18 with false names to protect the innocent, or not.

This is my first submission, so be kind with your criticism.


I will call myself Adam Brown, a common enough last name like Smith or Jones. I recently returned from spending Christmas with my Mom and brother. This brought back memories of 10 years ago before I married.

This is my recounting of the best sexual experience in the first 29 years of my life. I was preparing to get married to my lovely fiancée, who resembles Taylor Swift in many ways except financial and so I thought that I would tell of my most pleasurable experiences as they occurred in 2004.

A little history would be in order first. At the time I was the 19-year-old oldest child of my parents, Mark and Rosemary Brown. I have a younger brother by barely 14 months, Jack. My Dad was a successful 52-year-old engineer and designer before his obsessive drinking and drug use led to an abrupt dismissal from the company in North Carolina. My Mom was a 44-year-old administrative assistant to a small manufacturing firm so we were quite well off at first, with a big old farmhouse sitting on more than a dozen acres of land. Our lives went downhill fast as my Dad drank more excessively which led to more drug use, while Mom tried valiantly to hold the family and budget together. My Dad was fine when he was sober but he was mean and abusive to Mom whenever he was intoxicated or high.

I hated my father because of the wild fights where he would physically beat on Mom over the smallest perceived word or look. She ended up calling the cops on him and having him removed from our house more than once. I wished that I were bigger and stronger so that I could beat the shit out of him for the way that he was always hurting my Mom. But I was too scrawny and weak to do anything about it. She got mad at me when I mentioned it, because she said I should respect my father, no matter what he did to her. She blamed herself for the beatings, saying that she must have done something wrong to upset him. I knew she was in a love-less and sex-less marriage but she still stuck with him, trying to stay true to her marriage vows. I hoped that it would never get to where he hurt her beyond the point of permanent damage.

I became an amateur photography buff in high school, and I used my Mom as my favorite model for almost all of the pictures that I took. She thought that it was cute that I always wanted to use her as my model, but what she didn’t realize was that it supplied me with plenty of masturbating material as I reached my junior year and turned 18. She was my one and only sexual fantasy and I started to get strong erections with just one look at her, even though I was dating high school girls.

My Mom, Rosemary Brown, stood 5′-3″ and a perfect 118 pounds. She had short brown hair cut in a bobbed style, with round metal eyeglasses and a long oval face with a perky nose and lovely white teeth that gleamed past her thin pink lips when she smiled. I thought that her most impressive feature was her 34C breasts, which I learned from checking out her bras in the laundry. Her breasts seemed so full and heavy hanging in the loose tops that she wore, like overly ripe zucchini that swelled and curved upward near her nipples. She had skinny little calves leading up to slender thighs that rose to become the most perfectly rounded ass filling out her dress slacks so nicely. Her ass could easily be the envy of both high school and college girls, slightly bigger than a teenage girls ass but so nice, tight and rounded. The top of her head barely reached my shoulders when I’d take our picture together.

The other reason I had for always taking her picture was that her small nipples were nearly always erect. It didn’t seem to matter if she wore a sheer bra, a lacy bra or a padded bra, her nipples still tried to poke through the restraining fabric. I snuck a few voyeuristic photos of her by the pool to capture her full breasts, hard nipples and her tight little buttocks in her swimsuit. I even managed to set up my camera for a couple hidden photos next to the pool and in the bathroom to catch her topless as well as in her lacy red, black and blue bras. She had spice-drop size pink nipples that always seemed to be standing erect from her slightly darker half dollar size areolas.

I masturbated several times a day while looking at my topless pictures of Mom by the pool and in the bathroom, when I wasn’t enjoying one of my girlfriends. I was 19, stood 6′-1″ with 165 pounds of lean muscle. I had short brown hair, brown eyes and wore a size 13 sneaker. You know what they say about guys with big feet. Yeah that’s right. I was sporting a dick that was a fraction over 10 inches and over 1.75 inches in diameter making me halkalı escort over 5 inches in circumference. My cock liked to stand up at attention every time I was around my gorgeous, petite Mom.

My first teenage fantasy was that she would walk in on me jerking off in my bedroom to see the large size of my cock. I imagined that she would walk over, sit down and try to wrap her hand around me while saying, “Oh my God Adam, look at you. I’ve never seen such a big penis before. Let me help you with that huge thing.” I imagined that she began to stroke me and then she would lower her head to take me in her mouth. After a few minutes she would say, ” I know what this penis really needs.” She would take off her slacks and panties and crawl over top of me to guide my stiff dick into her neglected pussy. She would lift her top for me to suck on her soft hanging tits as she bounced up and down on my stiff cock.

I knew I had to be a pervert to even think such things about my normal Sunday church-going Mom, but I didn’t care. My dick was always as hard as an oil derrick and there was only one spot that it wanted to drill, inside my Mom’s forbidden and protected wetlands until a huge gusher of hot oil erupted.

I had just finished my final exams for the fall semester of my freshman year for winter break on Dec. 16, 2004. My Mom was going to drive the 3 hours down to the college to bring me home for the Christmas break. Unfortunately, she was unable to leave at noon like she had planned because of the end of the year workload, instead heading out at the end of the day. She hit heavy traffic along with rain, sleet and snowy weather on the interstate, arriving at my dorm a little after 8PM Thursday night. We talked for a few minutes in my dorm before she said she would go look for a hotel for the night, since it was too nasty to drive back in the dark. I told her she might as well stay in my dorm room since almost all of the other students had already left during the past 2 days. She wasn’t enthused about staying at the dorm, but finally decided it would save us some money that she was trying so hard to conserve.

We went to a little pub where she had a crystal goblet of Chardonnay along with a corned beef sandwich and salad, while I had a Pepsi with my burger. There were 5 other people in the pub, an upperclassmen couple that I recognized from school, an older 40-ish couple, and the pub owner who had to be in his late 60’s. The food was great but the service was very slow with only the owner to cook, serve food and pour drinks at the bar. The glass goblets he used were huge, probably containing about 20 ounces of my Pepsi and her Chardonnay. He apologized repeatedly for his slow service, telling us that his only waitress didn’t show up because of the bad weather. Mom had enjoyed nearly all her wine before our supper finally arrived, so the owner brought her a second goblet of wine along with another Pepsi for me on the house. We took our time enjoying our meal the drinks and jute box in the bar, before she told me that I had better drive back to my dorm.

I put my arm around my Mom as we went up to my third floor dorm room as she was wobbling a little bit from her 2 huge goblets of wine. My arm slipped as we headed up the stairs and I inadvertently found myself with a full handful of her right breast. I started to get ready for bed, but she hadn’t brought a change of clothes since she had originally thought it was just going to be a long drive down and back. I offered her one of my old white t-shirts and a pair of my red cotton gym shorts. She walked into the bathroom and slipped into my shorts and t-shirt, while I undressed in the dorm room, putting on only a pair of tan gym shorts to sleep in.

I was literally stunned speechless when she stepped out of the bathroom, wearing my thin white t-shirt without her bra. Her full heavy breasts hung enticingly against the fabric of my shirt, leaving very little to my already vivid imagination. She looked nearly as perfect in my t-shirt as the topless shots I had captured of her next to our pool. Her stiffened nipples left a pair of obvious peaks in the middle of my worn t-shirt. She looked as enticing and delicious as I had ever seen her during my high school years.

I offered to sleep in my floppy reclining chair and let her have my twin dorm bed all to herself, but she wouldn’t hear of it. She wanted to watch the ending of the Hallmark Christmas movie special we had seen on the television at the bar. We didn’t have cable at home in the rural area so we watched the sappy movie before we crawled into bed and she snuggled tight against me on her left side in my small twin bed.

I held my petite Mom in my long arms as we cuddled together under the covers. She told me how nice it felt to be gently held by a man again after so many years. I knew Dad and her had slept in separate bedrooms for over 7 years, and I found myself wondering if she had sex at any time in those years. I felt guilty thinking about my Mom and sex for a moment harbiye escort until I looked down at her soft breasts filling out my old t-shirt. I instantly had a full-blown erection lying there next to my beautiful Mom.

She told me, “Your dad disappeared 2 weeks ago.”

“What? Where? That’s great, Mom, now Jack and I don’t have to worry about him beating on you during all your constant fighting,” I replied.

“It’s not good, Adam, your father is sick and he needs treatment,” she stated. “I was trying to get him into drug and alcohol rehab and he would have none of it, so he just left. He packed up and left while I was at work and Jack was in school. No note, forwarding address or any way to reach him, nothing. I feel so guilty that I chased him out of the house with my demanding that he get some help for his addictions. He’ll end up drinking himself to death or worse with drugs.”

My Mom started to softly cry and I rolled onto my back and eased her half on top of me. I gently wiped away the tears from her big brown eyes and held her small trembling body tightly against mine until she fell asleep.

I lay there feeling exhilarated that Dad had finally left. I hoped that she didn’t notice my raging hard-on as she lay across me before she fell asleep. She was softly snoring and lightly slobbering onto my chest as she slept in my arms. I desperately wanted to roll her onto her back and fuck her wildly to celebrate Dad’s leaving.

She stirred in her sleep and pulled the blankets higher. I slid over her to get out of the bed, went to the bathroom, and checked the heat. I snuggled back tightly against her and wrapped my long left arm around her. We were safe and secure in our little nest as I drifted back into a light sleep. I woke again as I felt her slip out of bed and head for my bathroom.

“I gotta pee from drinking too much wine,” she slurred out as she walked a crooked line to my bathroom. I watched her intently as the light from the bathroom backlit her incredible body in my old t-shirt. I could see her breasts hanging loose in my white t-shirt as clearly as if she were standing totally naked in front of me. Her tight rounded ass was barely covered by my red cotton shorts.

She staggered back to my bed and that’s when I decided that I was going to fuck her as soon as she was settled back into my bed. I had an ear-to-ear grin plastered on my face as she walked from the bathroom back to the bed. Her breasts jiggled and jostled around under the t-shirt I had given her to sleep in as she walked towards the bed.

“What’s that big grin for, Adam?” she mumbled as moved towards my bed.

“It’s for my gorgeous and sexy Mom,” I stated.

She smiled and then giggled at my obvious admiration. She placed her hand on her hips and walked with an exaggerated sway like she was a runway model on the catwalk. Her slightly inebriated waltz almost made her fall into the bed. I could see her nipples standing up at full attention when she stated, “It’s not very warm in here, Adam.”

“I just checked the heat, Mom, it is 62 in here,” I replied. “Maybe the college has the heat on automatic setback, figuring all the students have gone home for winter break. We’ll just have to snuggle tighter.”

“That’s fine by me,” she replied as she slid under the covers and pressed her small body against my lanky frame. I rolled onto my back and eased her on top of me again as I wrapped my arms around her, squishing her breasts tightly to my muscular chest. I gently rubbed my hands up and down her back to relax her.

“MMMMmmmm,” she purred as I slid my hands higher to rub her upper back and shoulders.

“Let me rub away all your tension and worries, Mom,” I said as I gently caressed her back. “Don’t think about work, Dad, or anything else for the rest of the night. Just relax in the safety of my arms, Mom.” Minutes passed quickly as I could feel the tension going out of her tiny body while I softly caressed her.

“Thank you for holding me, Adam,” she softly whispered in our room that was slightly illuminated from the outdoor flood lamps in the college parking lot. “It’s been so long since I’ve been held by a man,” she said before she kissed me on my cheek, my chin and then lightly kissed my bare chest. She laid her dark haired head back onto my chest, while I rested both my large right hands on her hips.

I lightly ran my fingers through her short brown hair and then rubbed her temples for a minute. I slipped a couple fingers under her chin to lift her lovely face and I kissed both her cheeks with dozens of little kisses in response to her soft motherly kisses.

She giggled and then burst into a full-fledged laugh. “Alright already, I get the point,” she said with a huge smile. A moment later, I gently turned her head to face me and kissed her fully on her slender pink lips.

“MMmmmmm, Adam,” she giggled again like a young schoolgirl. A few moments later, she kissed me back with a more appropriate motherly fashion, with just ikitelli escort a few light pecks on my cheek. I kissed her forehead and then moved down to kiss both her cheeks. She turned her head slightly towards me in the half-lighted dorm room and I promptly responded by kissing her fully on the lips once more.

“Oh Adam, that feels so nice!” she purred as our lips met for the third time. I cupped the back of her head as I kissed her more sensuously while my big left hand slid from her right hip across the front of my old t-shirt. I knew she was still buzzed from the wine and all my little kisses and not really paying any attention to my hand.

Even in her slightly inebriated state my Mom stiffened, sucked in a loud breath and then gasped up as I slid my left hand inside her t-shirt to cup her unrestrained right breast, while I kissed her on the lips once more. As she tried to roll away from me onto her back, I rubbed my thumb and index finger across her pink nipple, which quickly rose and hardened into an erect nub. I flipped the front of her t-shirt up and lowered my teenage mouth onto her nipple. My tongue instantly found and teased her small pink nipple, making it instantly stiffen, harden and grow even larger at my touch.

“Adam, please behave yourself!” she groaned as she tried to roll away to shield her breasts from my hungry mouth. “We can’t do this, I’m your Mother,” she stuttered as I took the lower part of her breast into my mouth, sucking on her fleshy milk gland while my tongue continued to stimulate her very sensitive nipple.

“Yes we can, Mom, if only to let you know what a beautiful woman you still are,” I softly whispered in her right ear as I caressed her other breast.

I squeezed her breast several times before rubbing her erect nipple between my thumb and forefinger. She moaned out loudly as I took her nipple in my teeth and gently tugged on it, lifting the full weight of her breast off her ribcage before I concentrated on just sucking her hard nipple.

I continued to kiss her small mouth tenderly as I let my left hand slide down her torso. I kissed my Mom’s mouth repeatedly for over a minute before she began to finally respond to my kisses with hungry longing kisses of her own. I pulled away from her mouth to move down and suck on her nipple again, like I was her infant child searching for her warm milk to nourish me.

I knew it had been a long time since Dad had shown any interest in her. While she was preoccupied with my sucking on her breasts, I slid my right hand across the very tiny roll of her lower tummy. She still had just the slightest evidence of bearing 2 children even though she exercised 3 or 4 days a week after work to keep her body in such great shape. Only when I stopped sucking on her right breast to move over and start sucking on her left breast did she realize where my wandering hand was.

“Oh my God, Adam! We can’t. I mean, I am still married to your father,” she stiffened up rigidly as she felt my long fingers slip under the elastic waistband of the red cotton shorts I had given her to sleep in. Her Chardonnay clouded brain also registered my long fingers sliding under the edge of her lacy black French cut panties. My fingers grazed across her neatly trimmed furry mound very lightly until I touched her at the triangular junction of her trim legs to her lower body.

“Oh God, Adam, we should stop,” she softly slurred. “I’m your mother, for God’s sakes. If we stop now, Adam, I promise that I will forget that any of this ever happened.”

“You’re the most beautiful woman on the planet, Mom, and you’ve been the focus of my every fantasy for years,” I softly cooed into her ear. “And I’m gonna fuck you in my bed tonight, Mom!”

I saw her big brown eyes open wider as my statement stunned her, yet her eyes seemed to glaze over with a lustful look that the wine helped to induced. I kissed her lovely mouth again passionately to quell any more protesting. Even when she tried to verbally admonish me for my inappropriate touching, I felt her open her slender legs to let my fingers move lower to explore her feminine anatomy. I slid my long middle finger up and down the thick crease of her puffy outer labia several times before I grazed across her clitoris. She rocked her slender hips in response to my finger across her clit as she caught a low moan in the back of her throat. I caressed her clitoris again and she lifted her hips more obviously when I rubbed her clit the second time. I continued to gently run my finger up and down her puffy crease to stimulate her long neglected pussy.

“Adam, we really shouldn’t do this,” she softly whimpered as I continued to tenderly rub along her labia. “This is so wrong for many obvious reasons, Adam.”

I could feel my lovely Mom’s tiny body reacting to the gentle touch of my fingers. Her dark areoles had raised and little white pores puckered on them as her small pink nipples stiffened even harder, to stand proudly atop her full mounds of white breast meat. The thumb of my left hand rubbed across her clit as I now slid my 2 longest fingers up and down between her parted labia. I could feel her getting wetter by the minute as she once again lifted her mature crotch up against my fingers. I slowly circled the entrance to her pussy with my fingertip in a caressing manner.

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