My Mother, Ann

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“You really do want her, don’t you? You want to play with her little titties and suck her big, fat, hard nipples until she squeals. You want to get between her legs and lick her red, hairy cunt and suck on her big penis shaped clit! You want to turn her over and kiss her beautiful little bubble butt and ream her pink little shitter with your tongue. You want to grab her by her blonde hair, shove your dick in her mouth and face-fuck her until you cum in her mouth. Don’t you, Patrick? You want to fuck your whore of a Mother!”

Stacey’s nasty talk about my Mother pushed both of us over the edge. I began to spurt my seed into her womb as she began to writhe and convulse under me coming to a shuddering climax. Stacey held the pillow to her mouth to muffle her cries of ecstasy. Our orgasms were intense, spurred on by our thoughts of my Mother, Ann.

Stacey, my wife of two years, and I were recuperating from our earth shattering climaxes while laying in bed in the guest room of my parent’s home. My parents were hopefully still sleeping in the next room.

“That was awesome! You talking about my Mother like that with her in the next room really got both of us off! And to answer all of your questions… YES! You want to play with her as badly as I do.” My dick was getting hard again just thinking of playing with my Mother.

How did we get to this point? How does my wife know how much I want to fuck my Mother? How can she so accurately describe her body, her little titties with big hard nipples? How does she know that my Mother has a hairy bush and a prominent clit? How does she know that I want to worship her little bubble ass?

I left my parent’s home at 18 to attend a university some 1,000 miles away. Luckily, I had been awarded a full boat, four-year academic scholarship. Money and student loans would not be an issue. However, I was reluctant to leave for two reasons.

Number one, I was afraid of the unknown. I had never been away from home for more than a couple of weeks at a time and I remembered getting homesick then.

Number two and the most compelling reason, I did not want to leave my beautiful Mother. I was in love with her and I lusted after her sexy body. Some how, some way, some day I had to tell her how I felt. I had to have her, to make love to her. Leaving her, the love and lust of my life, was the hardest thing I had ever done.

I had been in love with my Mother forever. She became my fantasy lady as soon as I found out about jacking off. I took every opportunity to peek at her anytime I was able to see any of her sexy body. Unfortunately, my Mother was good at shutting doors and drapes were almost always pulled together.

But anytime I was able to spy a glimpse of her body, that vision was burned into my brain for instant recall when I jacked off.

Because my father traveled a lot for business, my Mom and I were alone together most of the time. Our relationship became very close and open. We could talk about anything. Well, almost… I never had the courage to tell totally how much I loved her, much more than as mother and son.

The summer before college was a lazy time for me. My days were spent out by our pool, tanning and swimming. Most evenings were with Mom, just enjoying her company.

One rainy day about three weeks before I was to leave for college, I was stuck inside and bored. I don’t know what made me do it, I had never done it before, but I found myself snooping in my parent’s bedroom.

I knew that they sometimes got down and kinky. Mom was somewhat of a submissive to my father. He ruled the roost when he was home. My Mother seemed to be a willing sub and fulfilled any and all of his requests. I wondered where they kept their b/d s/m paraphernalia. I searched Mom’s closet. I found some very sexy outfits, but nothing else.

Then I struck the mother load in the back of my father’s closet. Behind his long coats was a cabinet. It was a wooden cabinet about four feet tall by three feet wide and three feet deep. There was a door at the front of the cabinet hiding its contents. There was a lock. Was it locked?

Damn, it was locked. Where would he keep the key? I looked in his jewelry box. I looked in all of the drawers of the dresser in the bedroom. I looked in the bedside tables. Nothing!

I was about to give up when I wandered into their bathroom. Mom had an armoire for her jewelry standing just inside the door. I looked in the top drawer and there among all of her rings was a little brass key.

Could this be the one? It was about the right size. I took the key. My heart was beating ninety to nothing. I don’t think I breathed as I almost ran to his closet. I put the key into the lock. Good sign, it fit. I tried to turn the key. Nothing! I jiggled the key and tried to turn it. Jackpot! The key turned and the door came open.

I looked at the treasures that were in the cabinet. There were some leather b/d looking outfits, hoods and masks. These were all on the right side of the cabinet. Kinky, but not what pangaltı escort I really was looking for.

But on the left side there were six photo albums and a shoebox on top of the albums. I opened the shoebox and my jaw dropped. I could not believe my luck. There were probably 150 recent pictures of my mother. NUDE! Yes, she was in various positions and poses, but in all of them she was NUDE!

I stumbled out of the closet with the shoebox. I was so excited that I could not stand. I sat on the bed and began to look at each of the pictures. My dick was instantly brick hard and begging for release. I unbuttoned my pants and slipped them and my boxers to the floor. My cock was pointing up at a forty-five-degree angle and pulsing with my very fast heartbeat.

As I looked at each of the pictures, I jacked off. It was not long before I spewed my cum. Ten minutes later I spewed again. An hour later I spewed for the third time in less than two hours. I looked at the clock; 4:45. My Mother was due home shortly after 5:00.

I took out about fifty of the pictures and hid them in my closet for tonight. The rest I put back in the cabinet and locked it. I returned the key to the armoire. Tomorrow would be another day with my newfound treasures.

It was difficult to look at my Mother that evening without imagining that she was nude. My dick was hard and would not go down all night. Other than my hard cock, it was a normal evening with Mom. Dinner, chitchat and then a little television before we retired to our separate bedrooms.

Mom went to bed and slept. I retrieved the pictures of Mom, NUDE. I fired up my new laptop. For the next hour and a half, I scanned each of the pictures and saved them in a sub directory that I named ‘College Funds’. And of course I beat my meat throughout the process. I only shot my cum twice, but was sill hard as I went to bed for the night.

I could not get Mom off my mind. I got up and got the pictures from my closet. I lay back on the bed and leisurely jacked my cock until I finally spewed my baby making batter one final time for the day. Six orgasms since I found the pictures that afternoon. My poor dick was red and sore, but I slept like a baby dreaming about my beautiful Mother.

As soon as my Mother left the house for work that next morning, I was back in the cabinet looking for more treasures. I took out the shoebox, replacing my ‘borrowed’ pictures. Then I realized that I had not even looked at the photo albums. I picked up the first album and was shocked to see my Mother and a very busty Asian girl having girl/woman sex. The beautiful big tittied Asian girl appeared to be about 19 or 20, about half my Mother’s age. There were about 100 pictures in that album. I never suspected that my mother would be attracted to other women, much less one about my age.

The second album was filled with pictures of my Mother being fucked by the couple who lived next door. They were about the same age as my parents with a son that was a year older than I. And I’ll be damned! As I turned the pages, there was Milton, their son. He was fucking my Mother. Three pages later Milton was fucking HIS Mother while his father fucked my Mother on the same bed!

The third and fourth albums had my Mother with two different couples that I did not know. They were both about my parent’s age. Most of the pictures featured my Mother and the other women kissing, fingering and sucking each other’s body parts.

The fifth album had pictures of my Mother at a much younger age. These were apparently taken right after they were married. The nudity and poses were tame as compared to the previous albums.

I was afraid to open the sixth and final album. This one showed my Mother in her subservient posture, kneeling in front of my father. She sucked his dick until he blew all over her beautiful face. Then there were pictures of Mom in various restraints; hands cuffed behind her back, tied to the bed spread-eagle, bound with ropes and suspended from a hook in the ceiling, etc.

The final twenty or so pictures showed my Mother, as I had never seen her before. She was still nude, but she now had full WHORE makeup. Her base color was much darker than her normal shade. Her eyes were exaggerated with very black, thick eyeliner and shadow. Her cheeks were rouged and her lips were puffy and very red.

My Mother looked great as a whore. Her beautiful blond hair was piled high on her head. Her little titties were sitting perky and proud on her chest, nipples fat, hard and extended. Her pussy was covered in her wild red hair, her huge clit peeking out from the hair forest. Her long legs were encased in dark black seamed stockings that were held up by a black garter belt with four garters on each leg. Her feet fit snugly into a pair of back five-inch stilettos.

Long story short, after a week of scanning, I had 483 pictures of my beautiful mother saved in my ‘College Funds’ directory of my lap top. I was set for college. Mom may not be with pendik escort me while I was away, but she was only a mouse click away!

My freshman, sophomore and junior years were pretty much the same; attend classes, study, look at Mom’s pictures and jack off two or three times a day, sleep and begin the routine again.

The first day of my senior year, my third class of the day, clinical psychology 2, Stacey sat next to me in the lecture hall. My whole world changed in that instant.

Stacey was petite, only 5’3″ tall. Her face was that of an angel. She wore no makeup. Her eyes were a beautiful deep emerald green. There were freckles across her nose and a few more on her very pinchable cheeks. She had short sandy naturally blond hair that framed her angelic face perfectly.

And she was stacked. God what tits. I later learned they were size 34D. She had a little bubble butt with delicious looking little cheeks that I imagined would fit nicely into my hands. Her legs, while not long, were toned and tanned.

I was smitten and so was she! I spent Christmas break at her parents’ home in California. They were extremely nice people and seemed to immediately accept me into their family. Spring break was spent with my parents in upstate New York. Stacey was a hit with my parents, establishing a strong bond with them immediately.

The day after graduation we eloped to Las Vegas and were married in one of those tacky Elvis chapels. Believe it or not, it was Stacey’s idea. But we were so in love that I did not care. I just wanted to be married to my beautiful Stacey.

Stacey was my soul mate. She was my best friend. We could talk to each other about anything. Once we got married, she showed that she was very close to being a nymphomaniac. She wanted to do it all. We roll played D/s and she was great in both roles.

We talked about our fantasies. After revealing our fantasies, they soon became reality. There seemed to be no limits to what we would do. I told her about all of my fantasies… well all but one. The one that had been the most important in my life before we met, my Mother.

We had been married about a year. I was working for a Fortune 500 company trying to climb the corporate ladder. Stacey had returned to a local university to pursue her Master’s degree.

Unknown to me, her laptop got screwed up and she took my old college lap top out of my closet and began to use it. Yeah, you guessed it. She ran low on memory and began to look for files to delete. She found the “College Funds” directory with the 483 pictures of my Mother.

When I arrived home, Stacey greeted me at the door wearing a bib apron. That is right, she had on a bib apron and nothing else! Her big beautiful titties bounced and jiggled beneath the apron. I knew that her blonde hair covered cunt was excited because I could smell her secretions.

“Hi Honey. I have been missing you today. I’m horny and I want you to fuck me right after dinner. I want dinner out of the way because I think we are going to fuck all night.”

Wow, what a greeting! I asked if there was anything I could do to help get dinner on the table. She said dinner was ready… just sit down and wait as she would serve me. She disappeared into the kitchen as I sat down at the table.

I looked down and on my plate was a picture. It was a picture of my Mother. My Mother was NUDE! She was posing on all fours with her beautiful ass pointing at the camera and her little titties hanging down. She was looking back over her shoulder at the camera with a grin that said I’m ready to be fucked! I recognized the picture immediately as one of my favorite jack off pictures.

Then Stacey came back into the dining room carrying a tray. She reached up to the tray and brought down another picture of my Mother. Then another and another and another…

“So, Patrick… is there anything you need to tell me about your Mother?”

“I… she… we… I…” I could only stutter.

“It’s OK. I’m not mad. Looking at these pictures all afternoon made me horny as hell. Your Mother is gorgeous! And she is almost as kinky as I am! How did you get these pictures? Why haven’t you shown them to me before? Have you ever fucked her?”

Wow! What could I tell her? What should I tell her? I wanted to tell her everything, but I was afraid that she would think I was a pervert for wanting to make love to my own mother. But she knew I had the pictures… How much more of a pervert could I be?

I took a deep breath and began telling Stacey the story that I have just related to you. As I spoke, Stacey was clicking through the pictures on the computer. The more I talked and the more she clicked, the hornier we both became.

Soon we were in the bed, my hard dick buried in Stacey’s drooling cunt. “God, your Mother makes me hot. Do you think she would let me lick that hairy red pussy? I really want to suck her huge clit. It looks like a miniature of your dick! FUCK ME!”

Suddenly, my fantasy rus escort had become Stacey’s fantasy. She was on board and wanting my Mother as much as I did.

“Her little titties are so cute. I want to rub my big rack against those little tits and make both our big nipples hard. I bet I could get ALL of her tit meat in my mouth at once. Would you like to see me rub my blond pussy against her red haired cunt?”

My imagination was going a mile a minute as Stacey’s monologue about playing with my Mother pushed us both to the pinnacle of our orgasms. Oh how I wanted to see my wife with my Mother… as long as she let me play, too!

After that evening, talking about my Mother became a regular part of our fantasy sex time. Stacey was the one who usually instigated the dirty talk about her. Her favorite way to begin was to say, “Do you want to play nasty with your whore of a Mother?”

We even had many ‘serious’ talks about actually approaching my Mother about sex with us? We plotted and planned our strategy to get Mom’s clothes off of her. Then we were both so turned on that we would fuck like rabbits, bantering back and forth about what we wanted to do with my Mother and what we wanted her to do to us, until we were exhausted.

We planned our vacation that summer as a trip to my parents’ home in New York. It would be a two-day drive each way and we planned to stay five to ten days depending on how things went.

The closer we got to vacation time, the more active our fantasies about my mother became. We came up with so many scenarios for bringing my mother into our bed and doing every nasty act that our over active imaginations could conjure up.

Would we have the courage to approach my mother? How would my mother react to our advances? Should I make the initial proposal or should Stacey; or should it be both of us together? What would we do if she said ‘NO!’? I was worried that we were both so excited and wound up about sex with my mother that we might rape her if she said no and ran from us.

Well… Saturday, the first day of our vacation, finally arrived. I don’t know whom was more excited, Stacey or I. We both woke up early and finished packing the car by 6:00. We traveled 100 miles further than we had planned for the first day. We were tired, but still had energy enough to ‘play nasty with my whore Mother’ before we fell asleep anticipating seeing my Mother tomorrow.

We arrived at my parents’ house right at noon. Mom and dad were happy to see us. All of us carried our luggage into the house. After unpacking, we sat in the living room drinking afternoon toddies and catching up on our lives.

After dinner, dad apologized, saying he had to be out of town on a business trip that would last at least through Wednesday. He said that he would do his best to be home by Thursday evening.

No problem… we would have Mom all to ourselves for four days!

Mom joined him as he went into the bedroom. Stacey and I stayed up about an hour longer. We talked about nothing in particular, both of us avoiding talking about my Mother. The more we avoided the conversation, the hornier we got. She was on both our minds.

Once in bed, we quietly made love trying not to disturb my parents in the next room. As we approached our orgasms, Stacey began whispering, “You really do want her, don’t you? You want to play with her little titties and suck her big, fat, hard nipples until she squeals. You want to get between her legs and lick her red, hairy cunt and suck on her big penis shaped clit! You want to turn her over and kiss her beautiful little bubble butt and ream her pink little shitter with your tongue. You want to grab her by her blonde hair, shove your dick in her mouth and face-fuck her until you cum in her mouth. Don’t you, Patrick? You want to fuck your whore of a Mother!”

Stacey’s nasty talk about my Mother pushed both of us over the edge. I began to spurt my seed into her womb as she began to writhe and convulse under me coming to a shuddering climax. Stacey held the pillow to her mouth to muffle her cries of ecstasy. Our orgasms were intense, spurred on by nasty thoughts of my Mother, Ann.

Monday morning we all gathered at the kitchen table drinking coffee after a big breakfast. Dad said his good-byes and left for the airport.

A few minutes later, I went to the bathroom for my shave and shower. Stacey told me to enjoy my shower. As I left, Mom and Stacey were still chatting and drinking coffee.

I leisurely showered and dressed, returning to the breakfast area just as Mom and Stacey were getting up saying it was time to get ready for the day. Stacey kissed me and groped my cock as she walked away toward the guestroom. Mom, not seeing Stacey’s grope, gave me a kiss on the cheek as she headed off for the master bedroom.

A few minutes later, I heard the showers being turned on, first Mom’s and then Stacey’s. ‘It is now or never’, I said to myself as I began walking toward the master bedroom. By the time I reached the door, my shirt was off and I was unbuttoning my pants.

My hands were trembling as I slid my pants and boxers off my ankles and feet. I had to remind myself to breathe. I was totally focused on getting to the shower. My dick was leading the way, as long and hard as I had ever seen it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32