My Mother the Marriage Counselor

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NOTE: Entertainment for adults only.

I pressed the doorbell again and again, impatient at the lack of response. Where was she?

I lamented the fact that I didn’t keep my key to my mother’s house. Well, why would I? I was getting married! Donald and I were going to live happily ever after! I wouldn’t need a key to mother’s house–would I?

Right now, I would. I couldn’t believe Donald would treat me that way! This was it! I was gone, never to walk back into his life again. And I knew my mother would understand.

If only she’d answer the door! I pounded and called for her. “Mom! Mother! Open up! I–need you!” I screamed through the din of my banging on the door.

Finally, I heard her voice from inside. “Keep your pants on!” she said. “Who is it?”

“It’s your daughter!” I cried, fighting back the tears. “It’s Elizabeth! I’ve left Donald.”

The door flew open and there stood Maxine, my mother. “Left him?” she said. “Are you out of your mind? Get in here!” She pulled me inside. “What the hell happened? Sit down and tell your mother.”

I set my overnight bag next to the sofa and sank into its softness. “There, there, sweetheart–it can’t be as bad as all that,” said my mom, dabbing my tears with a Kleenex.

“Oh, it is, Mom, it is,” I blubbered. “He… he… wanted me to take it in my mouth!”

“Take what?” she wanted to know.

“You know!” I nearly spat out the words. “His–thing!”

“And?” she asked.

“And? What do you mean and?” I sniffed.

“Well, what? You’d already done that, and you wanted it stuck somewhere else?” she said, trying to guess at the problem. “I don’t understand.”

“Mother! In my mouth?” I said, not believing what I was hearing.

“Oh, my God,” said Maxine, looking me up and down. “Oh, my God. I’ve failed. I tried to keep things from you to protect you… but I guess I sent you out into the world unprepared!”

“Mom, what are you trying to say?” I managed.

“You haven’t been taking care of your husband!” said my mom, standing up and walking around the room. “At all! You don’t blow him, obviously… you barely fuck him, I’ll bet…” She stopped, narrowing her eyelids at my chest.

“What?” I said, struggling to cover up.

“And I’ll bet you don’t even use THOSE on him!” she said, gesturing toward my bosom. “The most precious gift I could give you, and you’ve wasted it!”

I had inherited my mother’s generous curves and heavy breasts. They’d always been very handy in attracting men–but I assumed that was the sum total of their function. Aside from feeding babies, of course.

“Use my–my…how?” I sniffled.

“Oh, dearie, this calls for drastic measures,” said Maxine, unbuttoning her blouse and reaching for the phone. “I’m going to have to teach you how to hang onto a man–particularly a tit-man! Hello, John?” she began speaking into the phone. “It’s Maxie. How soon can you come?…” She laughed a sensual and insinuating laugh. “I know you can go on for hours, but how soon can you come here?” She put the phone to her bosom and turned to me. “You might call this Mommy’s Boot Camp! Or BOOTY Camp!” she laughed heartily.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing or hearing. I expected sympathy from my mother… but this?

“Good! You do that,” she was saying into the phone as she began diddling one of her now naked nipples. “Oh, and John… this is going to be intense. I know you can handle it… but you’ll need relief. Can you bring a friend? Who? Well, how big is he? That’ll do. See you in a minute!” She hung up the phone and continued displaying her middle-aged but very sexy body. “John and Michael are coming over.”

“Who are John and Michael?” I asked, my head foggy with disbelief.

“Friends of your brother,” explained Maxine. “I got to know them after your brother went off to college. They stayed in town! Here, Elizabeth–you can’t go to Booty Camp dressed up like a schoolmarm.” Mother reached for my sweater and pulled it out of the waistband of my slacks.

“Mom!” I protested. “I don’t even know what this ‘camp’ is! I don’t know if I want to GO camping.” I jammed the hem of my sweater back into my pants.

“Honey baby, you don’t have a choice,” insisted Mom. “You’ve lost a man. It’s up to me as your mother to help you get him back. Now, whip out those titties.”

She was serious. And she wasn’t going to change her mind. Shaking my head with disbelief, I… whipped out my titties.

“Mmmm!” said my mother, reaching out and caressing my full, round breasts. “Mine ARE bigger, overall,” she said, “but these are terrific. Is Donald a tit-man?”

“Mother, I wish you would stop using that word!” I scolded.

“Oh, pshaw,” she said as she began poking the fullness of my breasts in a taunting rhythm. “Tits, tits, tits, tits, tits! Elizabeth, stop pretending you’re not turned on. I can see your nipples as well as anyone. As well as EVERYONE!” she giggled. The doorbell rang. “Shit! Company’s here and I’m still half-dressed. Here, honey, help me out maltepe escort of these panties. And you! Take off the rest of your clothes. Now!”

I turned my head and covered my eyes and obeyed. Mother’s panties sailed past my face. I could SMELL them as they went by. My mother disappeared into the front hall.

I heard two unfamiliar male voices at the door.

“Maxine! Hey, Tits! Let me give each one of those big booby beauties a kiss!”

“When Sexy Maxie calls, we stand at attention!”

“We’ll see about that,” laughed my mother. “Here, undress first–before I share you two!”

“Share us?” said one of the men. “Maxie! You don’t WANT two on one tonight?”

“You know I’d love it,” said my mother, “but this is a crisis! C’mon, whip out those dicks for Maxie.”

“You got it, Tits!” snickered one of the men.

“Elizabeth?” called my mother in a singsong voice. “We have company!” In walked my busty naked mother, followed by two young men as unclad as she.

Subconsciously, I tried to cover my indecency. But my hirsute vagina and full breasts defied my attempts to place my hands over them. I gave up as I looked closer at the men my mother called John and Michael.

The first one had wavy blonde hair and a muscular physique. His body was smooth and mostly hairless. He had just enough blonde body hair in the right places–his chest, his arms–to appear very manly, but not enough to cover the impressive contours of his muscles. Well, except for between his legs. There his hair was wiry, coarse, and black as night. I tried not to stare at his magnificent penis, but his nudity dared me to stare. And I did. He smiled broadly as the shaft pointed in front of him, veins bulging.

I turned my eyes to the second young man. He was… more ordinary. A little overweight, and with thick dark hair all over–even on his back. He was even going a little bit bald on top. He didn’t seem intimidated or ashamed of his imperfections. He stood there just as confident as his Adonis-like friend, with his hands jauntily on his hips. The position of his arms caused my eyes to wander between his legs… and there I saw the reason for his pride and confidence. Between this young man’s legs was the longest, hardest, and… most perfectly shaped penis I had ever seen.

It was so unlike my husband’s. It was thick, hard, and had a fascinatingly bumpy texture. The head looked like a softball, and his testicles practically clanged against his legs. The thing the most fascinated me, though… was its upward slope. It rose from his body in an arousing curve and reached for the sky!

My mother must have seen the way my eyes widened.

“I can tell that Michael is yours tonight, Elizabeth!” she laughed. “Michael, keep it hard for my baby, will you? That’s it…slow strokes. Let me know if you need any help.”

Michael cupped his big testicles and waved that monster right at me! Although I told myself I was shocked and disgusted… I didn’t turn away.

“Boys, let me tell what why we’re here,” began Maxine, my mother. “Elizabeth has walked out on her husband for the silliest reason you can imagine. Baby, tell the boys.”

I struggled with the words. “I… I wouldn’t take him in my… my…”

“In your mouth? You don’t know how to suck cock?” guessed the blonde, who I assumed to be John.

“That’s it, Johnny-boy,” teased Mom, as she sat on the easy chair facing the couch where I was sitting. John moved in to her side, his heavy cock and balls resting on her creamy shoulder. “It’s up to us to teach her how! And if she passes our tests–we’ll show her how to titfuck, too!”

“Titfucking? Damn!” said Michael in a low voice that made everything sound like a grunt. He licked his lips as his eyes wandered over my bust.

“I knew you’d like that, Michael. Your cock is so well-suited to a titfuck! And so are my baby’s boobies!” Mother had swung her round ass over to the sofa and sat herself beside me. Suddenly, in order to illustrate her lewd suggestions, she startled me by reaching around my body and cupping my breasts from behind. She bounced them in her hands for the entertainment of the men. “Elizabeth, watch me closely,” said Maxine. “John, pick that thing up and follow me!” she laughed.

“I’m there, Tits,” shouted John, practically leaping across the room.

Mother noticed I was still trying to cover myself up. She forcefully slapped my hands away, chiding me for my attempt at modesty. “Elizabeth! These boys want to see! And we’re here to give them a show. An INTERACTIVE show, you might say! Now, baby, watch me. John, stand in front of my face. That’s it. Let your cockhead wave and bounce around my mouth. Yesss. What we’re trying to do, Elizabeth, is make you love oral sex. Cocksucking! We want you to develop that thirst that starts at the back of your throat, travels past your teeth, and makes your lips tingle. Do you understand?”

I looked at John’s penis, still not comprehending the idea…or the apparent DESIRABILITY of putting mecidiyeköy escort one of those in my mouth. I nodded dumbly.

“Do you like what you see, Tits?” asked John, grasping his erection.

“I do,” slobbered my mother.

“A lot?”

“A whole lot,” said Mom, starting to stroke it lovingly with her gentle hands.

“And where do you want it?” taunted the muscular blonde young man.

“In my mouth,” croaked out my mother, sounding short of breath.

“In your mouth and down your throat it goes, Tits,” said John, grabbing Mom by the back of her head and pulling her toward him. “I’m gonna pump gallons, so you’d better drink deep like a good little cocksucker.”

I watched closely. Mom opened her mouth wider than I had ever seen anyone do. John plopped the head onto her tongue and she salivated all over it. So much that her spit drooled from her mouth and settled on her breasts. I looked over at Michael. He was stroking his own penis so quickly it was a blur. But he didn’t bring himself off. He was just getting that fascinating appendage ready… for me, I think!

“Tits can’t tell you the rest ’cause her mouth is full,” snickered John, “so let me help you out. She’s really good at relaxing her throat muscles so that she can let me all the way in without gagging. She lets my cock snake its way down her gullet.”

“How can she breathe?” I asked. Mom pointed to her nose.

“That’s right, through her nose,” said John, bucking his hips so that he was having a kind of intercourse with my mother’s mouth. “Unless I cum in her nostrils! Heh heh,” he laughed, a little cruelly, I thought. “You should see how she looks with loads of my cum on her face. Beautiful!” I searched John’s face for signs that he was only kidding. I found none.

“You ready to swallow this?” grunted Michael, waving his heavy penis toward my chin.

“I–I’m not sure,” I stammered. “Can I just, uh… watch some more?”

Michael seemed to grunt in the affirmative and returned to his stroking.

John seized the opportunity to tell me more about my mother’s expertise. “Tits here loves me to cum on her face, and her tits…but tonight, I want her to swallow it all! Ready, Tits?” he asked as he humped into my mother’s mouth. Maxine grunted, too. “Here we go!” hollered John. His pubic bone slammed my mother’s face, and his heavy testicles tickled her chin… and her neck! “If it was just you and me, I’d hold off, Tits,” said John, breathlessly, “but we’ve got a student! I want your daughter to see the way you swallow my spunk! Ready?”

Mother nodded, never letting John’s penis leave her lips.

“Open that throat wide!” he called, throwing his head back. I could see by looking at my mother’s neck that she was gulping, deeply. She loosened her lips and slurped loudly and lewdly. John smiled. He reached down with his hand and lifted his balls to Maxine’s chin. My mother responded by reaching for both heavy sacks and lightly dancing her fingers on them, then forcefully squeezing them. John called out in relief and excitement.

“Ohhh! Oh! That’s it, Tits. Drink it down,” he said, humping his naked ass toward her face. Finally, he backed away, his long cock now limp and spent. My mother looked up at him lovingly and smiled. Semen pushed out of her mouth and started trickling down her chin.

“No, no! Every drop!” cautioned John.

Mother reached up and scooped the slimy substance back into her mouth, opening wide and swirling her fingers around inside for extra arousal–for all of us. John plopped down on the easy chair facing the couch.

“Ready to try it?” he said, pointing at me in a way that told me he didn’t mean it as a yes or no question.

Michael stepped forward. The upward curve of his penis meant that its engorged head was working its way back and forth over his bulging, hairy belly. He grasped it enthusiastically and reached for the back of my head.

“Open up, Little Tits,” he grunted.

“Hey!” I said, my feelings hurt. “These are NOT little tits!” I protested, holding my heavy and now hard-nippled breasts up high.

“No, they ain’t,” agreed Michael. “But she’s Tits,” he said, pointing at my mother. “And you’re her little girl. So you’re Little Tits! And now you gotta open wide.”

I obeyed. I stuck my tongue out as I had seen my mother do. Michael pressed his cockhead onto my tongue and I worked to churn out chunks of saliva for lubrication. Mother cooed approvingly. “That’s it, baby. Slobber on it!”

Michael slowly stepped forward, encouraging me to take his penis inch by inch down my throat. “Remember to relax your throat muscles and welcome him in,” said Maxine, leaning forward to coach me on the proper technique.

“My cock belongs in there, Little Tits,” said Michael, “so let me in!” Maxine reached over to play with Michael’s balls, pushing them up toward my face for me to enjoy.

“How’s she doing?” Mom asked Michael. Michael just started moving his hips in and out, answering her nişantaşı escort question with his actions.

I had to keep reminding myself to breathe through my nose. This was so new to me–but I knew it would bring back my Donald. So I was starting to enjoy it.

“Wait a minute!” said my mother. “I know her husband, and I know YOU, Michael,” she said, almost sweetly. “And you’re both lazy asses! Quit humping and let her do the work.”

Michael chuckled heartily and stopped his back and forth movement into my face. Maxine reached behind my head and plunged it down onto his cock repeatedly. Soon big Michael was grunting again in appreciation. It felt like his cockhead, which seemed as big as a golf ball when it made its way past my lips, was twice the size of a softball now, halfway down my throat. Mother held my nostrils apart to remind me to breathe, and kept forcing my head back and forth.

Before I knew it, I felt a blast of hot liquid. Michael didn’t moan or grunt louder or give any kind of warning. He just ejaculated. “Swallow, baby, swallow,” whispered my mother. I started to open my mouth to let his penis out. “No, no!” warned Mom. “There’s loads more, right, Michael?” Michael grunted in response and hunched into my face, letting loose with another blast of semen. Then another. And another. I obeyed my mother, and drank it all down. I felt a similar blast on my right cheek. I glanced over and saw that John had gotten hard again and was now showering my face with his hot male juice.

“That’s it, baby,” said Maxine, soothingly. “That’s it. Now you know what your Donald wanted. Good girl.”

I felt a little woozy, and lay my spent body down on the couch.

“I think she’s falling asleep, boys,” I heard my mother say. “John! Stand there and feed your hard cock into her mouth.” I felt my mouth filling up. “Good girl,” I heard my mother say. I closed my mouth around the intrusion and smiled. “That’s it,” said Maxine. “Suck, suck, suck yourself to sleep.”

The next thing I remember was the sensation of my breasts being poked again. The actions woke me up. Before I opened my eyes, I knew it must be morning. I must have slept all night–part of it with a man’s penis in my mouth. I thought of the ecstatic expressions on John and Michael’s faces and the enthusiastic way they responded to the way my mother and I carried on. It made me warm inside. I was jolted from my reverie by the continued poking. Then I heard my mother’s voice.

“Tits, tits, tits, tits!” she taunted, as her fingers prodded my big, soft breasts.

I opened my eyes and found out it wasn’t my mother’s fingers at all. John and Michael each held their hard cocks by the shaft and were using them to probe my breasts and nipples. Mother stood behind them, stroking her own breasts and giggling.

“Good morning, baby,” she cooed. “Your teachers want to move on to the next lesson.”

With that, each man raised his lovely erection in his hand and turned the poking motion into a playful slapping from above. The sound made me smile–and the idea that my tits inspired such an enthusiastic show of male support made me feel like some kind of goddess. The Goddess of Big Tits and Big Dicks!

“Titfucking time!” called Maxine, inspiring a grunt from curvy-cocked Michael. “John, sit out for a second. I gotta use Michael’s dick to show my baby how it’s done.”

John sighed and collapsed into the easy chair, his hand settling into a steady rhythm as he stroked his own cock. Mom plopped her ass onto the couch next to me and seized Michael’s member. “C’mere, you beautiful thing, you,” she cooed–not to the man, but to the penis, it seemed to me! Michael stepped in front of Mom as she lovingly lowered his shaft into her luxurious cleavage.

She turned to me. “You gather up your titties and massage his cock,” she said. “When it’s in there but good– and it’s not going anywhere, you know? Move ’em up and down! Look at him! He thinks he’s died and gone to heaven.”

Indeed, Michael’s eyes closed in contentment. As much as my mother tried to grasp her breasts firmly and do all the work of moving them along his cock, he couldn’t help but hunch his hips up and down. Maxine’s voice dropped to a horny whisper. “See how the size and shape lets him fuck UPWARD? I love that,” she enthused. “Michael’s cock is big enough that you can lick it on every upstroke. Try it.”

I tried to move into Mom’s place. Sure, she said ‘try it’–but she seemed unwilling to give him up! “Oh, I don’t want to leave it without a pair of tits around it, even for a minute!” she said, looking at his face lovingly. “Here, Elizabeth–stand up. Lean over my head and put your tits over mine. That’s it. Now I’ll move down and out, and you clamp that cock between your boobies. Perfect!” It plopped out for barely a second before it was engulfed in my abundant breast-flesh. Mom wriggled off the couch and over to John. She lowered her titties over John’s cock as he reclined in the easy chair. She was treating John to a little titfucking action, but she kept her attention on me–in case I needed any help! I had no trouble taking up where Maxine left off. Michael kept fucking upward into my cleavage. I watched the head in fascination–and I couldn’t help but give it a few kisses and licks when it wormed its way out of my cleavage every time he fucked up!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32