My Mother’s Daughter Ch. 09-10

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When I finally rolled over to see the clock it was then that I realized not much time had passed. The excitement of what we did had made us both climax quickly. We still had plenty of time to get ready and make it to school.

“Want to shower with me? Then you can drive me to school.”

“Okay, but what about your mother?”

“I guarantee she already knows you’re here and what we just did. She’s fine with it. She thinks you’re great and what I need, so you’re in, don’t worry.”

“Okay, cool then, let’s shower.”

The shower will always have significance to us; since that was the first time we saw each other naked and did stuff back at his place the first day we met. Besides a little fondling and washing each other we didn’t really engage in much sex in the shower. His penis got sort of hard but never fully erect because of all the use it had seen since he met me. We got out, toweled off and shared the mirror to work on our hair. He was done much quicker than me and left the bathroom to go back to my room with just a towel around his waist.

It took me only a second to see the problem with that and I quickly followed him to make sure he made it safely to my room without my mother accosting him. It was a good thing I did because sure enough I heard my mother’s voice talking to him around the corner right where my room door was. I stayed hidden, just wanting to see what she would do and how Adam would handle it.

“Hello, Adam… nice to see you again.”

“Umm… Hello Mrs. Hayes,” I heard Adam say.

“I told you to call me Linda, remember.”

“Okay… Linda.”

“Soccer keeps you in very good shape,” my mother said, and I knew this was where it would begin.

“Yeah… thanks,” Adam responded.

“I heard you and Suzy this morning. You two woke me up.”

“Sorry about that. She called me, said she…”

“Needed you? Yes, I’m aware of my daughter’s needs. She’s very much like her mother in that regard. I have ‘needs’ as well, Adam.”

“Umm, I…”

I peeked around the corner just in time to see my mother reaching out to touch Adam’s bare chest, hesitating to see what he would do. He flinched when she met his body and backed away from her.

“Oh don’t be shy, I won’t hurt you.”

Mrs…. Linda I don’t think this is appropriate, you’re making me uncomfortable,” he said trying to get past her into my room.

“Don’t be silly, I could show you things Suzy doesn’t know. Make you feel like she can’t,” my mother said reaching out to him again.

He dodged her grasp and darted to my room but my mother grabbed the towel around his waist and started pulling him back. He tried to hold the towel on and still get away but quickly abandoned the idea, letting the towel go and slipped into my room naked. He shut the door and I could hear the lock turn. This was when I walked around the corner.

“Mother, really? I know I did Drake and all but please don’t try and fuck my boyfriend.”

She turned, startled and dropped the towel as if to hide what she had just done. I shook my head as it hit the floor and she looked ashamed and worried.

“I’m so sorry, Suzy. It’s been too long since I’ve had a man… I lost control it will never happen again.”

“Let’s hope so and to make sure, you’re going to take work off and find Drake. If he’s tending to your ‘needs’ then you’re less likely to try and seduce Adam.”

“I think your right; I need him back, yesterday.”

She turned around and went toward the kitchen. I knocked on my door.

“Adam, it’s me… she’s gone, you can open the door.”

It took him a few seconds but the door unlocked and he opened it. I slipped in and closed it. He was already dressed and looking stressed out.

“Sorry about my mom… now you know where I get it from.”

“Holy shit, Suzy, she… I think she wanted to…”

“Oh, she did, no thinking about it. She would have rocked your world but I’m proud of you for resisting her and getting away. It means a lot to me.”

“She said she could show me things and make me…”

“Yeah, I know… I heard her. Probably true but let’s not think about that and just learn on our own… I’ve had enough lessons from her.”

“Lessons? What do you mean?”

“Nothing, just forget I said anything.”

“How am I supposed to forget something like that?”

“You have a point. There are things I haven’t told you and don’t know how to tell you… you’ll just have to be patient with me and maybe someday I’ll explain.”

He looked at me oddly but seemed to let it go. “I still need to finish getting ready. Stay in here and you should be fine.”

I left the room, heard him lock the door and returned to the bathroom to finish my hair and makeup.

By the time I was done and back to my room my mother had left the house. She had better be trying to find Drake and not going to work. I told Adam she was gone and the stress visibly left his face. We ate a quick breakfast and headed off to school.


School ortaköy escort was normal, even with the day off not much had changed. Math was interesting. Mr. Gilles tried to hold me after class again. I knew what he was going to try and cut him off quick.

“Look, this thing we had, those things we did… it’s over and will never happen again. If you push the issue I’ll report you. Do you get me?”

He looked surprised and tried one last time to get the upper hand until I pulled my phone out.

“Fine, you don’t say anything and I won’t,” he said.

“You got that right and just remember if I don’t get that grade I want you’ll regret it,” I said walking out of his room.

I spent lunch with Adam and after school I stayed and watched him practice soccer, which probably wasn’t a good idea because it reminded me of the dream where his team and coach gang banged me. All those shirtless hot guys running around the field worked me up. I was craving it bad by the time the practice was over and we got into Adam’s truck.

“From the look on your face I can tell you’re going nuts,” he said.

“Am I that obvious?”

“Kind of… were you thinking about that dream you had again?”

“Yes, but I don’t really want it to happen in case you were wondering.”

“Good, because I’m not about to share you with the team,” he said with a smile.

“I don’t need the team, just you… like right now.”

“Well, let’s head to my place, I’ll shower and you can sneak in again if you want,” he said with a big grin.

“How about you drive and I sample that,” I said pointing to his crotch.

“Seriously? In the truck?”

“Sure, I’m sure you’ve thought about it before, it will be fun.”

His truck was high enough that most of the people driving next to and behind us wouldn’t be able to see me sucking him and if they did I didn’t care. He pulled out of the school’s parking lot and I unbuckled my seat belt, leaned over and worked on getting his cock out of his soccer shorts. His aroma was strong from the practice but I didn’t care I just wanted him in my mouth. I pretty much had to pull them down so his bare ass was on his seat but he helped me as we both giggled a little. He hardened quickly after having several hours to recuperate. His cock was salty and musty tasting but that was soon gone as my saliva made a mess of his shaft and head.

“Are you going to be able to drive safely if I do this,” I said taking him out of my mouth as the thought came to my mind.

“I’ll be fine,” he said, putting his left hand on my head, easing me back onto him.

I went back to sucking him, enjoying the throbbing shaft pulse in my mouth as I sucked hard on his head and took him deep until my face was pressed against his firm muscled legs. My pussy was humming and very wet, my nipples pressing taunt against my bra. The urges took over and I zoned out everything but sucking his cock. Even the music playing on the stereo was a blur as I savored every inch I could of his arched and perfect cock. The gag reflex was nonexistent now; I had completely overcome it and could take him as deep as his length afforded with no problem.

I must have been doing well because I felt his legs tighten and his balls snug up to his shaft. His grip on my head increased, knotting his fingers in my hair. I expected him to blow any second but suddenly the car stopped and he let go of my hair.

“We’re here,” he said.

“Already? That was fast.”

“Not really I was driving way slow. I just think your mind was elsewhere.”

“Oh, I know it was,” I said wiping my mouth and sitting up to see his house.

“Let’s continue this in the shower,” he said pulling his shorts back up over the stiff rod of his cock.

I was a little disappointed, I wanted to feel and taste his cock explode in my mouth but he managed to hold off. Reluctantly, I followed him out of his truck to his house. We helped each other out of our clothing as the water heated up in the shower. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of looking at his tan body, sculpted chest and abs. He’s so yummy, especially the way his cock bends upward so curved. I grabbed it and pulled him into the shower while he chuckled. Nothing like leading a man around with his cock.

“So can I finish sucking now?” I asked about to drop to my knees.

“Define finish,” he responded.

“You know, I want you to cum.”

“I’d rather do other stuff before that, but you can suck a little if you want.”

“Okay, just tell me if you’re getting close and I’ll stop but I still want you to finish in my mouth this time, I just have an urge for some reason,” I said, now on my knees with his dick in my hand.

“Fine with me.”

The water sprayed on his back, misting me and dripping off his body while I sucked him. Soon I tasted soap and opened my eyes to see that he was washing himself up while I sucked his cock. He saw me looking and smiled.

“Keeps me mind occupied so I don’t blow so fast.”

“Whatever otele gelen escort works,” I said before sucking again.

I didn’t mind my knees hurting or the slight soapy taste as the suds ran down his ribbed stomach to his cock. I didn’t mind anything, just wanting to suck and suck. I seemed to have become addicted to the feel of his cock in my mouth; I couldn’t get enough and ignored everything even when I heard his voice. I didn’t comprehend what he said I was so zoned into his dick. Suddenly he grabbed my head and pulled me away. I looked up perturbed and upset.

“Did you not hear me? I said I was going to cum if you didn’t stop.”

“Sorry, no I didn’t hear that.”

“Wow, you were really into it.”

“Yeah, I guess I was.”

He pulled me up and toward him so our bodies met. His cock pressed against my stomach and my breasts smashed against his hard chest. Suddenly he picked me up like I weighed nothing. I wrapped my legs around his body and with a little effort he guided his ridged tool into my very wet sex. A gasp escaped my lips as he lowered me onto him. His head and arched shaft ran over my sweet spot, giving me that jolt of pleasure I craved. Damn his cock hit it perfect every time. I helped him hold me up by wrapping my arms over his shoulders. He began to raise and lower me onto him. I helped with my arms and holding on with my legs. Each thrust hit the right spot, my legs began to shake and weaken as my pleasure increased.

Even after his soccer practice he had the energy to do this to me. I think it was then I realized how good of shape he was in. I think he held me in his arms and pounded me like that for a full fifteen minutes before setting me down. Granted he was breathing really hard but he did it and I came twice. I turned around and put my hands on the back of the shower, bending over slightly. He moved up behind me and slid his hard cock back in, grabbing my ass and pulling me back forcefully. In less than a minute I was cumming again.

As I shook and went in to spasms he reached up and held me by my breasts, cupping them gently and rocking his dick into me strong and steady. He kept it up, racking my body with intense pleasure continuously for several more minutes. While I was convulsing again, he leaned over and whispered in my ear that he was going to cum, asking me if I still wanted it in my mouth. I nodded because that was all I could do to communicate as the pleasure flooded my senses. He pulled out and when I slowly turned around on wobbly legs he was holding his cock tight with his right hand. Falling to my knees I leaned into it and opened my mouth. He lessened his grip, stroked once and a geyser of hot spunk filled my mouth more than any burst before, like he had already cum all of his load and was holding it in with his hand because I didn’t turn around quick enough. Not much else came out after the initial burst so I think I was right.

After I swallowed his load I stood up and asked him, “I wasn’t quick enough, was I? You came and held it in for me, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, you said you wanted it in your mouth and I didn’t want to disappoint but I was already cumming.”

“That is so sweet!” I said pulling him toward me for a big kiss. “I can’t believe you did that for me. You really listen and care.”

“Of course I care; I think I’m in love with you.”

“I think I’m in love with you too,” I said, kissing him again.


Adam’s father came home an hour after we got out of the cold shower. I joked with Adam that his dad was going to get upset if we kept taking such long showers with the shortage of water in California, his bill will sky rocket. We both admitted that showers were just too fun to stop. While the two guys were making dinner I called my mother to see how her day of searching for Drake had gone. I was in Adam’s room alone so I could talk.

The call almost went to voice mail but she finally picked up, out of breath.

“Mom? You okay?” I asked.

“I’mm…. perfect,” she hummed.

I didn’t have to ask if she found Drake, it was obvious from what I heard on the phone she was engaged in fulfilling her needs at that very moment. It didn’t surprise me she answered the phone; it wasn’t like we were keeping secrets anymore.

“Sounds like it. Good, that’s great, Mom. I’ll leave you to it and just let you know I’ll be home before eleven.”

“Ahuh, okay….. Oh shit….mmm, bye, Suzy…”

She must have just dropped the phone on the bed without turning it off because for the next few seconds I could hear her screaming for Drake to fuck her harder before I finally disconnected.

“Who was that?” Adam asked stepping into his room.

“My mom… looks like she’s back together with Drake.”

“Is that a good thing?” he asked.

“Yes and no. Good for her, bad for me. It means I need to find a different place to live, fast.”

I could virtually see the gears turning in his head and assumed he was thinking about letting me stay with otele gelen escort him, which would be exactly what I wanted but there was the issue of knowing each other less than a week and his father allowing it.

“Are you going home tonight, then?” he asked.

“Yeah, I told my mom I’d be home and I should be fine tonight. Mom will more than tucker Drake out if she doesn’t unintentionally sex him to death. I’ll just have to leave early tomorrow morning before he’s even up. I’ll ask around tomorrow at school, maybe one of my friends will let me crash with them until I find something else. I could see him struggling with not asking me to stay with him but I’m sure he wanted to talk to his dad first.

“Yeah, something will work out.”

“I’m sure you’re right,” I said standing up from his bed.

“Dinners ready, hope you’re hungry.”

“I’m famished.”

We sat down and had a nice meal, laughing and getting along great together. I could see myself living there, actually preferred it and hoped Adam would ask me to. After dinner his dad watched TV and I hung out with Adam in his room until it was time for him to take me home.

“Would you be against staying at my place if you can’t find anything else?” Adam asked on the drive to my house.

“Are you serious? I would love it!” I sounded too eager.

“Really? Well, I’d have to talk to my dad and see what he thinks but I bet I could convince him if we tell him you needed to leave your place and can’t find anything else.”

“It would be perfect, I mean I want to see you all the time anyway, we’re both eighteen and it would get me away from Drake.”

“Okay, okay,” he laughed seeing my excitement. “I’ll talk to my dad and let you know.”

I was giddy, never been happier in my life I think. The smile didn’t leave my face the entire ride to my house. I kissed him goodbye and we made plans for him to pick me up early tomorrow. I was living in my own perfect world with Adam and didn’t think about what I might find when I walked in the door of my house. The thought never occurred to me that Mom and Drake could still be going at it for this long but I guess it should have.

Walking in the front door I was met by the sounds of my mother’s screams and the headboard slamming the wall of their room. Hard, really hard. I went directly to my room, trying to ignore it and shut my door. The noise permeated everything so I put my headphones on to drown it out further. It helped with the noise but not my thoughts. I couldn’t get them out of my head. Drake’s dick, what we did in my car and what I had seen him doing to my mother were all fresh in my newly nymphonic mind. They took over, the thoughts, and I was soon wet and aroused. I really needed to move out, worse than I knew.

I couldn’t sleep, I became agitated and the music began to perturb me so I took off the headphones hopping another hour would have them finally finished. No such luck. The headboard wasn’t banging anymore but Mom as still screaming and moaning and even Drake had joined in. I was so worked up I justified leaving my room and seeing if they had left the door open a crack. I could hear Drake talking, telling my mother to take his cock and how he knew she loved it. She screamed back, telling him to give it to her harder and faster. I could tell before I got to the door that it was open. There was a one inch gap I could look through if I was carful but they wouldn’t have cared if they did see me, I just didn’t want them to know.

Moving slowly I peeked through the door to see my mother bent over on the floor with her legs up and over her body. Drake was holding her on her back and neck by her legs and doing that pile driver thing he does. I had a great view of his enormous cock pounding my mother’s shaved pussy over and over. My arousal spiked seeing them engaged in such animalistic sex. Before I knew it I was playing with my engorged clit under my panties with my middle finger. Drake was a machine, lasting and lasting and pummeling my mother like I’d never imagined. I figured he probably had cum a few time already to last like this. I would have had cum dripping down my legs if it wasn’t for the soaked panties. I must have stood their entranced for an hour watching them. Drake still hadn’t cum.

When my mother stopped screaming and told Drake to fuck her in the ass I climaxed. Right there in the hallway I convulsed and almost fell over from the pleasure of my spasms. The idea of my mother taking that enormous cock in her ass took me over the limit before I even saw it. From Drake’s hesitance I assumed this might be the first time they had tired it until he answered back.

“Are you sure… remember what happened last time we tried?”

“I remember but I’m so horny right now I can take it I just know it. I want you to fuck my ass and cum inside!” my mother shouted.

So they had tried it before, I wasn’t surprised. From my vantage point I could tell there was enough lubrication without needing anything but Drake wasn’t taking any chances and got some from the drawer. I moved back just in time before he saw me and waited a few seconds before looking again. He had his back to me and was slathering the goo all over my mother’s tight hole and using his fingers to open her up.

“You are ready. Taking my fingers easily,” he said.

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