My Name is Jake Ch. 03

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Mom collapsed trembling onto the bed next to me. As she tried to catch her breath I sat up and gazed at her wonderful body. It was as near perfection as I could imagine. Wavy dark brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, bright smile, full and shapely figure. Her F cup breasts glistening with sweat. A nice thick waist with just a hint of a tummy, and her round, full hips counter balancing her big tits. She had nice shapely legs with thick thighs and full calves. Her skin was flawless, her mound capped with a thick bush of dark curly hair that had clean margins and was shaped like an inverted pyramid. Curiosity drove me to move to sit between her legs, lifting them and gazing at her pussy. I could see our fluids seeping out and without thinking I reached out and toyed with her. The feeling of warmth and wetness was exciting and she twitched as I used my fingers to spread the juices around. I slid my finger into her and explored. Mom moaned. I tried two fingers next and Mom smiled.

“Having fun are we?”

“Well, yeah. This is my first pussy and we did kinda rush things last night.”

“Okay, go ahead and play. But be gentle, we have been pushing it and I might be getting a bit tender.”

I continued to explore and toy for a while, seeing just how far I could reach and feeling all around inside of her. And the entire time Mom smiled and moaned. “We sure made a mess” I said.

“Young guys are so full of cum and I was so hot that I was gushing gallons myself…” she replied.

I leaned closer and examined her clit. Carefully I peeled back the hood and teased it ever so lightly with the tip of my tongue. Mom threw her head back and arched up gasping. Thrilled with her reaction I continued and Mom grabbed her tits and began squeezing them and pinching her nipples. I kissed her wet pussy and tasted her juices before working my way back to her clit. It took all of the restraint I could muster to keep from getting too rough. Mom enjoyed every minute of it and no doubt I would have kept it up for a lot longer but Mom finally pushed me away and rose. As she stumbled to the bathroom I watched her with appreciative eyes. Damn she was hot!

Now our house was only two bedrooms with a single full bath off the hallway and a half bath here in Mom’s room. As she came out I took her by the hand and led her to the other bath where we showered together. I loved soaping her up and washing every inch of her lovely body. Her tits felt so awesome in my soapy hands and I struggled to contain their slippery weight. Mom giggled at my antics. Then after gently washing her pussy I started on şişli grup yapan escort her ass. Mom bent over and put her hands on the wall. As I washed her ass I toyed with her sphincter and Mom surprised me with an invitation.

“Soap up your finger and slip it in.”

Really? Okay, why not? So I did. And at her further urging I slipped both thumbs in and stretched her ass open. Wow!

“Can I fuck you?” I asked.

“Sure baby, just take it slow at first, there’s no lube…”

I soaped up my dick and began pushing it in. Soon I was fully in and started stroking in and out. Mom giggled at the sound of our wet bodies slapping together but kept encouraging me.

“Anal sex is a good option for when I’m on my period,” she said. “Besides there is something I can do better anal than vaginal…” And she squeezed.

Oh my god! Her ass was like a hand grabbing and squeezing my dick! I had stopped stroking so Mom started rocking back and forth. Then she began to alternate, squeezing for a couple of strokes then relaxing for a couple. I didn’t have much cum left but after a few minutes I gave what I had. I then stood there as Mom proceeded to wash me all over. Afterwards we toweled each other dry and wandered into the kitchen for breakfast.

As I sat across the table from her, a thought kept running around in my head. Mom must’ve seen it on my face. “What are you thinking about?”

“Just something you said last night.” I replied. “You said that everyone loved sucking your nipples… “

“Yeah… well it’s true. As soon as anyone saw them, they craved them. They were always nice and erect from the day I started developing. But they grew thick as I gained some weight and matured. I liked it too, I liked it a lot. I was so excited when you were born, partly because I wanted desperately to breastfeed you… hell and your Dad. But he didn’t seem to like it as much as I had hoped he would. Bonnie and Jan did for a while until we fought…”

“Damn Aunt Bonnie and Aunt Jan sucked your tits?”

“Uh huh, they liked it a lot and I liked it too. You have to understand Jake. We grew up not knowing that incest was wrong. It was always around us and we were taught that whatever happened in our home was no one’s business. We learned about sex by watching and trying. It was like a game.”

I was stunned by this, and a little dismayed. I loved my mom and thought she was beautiful and sexy… But this revelation kinda shocked me. I was uncomfortable with this and Mom read it on my face and moved on.

“Anyway şişli masöz escort that is all ancient history. But remember how I said I wished I could breastfeed you again? There are some drugs and supplements that induce lactation. If you want I can see if I can get some. Of course you have to do your part and help stimulate them by massaging and sucking… a lot of sucking.”

“Hell yeah Mom! That would be awesome!”

After breakfast, Mom and I stripped the soiled sheets off of her bed and threw them in to wash. Then we went to my bedroom to fool around some more. Mom wanted to take it easy but knew how horny I was. She sat on the bed and used her big tits to give me my first titty-fuck and I really enjoyed it. I mean to fuck a pair of gorgeous F-cup tits was incredible enough but Mom knew that I was getting off on the taboo encouragement.

“Does Jake like Mommy’s titties? Mommy likes Jakes cock too. Mommy’s little boy has grown up and has such a nice cock. Jake’s cock feels sooo good fucking Mommy’s titties. Mommy really wants Jake to come on her titties. Mommy is thrilled when her boy comes and sprays on her. She loves to watch it spurt and spray and it feels so good on her skin. Mommy loves to eat her boy’s cum too. It tastes so sweet and is so thick and hot. Ohhh, Mommy is so hungry for Jake’s cum. Mommy is getting wet too. If Jake is a good boy and comes on Mommy’s titties, Mommy will let Jake eat her pussy. Mommy knows Jake likes to eat her wet pussy. Come on Jake, come for Mommy, come on her big titties…”

Realizing how close I was Mom dropped her tits and grabbed my cock and finished me off. She felt my load coming and expertly squeezed the tip just enough to make me spurt incredibly hard and my cum splashed and splattered on her face, throat, chest and tits. She milked the last drops out and then began to lick herself clean. My god this woman was beautiful! And how awesome was it to watch a woman eating your cum off of her tits? Well when it’s your mom, it’s a hundred times better! Then as I lay on my bed she sat on my face and let me eat her pussy. Her scent thrilled me and her taste was sweet and I kept having to remind myself that this pussy, this incredible pussy was my mom. My fucking amazing mom. Damn, this woman could have walked into any bar or club and walked out with any man she wanted… but here she was, fucking and sucking with her son! The idea of dressing her sexy and taking her out as my date popped into my head and I could imagine the lust in the eyes and hearts of the other guys. No one would know the şişli otele gelen escort truth, we would just be a really hot woman and her young stud on a date…Maybe someday I will, I told myself.

After a few minutes she turned around and we went 69 until we could not stand it. Mom flopped down on the bed and spread her legs.

“Fuck me Jake, come on, give it to me. Fuck me!”

I fucked her for what seemed like hours. Her tits were bouncing and she crossed her arms to contain them. I squeezed them and teased her nipples. I leaned down and sucked them. Mom Moaned and goaded and chided me and I kept fucking. My knees ached and I wanted to stop but I kept fucking her. She reached down with one hand and began to masturbate. I got off earlier by her using taboo terms and stuff so let’s turn the table…

“Deni I want you to come. Come for me Deni. Come for your son. Come nice and loud for me Deni. I want to feel you come Deni. Oh Deni you are so fucking fantastic! God I love fucking you, I love fucking my Mom and feeling her hot wet pussy swallowing my cock. I’m fucking my Mom and she is an awesome fuck! Damn Deni you’re a great fuck. You hear me? Your son says you are a great fuck! You have the most awesome hot wet pussy! Damn I love fucking that pussy, my Mommy’s pussy I love fucking it and coming in it! You could fuck anybody you wanted Deni but you are fucking your son. Your son is gonna make you come and you know what? You are gonna make your son come again! Yeah I’m gonna come soon too! Come Deni, come for me. Come for your son!”

“Gaahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Aaahhh…uhhh, uhhh, uhhh.”

Her passionate cries and hot clenching pussy drove me over the edge and I came, emptying myself into her yet again.

Mom scared me. Her orgasm was so intense that she kinda lost it for a minute or two. I thought she was seizing as her whole body was convulsing but then I felt her legs squeezing my waist, refusing to let me pull out. Her hands were now caressing her tits and her face was so incredibly red. Slowly she relaxed and struggled to control her breathing. Still it was another minute or two before she would let me pull out.

“Oh my fucking god that was the most incredible orgasm I have EVER had! No shit sweetie… the fucking best!”

I smiled and sat back. My knees were bitching but then I saw something really wild. I was looking at Mom’s pussy (of course) and the moisture had plastered her lips open, and there was her vagina, kinda pulsing and from it ran a stream of thick white cum. My cum. My creampie in my mom’s pussy. Wow! Intrigued I leaned forward and toyed with it. My cum, mixed with her pussy juice. I held my finger up and Mom smiled.

“Ah the wonderful thing about young men is their capacity to cum and cum and cum again. And to produce so much of it too! “She took my hand and sucked my finger. “Feed me Jake, feed mommy all that wonderful cum.”

And you know I did.

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