My Secret Place Ch. 03

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After our energetic afternoon and a few hours of unsuccessful fishing I decided to take a break and go for a walk to stretch my legs. Our little fishing, fucking spot felt somewhat claustrophobic right now since I was most definitely unaccustomed to any form of company or sexual activity while on a fishing outing — it was a shock to my system!

If it came to that, apart from my wanking moments and my few trysts with other girls, I just wasn’t used to having sex so energetically or so often, regardless of how much I’d just enjoyed our activity. My outings were usually quiet peaceful events but if my sister was to be part of my days out I was going to have to get used to a whole new world and I needed some space to think. Oh, no way was I complaining about the added excitement of sex and of incest but I did need to do some ruminating to ascertain in my mind that having sex with my sister was to be an acceptable activity in my future life.


I stood up and stretched, noticing Sharon watching me closely, then picked up my shorts and t-shirt, shaking some bits of grass and a few errant leaves from them as I did so.

“What’re you up to?” asked my naked sister.

“Just want to take a walk but I suppose you want to come too, don’t you?” I said as I began pulling my clothes on, then stepped into my shoes too, “Just round the lake a bit.”

“Yeah, I’ll come; don’t leave me here!” she wailed, her arms stretching out to me, “I don’t like being left on my own!”

I heaved a deep sigh of resignation, having hoped that she’d want to just lay there and sunbathe but now knowing that I’d have to put up with her on my ramble.

“Oh come on then if you must,” I said, “Only because it’s you, but mind you, I don’t know how rough the path will be.”

Sharon stood up and plastered herself against me with her firm naked tits squashing themselves deliciously against my arm and, easily beaten, I finished dressing and after a quick kiss Sharon began to do the same.

“I don’t care, so what, you’ll be with me,” said Sharon suddenly happier again as she dressed, “I’d get all scared if you left me there alone.”

Once we were both suitably clad I led Sharon along the side of the lake, the pair of us following a small and windy path that various animals must have created, stepping over fallen logs and pushing aside overhanging branches as we moved on. I’d been this way before but only as far as a small point that jutted into the lake but from there on it would be genuine exploration for us both.

“Which way now?” I asked quietly once we reached the end of known territory, but Sharon only shrugged her shoulders so, as leader of our little outing I opted for the uphill path.

We trudged on quietly for some time but there were only the sounds of nature around us — it was silent otherwise.

“So quiet, so peaceful, isn’t it?” murmured Sharon and I smiled at her, acknowledging that she was seeing the world from a very different aspect to her usual haunts.

“That’s what I like about these forgotten places — you’re on your own with nature,” I added as I paused and looked around, “It’s lovely.”

“On your own with nature except for me,” said my sister as she closed up behind me, “Just us two.”

“Mmmm yeah,” I said, enjoying the ambience but hardly listening to her, “Peaceful, I agree.”

We moved on, climbing steadily, our path now through wider spread trees and more grass but still very much alone. We spotted numerous birds and a small herd of deer rapidly departing but nothing to cause us any alarm and certainly nothing to disturb us.

The sunshine and the climb made it hard work and before long I could feel the sweat starting to break out and knew that a pause would be appreciated.

“Do you want to take a break?” I asked as we left the trees behind and approached the crest of the hill.

“Ohh yeah, what a good idea; hey, over there, on the grass,” panted Sharon as she stepped up close behind me once more, her breasts pressed softly against me as she stood there, “Come on, stay with me.”

On the sunny slope not far from the top of the hill was a patch of short rabbit-nibbled grass and it was there that Sharon now let herself down onto the ground. She pressed her hands into the soft grass and sighed contentedly and then, as she saw me removing my t-shirt she took off her own top as well.

“Ohhh, that’s lovely,” she sighed as she lay on her back, “Nice…all soft and springy.”

“What — your tits?” I asked with a small chuckle but instead of a more usual retort from my sister she smiled, wobbled her breasts at me and blew me a kiss.

“Well yeah, and those!” she answered with a wink.

We were silent for a little while as we gathered our breath and strength again, until Sharon spoke.

“Now then, what do people do when they’re on their own?” she asked, as she rolled over and lifted her head on one elbow to look at me.

“Ummm, relax I guess,” I answered as I enjoyed the views around us.

“No, not when I’m out and about,” said Sharon, “When I’m out alone with a şişli rus escort guy we usually get busy.”

“Busy?” I asked as I sat up, my mind not focussed.

“Yeah, busy fucking!” said Sharon eagerly, “Come on, let’s do it again!”

“What — again?” I asked, still shocked.

Even as I spoke she was casting off her shorts and shoes and before I’d even thought to undo my shorts she was there, laying back and lifting her pussy up to me.

“Come on Chris, you’ve got me all hot with all that walking,” she said as she stroked her hand up and down her pussy, “What’s the matter?”

“I wasn’t expecting to,” I said but Sharon wasn’t to be ignored.

“Oh don’t be silly,” she said eagerly, “Here, let me help.”

In a moment she’d rolled over, pushed me down onto my back and with a few well-rehearsed movements she had my shorts off and my cock in her hand.

I was aroused of course but far from hard but I soon stiffened up as her hand stroked me firmly.

“That’s better,” she enthused as she wriggled around until her face was poised over my penis and her breasts were pressed against my thighs.

She stroked me for a little longer until she was certain that I’d remain hard, then ducked her head and her open mouth onto my cock.

“Ohhhh!” I gasped as her perfect lips slid down my shaft, “Ohhh fuck yeahhh!”

She was good, there was no doubt about that, a well-practiced cock-sucker as befitted a girl who frequented the clubs around town and her hot slippery lips slid up and down steadily, causing my hips to jerk my cock towards her.

She pulled off and looked up at me.

“Don’t go getting too excited,” she said, her tongue licking at her lips, “I want a nice long ride in a little while.”

She ducked back onto my cock and I felt myself sliding down into her throat, her restricted passage squeezing my penis deliciously.

“You’d better stop then,” I pleaded, “I won’t last long if you keep doing that.”

“If that’s so you won’t last long in my pussy either, will you?” she said as she stood up, “So you’d better do me twice!”

“I’ve done you more than twice already!” I complained, “I’m not used to all this exercise.”

“Yes you are, you’re always going for your long rambles; what with those and those weights you use at home — you’re used to exercise,” answered Sharon as she stood astride me.

Her pussy was lit by the sunshine and seemed to be ablaze with life-giving health.

“Not this horizontal kind of exercise,” I muttered but despite my objections I could feel that my cock was more than eager for some action now.

“Tough, here I come,” said Sharon as she lowered herself towards me, “You ready?”

Her hand was already gripping my cock and was aiming it upwards and a moment later I felt the heated slipperiness of her pussy against my knob. My cock jerked with excited anticipation as it slid into her heated hole, then jerked again as the end of my penis met her cervix.

“Yeahhh, all the way in!” breathed Sharon happily, “Leave it there for a bit, let me just enjoy it.”

Her arse wriggled around on my lap, working her pussy around my cock, squeezing, caressing, smoothing and sucking at it with her internal muscles and with almost every movement my own muscles jerked my penis inside her.

“Lovely…” she breathed, her eyes closed, “Love having a nice big cock inside me!”

“You certainly do, don’t you!” I agreed, happy with her description of my cock, “And you’ve got a lovely tight pussy.”

“Mmmm, I know, I keep it exercised!” explained Sharon as she continued to play with my penis, “I knew you’d like it!”

“What’s not to like?” I asked, “You’re wonderful, even if you are a bit exhausting!”

“And I haven’t finished yet!” exclaimed my sister, “I’ve hardly even started!”

Her arse was moving with more intent now, rising slightly to allow my cock to slide in and out slightly but all the while her internal muscles were working hard, so much so that Sharon now began shuddering all over, with sudden spasms tightening her pussy around me.

“Actually I’m just starting!” panted Sharon, “Oh fuck, I’m definitely starting; oh Chris, I’m going to cum, I can feel it!”

Her spasms and contractions were still happening but now with even more energy involved and Sharon was now panting heavily, her body jerkily moving all over the place on my groin.

“Ah, ah, ahhhh, cumming!” she gasped as her actions reached a crescendo, “Fuckin’ cumming, cumming!”

Her hole had tightened so much around my cock that I could hardly move but instead I could feel Sharon’s body seemingly lifting my hips from the grass with her pussy alone — until suddenly she slumped heavily down onto me, her breasts rising and falling with her heavy breathing, her vagina loosening it’s grip on my cock.

“Oh fuck, that was a good ‘un,” she said, as she smiled down at me, “That was a really quick one too.”

Her cheeks were glowing redly from her exertion and excitement but her pussy now had a good hold on my cock once again. She blew me a kiss, then şişli türbanlı escort rolled her hips on mine, sliding my penis around inside herself.

“Really love your cock!” she said happily, “Best one I’ve had in ages — probably ever!”

I shook my head at her words, wondering just how long it would be before she found a better one but Sharon dispelled my thoughts.

“I’m going to keep you ALL for myself,” she said, “I think I’ve had enough of all that clubbing stuff — you’re going to be my lover from now on!”

“If we’re going to live together like you say, you’d better be all mine,” I answered, “No more fucking around.”

“How about if I bring one home?” she said, her vagina crushing me hard, “You could always watch!”

I laughed at her eagerness to screw most of the town but shook my head.

“Nope,” I added, “You’ll be mine or that’s it.”

“Spoilsport!” she answered and as she spoke her pussy began moving again, “And speaking of sport, are you ready for round two?”

My penis was still very stiff inside her and was unaffected by her words as I nodded my reply. My cock had no morals; it merely wanted to have a good time and Sharon’s pussy was certainly enjoyable enough for that.

“Come on then, fuck me!” urged Sharon eagerly, “Get working.”

“Sorry, miles away,” I answered as I thrust up at her wet pussy, “Ok, I’m with you now.”

Sharon was already bouncing up and down, her energetic thighs lifting her up then dropping her arse onto me time and time again. Every time she rose I could feel my cock almost pulling right out of her pussy but she seemed to be aware of that too and would sink down again just before he popped free. With each downstroke I could feel the walls of her sexy vagina sliding against my skin, then the tension as my cock met and pressed against her cervix and then, as she lifted up again I could feel the suction her vagina was creating. I tried to match her strokes with thrusts of my own and together our bodies slapped and thumped together almost noisily at times. Our actions were also rapidly increasing the tension inside my cock and with each stroke I felt myself getting closer and closer to my climax.

“I’m going to cum soon,” I warned her, “Ohhh fuck, definitely gong to cum soon.”

“Come on then, fill me Chris,” she replied, her words answered by an additional squeezing of her vaginal walls around me, “I want to feel you cum!”

“In a moment,” I gasped as I felt things happening, “Ohhh, yess, here it cums — here it cums!”

I managed a quick flurry of thrusts, thrusts that made my sister gasp too, then everything froze, tightened and waited as I sucked in a big breath.

“Ahhhhh!” I cried as I let out both my breath and my spunk, “Fuckin’ ahhhh! Ahhhh!”

“Oh Chris yesss!” cried Sharon, “Making me cum too!”

Amid a smattering of cries and gasps from both of us I pumped my hot cum into her, my penis thrusting hard and deep with each eruption, with Sharon quivering and convulsing on and around me, sucking the cum from my cock with her eager vagina — and then we slumped once again, temporarily exhausted.

“Oh fuck, you’re so bloody good!” sighed Sharon, her warm breath against my cheek, “Never had anyone who could fuck so well before.”

“I’ve never fucked such a sexy pussy either,” I answered, feeling my cock beginning to deflate through exhaustion, “But you’re really wearing me out!”

“Oh no, not yet!” moaned Sharon and as she spoke I felt her vagina closing around my cock again, stirring him from his post-cotial slumber.

“More?” I asked, amazed at her need.

“Definitely!” she answered as she kissed me and wriggled her lovely breasts around on my chest, “You’re turning me in to a proper nympho!”

“As if!” I retorted, “You already were one!”

“Prove it!” she said as her pussy worked to bring my cock back to life, “Do it again then.”

I’d never before had such a sex-packed day and yet somehow I still felt as if I could carry on for ages yet. Perhaps my body was drawing strength from the fresh country air and sunshine but even I felt amazed by my cock’s enthusiasm and stamina.

A challenge from my sister wasn’t to be ignored either although if I was to perform again right now I really wanted to be in control.

Quickly I pushed her up off me, rolled her over and lowered her on her back to the grass. My depleted cock slid from her pussy as I did so and now it was my turn to be poised above her.

“Yuk, I’m soaked — again!” she said and as she did so she used both hands to pull her lips apart, “Look at it all!”

Her pussy was one oozing slippery mass of wetness, an intermingling of her sexual juices and my cum that had welled from her hole, slid down into the cleft of her arse and spread over her thighs and pubes. My own penis was beslimed too, a blob of cum was clinging to my knob and my own pubes were sticky and flattened but more importantly my cock still retained more than a little stiffness.

I laughed with Sharon as we inspected our splattered sexual parts, şişli ucuz escort then as she looked at me she beckoned with her hand.

“Come here,” she said, “Let me.”

Understanding her, I moved up her body until she was able to grasp the root of my cock just as she opened her mouth. In a moment my penis had disappeared inside her mouth and I felt her energetic tongue sliding around as it cleaned up her juices and my spunk.

She moved away again, licking her lips happily, her hand seemingly reluctant to let go of my considerably stiffer and cleaner cock.

“Nice,” she said, as she lay on her back again, “We taste good together!”

Her action had refreshed the stiffness in my cock and knowing that I’d promised her another round I settled between her thighs again and looked down at her. My eyes roamed down her body, from her pouting lips as she blew me a sticky kiss, to her swelling breasts with their little hard nipples, down over her trim torso and her dimpled belly button to her groin and there my eyes came to rest.

Immediately I felt a strong and impulsive contraction of my abdominal muscles that lifted my cock as if to salute her body and I knew that the lure of her flesh was irresistible.

Her lips were still parted and wet and sticky and anointed with bubbles of cum and looked perfect for a nice sloppy fuck. I felt my cock jerk with excitement again as I lowered myself towards her while Sharon lifted her hips up to meet me.

We met softly, cock to pussy, then my penis slid so easily into her, parting her warm wet lips, filling her twitching, juicy hole again then pressing against her cervix once more.

“Ohhh Chris, yesss!” Sharon breathed deliciously, “Fuckin’ hell, I really do love your cock!”

“Love your body too,” I breathed as I slowly let my penis slide in and out of her pulsating vagina, “You’re so bloody sexy!”

“Only for you now, I promise,” sighed Sharon as she lifted her arms and wrapped them around my neck, “I just want you all the time! You and your — oooh Chris — your lovely, lovely cock!”

Fucking my sister seemed so natural now — we fitted together perfectly and seemed to know exactly what we both liked and wanted the most. I simply adored the way she became so juicy for me and how her body reacted to my penis. I realised too that even though she was simply sopping wet with the juices of our previous fuck it still felt incredibly tight up inside her and I could feel every small part of her as we moved together, my penis sliding smoothly in and out of her body and yet despite the high level of sexual pleasure I just didn’t want to cum right now. More to the point I guessed that my balls had simply had enough for a while at least — but so far my mouth had remained almost unused.

“Hang on,” I said as I paused, “Could I umm, you know, go down on you again?”

“Oh Chris — I thought you’d never ask!” enthused my sister as her vagina seemed to try to expel my cock, “Yes please, you guys never pay enough attention to using your tongue!”

“Been there twice already haven’t I?” I said feeling that I’d already exceeded my normal limitations but Sharon obviously was referring to men in general and not just me.

“Yeah but I like it,” she said as she lifted her pussy up towards me as I settled on my belly between her legs, “Lots of it!”

Her wide-spread pussy gleamed in the sunshine, glistened with strands and sheets of sticky, slippery juices and seemed to glow with health and happiness somehow. I breathed in a huge lungful of scented pheromones, the erotic mixture of our emissions enough to send a big wave of horniness to my cock. I felt my knob pushing through the warm grass — and had time to think that before I fucked her again I’d probably need to do some gardening on my penis! But that was an aside that took nothing from her deliciousness and my eagerness to enjoy her pussy to the full.

I closed my eyes to let my brain absorb the thrill as I let my head almost drift downwards until I felt the tickle of her pubes on my nose, then I opened my eyes again.

Amid her curly nest a few inches from my eyes was a large blob of cum, presumably flicked off the end of my cock as I pulled free of her hole and I moved, stretched out my tongue and swiped the tip through the milky deposit, gathering most of it into my mouth. Another wave of eroticism surged through my body, straining my cock against the ground.

I wriggled down a bit and as I did so her clit appeared before my eyes and with another small adjustment I closed my lips around it, causing Sharon to gasp and jerk powerfully.

“Sorry Chris, didn’t mean to — that was just perfect!” she said, “Perfect start!”

I managed to convey that I’d heard her by waving my hand but I didn’t say anything because her clit was held firmly in my lips and I fluttered my tongue over the tip, tasting our juices and her powerful femininity. A clitoris to me was the epitome of a female’s charm, even more powerful than her vagina itself. I knew in my mind that once a woman allowed you to savour it’s delicious form and taste you were as good as home — with the right amount of time and effort spent on a clit no woman would want to stop there! Despite that knowledge however, my mouth simply wanted to please my sister and to have her climax all around me. To see her writhing in her ecstasy was enough to send me to places of pleasure way beyond my normal realm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32