My Sexual Education at Home Ch. 02

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A few weeks passed and I got another magazine under my pillow with a note to check out pages 54 thru 57, then come to see him. I knew it had to be something really good. That was all about how to suck cocks and deep-throat cocks.

“YES,” I thought, “he must want me to do this to him and that’s why he pointed it out to me.” So I stayed up late again and studied that part. Later I would study the rest of the magazine. So that weekend, Mom and Dad were out shopping and Gary was working early and I knew he would be home early so I showered and got myself ready to satisfy him like he had done for me the last time. Tonight I would really give him a good blowjob and I would deep-throat him because I had been practicing by pushing bananas back in my throat to make me used to it without gagging. I could now push a banana as far into my throat as I could reach and still pull it back out. So I was ready for him.

When he came in, I stood up and opened my housecoat and there was just me, no panties or bra, just me. He came over to me and kissed me and I just dropped to my knees and opened his pants and pulled his cock out and I just shoved my face down on it. He groaned and then said “Oh shit sis, you’re so good, but don’t you want to wait till I’ve showered?”

I said “No I want to taste you as you are,” and went back to sucking, Then I slowly eased my face down on it till I had the whole thing in my throat. He was groaning so much!!

He pulled back and I said “What’s wrong honey, am I doing it wrong?’ “No , no hon, I just can’t stand up if you deep-throat me, my knees won’t hold me up!” He went over and sat down on the couch and I was right there and took him again, all the way in and he was making all kinds of moaning noise and I knew he was really loving this, so I took my time about it and I would go down all the way and stay there till I needed to breathe before I came up and I could tell it was driving şişli üniversiteli escort him wild!! Then he started humping and jerking and put both hands on the back of my head and pulled me to him. I knew he was going to shoot into my throat! I forced my head back far enough to catch my breath and went down all the way and sucked hard and played with the head with my tongue and he blasted my throat full of hot cum. I reached under my chin and caressed his balls and made it last longer for him. When he was finished cumming and I pulled back off his cock, he was just lying there on the couch like he was dead! I think that took everything out of him, so I had done a really good job for him.

Finally he grinned and opened his eyes just enough to see me and said “Sis, I’ve had a few blowjobs before by girls older than you and I’m telling you that I have never had one as good as you just gave me. It was absolutely fantastic!!”

“I learned it from the magazine you left for me” I said.

“Well, you sure did good honey” he said. Then he got up and went to the shower. I just sat back on the couch and waited for him to come back out.

When he came back out, he said, “OK sis, now it’s your turn again. Come in here and lie down on my bed and let me show you another thing or two.”

I did as he said and laid down on the bed on my back and spread my legs wide to give him all the access he wanted. He stood at the foot of the bed a minute and said “Sis, just lie there a minute, I want to do something else first,” and went into his bathroom. I wondered what he was thinking. When he came back out, he had his razor and shaving cream.

I said “Gary, what are you going to do?”

He said “I am going to shave your beautiful little pussy as clean as a baby’s butt. Then I’m going to lick it raw!”

“Oh yes Gary, anything you say, I just want to be the taksim anal yapan escort best at satisfying you!” And he proceeded to shave me clean. It looked really good too. I hadn’t thought about that, but it will be shaved from now on!!

Then he got down and started licking and sucking on my pussy lips and my clit and toying with my ass hole and it didn’t take long to get me really hot again and make me start climbing the orgasm mountain. Gary was really good at licking pussy. He was all over the outside lips and inside and up and down and in and out, tongue fucking fast and tongue fucking slow . He just did all of it like it was his nature to do this kind of thing! He kept running his finger in my juicy pussy and then back to my ass hole and I knew that sooner or later he would shove his finger up my ass and make me cum all over his face. And if that’s what he wanted, I sure would give it to him. I wasn’t ready to cum yet but he already had one finger in my ass and was working me pretty good. Damn it –it felt so good. Sucking on my pussy and fingering my ass!! I loved it and my bouncing ass would tell Gary that too. He was in and out of my pussy with his fingers so much that I almost didn’t notice that he was now in my ass with two fingers!..and it didn’t hurt at all.

I said “Come on Gary, try three in there and then four, you have no idea how good it feels!! But I want your mouth on my pussy and four fingers in my ass when I cum, so hurry up!!” Well, he did just that, but it took a little work to get the four in, and it hurt a little, but I was so close to orgasm, that I didn’t care how much it hurt, I wanted them in me all the way!

I growled at Gary! “Come on damn it get them in there, I’m ready to cum, oh god, Gary fuck me with you tongue and your hand, fuck me good! I am cummmmiiinnnnggg!!!!!” And I spasmed and froze in a hump with my ass up off the taksim bdsm escort bed and cum running out of my pussy like a river!! “Oh Gary!!! Oh yes it’s so great,! So great! Damn I wish you could fell this!!” Finally I fell back down to the bed, totally exhausted.

I looked at Gary and he was hard and was jerking himself off. I said, “Give me a minute and I’ll help you honey.”

He replied “That’s ok baby, It’ll be a good one for both of us, I promise! How about it, too tired to go for another?”

“Never” I said, “anytime you want me , anyway you want me, I’m yours!”

He said, “Ok, spread your legs again and get ready to raise them up high, up to your shoulders.”

I did what he said. Then I thought about it, instantly I was scared. “Gary we can’t get me pregnant, you can’t cum in my pussy!!” He just laughed, “Don’t worry honey, you won’t get pregnant. Then he was rubbing his cock head on my pussy and getting it wet and then he put the head in my ass. OH hell that felt good!

“Do it Gary, fuck my ass, make me cum again on your cock!!”

He said “Baby, I’m gonna pump your sweet little ass full of my cum, so full it’ll be dripping out for hours!!!” He shoved into me and I grabbed my knees and pulled them all the way up, raising my ass up and giving him good access to get in deep. Damn, I felt so stuffed, so full with his cock buried all the way in my ass!

“Here it comes—Gary , Gary, honey, hurry, I want you to cum with me, Hurry!”

He started pumping in and out of me so fast that I had a hard time matching his strokes, but then I felt his hot cum hit the walls inside my ass and that made me blast off too. “OH my lord!! Oh shit oh fuck I’m dying!! I ‘m cummng! Oh yes Gary! Oh yes oh fuck, it’s so damned good.!!!”

Wow, what an afternoon! How many times did Gary make me cum today? I lost count! But I know I love sex, and I sure do like that cock in my ass too!.

When I got up to go to the bathroom, gobs of cum slid down my leg. I reached down to cover my pussy with my hand and found my ass standing wide open, with nothing in it. But I dashed on to the shower and got cleaned up and went upstairs to wait for our parents and fell asleep on the couch, exhausted, with a smile on my face!

End of Chapter Two

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