My Sister Jackie

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Perhaps what I’m about to tell you is, to some people, a bit unusual, but in our defense, it all started out in a harmless sort of way. Many years ago, almost before I can remember, my older sister Jackie and I were separated by our parents divorce and we both grew up on the opposite sides of the country. We had very little contact so we never really got to know each other. By the time we were grown we simply went on with our lives.

A couple of years ago I got a call from Jackie and she told me that she had recently divorced her second husband and, by coincidence, had just moved to the same city I was living in. She said that she had found my name and phone number in the phone book and wasn’t even sure it was me, but thought she would give it a try. We had a long and friendly chat and tried to talk about the things we might have in common, without much success. All in all the conversation was pleasant and almost reluctantly on my part we agreed to meet for dinner the following Saturday night.

When Saturday night came I went to the restaurant where we were to meet. It was early so it was not crowded and I took a table near the back to wait. I looked at every woman who came in the door searching their faces for some sort of recognition, not really knowing after all the years what she would look like. Finally a very attractive woman came in and stood by the entrance and I remember jokingly whispering to myself, “Damn, I wish that was her!” The woman had beautiful figure and face with black hair that hung below her shoulders. She was wearing a short black skirt that hugged her hips and ass, and a tight fitting long-sleeved pale blue blouse that clearly accentuated her large breast. Her legs were trim and tan and set off by dark hose and black high-heel shoes. I remember holding my breath as she looked around the room. When she saw me she smiled and started toward the table. I couldn’t believe that this was my long-lost sister! At least not a woman who looked that good!

It was obvious that for the first hour it was awkward for us both as we tried to find a common ground between us. We were related so deeply by blood, yet we were completely separated by our own individual circumstance. At first, we talked like two people on a first date but before long we talked like old friends. We talked about many things including our ex-spouses and what we had been doing with our lives over the years. We both agreed that we had not been very lucky in love and we jokingly admitted that for a long time we both suffered with pretty lousy sex lives. As the evening wore on I could tell that we both began to feel a strong bond between us that was hard to explain. Jackie was a very attractive woman and it was hard to hold the thought that she and I were sister and brother. We talked freely about our lives. Our successes and our failures. And of course we shared some of our intimate secrets with each other.

We had a very good time together and I was sorry to see it getting late. As we stood out in front of the restaurant saying our good-bye’s, Jackie hesitated, as if she wasn’t quite ready to leave and she said. “Would you like to come back to my apartment? I’m still moving in, but if you don’t mind the mess-“

“I’d love to!” I quickly replied for I wasn’t ready to leave her either.

Her apartment was on the top floor of a large complex in the nicest part of town. After offering me some coffee she went into the bedroom to change her clothes, complaining, “These shoes are new and they are killing my feet, do you mind if I change?”

“No, I don’t mind.” I said. While she was in the other room I looked around the apartment and it was easy to see that she had some very nice things. A strange feeling came over me as I looked at some of the things that I assumed were an important part of her life. It made me feel like I had missed something by not knowing şişli üniversiteli escort my own sister. I felt as if I was looking at something shadowy and vague that was hidden within myself that I had, through no control of my own, lost touch with. Some of her things looked oddly familiar, though I had never seen them before. On a glass shelf in a curio cabinet I saw a small, delicately carved ivory figurine of a couple engaging in oral sex in the sixty-nine position and it made me hold my breath for a brief moment. As I was admiring the figurine Jackie came in the room behind me and I was suddenly at a loss for words. “Um, nice.” I said nodding at the figurine. I felt foolish the moment I said it.

“I bought that for my ex-husband Roger, I thought it might give him some ideas.” She laughed sarcastically.

I turned around and saw that Jackie had changed into a pair of faded jeans and a man’s long sleeved white shirt and she still looked very sexy even if she was my sister. I couldn’t be sure but I thought she wasn’t wearing a bra under her shirt. The jeans were very tight and accentuated the soft curves of her hips and thighs.

“Didn’t it work?” I asked.

“No.” Jackie sat on the sofa and patted the cushion as an invitation for me to sit next to her. “Roger was a lot of things but a a great lover wasn’t one of them. I don’t know how we got into the sexual rut that we did, but his idea of making love was to masturbate as he watched me use a vibrator on myself. And, even that didn’t happen very often.” She paused. “If I really insisted, he would fuck me, but I got tired of begging for it.” She shook her head. “I think the little statue there,” she pointed toward the curio cabinet, “was a symbol of my own defiance.”

“Roger and my ex-wife would have gotten along great,” I said. “She would have liked that. She would have been able to fake her orgasms with the vibrator and she wouldn’t have had to go to the trouble of cleaning herself up afterward.”

Jackie laughed and as she did I couldn’t help but notice the way her tits bounced softly under the material of her shirt. When she stopped laughing I thought I caught her taking a quick glance at my crotch. She took a sip of her coffee, then said, “Does it surprise you to learn that your big sister is a very sexual woman?”

“No.” I answered. Then I added lightly, “We both must have gotten a good share those particular gene in our make-up.” I paused then said more seriously, “I guess it’s one of the reasons my wife and I didn’t make a go of it, we were definitely on two different levels of sexual need. It was fine for her to have sex once a month…sometimes less than that…I needed it almost every day.”

We continued to talk for about an hour, mostly about sex. I was amazed at how openly and freely we shared the most intimate details of our past. It was obvious that we had both been burned many times in the past and she made it clear she wished she cold find a man who could treat her with respect and care, and who could make love to her without wanting to dominate or smother her. When Jackie talked about how some of her lovers in her distant past, before Roger, made love to her, I noticed that her nipples got hard and pressed against the material of her shirt. Once when she got up to get us more coffee I saw a small dark wet spot in the crotch of her jeans, right at her vagina would be, and I knew that she was getting very turned-on by our open discussion.

When she sat back down I told her about some of the very exotic sexual adventures I had in different parts of the world while I was in the military. “I think that kind of spoiled me,” I laughed. And she begged me to tell her all of the details. It was obvious that the more we talked the hornier we were both getting. I didn’t even try to hide the hard-on that kept rising in my taksim anal yapan escort pants. I told her of the obvious sexual difference between women of the Orient and the women of Europe and how each fucked differently. I told her of the oriental basket-fuck I got in Hong Kong and the iced-towel techniques I experienced in Milan, Italy. I also told her about the girl I lived with when I was stationed in Alaska and how she introduced me to swinging. The more I talked, I noticed, the harder it was for Jackie to sit still and I could tell her breathing was getting a little deeper.

Suddenly she leaned over and put her head against my shoulder and let her hand come to rest on my thigh. I immediately could feel a small amount of my precum flowing out the end of my cock as throbbed against the material of my pants. I had a moment of indecision as I wasn’t sure what to do next. I was so horny. I wanted, with everything in me, to fuck her at that moment. But this was my sister, I thought to myself.

“OH GOD!” She half-laughed as she put her head back against the sofa. Then she lifted her head and looked at me. I knew what she wanted; I just wasn’t sure what was next. Her breathing was heavy and I could see her hands trembling slightly. “God, I am so horny,” she said. “I need to get fucked! It’s been too long since I had a hard cock in me!” She leaned against me and I reached my hand down and started to unbutton the buttons of her shirt. I ran my hand over the warm flesh of her erotic breast and let my fingers play with her erect nipples. Suddenly it didn’t matter that we were brother and sister. We were actually more like strangers – simply a man and a woman with deep passionate needs that couldn’t be suppressed or ignored any longer.

Jackie’s hand moved over and began to rub my hard cock. With a quick movement she unzipped my pants and pulled my underwear aside letting my cock stand up in my lap. Her fingers worked smoothly as she fondled the head of it making it swell even larger. As she lowered her mouth onto my hard penis I unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off of her. Her lips and tongue worked erotically on me and before long I could feel my orgasm building quickly and I had to fight to control it. Lifting her head from my cock I gently urged her back on the sofa and got her to lie on her back as I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them off. She wasn’t wearing any panties and it was easy to see that her whole crotch was wet with her excitement. As I undressed I couldn’t believe the erotic beauty of her nude body as she lay there waiting for me to fuck her. Her lovely tits rose and fell as she continued her passionate breathing. Her cunt lips stood out from her soft pubic hair and were puffy with excitement and the anticipation of getting fucked.

When I was finally undressed I resisted the urge to immediately start fucking her and I deliberately sat back down on the sofa so as to be facing her cunt. Her eyes held mine as I reached forward and gently parted her pussy lips with my fingers. In response she spread her legs. Her hips arched and clear flow of moisture ran from her lips and down her ass onto the sofa cushion. The unmistakable scent of her wet lust filled my nostrils as she closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. I slipped my middle finger into her vagina and let my index finger come to rest against her clitoris. I was amazed at how tight and hot her pussy felt as it held my finger. As I slowly began to finger-fuck her wet pussy I very gently rolled her swollen clit back and forth. It was easy to see that Jackie preferred a light touch on her clit. Many years before I met a wonderfully warm and sensuous woman in London, and it was she, who taught me how to bring any woman to an intense orgasm with a light touch, in the proper place, on the clitoris. Turning my palm slightly upward I began taksim bdsm escort to massage Jackie’s G-spot with my other finger and the effect was immediate. Jackie began to whimper as she ground her cunt against my fingers. Her first orgasm was coming on her very fast. I reached up and put my other hand on her breast and squeezed her erect nipple as her body arched and she let out a soft, yet, high-pitched cry of pleasure. I felt her tight cunt throbbing around my finger as the waves of pleasure coursed through her body.

“Oh my God!” She moaned, “I’ve never cum that hard in my life! I never knew- “

She didn’t finish her sentence. I was still finger-fucking her and a second, but smaller, wave of pleasure jolted her body.

Looking down at my cock I was surprised to see the copious amount of clear, sticky precum that had flowed out of my urethra and run down the side of my prick. It had been a long time since I had been this fully aroused. I almost felt sexually possessed. This is the level of sexual intensity that I had searched my whole life for. It was not always easy to attain. I had felt it several times with a few other women and I realized, sadly, that I had never felt it with my ex-wife.

I gently pushed Jackie’s legs apart and moved my body between them. I wanted to move my lips to her cunt and taste the secret essence of her aroused vagina but decided to wait. Instead I placed my cock against the opening of her pussy and as I lowered my face to her right breast and began to suck on her erect nipple and with a quick thrust my hard cock burst up into her wet vagina. She quickly wrapped her sensuous legs around my back as we began to fuck each other. Her cries and moans were constant and the intensity built as we thrust roughly against each other in the velvet-violence of sexual intercourse.

Jackie came several times as we continued to fuck and with each of her orgasm it became harder for me to hold mine back. As she approached another orgasm it was obvious it would be her strongest and I began to pump her vagina as hard as I could. There was no way that I could hold back my own orgasm as we struggled against each other for our lustful fulfillment.

“FUCK ME! FUCK ME AS HARD AS YOU CAN! PLEASE! PLEASE!” She begged. “I’M CUMMING!” She cried as her whole body arched up against me.

My own orgasm rushed over me as I spewed my hot fuck-juice out the end of my cock and into the dark wetness of her cunt. I felt myself repeatedly pumping my cum into her hole as I groaned uncontrollably. I knew I had ejaculated a huge amount of cum into my sister’s cunt as I could actually feel the liquid pooled against the head of my cock.

We both lay wrapped in each others arms as our orgasms subsided. I softly sucked on her erotic nipples as her breathing slowed. Her soft moans made me feel as if I was glimpsing a very private and vulnerable part of her that I hoped was one that no one had ever seen before. As we lay there, as we held each other, it felt as if we were taking something from each other that we each so desperately needed.

I felt my cock slip from her vagina and I softly moved down her body and began to kiss the skin of her thigh. I could see small traces of my own cum, white, on her crimson cunt lips and trapped in her matted pubic hair. Something special had happened between us that no one else in the world could understand.

I reluctantly got up and stood looking down at Jackie as she lay there, nude and freshly fucked. She still had her eyes closed and I wondered if I would, ever again, feel the total sexual completeness that her intimacy had shown me. My own sister, who, I realized, I hardly knew, showed me something about myself that for so long I was searching for.

Jackie opened her eyes and looked at me with a look that told me she felt the same as I. Softly she reached her hand out for mine as she got up from the sofa. Without a word she led me to her bedroom and her bed where we lay, exhausted, together. Just before I drifted off to sleep I thought back on the moment, as I stood by the sofa, when I feared that I would never again know the deep intimacy of her sexuality. Little did I know it was just the beginning for my sister-lover and I.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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