My Sleeping Beauty’s Sweet Booty

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Gwen and I arrived at Janet and Frank’s home late in the afternoon. We had been asked by our friends to house-sit while they went away on vacation. We jumped at the chance to get away from the heat of the city and spend some quality time together doing what we wanted, when we wanted. After exchanging pleasantries and sharing a tasty dinner, we bid our friends goodbye as they drove west toward the Oregon coast.

At 9:00 I flipped on the TV and watched a rerun of a cops-and-robbers show. Gwen joined me in time to catch the 10 o’clock news. We snuggled up to film clips and sound bites making it seem that everything that happened today in the world was bad. Even good things were somehow ended up being bad. It was typical network news.

We’d had a long day of work followed by a 2-hour drive to our “home away from home”. After the news ended, we shut off the television and got ready for bed. Gwen went into the master bath and did what she normally does before turning in. I went to the guest bath and did my business before returning to our bedroom. I stripped off my clothes and fell into bed naked. Soon Gwen joined me, also naked. We made hot passionate love before falling asleep.

Early in the morning I woke up, feeling nature’s call. I started for the guest bath, but then thought it might be different to do my business outside. A gentle warm rain greeted me as I stepped onto the front lawn. I took hold of my cock and let go an arcing stream of piss. After finishing, I walked around the yard, feeling the tattoo of the raindrops over my body.

Eventually, I came back into the house and toweled off. I drank a glass of water and went back to the bedroom. As I entered the room, I saw Gwen all curled up on the bed asleep. I stood there looking at her marveling at how beautiful she is even after many, many years together. The pre-dawn light gave her dark plum-colored skin a soft, liquid look. Her back was to me and her legs were drawn up tight to her chest. As I gazed at my lovely Gwen I couldn’t help but notice her big 40+ -inch butt pointed right at me. I felt my cock start to twitch and knew I had to have her now. In an instant I was on the floor pendik escort up close to her bottom, examining the little starburst deep between her cheeks and inhaling deeply of the scent of her vagina. I lightly touched the roundness of her ass, taking care not to wake her. But, before long, I could no longer control my urges. I touched and squeezed my darling’s behind, running my tongue over and between her meaty cheeks. I licked her pussy like a starving man offered life-giving sustenance. I got her femininity all slick and frothy with my spit before attending to her other hole. I spent a minute or two tonguing in and around her anus, tasting its muskiness. Somehow, Gwen didn’t wake up. She’s normally a deep sleeper, but I was sure all the activity would rouse her.

By this time my cock was rock-hard. I found a condom in my wallet and quickly rolled it on. I wanted to fuck her tight asshole and then finish off in her cunt. It felt strange wearing a rubber, because Gwen and I almost never use them when we have sex. She likes for me to ejaculate in her pussy and then play with it as it flows out. The only times she insists on using rubbers are those infrequent times when we have sex with other people. She tells her male partner to wear one and wants me to use a condom when fucking another woman. We like having occasional fun with others, but neither of us wants to pick up any disease our temporary sex pals may have gotten elsewhere.

I stood up and eased up to Gwen’s bottom. I maneuvered my penis until the head was right up at the puckered opening. I leaned forward and pushed the head of my cock into her tight hole. I stayed like that for a few seconds before slowly pushing deeper into her ass. Then I stopped and slowly withdrew. Again and again I repeated the in-and-out action inside her butt. After several minutes I felt my balls start to tighten and knew that to continue meant I would cum sooner than I wanted. Sadly, I slid out of her tight asshole and rolled off the used condom. My attention was now centered on her super-wet vagina. Once again I positioned my penis head up against her opening. I slid in easily and began a rhythmic pumping, in-and-out, tuzla escort in-and-out, faster and faster. Soon I felt several blobs of sperm travel the length of my erection, each to be spit out deep in Gwen’s womb.

Soon I was totally spent, my cock hanging wet and limp. I looked again at Gwen. She adjusted her position a bit, but remained in dreamland. I walked into the kitchen and made myself a couple of eggs, some toast and a pot of coffee. Early morning sex gives me a powerful hunger and thirst. Still naked, I went on the driveway to get the morning paper. I drank my coffee, ate my eggs and toast and read the paper.

About forty minutes later a nude Gwen walked into the kitchen. We exchanged a good morning kiss. Gwen sat down and told me about a very erotic dream where she had been fucked by an unseen stranger to total satisfaction. In fact, the dream was so realistic that when she woke up she felt a slight tingle in both her ass and pussy. Gwen said she moved her hands to her pussy in order to masturbate and found it was hot to the touch and wet and swollen with excitement. She began fondling her intimate flesh and after a while moved to wet her fingers on her tongue. That’s when she noticed a familiar smell and taste. It was sperm! She moved her hands down between her legs and was able to gather up quite a bit of cum that had pooled in her snatch.

She looked at me with bemusement on her face. I gave her my best innocent face, but I knew she didn’t believe me. Gwen asked me to stand up before her. She took hold of my penis and asked my cock if he’d been doing naughty things inside her body while she slept. She moved her face as close to my penis as she could without actually touching it. As she spoke I felt her warm breath over the head. My cock has a mind of its own and almost instantly began growing in length and girth. Gwen stared intently at my expanding manhood, examining everything between the tip and root. That’s when she noticed a residual sticky patch in my pubic hair. She got some of the goo on her finger and gave it a sniff and then a taste. It was semen and it smelled and tasted just like the semen she had scooped up from her kartal escort cunt. Gwen had me dead to rights. I admitted I had penetrated her asshole and pussy while she slept. I couldn’t help myself!

Gwen told my cock she was disappointed in that he had had real fun, but she only thought it was a dream. Was that fair? Of course not! She told my cock the only way to even the score for him to fuck her right now.

Who was I to argue with such perfect logic? I raised Gwen from the chair and bent her over the table. Then, with a mighty thrust I entered her superheated pussy. Her juices felt like boiling water as they bathed my cock. I pushed in as deep as I could and quickly withdrew before sliding in again. Gwen was chirping in delight and her pussy muscles grabbed onto my shaft with every penetration. We went on like this for a few minutes. Then Gwen stuttered that her asshole felt neglected and wanted in on the action. I pulled out of her cunt with a loud plop. I found another condom and rolled it on quickly before entering her pucker hole. Gwen let out a loud moan and begged me to do it hard. I pounded her ass as she fingered her clit. Suddenly she stiffened and let out a growl that could only come from the depths of her soul. Her sphincter tightened around my penis like a vise. She was having an orgasm for the ages! Within seconds I joined her, pumping globs of sperm into the rubber.

We stayed connected like that, with my cock buried in her anus, for about a minute. Finally my prick softened enough to slide out. Gwen turned around and removed the cum-laden condom from my cock. She fixed her gaze on me as she emptied the rubber’s contents onto her tongue letting it coat the surface before swallowing. Then she licked and swallowed the remaining nut juice from my limp cock.

Gwen straightened up and arched her back like a cat. She turned to head for the bedroom but stopped to wiggle that big behind at me. She asked in a sultry voice if I was man enough to go another round. In truth, I was exhausted, but my honor was at stake, so I just told her I was ready any time, any place. She smiled as she sashayed into the bedroom, making sure I got an eyeful of her jiggling ass and thighs. My cock started to stiffen and I soon followed her in.

We spent the whole morning having all forms of sex. But that’s for a future story. Right now, I need to get some sleep.

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