New Ways

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This story begins with an actual encounter. If readers want I will continue.


It started out as a bit of a joke. I met her playing scrabble. For the sake of this story I will call her Sarah. I like to know where people come from and a little about them when we play. And I enjoy chatting. I am always careful though, so that I only venture into risqué conversation if it seems to be wanted.

So — as usual, I asked where she is from, and offered that I am in Australia. Sarah is from England and her first response to me revealing where I live was to tell me that she had been to Australia last year, and that here she had her first experience with another woman! Well, of course I was interested! And she was all too ready to tell me about it!!

She was here on holidays and sitting in a bar in Perth (the capital of Western Australia and the most isolated capital city in the world — and a lovely place!). She started chatting with a woman at the bar and commented on how expensive the local beer was. Lara (lets call her that) agreed but said — “My place is just around the corner. I have a bottle of nice white in the fridge. Shall we?”

Sarah is 37 — at least that is what her Facebook page says, and her photographs bear that out. She is a petite brunette with a striking pretty face. In the photos where she is smiling she glows with a confident beauty. As far as I know still she has never married, but we never reveal everything about ourselves online. Lara, so Sarah told me, was a stunning blonde, tall and with legs to die for. Apparently she is 41 — so here were two women in their prime. The weather was hot and so they were both wearing short print dresses — not only to accommodate the heat but also because they showed off their amazing figures.

They sat in the back yard of Lara’s place, chatting and reminiscing about places where they had both been. Sarah told me that she didn’t quite know why — perhaps it was the amount she had drunk, perhaps it was the inhibition which comes with being far away from home with a complete stranger. Perhaps it was just that she was discovering her true self at last. Sarah leaned across and tried to kiss Lara, who gently pushed her back and shook her head. “No, I don’t think so.”

Awkward moment. Sarah felt like leaving then and there, but they both laughed it off and kept chatting. But Sarah noticed that Lara was looking at her differently now. She seemed to be casting her eyes more over Sarah’s body and even a few times their eyes met and they both stopped talking. Then the conversation continued. After about half an hour Lara surprised Sarah with a question. “Would you like to try that kiss again?” Well, my new friend didn’t need any encouragement. She leaned across the space between their chairs and looked deep into Lara’s eyes as their lips came together. There was an emotion she registered there, deep in Lara’s eyes which was not at all clear. A little fear, a longing for more, a risk that she had decided to take?? Sarah didn’t know what exactly was going on — and lost sight of the emotion when Lara closed her eyes, but at the same time opened her lips.

Immediately their tongues began to dance together. Deep, exploring each other’s mouths then pulling back to tease and touch gently as they held each other. Suddenly Lara stood up, took Sarah by the hand and said, with a voice already husky with desire, “Let’s take this inside!”

They found their way quickly into Lara’s bedroom and fell together, side by side, onto the large soft bed. While they continued kissing both women let their hands wander freely over each other’s bodies. Hands cupping each other’s breasts and thumbs teasing the already erect nipples through bahis firmaları layers of fabric. Fingers caressing bare skin in between the flimsy cloth of their sun dresses. Each of them looked into the other’s eyes and their hands moved down, smoothing the light cotton against each other’s stomachs, then down, deeper and cupping a hand between the legs of the other. Both could feel, through the layers, the heat which had nothing to do with the temperature of the day.

Sarah and Lara lay there, holding each other, looking deep into each other’s eyes, enjoying the feel of another woman’s hand pressed against their pussies. Sarah smiled and took the initiative again. She grasped the hem of Lara’s flimsy dress and peeled it upwards, off her body. They both sat up and Sarah was entranced. Of course (she told me) she had seen another woman naked before — and Lara was not quite naked yet — but the thought that this was not an accident or just the consequence of being in a change room at the same time. This was more like unwrapping a present and she felt her pussy tingle at the sight before her. Neither woman was wearing a bra and so when both dresses were removed they sat looking at each other, wearing just their skimpy panties. Sarah was wearing a pale blue g-string with a patch of lace barely covering her obviously bare pussy. Lara’s was wearing cream French knickers with delightful folds of satiny cloth. Both of them could see that there were already signs that they had aroused each other deeply.

Sarah placed a fingertip on Lara’s knee and began to trace swirls across Lara’s warm soft skin. As the swirls went higher and higher Lara lay back, abandoning herself to the simplicity and the erotic charge of this caress from just a fingertip tracing swirls on her leg. Sarah moved around so that she was sitting between Lara’s legs and placed both hands on the long sexy legs in front of her, caressing Lara’s calves, behind her knees then slowly moving higher and higher across the soft skin of Lara’s inner thighs.

Lara lay squirming. Her pussy was on fire and she wanted more, NOW, but she knew better than to interrupt the unfolding delight of this soft caress. Sarah’s hands reached the top of Lara’s thighs and her fingertips began to tease up underneath the folds of the expensive knickers . She hooked one finger underneath and ran it up and down, the back of her finger brushing across the folds of Lara’s pussy lips and on her fingertips Sarah could feel the moisture which had already escaped. Lara shuddered and thrust her hips upwards, wanting to feel more of Sarah’s body connecting with hers.

Sarah removed her finger and grasped the knickers, one hand on each hip. Lara lifted her legs high in the air and her knickers were peeled away then let her legs drop back down, spread wide, her pussy glistening, beautiful, bare, open and ready to be touched.

Sarah smiled then shuffled further down the bed, taking one of Lara’s legs she began to kiss and lick — starting at Lara’s ankles she kissed all the way up her long beautiful legs, letting her tongue and lips delight in her new friend’s amazing body. When she had almost reached the top and her lips were barely centimetres away from Lara’s pussy Sarah shuffled down and began to give the same attention to Lara’s other leg. And Sarah smiled when she heard a moan which was desire and frustration and anticipation bundled together. This time when she reached the top of Lara’s leg she did not stop, but her lips planted kisses across the smooth, hot, wet lips before her. Sarah’s tongue reached out and with the tip of her tongue she traced the edges of Lara’s lips. Up and down. Just touching her. Teasing, but also exciting them both even more.

Then kaçak iddaa deeper — long slow licks, moving her lips across and around her tongue, Sarah licked and then began to suck Lara’s lips into her mouth, tasting her, drinking her in. Lara was lying back, shaking and all she seemed to be able to do was moan over and over “Oh my god … YES YES.” Sarah began to lick up and down — long broad strokes of her tongue pressed against and between Lara’s lips. She reached up to her clit and let her tongue swirl around and around. She sucked Lara’s clit into her mouth and held it there, sucking gently. One of Sarah’s fingers slid up under her chin and into Lara’s pussy. Then another. And as she sucked on Lara’s clit her fingers slid in and out. Faster and faster and Lara writhed beneath her face.

Then Sarah felt Lara’s hands on the back of her head, pressing her in, holding her closer. Lara began to cry “Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!!”and Sarah’s face was suddenly drenched. She moved down and lapped at Lara’s pussy, drinking her in and pressing her face deep between Lara’s legs. And Lara kept moaning, and cumming, and cumming, until she collapsed exhausted on the bed, breathing heavily.

“Thank you!” said Sarah, as she wiped her mouth, licking her lips, continuing to taste Lara, and smiling as she did. “You are thanking ME?! OMG — thank YOU!! That was amazing. No guy has EVER made me cum as much as that. OMG, OMG, … I am still shaking.” Sarah shuffled up the bed and lay next to Lara, cuddling while Lara’s breath returned to a more normal rhythm. Then smiled as she felt Lara’s hand move between her legs and begin to stroke her own sopping pussy.

“I think it is my turn now” said Sarah, as she rolled onto her back and watched Lara as she kissed her way down towards her pussy. Lara paused though, to flick Sarah’s nipples with her tongue and to suck them into her mouth, and to smother her breasts with kisses.


As Sarah was telling me this story I could hardly believe it — and it was getting me so hard and horny. Just hearing about these two women was really getting to me. And I had only just ‘met’ Sarah through playing Scrabble!! So I told her, and then let her get back to the story


Sarah, for some reason, let her eyes wander. She told me that she wanted to take this experience away in her mind, rich and full of detail. The walls of Lara’s bedroom were painted a very light pink, and the sun coming through the lace curtains was dancing across the walls. Only one picture hung on the wall — above the bed. She stretched her head around and recognised it as the one which Julia Roberts gave Hugh Grant. ‘Happiness isn’t happiness without a violin playing goat’ Well — this was definitely up there in the happiness moments!!!

The softness of the sheets, the pink sunlight dappled walls, the violin playing goat … all of these were just context, but in Sarah’s mind they made the context richer. Looking around became much more difficult though as Lara moved lower, sticking her tongue playfully into Sarah’s belly button then pressing her tongue firmly against her belly and licking — one long slow broad lick all the way down across her smooth shaved mons, wiggling sideways as it passed over her clit then plunging deep between her legs. “AAAAAAGH!” Sarah was in ecstasy. Even more, because rather than moving down between her legs Lara settled over her body, facing down. One leg either side and right in front of Sarah’s face — again — was Lara’s glistening, beautiful pussy.

But she couldn’t reach. Lara was holding her body up high as she began to lick deeper and harder up and down Sarah’s pussy, as she was plunging her tongue into Sarah. Sarah kaçak bahis spread her legs wider and held her hips up, opening herself up to Lara, reaching up towards her. And with each lick Lara’s body moved back and forward and it seemed as if her pussy lips were quivering. Sarah could not reach with her tongue, so she brought both hands up, held the cheeks of Lara’s bum and began to stroke her pussy lips with her thumbs. Lara obviously liked this, because she began to lick faster and moved her bum back further, making it easier for Sarah to stroke and tease.

Sarah continued stroking Lara’s pussy lips with one thumb, moving it closer and closer to the entrance to her pussy, rubbing all around then sliding her thumb inside. Her other hand moved a little higher and with one fingertip she swirled in circles around Lara’s puckered hole. There was so much moisture from when Lara had climaxed that Sarah’s finger slide easily inside. Lara began to shake and her tongue was in a frenzy. So, as Lara lashed Sarah’s pussy Sarah plunged her finger and her thumb in and out of Lara’s beautiful body.

The room was full of the sound of their bodies, moans, and the delicious aroma of two highly aroused women. Sarah felt that deep shudder begin and her body shook as she climaxed, and felt her thumb and finger gripped tightly as Lara came at almost the same time. The heat and all that they had been doing to each other had made the sheets on which they lay completely sodden.

When Lara came again to lie beside her Sarah smiled. They looked deep into each other’s eyes. Sarah brushed a stray lock of hair from Lara’s face, caressed her cheek then kissed her full on the mouth.


Sarah told me that she had a couple more days there and saw Lara again, and that they had kept in touch through email since — after Sarah returned to England. As you can imagine I was shaking myself after she told me all this! But her next question stunned me. “Have you ever had sex with a guy?” “No” was my quick reply. “Would you? Have you ever thought about it?”

How honest to be — that was a big question. After all that she had shared I decided there was no point in holding back. “Perhaps. I have wondered but I have never been game! I really do prefer women.” “Why not!!” she said “just go for it — try it! Saying you prefer women is a lame excuse.”

“How about if we went out together and picked up a guy, and we both seduced him? Would that work?” Somehow Sarah seemed to know just how to get to me! I was already imagining it.

She suggested a scene – she went and picked up a guy from the bar at a club, brought him back and then took my hand and put it on his thigh — then leaned around and kissed me in front of him while she rubbed his other thigh with her hand. This was really starting to get me going!

“Hay Sarah — who is that cute young woman on your background pic — is that your daughter?” I thought she said that she was not married — but I might have been wrong. “No — that is the daughter of a friend of mine. Hehe.” “Why the ‘hehe’?” ” Because I know here well, VERY well.”

“OMG — do you mean …?” “I certainly do!” “Does your friend know that you have been … doing … her daughter?” “No — of course not!”

“Well, she is certainly cute. I was wondering … If we are going to set up this scenario — picking up a guy — do you think that your friend might join in?” “Oh yes, she would be up for it — certainly!”

So, we began to plan. Sarah had already set aside time to come again to Australia and I just needed to adjust my holidays. She said it shouldn’t be too hard to work out some reason to bring Grace (her daughter’s friend) with her. I left her to try to work that one out. We decided to meet on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland — far enough away from where I live that I would not be recognised, and a place where lots of people come to … play!

To be continued …

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