Nia and Her Study Project

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Nia’s curiosity takes form and leads to adventures

[This is a story of girl-girl recreational sex of a genetic girl who was born with a penis and views the world and is perceived by others as a female.]

Nia, Jean and Naomi are classmates attending an all women’s college. Nia and Jean are roommates. Nia had been born and raised in Africa. Her parents were doctors with Doctors without Borders. Nia was a special kind of girl. She was born with a penis and tentacles. Her breasts developed fully with nice areolas and nipples after puberty. Her breasts and penis are fully functional except she is sterile. She is, though, genetically a girl. She looks out upon the world as a female and by the way she lives her life she is perceived by others as a female. Being raised in Africa she saw considerable diversity in the human body and accepts her differences with no difficulty.

Nia was concensually raped by her roomate, Jean, after she accidently learned that Nia had a cock. It was consensual by the fact that Nia retained her erection during the rape. Upon advice from her doctor Nia sought help from a friend of the doctor, a young woman, Cindy. Cindy taught Nia how to give sexual pleasure to a woman. Nia was an apt student. Cindy received much personal and sexual satisfaction teaching. They enjoy an ongoing relationship.

With a better understanding of her sexuality Nia had a choice about Jean. She recognized that Jean had an elevated need for sex. She was constantly horny. Nia had a choice: turned Jean into her slut or develop a friend with whom she could satisfy her own sexual needs. She had decided on the latter and their friendship and intimacy blossomed. Jean was able to focus on her studies and became an outstanding student. Her Mother noticed and upon inquiry learned of Nia’s differences. When she had the opportunity she personally thanked Nia for being the person who she was. She also asked Nia if she would be interested in teaching young, virgin girls about sex.

After given it thought and discussing it with Cindy, Nia told Jean’s mother that she would be interested. Shortly thereafter, Naomi’s mother called her. She met Naomi and found her a very likeable person. She subsequently told Naomi’s mother that the decision for her to take Naomi’s virginity was solely Naomi’s. To pursue this Nia felt it necessary to “come out” about her uniqueness. She accomplished this by joining a group of girls from school at a nearby nude beach. As she had anticipated, in that setting, it was a non-issue. Initially there was some curiosity but heck, at a nude beach there is enough diversity in the human body for all to see.

Nia took Naomi’s virginity in an idyllic setting in Naomi’s parents’ mountain retreat. Afterwards Naomi became a frequent visitor at Nia and Jean’s dorm room. She became intimate with Jean. When Naomi would stay overnight it was always interesting to see whose bed she was in when she went to sleep and which, when she awoke. Jean and Naomi considered themselves bisexual. From time-to-time they would meet up with a guy seeking a good time but had yet to find a guy who had a nice cock and could use it as well as Nia. They would be patient. Meanwhile all three fully satisfied one another. They were never horny. They focused on their studies and were exemplary students.

At the end of their freshman year they decided to find an off-campus apartment to share the following school year. They liked the apartment complex in which Cindy lived. It had a pool and an equipped exercise room and was convenient to campus.

During the summer Cindy monitored the rental apartments as they became available in her complex. When a 2-bedroom furnished apartment became available she contacted Nia and subsequently secured it for her. Nia arrived at school a week before classes in order to organize the apartment. Jean and Naomi were not due to arrive until Saturday. Jean was to arrive in the morning and Naomi was flying in that evening.

Nia already knew where she would be staying the first night. So did Cindy. They had missed one another over the summer. Their email exchanges and Skype calls, while nice, did not address the physical yearning for one another that had grown over the summer.

Nia went to Cindy’s apartment immediately upon arriving into town. They greeted one another with extended hugs and prolonged kisses. They felt themselves releasing into the other. After they parted from their greeting Nia went to shower to rid herself of the travel dust. Upon exiting the bathroom wrapped in a towel she went looking for Cindy. She found her in her bed, the covers pulled up only to her waist, her breast bare, lying on her side facing the door with her head resting on the hand of a bent arm. “Looking for me?” Cindy asked smiling.

“Yes!” responded Nia broadly smiling as she dropped her towel, slid into the bed facing Cindy and they came together in a gripping hug and a longing kiss. When they separated from the kiss they just looked into bahis firmaları one another’s eyes for an extended moment before sharing some of their summer’s more interesting adventures in abbreviated form. All the while they were caressing one another, reacquainting themselves with past treasures. They began sharing what they had missed of one another of their shared intimacies. As they were talking they began to kiss. The kissing became a longing which elevated to a mutual hunger. They stopped talking and just kissed aggressively. They were both murmuring their pleasure.

They consummated their reunion with Cindy riding on top, leaning forward so that Nia’s cock was stroking her clit and their breasts were rubbing one another as she rode up and down. When Cindy increased her pace and the walls of her vagina tightened, Nia quickly orgasmed with Cindy immediately following. Cindy kissed Nia forcefully and held the kiss. Nia hugged Cindy tightly.

“I missed that and you,” whispered Nia,

Me too,” whispered Cindy.

They laid there for a while just enjoying being together before getting up. Nia had things to do. Cindy wasn’t concerned. She had Nia all to herself until Jean and Naomi arrived on Saturday.

Cindy was already anticipating “later”. She wondered what made Nia such a great lover with her cock. Was it because of her sex or her gender? Was it in her body or in her mind or both? She’d have to tune in more when they played.

One afternoon while sitting at the pool Cindy began sharing with Nia some of the more notable escort assignments that she had had and some of her clients that she felt were special. During the conversation she surprised Nia with: “The agency hired a new escort. She’s almost like you.”

“How so?” Nia asked.

“Her name is Amy. She’s 28. A few years ago she was in a major automobile accident that damaged her pelvis area. Her labia, vagina, clitoris and clitoral nerve sheath were damaged severely and required considerable reconstructive surgery. After she healed she discovered that deep penetrating intercourse would be too painful. She no longer had a g-spot and her clitoral nerve sheath was so damaged that her clit was desensitized. Sex had been a big part of her life. She enjoyed sex and had sought it out. She was bisexual. She realized that she would not be able to maintain a relationship with men. She found, though, that she could orgasm through breast play.

“With her doctors urging she pursued acquiring a tailored feeldoe and with a friend, developed the necessary skills to use it to satisfy a woman. She apparently learned well. She has a following of women who are eager to be her partner.

“So like you, she enjoys recreational sex with women and fucks them.”

Nia thought about that. She would look forward to talking with Amy and comparing notes. Maybe Cindy would invite her to one of her agency’s informal get together and she’d have the opportunity to do so.

Nia spent most of her time readying the apartment. She had arranged with the complex manager to replace the twin beds in one bedroom with a queen size bed like the one in the other bedroom. She expected that Jean, Naomi and she would either sleep all in the same bed or 2 would pair off and the other would sleep alone in the other bed or if one brought home a “friend” the other two would sleep in the other bed. It was all very fluid. She placed all three bureaus in the room with the attached bathroom and in the other room were the desks and bookcase. The living room was to be for lounging and whatever. When she went with the complex manager to pick out the bed she saw a chaise lounge that would be perfect for the “whatevers”. She bought bed pillows for herself and Naomi. Jean was bringing bedding, blankets and towels for all and kitchen stuff from home.

Nia had found some nearby thrift stores at which they could get whatever else they might need.

Jean arrived Saturday morning. Her parents had driven her.

Nia greeted Jean in front of her parents as one would greet a friend who had not seen the other for some times. Jean’s mother watched and smiled. She knew better. She greeted Nia warmly. When Jean’s parents carried her stuff up to their apartment, her dad commented on the bedroom arrangement but his comments went unaddressed. The expression on his wife’s face told him to just drop it.

The girls could not wait for Jean’s parents to leave. When they did, the girls watched from the window to ensure that they were on their way. Once assured they rushed to a bed and began kissing and playfully touching. They had all these pent up feelings.

It is difficult to describe who did what to who and when but quickly they were naked. Their mouths were occupied. Their hands were occupied. There was frenzy in their actions.

Like Nia’s time with Cindy the frenzy slowed and they spent time kissing and luxuriating in one another’s arms. They made love, slowly, giving all to the other. They recognized that they kaçak iddaa were more to one another than just roommates. The lust would come later. The togetherness was now.

They picked up Naomi at the airport that evening. On the drive home Jean and Naomi shared the back seat. They ignored Nia. Nia ignored them. They were kissing until they got to the apartment. They jumped out of the car, Jean pulling Naomi up to and into the apartment and into the closest bedroom. Each couldn’t get naked fast enough. They jumped into bed, hugging one another, kissing, their hands becoming familiar with territory past explored. I forget which one it was but one switched around, like upside down and from kissing in that position they inched their way down/up one another’s body, kissing, licking and sucking until they were lying on their sided in a 69 –position. They kissed and lapped one another’s pussy until they both orgasmed. They rested a bit before capturing all of each other’s nectar. They had missed that feminine liquor.

They were satiated for the moment. Each knew that they’d be love making sometime during the night.

Lying there, Jean shared with Naomi about a story she had read over the summer. A loving relationship evolved between a young girl and a couple. The husband enjoyed taking his wife from behind. She enjoyed it too. At the end of the story, the two women kneeled at the end of the bed, head down with their bottoms up, and called to the husband. When the husband entered the room he became immediately erect and came forward to please both of the women doing 10 strokes in each, switching back and forth. “Like to do it?” Jean asked.

“Yes, let’s,” responded Naomi.

They presumed the position and called out for Nia. When Nia entered the bedroom she laughed. “What a beautiful sight!” She immediately moved forward and began licking their pussies, first one then the other before doing it again. “Hmmm”, “Delicious”, “So beautiful” Nia would say. But Nia’s cock did not engorge. It remained flaccid! She thought she understood why.

Nia helped Jean and Naomi to turn over with their legs hanging over the bed with enough space between them for her. Nia crawled up, kneeling between them and began kissing each of them with open mouth kisses, wet kisses, warming passionate kisses during which the girls were fondling Nia’s breast nearest to them and caressing down her torso as far as they could reach.

When Nia moved down to make love to their breasts, Jean and Naomi turned slightly facing one another and began to kiss. They each had a hand touching Nia on her shoulder or her head. Nia felt the “connection”. She became erect. She realized that she needed to feel that connection to do so. Just seeing Jean or Naomi naked was not enough. Even though she had a cock, she was a gal and not a guy. Their play was more than just physical.

Nia continued her journey downward lapping at their pussies to ensure that they were sufficiently wet. When satisfied she flipped them over as she had initially found them and immediately penetrated Jean. She slid in easily and completely. When she felt Jean’s vaginal muscles tightened she backed out and moved to Naomi. She continued to do, going from one to the other. She realized that each time she did, the period of time between penetration and the tightening of the vaginal walls was decreasing. She took that as a sign. When the vaginal muscles tightened after a couple of strokes she picked up her pace. She brought Naomi to orgasm first. She then turned her attention to Jean and brought her to orgasm, orgasming herself. Naomi immediately scooted down and sucked out Jean’s and Nia’s combined liquors and shared them with both Jean and Nia.

The all cuddled afterwards with Nia in the middle., lying on her back with Jean and Naomi each partially lying on a sides, each moving to kiss one of the other or teasing Nia’s breast with their mouth or tongue. It was a time of togetherness. It was a feminine sort of thing.

The ensuing days until classes started was a period of friskiness, “love making” and orgy. By the time class started they were all sexually satiated. Their emotional bonds were reestablished if not stronger. Both Jean and Naomi recognized their want and need for girl-girl sex. They considered themselves bisexual. They liked Nia’s cock too much. They “loved” one another not in a “until death do us part” way but in a “you make my life so much better” way.

The first visit to the nude beach after school started set the course for Nia’s sexual adventures for the school year.

While she was home in Africa she became aware of the many differences in women’s breasts and vulvas. As she travelled with her parents over the summer, she visited rural tribes in which the women’s breasts were uncovered and the younger women were naked. She wondered if those differences made any differences in their sexual activity. Yes, she realized that intercourse was the same everywhere but what about before and during.

While kaçak bahis she had lived in Africa until she left to attend college in the States, she was really not part of the African native scene. She had realized that she’d have to wait until she returned to the States to pursue satisfying her curiosity.

And now, at the nude beach with the girls from school, she saw such an array of diversity among them both physically and in their “femaleness”. Their breasts, labia and clits — most of the girls shaved the pussies — were noticeably different. So was their femaleness. Some of the girls were “girly-girls” and some had traits similar to a guy.

She was aware that there were men who projected a female persona and women who projected a male persona. She was aware that there were men who although projecting a male persona had many traits that were associated with a female and as there were women who although projecting a female persona had traits that were associated with a male.

Terminology started getting confusing. Nia realized that there was a difference between their physical appearance and how they projected themselves to the world and perceived themselves. It was a difference between “what they were” and “who they were”. She realized that one’s sex and one’s gender were different entities. She realized that the words boy and girl or man and women were not synonymous with male and female or guy and gal.

She went to discuss this with her biology professor. Her professor, being aware of Nia’s uniqueness, suggested that she undertake a project to study the nature of the correlation between one’s sex and one’s gender. The professor felt that she was uniquely qualified to conduct such a study among women. The professor was not aware of any hermaphrodites among the student body.

Nia discussed the project idea with Jean and Naomi. The question at hand was: How does Nia go about finding women who (1) would be open to discuss what and who they were in terms of their sex and gender and (2) share intimacies with Nia so that she could explore how both came together sexually.

They decided that Nia had to get involved in activities in which girl-to-girl interactions were readily accepted as normal. After discussion they identified four activities: the school’s art, hiking and swing dance clubs and the LGBT group. The art club sponsored trips to nearby art museums in which girls were the primary participants. The hiking clubs sponsored hikes which girls would participate if there we enough other girls participating. Nia had considerable hiking experience while growing up in Africa and she liked the outdoors. The swing dance club sponsored open dances in which anyone could ask anyone else to dance. It was common to see two girls dancing together. Nia had wanted to learn how to dance. The LGBT group would enable her to meet bisexual girls outright. It was general knowledge that Nia liked girls and that she had a cock and apparently knew how to use it.

Jean and Naomi were happy, outstanding students. While they dated boys from the nearby university they were neither “boy hungry” nor known to be sexually active with them. It soon became clear to all that Nia was taking care of their sexual needs and from the empirical evidence; she was doing an outstanding job of it.

Nia raised the question of “safe” sex. If she was going to pursue recreational sex with others then she was concerned not only for her own self but also for Jean, Naomi and Cindy. In addition to being close friends they enjoyed open, carefree, spontaneous intimacy. Nia did not want to impact that in any way. So it was discussed and agreed that if Nia was going to have intimacy with others, that she could kiss, suckle, stroke, finger, masturbate and, only if wearing a condom, fuck. She could not eat pussy. That made her relationship with Jean, Naomi and Cindy more special.

When she began attending the LGBT gatherings, she was approached by several girls immediately. Her uniqueness reputation was generally known.

When she began attending the swing dance gatherings she focused upon becoming an adequate dancer both as a leader and follower. She was sought out by both the guys and gals. When she danced with a girl, she learned how to “innocently” rub the tips of her breasts with her partner’s. She’d do it a few times and be aware of her partner’s body language. She soon began to recognize those who anticipated it and sought it out.

When she began attending the art and hiking activities it became obvious to her that certain girls would seek her out while she toured the art galleries or hike the trails and stay near to her interacting with her whenever it was appropriate.

In the course of conversation with these girls Nia would always make mention of her biology project. She would sow seeds and cultivate their growth. In time, some girls would ask her about her progress. In her response she would always include that she “needed” more participants. In time, some of the girls would draw her aside and tell her that they would be interested in participating. In time kit became a “badge of honor” to be able to claim that one participated in Nia’s biology project.

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