O O Calcutta Ch. 02

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It had been a long, tiring and dusty journey for Deepa and the first thing that she did after reaching their single room flat was to head for the bath, leaving Rudra to wait impatiently for the news of what she had brought back from Barakar. He had already looked through her bags and sack but other than the obviously innocent, though possibly useful, decoys like fruits and vegetables, there was nothing else that would have had Deepa make this long and painful journey. To kill time and also because it was getting late, Rudra worked on a simple dinner.

Deepa emerged from the bathroom with just a towel around her midriff. “So what has my son cooked for his mother tonight?”

“Not much, some noodles to go along with your fresh vegetables that I have stir fried just now.”

“Good let us eat, because then there is a lot of work to be done.” Deepa sat down on a sofa with a plate of steaming noodles that Rudra had placed in her hands.

“But first let me admire my beautiful mother in her freshly washed look.”

She was a sight that would have sent blood rushing into any male penis and Rudra’s was no exception! Tall and tough looking, Deepa was not your coy and candy like Bengali beauty. She was big, well built and tough and this was more than evident in her sharply chiselled features and strong jawline. Framing all this was a shock of long, wet hair, that fell well below her shoulders. But it was her eyes that were incredible. Large, limpid and framed between her gracefully arching eyebrows and the rise of her prominent cheek bones, they would have melted a hermit’s heart! But hearts aside, the hermit’s prick would have jumped as his gaze travelled down her slender neck down to the vast expanse of her bare shoulders and the rising swell of her breasts. After her bath, Deepa had just thrown a short towel over her that barely covered her torso and below it, the long stretch of her shapely legs were still glistening with a few drops of water that were dripping down her bare skin. Rudra sat down next to his mother and stroked the exposed part of her still wet thigh. Then he too started to eat.

“Now tell me, what is this that you have brought back from Barakar.”

“I am not very sure what it is and what it does but let me tell you all that I have figured out so far.”

“Whom did you meet?”

“Strangely enough, I did not meet anyone.”

“Then how did you get what you have now brought back with you.”

“It was kept in the almirah of the room of the hotel, or rather a guesthouse, that I had stayed in.”

“What was there inside the almirah?”

“Nothing much, some loose papers.”

“How did you know what was to be brought back?”

“I was told to look for a packet and it was right there. It had Pandey-ji’s name on it and marked urgent.”

“Someone with the other key had placed it there .. a standard double blind drop box.”

“Yes, none of us got to see or meet the other. Yet the object was transferred to me.”

“This must be something very important. Let me take a look.”

“Aha! That is the challenge …” Deepa had finished her dinner and handed her plate to Rudra who went and placed it in the sink.

“Why? What is the challenge?”

“The road from Barakar is fraught with danger and Pandey-ji had repeatedly warned me to be very careful about this device being stolen and robbed.”

“If it was so important, why could he not go himself?”

“I think he has a problem.”


“You know we have never met him even though he communicates with us very regularly and takes good care of us.”

“He should! After all you killed Bhola and handed over the city to him on a platter.”

“True, but I think that all these gangsters are under pressure. They have their own enemies and hardly ever trust anyone.”

“But he trusts you and sent you.”

“We do not know what is in his mind.”

“Fine, but where is the device.?”

“Well hidden.” Deepa smirked.

“Oh come on, tell me ..”

“It is in netherland,” she smiled, and pointed to downward at her pussy!

“You have hidden it in your … your ..” For a few moments, Rudra was stuck without words.

“Yes, in my cunt,” his mother completed the sentence for him. “I have hidden it in my vagina.”

“But then, those thugs on the bridge, they searched you.”

“Actually, I was shit scared that they would find it, but I had anticipated it and had pushed it really deep inside.”

“My goodness.”

“But now I have a problem. I cannot get it out!”

“Is that why you were stuck in the bathroom for a long time?”


“So now what?”

“I need your help to pull it out.” Deepa pulled the towel off her body and threw it on the floor. Then she spread her legs and Rudra was staring at the thick bush of his mother’s pubic hair as she gently fingered the slit of her cunt.

“How do I do it?”

“In a pelvic examination that we girls go through, doctors push their fingers and other stuff right up our hole. I need you to do something similar. Once türbanlı escort you feel it with you fingers you have to pull it out.”

“But the thug on the bridge did the same. Why did it not come out?”

“He was stupid, he tried it from behind, in the doggy-fuck position. Because mentally he was actually fucking me.”

“So what is the correct way?”

“As they would have done in a gynae clinic, me on my back, legs raised and spread out and you between my thighs digging for the gold.”

“The mere thought of pushing my fingers into you cunt is giving me a hard-on.”

“That can wait, I need you to get this done first.”

“Ok, let me take a shot.”

Without the towel, Deepa was now sitting naked on the sofa with her legs spread apart. Rudra knelt on the ground between her legs and with one hand pushed apart the lips of the outer labia. Then he gently pushed his middle finger of his other hand through the folds of the inner lips. Deepa felt a shiver run through her as her son’s fingers pressed against her clit.

“Does it hurt?”

“Not at all, kid, otherwise how could fornication be so pleasurable.”

“But how can I pull it out with just one finger?”

“So put in a second one and use them like a forcep.”

“Two fingers! Will it go in?”

“They must. There is a two-finger test of rape that doctor’s love to use on hapless victims. They check how loose the vagina is and whether that means that the victim is of a loose character.” But the pun was lost on Rudra as he desperately tried to push in two fingers into his mother’s pussy.

“This is very difficult Ma, I just don’t seem to get it right.” Rudra had placed his left hand under his mother butt to push her up and had forced his index finger and thumb into the folds of her vagina but somehow it was all very slippery and fluid. Moreover the sight of his mother pubic bush just inches from his face and the musky odour of her body fluids was very intoxicating. All of a sudden, he felt a stiffening in his own penis.

“I suggest that you slide your fingers fully in and keep pushing,” suggested Deepa with a straight face even though the fact that her son was digging into her pussy was giving her the goose bumps!

“I don’t want you to get hurt, Ma”

“Don’t bother kid. Women have had a lot of things shoved up their pussy, I will tell you when it hurts.”

“Ok.” Once again Rudra placed one hand under his mother’s butt to get a better grip and pushed two fingers into her cunt. “Tell me when it hurts.”

“Don’t worry, I know that some people have pushed their entire fists into a lover’s body. So it is not impossible. Keep going.”

Slowly but firmly Rudra kept up the pressure till first two and then a third finger was buried inside his mother’s pussy.

“You are getting tense, Ma. Your cunt walls are kind of clamping down on my hand.”

“True, I need a break.”

“Ok.” He pulled his hand out. “I think you need to relax.”

“Right, I need a cigarette. Will you light one for me please.”

Rudra walked across to his desk, lit a cigarette, took a drag and handed it to his Deepa. Then once again he sat down between his mother’s parted legs and played with the curls of her pubic bush as Deepa slowly smoked the entire cigarette.

“Ok, kid, I am trying to close my eyes and dream of paradise, while you go ahead and dig that device out of my pussy.”

But that was easier said than done. After struggling for quite some time, mother and son were too exhausted and needed another break. Deepa lit another cigarette and exhaled deeply.

“Ma, this looks rather difficult.”

“Yes, kid. I am actually feeling quite sore down there. Now I know what the ladies of the street feel when they have had a customer too many in a single night.”

“I have had my hand inside you till almost my wrists and yet the bloody bugger evades us. It is no wonder that that cavity search did not reveal the booty.”

“But what will I go and tell Pandey-ji? That your wonderful device is lost in my body?”

“Tell you what, let us change position. Can you squat and try to bear down … like you do when you try to shit?”

“Good idea. I almost forgot that that is what you do during childbirth, but then it has been ages that I have given birth to you.” Deepa had a tired smile.

“Great. Why don’t you try that right away, while I try to stick my hand in and see if I can locate the bugger.”

Deepa stubbed out the cigarette and squatted on the floor. Once again, her son’s hand was buried inside her cunt and she pressed down with all her might. She could feel her anus getting clenched with the pressure and she groaned.

“Aah, Aah …” she pressed down, and then “Hey, I thought, I felt something move.”

“So did I,” exulted Rudra. “I felt something hard inside. Push, push …” he encouraged his mother.

“I am trying, I am trying,” screamed Deepa, “Is it coming out?”

“I can feel something hard in there but I cannot get a grip on it. It is slipping out of ümraniye escort my grip.”

“It must be slippery, coated with all my juices.”

“What exactly is it? Can you tell me.”

“It is a steel cylinder. Tapered at one end, like a bullet. I put it in with the pointed end facing inside.”

“Steel.” Rudra muttered to himself. “Wish we would have a powerful magnet to suck it out.”

Mother and son struggled for some more time but again it was proving to be too painful for Deepa and too pointless for her son. Once again Rudra pulled his hand out of his mother’s pussy and Deepa collapsed on her back on the floor. The strain of having a fist being thrust into her vagina had started to show but she was still trying to keep up a brave face. Rudra felt sorry for her mother. It was proving to be a tough day for her. He was thinking furiously to come out with a way to help her and the germ of an idea was forming in his head.

“Ma, do you still have that vaginal applicator that you had once used to push a tablet into your body?”

“You mean last year, when I had that terrible itch in my pussy, from that infection?”

“Yes, do you still have that stick like stuff that you had asked me shove into your hole?”

“I do. But how will that help? That was for pushing stuff in, not pulling stuff out.”

“I think I have a way to make it work. Tell me where it is.”

“Let me get it for you.” Deepa tried to get up but her body was too tired and she fell back.

“Don’t worry, Ma, I will get it.”

Rudra scooped the naked figure of his mother off the floor and carried her in his arms to the bedroom. After gently putting her in the bed, he draped a clean sheet over her helpless nudity and kissed her tenderly on her lips.

“You have had a tough day, Ma, take rest. I have a plan to sort it out by the morning.” Then he switched off the light and went back to his desk.

But they did not have to wait till morning because he was back by midnight, all excited with a little contraption that he had made by himself. “Ma, wake up, wake up … see what have I got.” He shook her awake.

Deepa sat up drowsily and the sheet slipped off, leaving her once again with her breasts exposed. But Rudra had no time for such a lovely view. Instead he held up the vaginal applicator but Deepa could see that he had modified it extensively.

“What have you done to that?”

“Look, the bullet of yours is made of steel and so we can pull it out with magnet!”

“Wow, what an idea Sir-Ji”

“I have taken a bolt and filed its head so that it does not have any sharp edges. Then I have wrapped a lot of copper wire around it and taped it down. Next, I have stuck it in the head of the applicator, where you normally place a tablet and have wedged it tightly in the slot. Now if I connect this wire to an electric point, that nut will become a magnet and attract the bullet … and we can slowly pull it out.” He was so excited with his creation that he blurted out all this in one breath.

“Electricity? What if I get a shock? In my pussy?”

“No Ma, I am connecting this to the 12V DC power supply of our computer .. so even if you get a shock, it will be very, very mild.”

“I am feeling scared kid to stick electric wires into my cunt. Perhaps we can see a doctor tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry, Ma. Trust me. I know what I am doing. Will I take a risk with my dear, dear mother?”

“Ok. Fine.” Deepa smiled at her son’s ingenuity. “Let’s go. Let me spread my legs once again for my son.”

Once again, Deepa lay down on the floor, raised her knees, spread them apart and exposed the slit of her vagina to her son. Rudra connected the wires to the power supply and then handed a switch to his mother.

“You will have the switch in your hand and I will ask you to connect it when I think that we are close to the bullet. But if you ever feel any kind of shock, the switch will be in your hand and you can just put it off.”

“Ok,” gulped Deepa.

“Don’t worry, just close your eyes and relax.”

Deepa closed her eyes but the moment she felt the hard head of the bolt on her the lips of her cunt she felt a sudden tightening of her sphincter and the muscles of her vagina went tense. But then she felt her son’s hand stroking her on her belly, then her pubis, his fingers playing with the curls of her pubic hair and gently teasing the swollen lips of her labia and her body relaxed. Rudra gently spread her labia and gradually pushed the swollen head of the applicator through the slit and into her vagina.

“This will be just fine Ma, just remember when you had pushed this same gadget into yourself … it is just the same.”

Slowly, very slowly Rudra pushed the applicator right into the vagina until it was buried right up to the neck, with just the wires sticking out of Deepa cunt. Then on a signal from Rudra, Deepa closed the switch. The electricity flowed in, spun around the steel bolt, created a powerful magnetic field, pulled at the steel cylinder and with a ‘click’ acıbadem escort it got attached to the bolt.

“I think we got it,” whispered Rudra and slowly started pulling out, first the wires and then, after it had emerged, the applicator itself until with a sudden “pop” the swollen head of the applicator came out of Deepa’s hole and ….

“There it is Ma,” exulted Rudra, holding up the the two inch long steel cylinder that he had just fished out of his mother’s love canal! Deepa gave a scream of pleasure and snatched the cylinder of out her son’s hand and examined it carefully.

“Is it all right Ma?” Rudra asked.

“Looks no different from what I had shoved into myself at Barakar.”

“Is this the device?”

“No this is the case. We need to unscrew it to get at the actual sensor device inside”

“Shall we do it now?”

“We can always do it tomorrow, let me keep it safely now.” Deepa got up from the floor and quickly deposited the precious cargo of hers in a closet. Then, all tiredness suddenly forgotten, she ran back to her son and, still stark naked, clasped him to her chest and locked her lips on his.

All the stress and the tension that they were in was suddenly washed away and mother and son hugged each other in glee! Not quite knowing how to celebrate this sudden success, Rudra lifted his naked mother in his arms while she threw her long and sexy legs around his waist and they danced around their tiny flat.

“Kiddo, you cannot imagine how relieved I am feeling now and all thanks to you and your brilliant magnet.”

“I feel like I am on top of the world after pulling that bullet out of your pussy.”

“I think I owe you big, big treat … for what you just did for me.”

“All that I want is to kiss you again and again and again.” He slobbered her with his kisses.

“But I think that your body is looking for something else!” She felt the sudden hardness of her son’s erection grinding into her crotch.

“How can I help if I have to carry around such a sexy lady in the nude.”

“Not that I mind but it is really unfair for me to be naked while you are still clothed.”

“But how can I take off my clothes with you clinging on to me like this.”

“So drop me and then drop your clothes.”

Rudra need no further orders. He immediately placed his mother on the bed and rapidly threw off his vest and pajama. Then he threw himself on his mother’s body and started fondling her breasts and her tits while his massive erection started prodding her at her crotch.

“Please kiddo, I am so very sore down there … that it seems that I have been raped by a herd of buffaloes.”

“Oooh, I am so sorry, Ma. I just clean forgot that I have been fisting you in your cunt the whole evening.”

“Not to worry, kid, I know what it means to your hormones to have deal with a naked woman in your arms and I think I owe them a release.”

“Don’t bother Ma, it will be my pleasure to just have you in my arms tonight.”

“But perhaps I could do a little better. Now that you have worked so hard through the evening, it is your turn to relax.”

She flipped Rudra on his back and this time it was he who raised his knees and spread them apart to allow his mother put her face on his crotch. Rudra’s penis was now a full seven inches high and so thick that his mother could barely hold it in her fist. Deepa grabbed it with both her hands and flicked her tongue along the ridge that girdled the big red glans. Rudra gave a gurgle of pleasure as he felt his mother’s tongue lick at the tiny pee-hole at the tip of his turgid helmet!

“Relax kid and enjoy yourself,” Deepa whispered, “This is your payment for the excellent extraction services that you have rendered to your mother tonight.” She began to alternately lick and nibble at her son’s balls as they became big and tight under her relentless attack. Then she knelt between his legs and took his shaft between her lips and started to nibble at them as well. Rudra gave a shriek of pleasure as he found his mother’s hand fondling his balls and his penis sliding in and out of her mouth. A ripple of pleasure, of excitement, pulsed through his spine and he sat up and caught his mother by her hair and pressed her face into his crotch.

More than Rudra, it was perhaps Deepa who was now enjoying herself. Unknown to her son, she had actually been terrified at the thought of the bullet being lodged and lost inside her vagina and even more terrified at the thought of having to meet Pandey-ji with that devastating news. Now that that cloud had lifted, she was gorging herself on the delightful dessert of a big, thick penis that had already started to ooze with her son’s pre-cum. So while she teased and rubbed his balls with her thumbs, she swallowed the hard erection all the way until the glans were pressing against her throat.

Rudra’s excitement was no less. Having his mother suck him off was a pleasure in itself but the sight of his mother’s bare back and big butt bobbing and bouncing in front of him sent a pulse of pleasure shooting through loins. Soon enough, possibly before he would have liked to, that pulse of pleasure had become a knot of pressure that was rapidly building up in his balls and his shaft and before he knew it his butt was twisting and squirming as he fought to hold back the inevitable explosion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32