Oedipus Awakens Ch. 04

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Note: May I suggest you read the first one, then this one?


Jason was trying to clear his brain from the range of emotions running through him. He should be ecstatic, he had just had a frenzied bout of sex with his high school wet dream. Rhona Gallagher was not only his high school English teacher, had a beautiful face, fiery red hair, firm rolling tits and a muscular, round thrusting ass, she was also his mothers lover, and now she knew that he wanted to fuck his own mother. It wasn’t his fault, just a few days ago he was just a normal guy wanting nothing more to enjoy some good beer with buddies, chasing girls along with an occasional piece of ass. There was no way he could ever forget what he saw that day.

When he walked in and found Rhona naked, grinding her pussy on his equally naked and lust filled mother before he fled. His quest to sort out what was going on had him ending up at his teachers house where he got some answers and he got fucked with more energy than he had ever felt in his life. But now Rhona knew he lusted after his tall blonde mother. He had shot a screaming load into the witch’s pulsing pussy after she had him confess he wanted to fuck his mother.

She got him hard again by squeezing her hot oozing cunt around him all while telling him how his mother would sigh to her touches, and moan as she sucked on Janies nipples and how she would love tonguing his mothers sweet wet pussy. The little redhead had rolled over on him straddling his now hard cock grinding her pussy against his pubic bone while her large tits rolled and bounced over his face. All the while telling him how she loved to ride his mother like the Thoroughbred she was and leave her quaking and quivering beneath her as she nipped and chewed on his mothers smaller but firm tits and nipples.

Rhona told him how she was going to ride his cock while his mother rode his face or tongued her clit and his balls. Rhona had gotten so into her teasing that she sent herself over the edge and passed out from the role play. Aroused but even more confused Jason had pushed the redheaded English teacher off and him and struggled to shove his cream covered and still throbbing cock into his pants before stumbling out into the daylight and his car. If any of the neighbors had seen him he would have looked so disheveled like he just came of a week long drunk. Jason just wanted to get home.

Janie loved walking around her house nude but having an 18 year old son running in and out at odd hours made that a likely embarrassing proposition. Instead she compromised and put on her light blue silk robe but left the front open. Her missed date with Rhona gave her extra time so she had already showered ataşehir escort and even after rubbing her clit to take the edge off she still felt the tingle. Her missed date and expected sexual release along with her reminiscing of Mattie made the quick rub in the shower seemed like a distant memory. The silk caressed her skin strategically with each scrape across her nipples sending visible shivers through her body. What she would like to do is have a few glasses of wine, put on some soft music and lay back on her bed and masturbate to a few orgasms.

She sighed as she looked at the clock, Jason was dressed for court today, those were all day events, so she knew he wouldn’t interfere but her work time was too close and showing up as an PICU RN smelling of wine even if you weren’t impaired wasn’t a good idea. She had time for a short bit of self exploration. She walked the house locking doors before she returned to her bedroom. As she walked the halls her robe caressed her shoulders, it gaped open exposing part of her nipples but scraping on the side, then wrapped across her thighs.

She stopped as she entered the living room almost breaking into tears. Sitting in the corner was that old Edwardian arm chair, Its brocade faded in some spots and shiny in others from wear. It was one of their first pieces of furniture, Paul had drug it home from garage sale 19 years ago. That old chair was more than a place to sit in their small studio apartment, Paul was almost obsessed with having sex with her in that chair, He would lay her back on it placing her legs over the arms as he knelt on the floor feasting on her pussy making her come multiple times before pushing her legs back and pounding her for a few more. He also liked to have her kneel in the chair facing the back with her arms draped over the back while he would eat her pussy and ass until she was a quivering mess and slamming her into oblivion later. Janie lost her anal virginity in that position and she was positive that Jason was conceived in it when she had her legs spread wide like soaring condor wings.

Janie chuckled as she remembered the horror when her Mother in Law (MIL) had come to visit and interrupted them in the act of a quickie. As Paul bounced down the hall toward the bathroom pulling up his pants and hiding her panties, Janie quickly pulled her skirt down over her hips trying to catch her breath before opening the door to the insistent knocking of her mother in law. She was able to get her mother in law in the door and make small talk while directing her towards the chair. As Mom was sitting down Paul exited the bathroom drawing his mothers attention while she sat. Janie’s panicked avcılar escort face was hidden to Mom but not to Paul and she cringed as her Mother in laws rather broad denim encased ass sat down across a snail trail of Paul’s pre-come and a damp spot caused by her squishing pussy.

Fortunately Mom didn’t seem to notice the mess and the visit went well. It wasn’t until after Thanksgiving dinner that year and Mom had a few glasses of wine that she pulled Janie aside and suggested that if they were still using the chair for newlywed sex, she should put a towel down. Janie’s face had glowed a brighter red than MIL’s sweater. Blushing at the memory she rubbed her hand lightly over the brocade as she sighed heavily and sat in the chair draping one leg over the arm.

Jason pulled into the driveway next to his mother, luckily that he made it that far without a crash. After his tryst with Rhona he was even more confused. He wasn’t happy that his mother was home but looking the time, and knowing her habits, he knew she should be in the shower at which point she would throw on her scrubs and rush out the door. So all he had to do was slip in the door and to his room. He did not relish running into his mother reeking of her lovers pussy juice. Strike one, the door was locked, and he didn’t have key for that door but he did for the laundry room. Rushing around he pushed and it was locked as well. No problem he had the key. He unlock the door and pushed quietly. Bang. Oh shit, the dryer door was open blocking the door strike two. The laundry room door was closed so Janie only barely heard anything, even then it didn’t register. Jason stuck his hand through the opening and quietly lifted the dryer door before slipping through the door. Through the kitchen and then a left to his bedroom. Passing the fridge Jason looked right to make sure the coast was clear. STRIKE THREE!

Janie was sitting back in the chair with one leg over the arm of the chair her robe splayed open exposing her breast and matted wet pubic hair as her head was thrown back in ecstasy. Her pussy was obscured by the fingers of her hand making while it made wet clicking noises. This is the second time in two days that Jason had secretly observed his mother in a wanton sexual frenzy. His mind now gone, his arousal from Rhonas pussy and that aborted last fuck along with their brief role play made his next move the only logical one in his mind. He unbuttoned his pants letting them fall to his knees. His underwear having been left on Rhona’s floor. His cock extended from between the flaps of his shirt as he grasped the still slimy snake.

Janie lost in her fantasy, still had no idea what was happening avrupa yakası escort a few feet in front of her. The air conditioning kicked in pushing the male sexual odor and past sex toward Janie subconsciously increasing her arousal. Her mind was so deep in her remembering Paul fucking her in that chair. As much she loved her fingers and a dildo they couldn’t do one thing she missed. Paul used to come like a fire hose and she had developed a fetish of having him come on her tits, belly and pussy. It wasn’t an every day thing and was discovered when they got busy without a condom when she was fertile. Paul almost didn’t pull out in time and they weren’t ready for kids at the time. Janie was close to coming when he ripped his thick meat from her twat and she felt the first splash on her nipples then the hot liquid landing on her belly and finally pussy where Paul mashed his cock against her clit.

Jason had no fear of getting caught, his common sense was gone. As Janie’s strokes got faster so did his. He had no idea he was slowly penguin walking toward his mother. He didn’t know what her fantasy was but when she bit her lip and threw her other leg over the arm of the chair exposing her open pussy lips to him as she mashed her clit and let out a sensual guttural moan, no son should her his mother make he lost it. He fired one load that traveled up and hit her just below her hip bone, fortunately for his mother that was his third orgasm in just a few hours so the Tsunani he unloaded into Rhona didn’t happen. There was enough to leave streaks on her body. Each time he did come his hips shot forward and a drops flew and landed along his mothers thigh.

At the first drop Janie thought it was part of her fantasy but as the drops kept falling she began to recognize something was wrong. Sliding her other hand down off her stomach until her fingers felt the wet sticky liquid prompted Janie’s eyes to open slightly. Seeing her son with his pants down around his knees and his hand pumping thick angry red cock didn’t register at first. The word Jason clicked in her head, then echoed a little louder.

Then finally it made her it through her fogged state and out her mouth as she gasped, “Jason??”

Then the realization kicked as she scrambled to cover her own angry gash screaming, “JASON, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!.”

Jason saw what was happening, he saw her eyes flutter open but he was powerless to do anything. It wasn’t until he heard his Mother screaming his name did he react. Stumbling back he tripped in his pants as his mother kept screaming. He flailed smearing his cum covered hand on the wall as he tried to get up. Eventually he did, hopping along getting his pants up and fastened as he bounced off the locked door. Slapping at the door he got it open and almost fell out onto the carport as he heard his mother crying in the background. Getting into his car he revved the motor and peeled backwards out of the driveway knocking over the mail box before disappearing around the curve.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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