Oh Brother

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“Get your feet off the table” My mother insisted, kicking my legs as she walked passed me, carrying a laundry basket on her hip.

“I’m reading! Chill!” I retorted.

“Well hurry up. You need to go move your stuff out of your brother’s room before he gets back tonight.”

“STEP brother. I’ll get it done. He’ll be here all summer. It’s not like he’s going to freak if some of my clothes are in the dresser.” I grumbled

“Just do it. He needs a place to put his stuff while he’s here, and that room is his, after all.” She pushed the laundry basket down onto the table, knocking my feet down.

“I will geeze.” I grabbed my books and headed up stairs. I walked down the hall to Ryan’s room. I took it over when he went back to college this year. The room was bigger than mine, plenty of space for my clothes and shoes… I really didn’t feel like moving all of my stuff back into my room…

I threw my books down on the floor and fell into Ryan’s bed, burying my face in his comforter. I never bothered changing the blankets on his bed. They smelled like his cologne. I love that smell. I rolled over and looked around the room. Practically everything was still the way he left it. I mean, I had my stuff in his closet and his dresser… but all his stuff is still here. His trophies are on the shelf. His posters on the wall. I didn’t even take down his pictures of all the blonde pinup girls…

“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE up!” Thump Ryan landed on the bed beside me, bouncing me up as he hit the mattress. I guess I must have fallen asleep… I groaned and rubbed my eyes.

“Mmff…. What time is it?” I grumbled, rolling myself up in the blankets.

“Time to get your ass out of my room!” He laughed, pushing me off of the bed and onto the floor. He stood up over me, grabbed the corner of the blanket, and pulled. I held tightly to the comforter and kicked at his legs.

“It’s freezing in here!” I yelled at him. “Just let me keep the damn blanket. I’ll get out. Geeze.” I stumbled to my feet, yanking the blanket back from his grasp and repositioning it around my shoulders. He smiled and threw a pillow at me.

“I want that back before you go to bed, you know.” He warned.

“Whatever.” I called back, dragging my feet as I left the room.

“Sarah, would you go let your brother know that dinner’s ready?” My mother shouted from the kitchen. The smell of lasagna wafted from the kitchen. Ryan’s favorite. I couldn’t stand the way she always pandered to him. I swear… she married his dad, but with the way she pampered Ryan you would’ve thought she did it just to have a son.

“STEP brother!” I shouted back.

I can’t blame her, really. Ryan is the kind of guy anyone would want to spoil. Always doing well in school. A motivated athlete. Big blue eyes. Sandy hair. Always well dressed. Pleasant… What was there not to like? Well, I guess there are some things not to like. He always gets with some of the stupidest girls. Last time he was home for the summer, he spent every night with this blonde bimbo named Jane who couldn’t spell the word thesis, let alone write one. She totally didn’t deserve him. I was so relieved when I overheard him telling my stepdad that they broke up over winter break. Apparently, she turned out to be a total slut. He caught the bitch fucking some guy at her dorm after some party.

I walked upstairs quietly, planning to sneak up on him and scare the shit out of him for rudely awaking me earlier. I glanced down the hall and saw his door was ajar. I silently tiptoed toward his room, peering through the hinged edge of the door.

Ryan was laying in bed on his side. Poor guy, must be exhausted from the drive home…damn his ass looks hot in those jeans. I figured I’d go back downstairs, may as well tell my mom he was sleeping so the rest of us can eat. As I turned to head down, I noticed the top drawer of Ryan’s dresser was open.. I glanced down and saw a couple of my socks lying on the floor.

“Hhngffmm” I heard from his room. I peered back through the doorframe… Ryan was rolled over onto his back. Holy shit! I couldn’t fucking believe it. His cock was sticking out the front of his unzipped jeans, his right hand wrapped around the base. Even from the doorway, I could see precum running down the bloodfilled tip of his prick. You have got to be kidding me. In his left hand, Ryan held a pair of my pink, silk panties to his face. I couldn’t tell if he was smelling them.. çatalca escort or just rubbing them on his cheek.

A surge of wetness leaked into my slit.

“Sarah! Ryan! What are you guys doing up there?!! Dinner!! Now!” My mother shouted up the stairs.

“Shit!” I muttered

Ryan jumped off the bed, frantically zipping his pants. I shoved his door open.

“You heard the woman.” I smirked.

“How long have you been standing there?!” He questioned, still fumbling with the button on his jeans.

“Long enough…” I hinted, glancing at the panties on his bed.

“What the fuck Sarah, get out! I’ll be down in a second!” Ryan panicked, throwing the edge of his blanket over the evidence.

I smiled as I closed his door, and went downstairs.

“He’ll be down in a second. He’s just.. cleaning up.” I grinned.

I started setting the table for dinner, reveling in the scene I’d just witnessed. Those were totally my panties. I have a pair just like them, and I know I left them in that top drawer he’d disheveled.

Ryan walked into the dining room, his face still red with embarrassment. I beamed as I watched him wipe sweat off of his forehead. He shot a fierce glare my way as he reached for his plate.

“Hey Honey!! Did you get all unpacked? You look beat!” my mom inquired, sitting down to the table.

I snickered under my breath at the word ‘beat’. I couldn’t wipe the stupid grin off of my face. He glared again, sharply warning me with his eyes.

“Just about. I’ve got a box in the car I still need to bring in.” He mumbled.

“Well eat up! There is a ton of food and you are going to need some energy this week. We wanted to plan a party for you this weekend. I want you to give me a list of everyone you want me to invite over for Saturday!” My mother is a huge party thrower. Always trying to push us into awkward social gatherings.

“Well, I think Tommy is home for the summer. Jeff is driving back tomorrow. I’m sure they’d be down with it” Ryan said, loading his plate up with lasagna.

“Any girls you want to invite? I’m sure you’d like some girls to come” she offered

I snickered again. He shot a stabbing glance my way.

“Sure. Probably. Do you think we could get some booze this year? We’re all over 21 now – it would be great if we could get a keg or something. College kids, you know?” He asked.

“I don’t know, I mean Sarah’s only 18. I don’t want you to feel left out Sarah..” My mother said condescendingly.

“I’ll be FINE mom. God. I can handle a little alcohol in the house. Geeze.”

“Well I’ll think about it. Now eat! Eat!” she ordered.

“Dad and I are heading out for a movie, we’ll be back in a while!” I heard my mother call up the stairs, as I slipped into my nightgown.

“STEP dad!” I shouted back down. “See you guys in the morning!”

This could not be more perfect. I dabbed my lips with cherry gloss, took off my socks, and slipped down the hallway.

Knock knock knock

I pushed Ryan’s door open, not waiting for a response. He was sorting his clothes and putting them away in the dresser.

“What do you want?”

“Where are they?” I demanded

“Where are what??” He said

“You know what..” I smiled, stepping toward him

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He dodged, throwing a shirt into a drawer.

“Where are the panties you were practically inhaling in your bed today?” I inquired, a smirk overcoming my face.

His face grew red again. He turned away and continued folding his clothes.

“All of your clothes are in the top drawer. I moved them up there to make room for my shit” he said, cleverly avoiding my question. I ran my fingers down into the ass pockets of his jeans and pulled him toward me. I knew he wanted me now… he could pretend all night that he didn’t… but I know better now.

“Let go! I’m busy!” He insisted

“You’re not busy” I said, grabbing his ass through the denim.

“The hell, Sarah!” He turned around, breaking my hold on his firm butt. The look on his face was so intriguing.. there was a longing in his eyes I’ve never seen before… and a frustration I know all too well.

“Its OK….” I reassured him. I drew my fingers along his earlobes as he slowly released his hold on the balled up pair of socks in his hands. His eyes closed as I ran my thumb over the base of his esenyurt escort ear and down his neck, resting my nails lightly against his collarbone.

I leaned in and kissed him, pressing my upper lip between his and sucking his bottom lip into my mouth as I held him by the neck. He stood still, lingering in the grasp of my lips. I ran my tongue across his lip as I held it between my teeth. I felt his hands hesitantly move to my waist, gently hovering against my shirt as I slipped my tongue between his lips.

I twisted my tongue lock against his, using the traction of my taste buds to coax his tongue from his mouth. His fingers tightened on my hips and I felt him pull me closer, resting my tummy against his. His dick was erect, confined beneath his pants. I could feel it straining to escape, pressing against my pelvis.

I pushed back with my hips, grinding against his body. I sucked his tongue into my mouth, capturing it between my teeth. He brought his hands to my face and mumbled against his trapped tongue. I gently released my bite as he pushed me back.

“You have got to get out of here. If mom walks in here, I’m dead. You’re my sister, my dad would kill me.”

“STEP sister. God. What is it with you people?” I sighed, exacerbated. I slid my hand under the waist of his jeans and pulled him toward the bed.

“Besides, she went to a movie with your dad. They won’t be back anytime soon” I advised.

“Whatever. You’ve gotta go.” He wrapped his fingers around my arms, pushing me backward, closer to the bed.

“I don’t think so. After all, this is only your room for the summer. My stuff is still here. It’s still my room.” I teased.

“Really, Sarah, I can’t do this.. please go…” he pleaded.

I sat down on the bed, pulling him down with me, his hands still clenched around my arms.

“I’m not going anywhere. I saw you today. I saw you playing with my panties. I saw that rod you hide in those jeans.”

Ryan stared down at my bare legs, avoiding eye contact. I lay back on the bed and pulled my nightgown up over my thighs. His eyes followed the fabric as it moved over my pale skin. The grip on my arms tightened slightly.

“Did you like my panties?” I asked.

“It really looked like you like them. Do you like these ones?” I pulled my nightie up further, revealing the blue lace panties that clung to my sticky slit. Ryan didn’t say a word as he stared at the light fabric between my legs.

“Why don’t you rub your face on these ones? They’re softer than the ones you had earlier…” I suggested.

Ryan was frozen in his gaze, his hands only lightly clinging to my wrists now.

I spread my legs wider and took his hands in mine. I led his fingers to the hem of my panties, guiding him to pull the waistband down. I gently used his hands, sliding the blue lace down below my hips, just hardly exposing my slit to him.

“Shit, you shave..” I heard him gasp.

“I like to keep my skin soft. You can touch it… if you want…” I offered.

He looked up at me, practically shaking. I took his hands in mine and pulled his body closer to me. He slowly leaned down, bringing his face to my pelvis. I could feel his breath on my skin as he brought his mouth toward my pussy. He brushed his cheek against my panties, breathing deeply as the fabric rested against his skin. I moved his fingers back beneath the waistband, pressing them downward.

“I..” He began

“You can keep them, if you take them off.” I instructed.

I felt his hands softly pull my panties down. He carefully removed them as I lifted my ass from the bed, slightly, exposing my pussy completely. He clenched the lace in his hand, staring at my twat.

I ran my hand down over my belly, stopping just as my middle finger came to rest over my labia.

“Kiss me.” I said.

“But I…”

“Kiss me here..” I pointed with my finger. Ryan froze, panties still wrapped in his hand. I slid my fingers down between my pussy lips, spreading them apart for him. His breath grew heavier.

“Kiss my clit.” I urged him.

He reluctantly leaned down, gently pressing his lips against the edge of my slit. I arched my back, redirecting his mouth to my clitoris.

“MMmmmmm” I moaned, as his lips caressed my clit. I ran my hands into his hair and pulled his head closer. I raised my hips, pressing myself harder against his face. I felt his etiler escort lips part against my skin, as his tongue slipped from his mouth and slid over my clit.

“Uhhnnmm… Ryan…” I whimpered as my stepbrother began swirling his wet tongue against my clit. My pussy felt swollen as blood rushed through my body. Ryan began kissing my sex, sucking my labia between his lips. I could only moan and writhe beneath him as he satisfied me. Without warning, I felt his teeth bite down on my clit.

“Ow!! You bit me!” I scolded him. He lifted his head, his blue eyes gleaming. He climbed up further onto the bed and kissed my face. He wrapped one arm around my waist, holding me tight, and slid his other hand down my ass. He rolled onto his back, pulling me on top of him. He kissed me deeply, probing my mouth with his tongue.

I felt his finger slip between my legs from behind, gently dipping into my pussy. He released his arm from my waist and reached up, grabbing me by the hair as he pressed his tongue further into my mouth. He removed his fingertip from my pussy and swiftly slid it over my asshole. Startled, I pulled my head up. He met my resistance, jerking my head back down as he pressed his finger into my ass – shooting pain up my spine.

“Mmffff!!!” I struggled against him as his hips began rocking below my body, grinding his zipper against my skin as his rock hard cock fought to escape his jeans. I dug my nails into his chest and screamed into his mouth. He melted into the bed, releasing me.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! God, Sarah.. fuck…” he panted. A look of regret washed over his face. I was in a little pain, but I couldn’t let him stop now. I looked at him a moment, then sat up in his lap and leaned backward, searching for the button on his jeans.

“What are you doing? You don’t really want this…” he sighed as I knelt above him and undid his zipper. I confidently looked him in the eye as I pulled his jeans and boxers down off of his ass, freeing his pulsing red prick.

“I want this as much as you want my panties.” I said bluntly, nodding at the blue lace wad that lay on the bed beside his face. I leaned down over him and kissed his lips softly. He brought both of his hands to rest on my ass. I grabbed his cock in my hand, guiding it to my pussy. I slowly rubbed the head of his cock up and down my wet slit, biting my lip as I savored the feeling. He stared at my face, mouth agape as his hands began to press my ass down, pushing the tip of his dick inside of me. I grabbed the panties with my free hand and brought them to his face.

“Fuck me good, and you can take as many as you want back to school with you.” I teased.

With that, he shot his hips up, filling me with the full length of his cock. I let out a startled cry and pressed back to meet his thrusts. I couldn’t believe how hard he was. I rocked my hips back and forth as his hot wood repeatedly hammered against the walls of my pussy. He pulled my lips to his, his hand wrapped around my neck.

As he pulled my body to his, his pelvis rubbed hard against my clit. My body clenched down around his cock as the friction on my clit built. He moaned into my mouth and put his hand back on my ass. I reached behind my back and tried to pull his hand away. His strong arm resisted my attempt, and he thrust two fingers deep into my ass. I screamed out as the pain soared through my body.

His fingers rammed in and out of my ass as his cock pounded my pussy, slamming my clit against his body, as he gagged my cries with his tongue. My body ached and reeled in pleasure as he invaded my holes. I couldn’t get away, I didn’t want to. It hurt so fucking good.

Ryan pounded his cock into me harder and faster, I don’t know if it was getting bigger, or if I was getting tighter… I couldn’t contain myself anymore. My pussy gushed as my twat throbbed around his cock.

“Oh my God, Oh my God, Ryan…. Fuck… I’m gonna…. I’m fucking cumming… fuck… fuck!!” I screamed against his lips. He slammed deeper and harder, sending me into shock as he used my sore body.

“God please stop… stop… fuck it hurts!” I pleaded with him

“Gonna… cum.. in… your.. fucking… pussy….” He groaned below me, pounding deeper and deeper. I cried in pain as he stabbed his cock against my g-spot and pulled my ass open with his fingers.

“Ahh FUCK!! He yelled. His hot cum shot against my cervix, filling me with his load. He pulled his fingers out of my ass and released me as I fell against him. His cum dripped from inside of me, coating his dick. I rolled off of his body, over the bed, and down onto the floor. I slowly stood, my legs shaking below me, and walked toward the bedroom door.

“Next time, close your door!” I smiled.

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