Oh Mandy

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This is a work of pure fiction and is born out of my fantasies involving my neighbour’s daughter + fantasies I have acted out with my mother in law + some hot stories on involving step father’s and step daughter’s. I have written this in the first person because it is simply my fantasy.

I met Hilda when I changed my job. She worked on the desk next to mine in the office and we soon hit it off. Both of us had been divorced in the past few years, so we had plenty of notes on partners to exchange + we liked to chat about the same things. Whilst most of the women wanted to talk about the latest soap opera plots, Hilda actually enjoyed sport and therefore she preferred to talk to me about that than join in with most of the other women in the office.

Our relationship grew stronger and we met up one evening just for a “friendly drink”.

Hilda is a few years older than me at 50 and is slightly on the “heavy” side but by the end of the evening I found myself having carnal thoughts about her. The fact that she was forever leaning over to get something from her handbag affording me a good look down her blouse to her cleavage certainly had me turned on. That night alone in bed I couldn’t get her big beautiful body out of my mind and I had a lovely wank just thinking about her.

That is when the flirting started, which got more serious until one night Hilda insisted coming back to my place for coffee which naturally ended up with both of us in bed and I got to sample the delights of her wonderful body.

We therefore became a couple and started to see a lot more of each other.

At this point I started to visit Hilda’s home and therefore met her 2 daughter’s Samantha who was 21 at the time and Mandy who was 18. Both of the girls accepted me and we all got on really well. At that point I didn’t see the girls often as they were always out, either at work or out with their friends in the evening.

Anyway our relationship blossomed and Hilda and I decided to get married, after which I moved into her house.

Mandy started flirting with me virtually straight away. The first sign of this was that she would often come down for breakfast without putting a dressing gown on. She wore tight shorts and a vest top in bed and would flaunt herself around the kitchen. It was impossible not to notice her young pert breasts and firm arse. Her shorts also had a tendency to ride up into her pussy lips giving me a nice outline of what lie between Mandy’s long shapely legs. Hilda would send her back to her bedroom “to put some clothes on” but I really enjoyed the show every time it happened.

Every morning the house seemed hectic as all 4 of us had to get ready for work, so Hilda would go into the bathroom first and then ask the girls who wanted to go next and inevitably Mandy would say “Let Sammy go next then I’ll nip in for a shower before John.”

I had only been living there about a week when this first happened and I went into the bathroom and closed and locked the door. Then as I turned I noticed a small black thong lying on the bathroom floor. The underwear obviously belonged to Mandy and my cock twitched istanbul rus escort just thinking about her lovely young cunt and arse being hugged by this small ribbon of material. I picked the thong up and couldn’t help but examine the gusset, which was wet, not with water but obviously with love juice. It smelt heavenly and lifted it to my face to firstly smell then taste my step daughter.

After jerking myself off, I felt terribly guilty and put the thong in the linen basket and tried to forget about it. However Mandy continued to flirt and to leave me panties of all sizes, shapes and colours on the bathroom floor.

I therefore started to become obsessed with her and even though Hilda is 32 years older and probably 70lbs heavier than her daughter, when we had sex I often used to imagine her as Mandy and therefore shoot my load pretending to fill my step-daughter’s cunt.

After a couple of months of this, some of Mandy’s antics got more outrageous. One night she was getting ready to go out with her friends, Hilda had nipped to the supermarket, and I was in the lounge watching TV. Mandy came into the lounge, wearing a thin cotton dressing gown and holding a necklace.

“I can’t put this on John, can you help me please?” she said.

I stood up and she handed me the necklace and then she went over and stood in front of a full length mirror which hung in an alcove. I walked up behind her in order to fasten the necklace around her neck. Just as I put it around her neck, she flipped open the dressing gown to reveal that she wasn’t wearing anything at all underneath. From behind her looking into the mirror I could see her wonderful firm tits and her luscious erect nipples, as well as her sexy bald pussy. She had a huge smile on her face and she pressed her arse against me, blew me a kiss in the mirror and proceeded to walk away.

I felt like chasing after her, forcing her down on the sofa and fucking her brains out, but I heard the car in the drive and knew that Hilda was home.

As things were so obvious now, I decided to play along and the next day I feigned illness and stayed home. When everyone else had left I went into Mandy’s bedroom and pleasured myself in her knickers and in her bed. By the end of the day I had stained 3 pairs of her panties and soaked her sheet with my cum.

The next day there were no panties on the floor of the bathroom however and I took fright that Mandy had just been playing games and she was now horrified that a middle aged man married to her Mum had been wanking in her bedroom.

However when I put my suit jacket on I found an envelope in the inside pocket which simply said “Daddy dearest” on the front. I decided to open it at work, but my stomach was in knots all the way there.

What if she was going to expose me?

At work I went straight to the toilets and locked myself in a cubicle and opened the envelope. Inside was a photo printed on a desktop printer. It was of Mandy licking a pair of her own knickers, a pair that I recognised from the day before because I had filled them with my spunk. There was also a kadıköy escort note which said;

“Oh Daddy you are naughty making your little girl’s bed and panties wet like that, I spent most of this night just licking your lovely cum off my bed sheet and out of my panties (see photo). But what I really want is just to swallow loads of it fresh from your hot thick hard dick. Tonight I just rubbed my face it in first and pretended you had just cum all over my face, Mmmm lovely can’t wait. Hope you enjoy your wank looking at my photo, love you loads, your sweet innocent little girl Mandy.”

In the photo Mandy was side on and the whole of her top half was in view as she licked the knickers in her hand, so now I had a photo of her lovely young tits and as I held that in one hand I wanked myself stupid with the other.

That night at home the sexual tension between the two of us was really hot, but with Hilda about there was no way anything would happen.

The next morning on the bathroom floor I found a pair of purple lacy panties, very wet from Mandy’s cum plus a note that simply said “Enjoy and tomorrow I am having the day off work.”

The next morning as Hilda got up ready for work, I feigned sickness again and told her that I would ring work and tell them I couldn’t go in.

Samantha left at 8.00am and Hilda at 8.15.

I went upstairs and stood outside Mandy’s door, my cock as stiff as a tent pole. I listened, was she still asleep? But then I heard some soft moans and realised she wasn’t. I opened the door and walked in. My 18 year old step daughter was lying on her bed stark naked. Her right hand was between her legs whilst her left fondled her own breasts. Her eyes were tightly shut as she squirmed about on the bed.

“Oh Daddy darling, lick my pussy, lick me Daddy, please.”

I watched as she continued to masturbate in front of me.

“Lick my clitty, Mmmmmmm that’s right, get your tongue right in Daddy.”

I wrapped my hand around my throbbing cock and started to slowly play with myself. My pre-cum was oozing out of me and I lubricated my bell end and shaft with it.

“Oh Daddy come up and lick your little girl’s titties, please and finger fuck me at the same time.”

Mandy’s arse was lifting off the bed as her fingers were thrusting in and out of herself and she was pinching her own nipples hard between thumb and forefinger.

“Oh Daddy yes….. more, yes, yes, make your little girl squirt.”

I watched as Mandy brought herself off, her cum spurting from her pussy in a jet as she reached her orgasm.

“Yes Daddy yes,” she screamed.

I knew I couldn’t hold myself back and I stepped forward.

Mandy opened her eyes as my cock descended towards her face. Her eyes were bright and excited and she opened her mouth and welcomed me in. She squeezed my balls with her right hand and just gave me a couple of sucks and a couple of licks and I exploded in her mouth and over her face.

My thick white cum covered her nose and eyes and dribbled from her lips onto her chin. I grunted as the spasms in my body came to an end kartal escort and Mandy took me from her mouth.

“Nice?” she said.

She still held me and her tongue coated in cum came out of her mouth and she licked my now rapidly deflating cock from tip to base.

“That was fuckin’ awesome Mandy.”

“Was I a good girl for Daddy?”

Just her turn of phrase had my cock twitching again.

“Mmmm you’re a naughty girl, but Daddy likes his little girl to be a bit of a bitch.”

“Well I’m Daddy’s little whore now, ready and willing to do anything Daddy wants.”

She licked me again and again and it wasn’t long until the blood had flowed back into my cock. As I grew in her hand she ohhed and ahhed until once more I was rock hard.

“Well is Daddy going to fuck his little girl today or shall we just have some more oral first?”

I wanted to fuck her desperately but then realised that perhaps the question was veering me away from that to start with.

“Are you still a virgin Mandy?” I asked.

“Well I’ve never had a prick inside me Daddy dear, plenty of fingers though, but I would like yours.”

“Well perhaps soon, first let me taste that sweet little cunt of yours,” I said.

I went down on Mandy running my tongue over her lovely flat stomach down to her groin which had been wonderfully waxed and was completely devoid of any hair. I pressed my tongue against her labia and wormed my way into her cunt. She held my head and thrust against me as I found her clit with my tongue. She gyrated her hips as I stimulated her and was soon gasping, panting and yelling.

“Oh yes Daddy, more yes, Oh John that is fucking wonderful, make me cum pleaseeeee…”

Her pussy got wetter and wetter until she finally squirted her hot juice into my mouth. I didn’t move, just drank her cum and continued to lap away at her cunt.

As I moved up the bed again, she reached over to her bedside cabinet. I covered her stomach and tits with kisses and as I came up to her lips, she broke away.

“Put this on John please.”

Mandy handed me a condom and I fitted it over my aching cock.

We then started to kiss as I lay on top of her and as those kisses became more passionate, I thrust into her, breaking past her hymen and deep into her vagina.

She moaned, bucked her hips and then relaxed as I fucked her as hard and as long as I possibly could. The feel of her hot young body under me was sensational and her juice flowed freely from her cunt as I screwed her.

Eventually I reached my climax and filled the condom with my spunk and collapsed on top of her.

We lay there quiet for a few moments, both of us breathless until she said,

“I wonder what Mum will say if she ever finds out about this.”

I looked at and said “Well hopefully she won’t, you don’t plan on telling her do you?”

“Well no but how I am going to keep my hands off you, especially when I get really frustrated.”

I didn’t reply and then Mandy said

“Well I suppose you’ll have to make sure that I don’t get too desperate and keep me completely sexually satisfied, then I won’t try and get my hands on your cock whilst we are all watching the TV.”

“That’s fine by me,” I said.

“Good because I’m going down for a coffee and then I want you to fuck me on the sofa and then in the shower and at least one more time in my bed before Mum comes home.”


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