Old Family, New Loves Ch. 04

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Savannah had never looked more lovely. At least for me. It was spring, and so many azaleas were blooming, in so many colors. The tour trolleys were ringing their bells as they took the tourists around the Old Town squares. I was no longer a tourist, having lived here for close to two years now.

But I still loved to walk around our neighborhood and go down the stone stairs to River Street and watch the boats on the Savannah River. It was my home now. Here with Aunt Kate and Uncle Pierce was where I belonged. They had accepted me. I was paying them rent now, for my room and board. After all, I was twenty-four years old.

They had resisted when I first brought it up. But I was working full time at City Hall. I wanted to pull my weight. They loved me, I knew that. But I was still not a daughter. I was their niece. So I wanted to do my share to show them how much I appreciated their taking me in when my mother passed. They would never know how much it had meant to me. I hadn’t the words to truly express it.

And I had found much more in this historic mansion they called home. I had found love and sexual joy. Their children, my cousins, had been sweetly loving to me. In many ways. I had now made love to cousin Julia, the youngest daughter, who had come out to her parents after taking my maidenhead with a strap on.

She was a lesbian and I had discovered that I was bisexual. We still spoke often through emails and texting. And when she could she came home and we made love. We had done so when she returned to celebrate her twenty-fifth birthday. It was wonderful.

Then I had been more aggressive and threw myself at cousin Chester. I had caught him masturbating to some online porn and I had taken over. He had not refused the offer of my favors. That had been a great week-end.

We hadn’t had anymore hook-ups, since he was very busy trying to keep his newest job. But he was a great fucker. You can see I’m really a slut now, and I have a filthy mouth. At least, in the bedroom. He’s going on twenty-six years old. I miss his cock.

How could I forget the next oldest son, Samuel. That had been an eye-opening experience for me. A few months back he and his new girlfriend had visited. That was Sandy his half Japanese lover.

I had heard an odd noise in his room down the hall. I stumbled into something that was a treasured memory now. Sandy was his Mistress and we both had some fun whipping his ass for him. He loved it. We all made love, of course.

I had not met any of Kate’s children yet who did not love sex. It just seemed they liked it in different ways. That was fine with me. I had yet to find a type of sex that didn’t appeal to me. Now Sam and Sandy were both over twenty-eight years old. I looked forward to their return.

The daughter, Gwendolyn, was now about thirty. She had been living in London with an artist. His name was Wendall and apparently they were both doing well there. She owned an art gallery in the Battersea district, while he was a painter. He wasn’t really famous yet but he was becoming popular.

Their life was very intriguing to me. When Kate and Pierce spoke of their daughter Gwen the pride was easy to hear. I had known her before, of course. She had been there at my mother’s funeral, and we had visited sporadically over the years before that. We had never been close. I was always too young.

Now they were on their way over. They had sailed on their own boat down the Thames and across the Atlantic. It seemed such an adventure to me. They maintained contact over a wireless aboard their sloop. It was difficult to tell when they would arrive but they estimated that they were a few hundred miles away.

They would be here in the next few days, if no storms or poor winds slowed them down. The boat was motorized but they were trying to use only sail as much as possible.

Here in the house we were always nude. Kate and Pierce were naturists, and I suppose I was too now. At least, I had followed their practice and disrobed while here at home. It was very freeing. I was lucky not to be male or I might be getting an erection whenever I watched the two of them here.

They both aroused feelings in me. I had never tried to act on them. They hadn’t give any sign that they were interested in me either. But it was a pleasure to notice them because they had both taken care of themselves. Only in their fifties, their bodies were taut and attractive.

Anyway, it was a Friday morning and I was walking to work with Pierce. I was heading north to City Hall and he walked along with me, until he stopped, kissed me on the cheek, and went into his law office. I continued for a couple of blocks more and was there. I went upstairs to the Planning Department to start working. I was involved in the mapping section.

It was a nice place to work. I could look out over the river, or watch the ships and boats heading up and down. Savannah was a major shipping port still. It was actually the oldest city in Georgia and ankara escort had always been a destination point for products from abroad. We still shipped plenty out from here ourselves. But I was more concerned with the arrival of Gwen and Wendall. They would be docking very close by.

Later on in the afternoon I received a call from Kate. She never called me at work, so I was surprised. But she was excited and had good news. Gwen and her boyfriend had arrived and were preparing to leave their sloop at a slip in the Savannah Yacht Club.

It was actually on the Wilmington River. The whole landscape here was criss-crossed with streams of various sizes. But they were getting a rental car and would arrive home for dinner. Kate was so happy. She hadn’t seen Gwen for years. And Wendall was a complete mystery in some ways.

This meant that our nudism was continue if Wendall didn’t disapprove. None of the children cared that Kate and Pierce were naturists. At least, the two of them didn’t believe so. None of the younger people had mentioned it to me. But I could surely live with having to wear clothes to dinner again. This was going to be fun.

I stopped at Pierce’s office as I walked home and he was waiting for me outside. He was eager to get home too. Of course Kate had called him. We both walked quickly south through some squares and finally arrived at our place. There was a parking spot at the rear of the house we never used.

That was where the rental car was, certainly. Entering the house Pierce gave a whoop as he gathered his daughter in and hugged her tightly, while Kate stood by. Beside her was Wendall, I presumed. I smiled at him and got a wink back.

They were both naked, as was Aunt Kate. Apparently Wendall saw nothing wrong with nudism. This was great.

We washed up and then chatted for an hour or so before going out to dinner. Wendall asked if we wanted to drive, but we decided to walk. It was a beautiful spring evening. We all dressed up to dine out.

We were going to The Olde Pink House which had good reviews and lots of tourists. But Gwen had good memories of the place from when she was younger. She wanted to take Wendall there.

So we strolled down to Abercorn Street, passing some of the local celebrities.

We had our own Forrest Gump imitator on a bench. Also, several cross-dressers hailed us as we passed. There were lots of characters in Savannah. Kate and Pierce happened to be two of them.

As we dined on seafood we talked about the trip they had just made across the ocean. They were both so pleased with their accomplishment. So were we. They offered to take me out for a cruise if the weather was good the next day. I accepted happily. I knew next to nothing about sailing but they could show me. Kate and Pierce declined to go. Neither was a good sailor apparently.

We finished dinner and walked home. Spending some time talking in the library was the evening entertainment. That ended about eleven o’clock. Everyone went to their rooms. I was in the room that Gwen had used as a child, sharing it with Julia.

But there were plenty more bedrooms and Gwen and Wendall were comfortably bedded down in a large guest room. I fell asleep quickly even though I was excited to go sailing the next day. This night I heard no suspicious sounds.

I cooked us a breakfast in the morning, letting Kate and Pierce sleep in. We got an early start. Kate had packed a basket of food for us the night before. So we were off to the yacht club. We got out of the club and onto the river by ten o’clock and were heading down the coast.

We hugged the shore. I think the two sailors had tired of sailing out to sea. They wanted a quiet little cruise. It was pleasant. I gave aid as needed and as I could. Finally, we found a nice cove and put down the anchor to relax on the boat, or maybe take a swim.

Gwen and I were dressed in bikinis covered with long shirts while Wendall had some cutoff jeans and a tee shirt. As we talked together we two girls took off the shirts to get a little more sun. I could see Wendall glancing over to check my assets. They were quite good, I knew that.

Gwen was beautiful as well. I thought she was taking me in also. Oh well, I didn’t care in the least. I was proud of my body and my long black hair. My eyes were a special attraction, being green.

“This is so restful, Gwen. Thanks so much you guys for taking me out today. I can see why you love sailing.”

“Yes, we do enjoy it. I think when we get back though we’ll take a break. This has been a great adventure but very tiring too. No more long trips, right Wendall?”

“Right you are, my love. But I find it’s been a brilliant trip and meeting family is always lovely.”

“Well, I like feeling part of the family. Kate and Pierce are such grand people for taking me in.”

“I must say, my siblings have nothing but good things to say about you cousin Trish. And other things too I might add.”

At that I believe escort ankara I began to blush. I wondered if they would notice with the sun beating down.

But Gwen was smiling at me with pleasure in her eyes, and so was Wendall. So I just took it as a compliment. Until Gwen moved closer to me as we were stretched out on the deck.

Her hand stroked my cheek and then she leaned in and softly kissed my lips. I returned it of course. I had been wanting her to do it. I was a true slut now. I wanted all the sex I could get from people I admired and loved. Wendall, I saw, was smiling as he rubbed his prick in his shorts. I could see it was growing as I watched and then I became engrossed in kissing Gwen.

Kissing a woman is so delicious. They are at once soft and gentle and then rough and urgent. I let her know I wanted her by opening my mouth and allowing her tongue to explore. It was wonderfully arousing.

My pussy was starting to become very damp. Her hand found out how wet I was when she began caressing my cunt. At first it was outside but quickly she pressed her fingers under my bikini bottom and began stroking my labia.

I wanted to return the caresses so I did. She humped her pussy up to meet my hand, continuing to kiss my lips but then moving to kiss my neck and my earlobes. I was already coming. I was a sensual woman and I was quick to feel the passion and lust that she was sharing with me.

It didn’t take long before she was dragging my bikini off completely, both top and bottom. My freed breasts exposed my hard nipples that Gwen began sucking. I glanced over and Wendall was now masturbating a large cock. His pants were gone as was his shirt.

Moaning with pleasure I worked Gwen’s bikini off too. She kept her lips tightly sucking my nipple. It was causing me to start creaming all over the deck. I didn’t care. I wanted to keep coming for her. I wanted to make her come.

I forced her off of me and I moved between her legs. I could smell the sweet odor of feminine musk as I started licking her clit for her. She started moaning now too.

I was now sucking up the female cream she was leaking. She had laid back and was spreading her legs farther apart in urgent need of my lovemaking. I would give her all I had. I wanted to please this child of my benefactors. I wanted to please her for myself. I simply wanted to please her to make myself come.

I was such a little slut. But I did so love eating pussy. When I had been licking her pussy and sucking her for a long time she finally gasped out that I had to stop or she would faint.

With that I leaned back and she moved up to kiss me again and taste her own juices. We made out as I felt Wendall’s hands exploring my breasts and down to my pussy. Then Gwen pushed me down and began giving me what I had given her. Her lips locked on my pussy and I started squealing.

No one would hear so I let it all out. I almost screamed from the sensations she was giving me. I came so much I thought I would be dry forever. Finally she came up for air and smiled down at me.

I looked up and saw Wendall looked to be close to coming. I could see it on his face.

“Please Gwen. Can I suck your lover? I don’t want to waste that good man’s come. Let me suck his cock, Gwen.”

“Go on little bird. I want to see him feeding you his prick. He loves to fuck faces, don’t you lover?”

“Oh, god yes, love. Little one, take my prick now. I’m so close. Suck on it.”

I was on my knees now and his cock was in my face so I sucked it in and began taking it all down. I could do that now. I was a come slut for certain. I wanted to taste his come. I loved the taste of man sperm. I was stroking it as my saliva made it wet and looking up to see him gazing back into my eyes.

Gwen was squeezing my breasts, and he had my hair in his hands, forcing me to take him as he fucked my mouth. Oh, it was so good and then his spunk was filling my mouth as he groaned and begged me to swallow it all.

No problem with that. I wanted it and I took it all down my throat. I was smiling up to him and then to Gwen. I showed them both my empty mouth and they laughed with me.

We relaxed for awhile just talking about how much we enjoyed each other. They told me about their life in London and I tried to make living in Savannah sound exciting. Gwen knew that it could be. She grew up here.

Wendall was beginning to understand what she had been speaking of when she spoke of her hometown. And we all ate our lunch with a fervid appetite now that we had been so free with out sexual favors. I wanted more and I hoped they did too.

Sailing up the coast and into the mouth of the Wilmington River was our afternoon fun. I was getting the hang of using the sails. Not well, but I was trying, even if they laughed at me a little. I didn’t mind because it was friends laughing.

I knew they liked me, and I surely adored them already. We put into the club and were back home within the hour. Kate ankara escort bayan was happy to see that they had not lost me overboard. That amused Gwen and Wendall as we went up to prepare for dinner.

The night passed pleasantly. We dined and then conversed in the library while playing some music. I enjoyed hearing baroque and the others had their favorites, including some alternative rock. That was actually Kate. She was really quite up on newer music. She listened during the day around the house as Pierce and I worked.

It was not too late when we decided to go to bed. The day’s sailing had rather worn out the three of us and Kate and Pierce needed their rest too. I said goodnight to the young couple as I passed into my room.

The next few days passed quickly. I still had to work during the week as did Pierce. But Kate was getting all the time she needed with her eldest daughter and the new boyfriend. I didn’t begrudge her the time with them. I enjoyed their company in the evenings.

They were staying for a month, you see. We had plenty of time. I did wonder if anything like our fun out on the sloop would happen again but I could be happy if it didn’t. I just liked being here with them.

They had been in Savannah for a week when I was awakened one night by a tapping on my bedroom door. It was one o’clock in the morning, according to my bedside clock. It was a Saturday now and we had been out to dinner. All of us had indulged in drinks. Perhaps more than we should have, but we were walking home, so it didn’t really matter.

In any case, I got up to answer the knock. I was naked of course. I never wore clothes to bed anymore. I arose and turned on the light. I opened the door. It was Wendall.

“Hello, little one. Nice night isn’t it? My dear, Gwen has sent me here to see if you need some company. She seems to think I might be able to give you some companionship. Is she correct, my dear?”

I blushed. “Maybe. What do you have in mind, Wendall?”

“Just a bit of slap and tickle, dear. Let us see where it takes us.”

“Don’t be silly. You know very well I’d love your attentions. Gwen knows me well already it seems. Come in and show me what you have my Brit friend.”

He was wearing pajama bottoms. His chest was bare. And I could clearly see what he was thinking by the bulge growing in front. I reached out and touched him as he slowly entered. I felt that cock I had sucked on a few days earlier.

Now I wanted it in my pussy. I really needed it. I think he could not help but see that I was extremely eager to have him use me with it. I was already tingling as he pulled his bottoms down and his prick sprang free. My mouth was watering but I really wanted to be fucked right now.

“My dear, a good shagging seems appropriate right now. Wouldn’t you say so?” He grinned at me.

“Shut up you silly Limey. Just fuck me well and good. Please, sir?”

That was enough banter. He grabbed me and pushed me back to the bed. Then he picked me up and laid me out. I was naked and so was he. He could see the effect he was having by the wetness of my hairless pussy.

And his prick was long and hard. I wanted it badly. I moved back on the bed and spread my legs for him. He smiled as he crawled up and took my legs in his hands. He raised them up and put them on his shoulders. He reached down and placed the head of his cock on my vulva. I begged him to fuck me.

With one hard thrust he filled my pussy and I almost yelled out my need. But I was able to squelch my voice and he began slowly reaming my cunt with a thick cock. It was good, so very good. He pressed my legs back against my breasts as he increased the speed of his pumping. I was coming already, of course.

But I wanted him to fuck me long and hard. And deep,very deep. I wanted that cock. I needed this. It had been awhile since I had a hard piece of cock ramming into my pussy. He was like a fucking machine as he kept fucking and groaning with pleasure. I knew he was loving this. I could feel it and hear it.

As he fucked me I heard the sound of someone entering the room. I almost didn’t look but I did. It was Gwen, smiling as her boyfriend screwed me. Then I just let it go out of my mind as I let the passion flow over my body. God he could fuck. He was filling me as I leaked my juices around his prick. I wanted it to go on forever, but it couldn’t.

I could hear him puffing as he reached the point of climax. I already had several times, but I was ready to come with him when he was ready. He was because he grunted as he thrust one time more and I felt the come filling me. He kept pumping and spurting. I moaned and had a final orgasm with him. He pulled out.

When he did I felt a small trembling as Gwen crept onto the bed. She moved quickly to take his cock into her mouth. I watched with glee as she sucked my pussy juices off of his cock, and sucked down any come he had left.

Then she twisted around and began licking my cunt clean. I was shivering as she fingered her pussy and continued licking my pussy. Finally she was finished and she licked her lips. She sat up and grinned at me.

“You two are a great pair. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.”

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