One Night

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I met Amanda about 6 months ago. It was at a frat party and I was getting some unwanted attention off this guy, and she stepped up to give me a hand. He backed away immediately; she explained her brother was the big man on campus and so people tended to leave her alone. So I thanked her for her help and we just talked for the rest of the night and since then we have been friends. Nothing more until last night.

Let me take you back 12 hours to a time that even though we promised to forget, will be the most magical, erotic and sexually most amazing night ever. It was about 8pm and I was in my dorm room that I shared with my twin sister Amy. Amy sat on her bed, while me and Amanda sat on mine. We were talking about how we first met and how she stopped a guy from hitting on me.

“So because of your brother, this guy just backed off?” Asked Amy.

“Yes, he has a pretty tough reputation around campus so people tend to avoid upsetting him. He is really baby when he is alone with me, but don’t tell him I told you.”

“So must be a problem finding a boyfriend?” I asked.

“No, I like women, so it is not a problem.”

“Does that mean you are a lesbian?”


“Why did you never tell me?”

“You never asked.”

“Well I just assumed you liked guys.”

“Well what does it matter whether I like guys or gals?”

“It doesn’t, maybe it’s the shock of discovering you are gay. Do you like me?”

“Why does everyone ask that question? Well I suppose in part I can understand that. But think about it, if I really liked you, and you know how open I am, I could have tried to get into your panties at anytime.”

“So you don’t find me attractive.”

“I never said that, but you were asking why I never attempted to ask you out.”

“So you do find me attractive?”

“You are very beautiful, but we are also friends and I know you like guys so nothing was going to happen.”

“Well if we weren’t friends and you never knew I liked guys, and that you are on my bed, would you want to have sex with me?”

“I never have one night stands, sex is important to me, but only with someone I really like or know. I spend at least 2 weeks getting to know a person before I do, then I hope whatever we have will continue.”

“But what if for one night, now, that we both forgot everything we know and just for tonight, you have a one night stand with me, and I have sex with a woman, and tomorrow we forget it or just remember it as a fantasy that will never happen again?”

“You are really serious about this?”

“Very, I have always wanted to try sex once with a woman, I am not trying make it sound like I am using you, but of all the women I know, you would be the only one I would like to be with sexually, whether you were gay or not.”

“Wow, quite an offer. Maybe with this being college and a time for experimenting and experiencing strange new things, I could just for one night let myself go and have sex with you.”

“Sophie, I can’t believe you are actually considering this?”

“Amy, you said you would never do drugs before you came here, but I know you and Ray have a spliff now and then, never say never, I want to have sex with a woman once. One night of pure pleasure, no risk of pregnancy, just see what it is like.”

“How do you know about me and Ray, never mind, maybe I’ll just go and find Ray?”

“How about you stay and have fun?” Asked Amanda

“What?” Amy and I said.

“Well you just said tonight is about forgetting and enjoying, one night only, I would love to have a threesome, and with twins no less, and who knows maybe you two can try it together, a bit of incest, it is for one night, tomorrow it will be the past, no one outside these walls will know anything, this will be between us three, I will never tell anyone. I know neither of you will mention it. But I can promise you that I will give you more pleasure than any man ever will, it is just for one night what do you think?”

“I would be lying if I said I wasn’t interested or a little aroused by all this. But my inhibitions are still in place to think about continuing this. Plus I do not see Sophie and I even getting that close to each other.” Replied Amy.

“I can, I think you are pretty, even if we are twins, I would like to try it.”

“No way can you be thinking of having sex with your sister.”

“I can and I am, I mean I don’t know how much we will do to each other, but I am sure that Amanda will be the center of attention here, not us. I think Amy that for one night we should have fun, see where things take us.”

By this time we had not really paid attention to Amanda, but when we did her hands were inside her pants, masturbating.

“Amy, stand up for me please?” And she did. Amanda seemed set, on a mission. She got up and just kissed Amy, she pulled her fingers from within her pants and pointed them towards me. This was it, the moment of no return for any off us. But as this was my idea I was not going to ataşehir escort bayan back out. So I took her fingers into my mouth, sucking her juices. To say I was turned on was an understatement; I was so wet I could take a bath in the juices, maybe not, but how else am I to describe the moment. My inhibitions had now gone on holiday to Hawaii for the night; I stood, took off my jeans and slid the hand that was in my mouth, into my panties. Now things got really interesting. Amanda was still kissing Amy but in order for Amanda to get her fingers to work, I needed to be in front. So without thinking I just separated Amy from Amanda, stood my back against Amanda’s chest, her fingers began playing whilst she kissed my neck. Amy was still stunned by the kiss, now was my chance, I cupped her face, bringing her lips to mine as we shared a deep kiss. Her tongue forced it’s way into my mouth, I gladly accepted. I could feel myself falling deeper and deeper into the kiss as my hands moved down passed her breasts, I did have a little feel and gave them a squeeze, down to cup her ass as I brought us closer together. Her hands had been by her side the whole time Amanda started the kiss and since I had continued, but once Amy felt Amanda’s hand start to rub her breast, Amy’s hands suddenly slipped under my shirt, fondling my breasts, it was an amazing feeling. Amanda’s fingers were really working on me, her palm was rubbing my clit and her fingers were moving in and out of me, add Amy’s hands on my breasts my moaning soon took precedence over the kissing and I needed air to cum.

“Oh fuck Amanda, I’m cumming hard, fuck Amy pinch my nipples.” I screamed once Amy started to pinch my nipples, hard. Once I had come down, Amanda holding me up, Amy had unbuttoned my shirt. I had closed my eyes when I had my orgasm, but now open I saw Amy, a huge smile on her face.

“That was amazing, you are a great kisser Amy, and Amanda your fingers sure know how to do a job well done.”

“What next, because I really don’t won’t to stop now?” Said Amy.

“Me neither.”

“Me three.” Said Amanda.

“Well I have had a sample of Amanda, so I really would like to try her directly from the source.”

“And I want to sample Amy, so I think we can arrange something. But first I think we should all get naked?” Asked Amanda, which is what we did, quickly. I was finished first and had time to not only see what Amanda looked like naked, but to see what I looked like naked, once Amy had undressed.

“Well I must say Amy, I look really beautiful.” I said jokingly

“So do I.” She replied.

“And Amanda, even though I have never really found women to be attractive in sexual terms, your body is so amazing, so beautiful, I could easily fall in love with it.” For a moment I spoke the truth and Amanda could tell, but we quickly ignored it and got on my bed, 3 people on a single bed, it was very tight but we managed it. Amanda took control here, we agreed as long as we got pleasure out of tonight, and she being the expert, she could tell us what to do.

“Well I will lay down, Sophie you can get between my legs and partake in my essence, and Amy can sit on my chest so I can taste her.” Amanda got on the bed, but before I got to her center, I got on top of her and kissed her. Amanda was a great kisser or together we were great, either way I really loved kissing her, actually she gave me the best kiss I have ever had, so smooth and not all tongue like most blokes. Even though it was gentle it was passionate, but after a few minutes Amy started to complain.

“I haven’t got all day Sophie, I need to cum too.” So my lips separated from Amanda’s with a smile as I moved slowly down her body, stopping to give attention on her breasts. Amy became really impatient, she could wait no longer and so just stuck her ass in my face as she moved her pussy towards Amanda’s mouth. I had to admit, I had a nice ass, I pinched it and then began to move downwards, kissing along Amanda’s very tight stomach, towards her center. I could hear Amy start to moan slightly, but when my lips finally met Amanda’s pussy lips, her moans grew as Amanda moaned into Amy. I had never tasted a woman, well up until a few minutes ago from Amanda’s fingers, but I have to say it was an experience I would treasure forever. I actually believe at the moment, that I preferred it to sucking a man off. I could taste her wetness and even though it had a slight bitter taste, there was still a sweetness that I could not describe that had me addicted instantly. I lapped like I had never lapped before, which in fact was never. I rubbed her clit with my index finger. The moans that were coming from Amy and Amanda certainly grew louder, and then Amy became more vocal.

“Oh right their Amanda, keep your tongue there, bite it, oh yes.” Then I heard Amanda mumble something. “Sophie, Amanda says to lick and bite her clit too.” So I did, it was another new feeling as I put my mouth over her clit, it had a rubbery feeling, but I loved it. escort kadıköy I could hear the others building up and without noticing I had been rubbing my pussy against Amanda’s leg and my own orgasm was nearing it’s explosion. I nibbled and licked ferociously as the moans in the room grew louder and the bed began to shake harder. Eventually only Amy was able to scream clearly; while Amanda and I just screamed into the pussies we currently had our mouths on. Amy collapsed backwards, her head almost colliding with mine. I lifted myself up and looked down at Amy. Her eyes opened and looked at me and frowned, she was upside down, so was in fact happy.

“Would you like to taste Amanda?” Amy nodded, so I leaned down and kissed her, like that scene in Spiderman. It was very erotic, Amy was sucking my tongue, then licked my lips and around my mouth.

“Very nice.” Amy said. I looked up and Amanda was smiling down at us.

“What next?” I asked Amanda.

“Well call me kinky but I would love to see you too in a 69, while I masturbate in front of you, I’ll lay on Amy’s bed while you too get in position. I looked back down and Amy.

“I would like to try that with you, I would like your mouth on my pussy and yours on mine. With us being twins, our bits should be in the same place, so it will just be like masturbation, so we should both be experts.” I laughed at this as Amanda slipped from under Amy leaving her in the perfect position for me to move towards Amy’s pussy and mine would be above Amy’s mouth, we should fit perfectly, we were after all, identical twins. As I moved towards her pussy, I stopped off at her breasts and began to feel with one hand, while the other held me above her. I licked and suckled on her nipples and Amy was doing the same to mine. I looked to my right and saw Amanda with her feet together, her knees spread wide and her fingers playing with her pussy, her other hand was playing with her breasts, I then looked into her eyes. The moment they met shocked us both, even though we were both very lustful, I think we both saw something more, she suddenly stopped looking at me and looked towards Amy, the look in her eyes was gone, to be replaced by desire as she looked at Amy, I guess Amy was looking at her in return. So I returned to my task and made my way up or down (depending on which end is which) Amy’s body, and towards her pussy. I stopped thinking about what the look in Amanda’s eyes meant and just started to taste my sister. I had never tasted myself, but I was sure that even as twins, this would be at least one thing that would be different. I slipped my tongue into her slit, 2 of my fingers slipped underneath and around my tongue, until I hit the g-spot, Amy was right, it was in the same identical place as mine. I moved my mouth to her clit and sucked it between my teeth, running my tongue over it and nibbling on it. She was doing the exact same thing to me. Even though I was new to licking pussy and this now being Amy’s first attempt, there is only so much that is needed to stimulate women, you just need patience and in the case of orally pleasing a women, I strong jaw as my mouth was aching from having just finished with Amanda as well, so occasionally I just stopped and used my finger on my free hand to rub her clit. As the orgasm began to build I was actively humping Amy’s face, as Amy’s lower body gyrated up towards mine. I took a moment to look across at Amanda, just in time to see her come while directly looking at me again, this time she did not turn away from as she leaned against the wall and smiled. Suddenly it came, I had not noticed it, but Amy had got me real close and my fingers we still working on her, I felt her scream into me, through my pussy, that was all it took and I screamed.

After I awoke, and got my bearings I found myself in the middle of too gorgeous women, Amy was spooning me from behind and I was spooning behind Amanda, my hand resting on her stomach. Amy’s hand was rested on Amanda’s ass; I smiled before moving closer to Amanda, my head on her shoulder.

“I love you.” I whispered into her ear as I slipped into slumber land.

I awoke the next morning, I was on my back now, Amanda had laid her head on my shoulder, whilst my arm was wrapped around her shoulders and Amy was gone. I could tell Amanda was awake, and even though part of me felt weird about what happened, it also felt good, safe and amazing to hold Amanda, both of us naked, against me.

“Morning Amanda, sleep well?” I asked.

“Pretty good actually, you?”

“Amazing, it feels nice to wake up next to you.” After a moment’s pause from Amanda, she asked me something very important. She lifted her head from my shoulder and raised herself up to lean on her elbow as she looked directly at me.

“Did you mean it?”

“Yes I feel wonderful.”

“Not that. Last night when you told me you love me.” I had to think about it for only a second before I remembered what I said. Suddenly I was scared and I sensed that this upset Amanda, bostancı escort she was about to leave the bed when I stopped her.

“Please wait, let me think about this for a minute, please.” I pleaded. She nodded but now seemed uncomfortable as she turned away from me. I had a lot of thoughts go through my mind as I remembered back to last night. It had been amazing, even though I had had sex with my sister; it was Amanda that I was thinking about now. I must have locked eyes with her many times while we were having sex, and it confused me at the time, but I think when my mind began to drift off to sleep I realized with some clarity that she loved me, and I loved her in return. But now that she had asked me if I did or not, I was in shock. Last night was supposed to be, just that, last night, a once only thing, I now I wanted more of them, but not with Amy, just Amanda. She told me that she could not be with a person just once; I think she invited Amy to make it feel less about just Amanda and I. She was trying to protect herself from letting me in, because in the morning we would be friends again, but she felt more for me. Last night I had told her I loved her, what to say to her now, the next morning. Whatever Amanda or I said to each other now would make or break our friendship or even our relationship. I turned towards me, leaving her on her back as I moved on top of her. She was not going anywhere while we talked, she seemed very afraid of what I was going to say.

“You had a one night stand with someone close to you, didn’t you, a friend maybe and they rejected you afterwards.” She nodded as tears slid down her face and onto the pillow. “I guess since then you have had to be so sure that whoever you slept with, they had to return the feelings towards you beforehand, so that is why you wait.” She nodded again. “And why last night you wanted to avoid rejection by inviting Amy, so it seemed you were having fun, knowing that being with me was all you really wanted.” She nodded again but not before really crying, this got me started and I fully lay on top of her as I hugged her close. “I know you love me, probably always have, but part of me is scared, this is new to me.” She tried to push me away.

“Please let me go, I’ll just leave, it will be easier that way.” I knew I was right to lie on top of her, she was I few inches shorter than me, and I really had her pinned.

“But I don’t want you to leave Amanda.” I said gently into her ear. “I do love you, and it is the romantic kind. You are my best friend, have been for six months, and I told you last night that I have always wanted to be with a woman and that would only be you. If I am honest that means I have just admitted to you that I loved you from the moment we met, but I can’t handle this at the moment, I am confused. I want us to be a couple, but I need to take it slow, this is not a rejection of any kind, or even an experiment. I want to be with you Amanda, I’ll run outside naked right now and scream your name if just to prove that to you.” I could feel Amanda giggle a little; it made me happy that she listening to me. “I know you are scared of rejection from me, even more scared to lose me as friend, but I won’t let that happen.”

“But what if you get scared and run?”

“I may not be able to promise you much at the moment, but I will never run from you, while I was thinking before, one of the things that worried me was the pressure placed upon me to choose. I had to make a very hard choice, but not just for me, but for both us.”

“And what was that choice?” She asked as we looked into each other’s eyes.

“I could easily have chosen to ignore what you asked me and everything else I have just told you. But I understood, that whatever I told you next, would change whatever we had before. I see the pain that you have experienced and that if I said that last night would never happen again, I truly believe you would have stopped being friends with me. Even with the excuse that Amy was with us, you wanted me, and your plan was flawed when you woke up this morning and you wanted me again, you love me and need me as more than a friend. I did not want to lose you, I need your friendship too, but then the other choice for me was to tell you that I do love you and that I want to be with you, as a couple in a relationship. Now that scared the shit out of me, but not because you are a woman, but because of our friendship, if we took this further, what if it didn’t work, we would lose a very precious thing to us both, each others friendship. We maybe in college and this is a time to meet new people then move on, but I realized that with you, I will still need you after college as finished.”

“Me too, when I first saw you at that party, I thought you were so beautiful. But after that night I knew I was also in love with you. I was scared if you knew I was gay so I did hide it from you. But when you asked me last night about boyfriends, I would not lie to you either so I told you I was a lesbian. When you said about wanting to have sex with me, my love for you was too strong; I needed just one night with you. But I am sorry I invited Amy, it was selfish of me, I was so scared that I would display my love and scare you, you were right I was using her. So now you hate me.”

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