One Summer with Mom

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Big Tits

As a teenager, I was extremely sexually high strung. I often masturbated five to six times a day just to take the edge off of my sex drive. The story I’m about to tell you about actually happened shortly after I turned 18.

I have always been into reading. I would read almost anything and had no set genre as to what I liked. I guess it was only a natural progression that as I matured my tastes in erotica leaned more towards reading stories than visual. I had a large collection of magazines and stories that I kept stashed in a box in my room. This was in the days before the internet so if you wanted adult erotic stories you had to find an adult bookstore to find them. In my area there was only one place to find these magazines.

My parents had a rocky relationship. I believe one of the main sources of friction between them was my father seeking sex outside of their marriage. This left my mother frustrated on many levels. One of which I was to discover was sexually. Apparently dad spent too much energy chasing tail to take care of the wife he had at home.

Mom and I had always been fairly close and were able to talk about many subjects. Sex was one of the few things we didn’t discuss as it was to awkward of a conversation for both of us. That started to change slowly over the summer after I turned 18 as we both began to see each other in a different light.

I can distinctly remember the first time I saw my mother in a sexual light. I had just gotten home from unloading hay and she must not of heard me come into the house. I saw that the t.v was on in the living room and went in to tell her I was home. As I started to enter the room she was sitting in one of the recliners with her back to me. As I glanced down on her from behind I realized she was reading one of her romance novels. What I also noticed was that she had her pants unbuttoned and had her hand down inside her panties. It took a couple seconds for me to realize that she was fingering herself right there in front of me. I stopped and stared for a minute becoming aroused at the same time I was embarrassed at what I was seeing. I slowly crept back into the kitchen and banged the inside door like I had just gotten home as I called out her name. I saw her scramble a little in the living room as I told her I was going into my room to rest.

Almost as soon as I was in my room I pulled out my dick and started to masturbate thinking of what I had just seen.” Holy crap I just saw my mom masturbating,” I thought, and the image of what I had just seen was enough inspiration to bring me to a hard climax as I remembered what I had just witnessed.

Shortly after this I found that my taste in erotica started to lean towards the more taboo subjects out there. I found myself especially interested in incest stories and started to see all of my female family members in a different light. I couldn’t help myself and started to sneak into the house when I came home instead of just barging in. I also started to become more stealthy around the house as I ataşehir escort bayan couldn’t help wonder just what I could catch my mother doing when she thought no one else was around.

It didn’t take me long to realize my mother masturbated almost as much as I did. If I was quiet in my movements around the house I could catch her masturbating almost daily. This lead to me having more and more erotic thoughts about her but I never acted on them as I didn’t think the feelings were the same between us. I didn’t want to destroy our relationship acting on my feelings for her. It was around this time I realized that someone in my house was going through my box of magazines. I would go to look at one of my new books only to find it missing. Then it would reappear in the box in a couple days time.

At first I thought my brother or father may have snooped through my things and then put stuff back. After rummaging carefully through both of their rooms I realized they were not responsible. That only left one other possibility, my mother! Was mom stealing my porn to use as inspiration to masturbate too? The possibility floored me that she might be getting off on the same things I found erotic. I decided I would have to investigate the next time she was not home and find out.

The next time mom went shopping I went in her room. I started searching through her drawers not truly believing I would find anything. That was until I opened her bottom drawer. Inside were a couple of my older incest story books with the pages dog eared on certain stories. When I turned to the stories they were about mother son incest! The stories that I found erotic, it seems, were the same ones my mother was getting off to! I also found a vibrating egg under the books. I put everything back like I found it and decided to test if mom was feeling the same way about me as I was her.

The next books I bought I put stars next to the incest stories I found most erotic. Most of them were mother son sex. In a few days, as expected ,the book disappeared. The next time mom went out I checked her drawer and sure enough, there was the missing book. I also noticed the stories I had liked were dog eared over like before. I decided this was enough proof for me that she was finding this erotic too and decided to see how far I could make this go.

I started to be less discreet in my masturbation. I even let my mother catch me a couple of times by “accident,” just to see her reaction. Each time she saw me she could barely tear her eyes off of my crotch. After a few times of this I could tell she was now trying to catch me in the act. She started doing things like just barging into my room for trivial reasons, and never knocking first anymore. It was after one of these incidents. That I crept up outside her door and could hear the buzzing of her egg and her soft moans as she pleasured herself.

I jerked off right there in the hallway listening to her moans through the closed door. I swear I heard her moan my name just as she was escort kadıköy coming and I blasted my load right there in my hand as I heard her groans. I decided then and there that the next time I caught her playing with herself I would try and act on my fantasies

It was only a few days later that I got my chance to act. I came home from work early as we were rained out for the day. My mother must not of heard me walk in over the sound of the rain on the roof. When I entered the room she was there reading one of my books with her hand down her pants. Instead of leaving like I had many times before I stood behind her and just watched. I was staring at her frigging her clit furiously and could see her hard nipples through her t-shirt. I just watched for a few minutes when the floor made a noise under my feet and alerted her to my presence. She looked up startled and ripped her hand out of her pants, fumbling with the zipper to cover herself up. I grabbed her hand stopping her from zipping up as I moved around the chair and into the room.

I looked at her and then at the book and told her there was no need to stop because I was there. I told her we both seem to find the same thing erotic and maybe we could help each other. She tried to deny it and say she didn’t know what I was talking about and that’s when I pointed at the book.” You are into the same stories I am, I told her, so why not try and help each other out.” With that I released her hand and unzipped my pants pulling my dick out in front of her. I told her I know you have tried to see me jerking off and truth be told I have tried to catch you too. With that said I started to slowly masturbate myself while she looked at me with her eyes glued to my cock.

She slowly slid her hand down in her panties again starting to frig her clit. She told me that what we were doing was wrong but that she could not stop herself. I stroked myself faster and faster as she looked on licking her lips as she fingered herself. It was not long before she arched her back and moaned and that sent me over the edge as well. I leaned onto the arm of the recliner as I shot my load all over the front of her shirt. She jumped up and ran upstairs to her room and I followed right behind her.

She was just pulling the shirt over her head as I closed the door behind us. She turned around startled telling me I shouldn’t be in here. I told her that I knew this had been her fantasy for a while now too and I wasn’t going to stop now. I looked at her breasts and was impressed by them. She was in her forties but her b cup breasts hardly sagged at all. They were topped with huge nipples that the areola seemed to take up nearly half of her breasts.

I pushed her back onto the bed and latched my mouth onto one of her nipples. She started moaning and telling me,” oh god baby just like that.” All resistance seemed to disappear the minute I started sucking on her tits. After slowly suckling on her for a few minutes I reached down and slid my hand inside her panties. I found her bostancı escort soaked from her earlier orgasm and my fingers slid into her with ease. I started finger banging her while rotating my thumb over her clit. It wasn’t long before her breath started coming in short little gasps and I felt her start to tense up. Ohhhh Ronnie she cried out as she bucked her hips into me. After her orgasm began to subside I removed my fingers and grabbed her pants. I roughly pulled them and her panties down and completely off her.

There before me was my small nude mother seemingly completely at my mercy. She was only 5ft 4 and I towered over her at 6ft 3. She grabbed at my clothes and told me get these things off now so we can do this properly. I wasted no time getting nude and lying down beside her. What she did next surprised me as she sprung on top of me with her hands pushed down hard on my chest. I could have unseated her easily but wanted to see where she was going with this. She slowly began to slide her ass down my body bending my erection down until her wet pussy lips began to slide back and forth on my shaft. “It’s time to give my baby boy what we both want,” she said. She raised herself up, and as I looked down, popped the head of my shaft inside her.

I couldn’t believe how hot and tight she was! After three kids you would think she wouldn’t be but she was so tight it was a fight to fit me inside her. She slowly rocked back and forth easing more and more of my dick into her. I was in sexual heaven as she slowly tried to bottom me out inside her. I leaned up and pulled her down towards me so I could capture one of her nipples in my mouth. This drew a deep groan out of her and she started bouncing up and down harder on my shaft. I grabbed onto her hips and started to pump up into her matching her pace as she rode me from above. “Oh so good so good ,” she cried out again and again as I pumped into her.

She started to shudder and shake on me and she started to falter in her pumping as she started to tense up and cum. I gripped her hips tight and slammed up into her for all I was worth. She sensed I was getting close and told me I should pull out for safety but I wouldn’t pull out now even if I wanted to. Her eyes went wide as she felt me start to blast deep into her.

“Oh god,” she screamed out, “pull out pull out you might make me pregnant.” Even though she said this she never stopped humping down on me as I unloaded into the deepest parts of her womb.

She collapsed on top of me after our mutual orgasm’s and made no effort to pull me out of her as she lay there on my chest catching her breath. Once she recovered some she started squeezing me with her pussy muscles again until I was back at full hardness. She rode me hard like a woman possessed until I blasted another load deep in her as she shuddered around me, never once mentioning pulling out this second time around. She lay down beside me slowly fingering her clit as our combined juices slowly ran out of her, seeming to revel in the feel as my cum leaked out of her.

“We better go and clean up as your dad will be home soon.” She must have seen the disappointment on my face and laughed. “Don’t worry now that I know what I was missing I’m not giving this up anytime soon son, we will do this again!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32