Only Children are the Problem

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“When you were a kid, did you ever play dare games?” She asked. We were having dinner. It was our first real date. We’d known each other for months but she had turned down my invitations to go out until a few days before. We had been together almost an hour and I thought things were going really well until she asked that question. Suddenly I wasn’t sure where this was going.

“We played.” I said. “Sometimes I liked them and sometimes I thought they were dumb or mean. Why?”

“I want you to do something, and the only way I can think of asking is by daring you.”

“Just tell me what you want me to do. Don’t dare me.”

“A man and his date just came into the restaurant. The man was my husband. Operative word, was. Our divorce was final last week. The woman he’s with is his boss. One of the last things he said to me as we were leaving the courthouse was his belief that I would never find a man to love me the way I wanted. He hoped I spent a long and lonely life.”

“And your request?”

“Be my fiancé for tonight. Let him see us being affectionate.”

“Not even a hard request. Being affectionate will be my pleasure. Wait. If I’m your fiancé, shouldn’t you have a ring on?”

She dove into her purse. A few seconds later she came out with a ring box. “It was my Mom’s. I hope it fits.” I pulled the ring from the box. It was a beautiful ring. I looked up and a couple were walking towards us.

“Is he wearing gray slacks and a blue shirt?”

“Yes. His boss is in a green sheath dress.”

“Then get ready to earn an Academy Award.” I dropped to one knee in the aisle where they were walking. I took my date’s hand and said, “Please, make me the happiest man on the planet. Marry me!”

She came out of her chair and landed on me. She said “Yes!” Loudly and smothered me in kisses. Patrons all around us clapped and cheered. We got up and thanked them. My date turned and looked her Ex in the face and acted shocked.

“You! What are you doing here?”

“We were going to have dinner, but I’ve lost my appetite.” He started to turn and my date stuck out her hand to his date. “Hi. Pardon Jack’s manners. I’m Sue, his ex-wife.”

“Congratulations! Sorry we barged in on your special occasion.” They shook hands. Jack stepped in and got them apart.

He started to hustle his lady away when I said, “This is a great night! Join us for a drink, at least. A toast to love!”

His date turned back again and said, “That would be grand! Waiter, a bottle of champagne! Please!” She sat with us.

The waiter was quick. Jack didn’t want to sit and he didn’t like being the only one standing so he sat. He turned to me and asked, “How long has this been going on?”

“For me? A long time. But, she wouldn’t even go out with me until the divorce. Now that she is free, I needed to make my move or lose her to the competition.”

Jack’s date asked, “So, when was your first date?”

“One week after she went to court.” I’m pretty good with math so I calculated six months and a week back. “March the twenty-third.”

“No.” Sue said, “Remember. I went to court on the eighteenth. We went out on the twenty-fifth. We came here for dinner.”

“Right! I did remember the place better than the date. I’m not that good with dates. It’s why I have a Blackberry.”

Jack’s date was doing math in her head too. She looked in her purse and pulled out a hundred dollar bill and handed it to me. I accepted it and said, “What is this?”

“It’s for the champagne. He told me the divorce was final in January! He can find his own way home, wherever that may be.” She looked at Jack and spit on him. “You are finished! Make arrangements with my lawyer to get your things from my house. Do not come to my house!” She walked out. Her hips swayed with purpose and her heels clacked loudly as she went. Even the wait staff stayed quiet while she made her exit.

Jack didn’t move until she was out the doors. When they closed behind her he looked at my date and said, “You did that to fuck my life!”

“I got engaged to mess up your life! Pete had already proposed when I saw you. How could it have been a set up? How would I have known you lied to her, too?”

“You knew! You always knew.” He got up and walked from the restaurant. I waited for someone to call out, “Dead man, walking” as he passed by them. He looked that sad.

She said, “We were married three years. He grew to hate my family, well, my sister. Said we were too close, too involved. He wanted to say he was married but wanted to act like he wasn’t, if you know what I mean. When a woman came to me pregnant and asked me to divorce him so he could be her husband and help raise their kid, I gave him the divorce. A week after I filed she miscarried. I guess he moved in on Monica right after that.”

“Feel better?”

“I thought I would. I don’t. Somewhere, inside I guess I still care for him. I don’t want his life to be shit, I just don’t want to watch him having fun.”

I reached across the table and put my hand on hers. Her eyes flared and she started to pull ataşehir escort bayan back. “Stop!” I said. She did. “You asked me to be your fiancé for tonight. It’s still early. I agreed because one night as your fiancé could be the best night of the last few years of my life. You can decide later if you want to break off our engagement, but for now I’m staying in my role.”

She took a sip of the champagne and smiled at me. “That may be a line, but line or not, it’s good. Ok. Until I’m home, we’re engaged. What do you have planned for after dinner?”

“There are possibilities. As we get to know each other better, one will take first in line and we’ll do that one.” Our dinners arrived. We ate and talked. Between us we finished the champagne. The list of possibilities was down to a walk by the marina and going dancing at a club I’d been to once. As we left the restaurant she held my arm and pressed her breast against it. Once outside I could turn us right and go for the walk or turn left and head for my car so we could go dancing.

My feet stopped and I gently pulled her into my arms. She wrapped hers around me and we kissed, really for the first time. The others were acting. This one was her and me, on purpose. I hate to hurry when I kiss. I became aware that people walked past us while we kissed. When we ended the kiss our lips lingered close to each other and we touched them together ever so gently many times.

“Is this what rose to number one on your list of possibilities?”

“I stopped to decide if we turn right and go for a walk or left and drive to a club and go dancing. Kissing you has been on my list for months.”

“Let’s walk. If we went dancing we wouldn’t get to know each other very well. It would be noisy and crowded.”

I guided us down the walk toward the path alongside the marina. After about a hundred yards we came to a deck where walkers could stop and sit to watch the boats go by. We stopped and kissed a few more times.

We walked farther out towards the opening from the marina to Santa Monica bay. She asked about my family. I told her about growing up on a farm, having two younger sisters and where they were now. I asked her about her family.

“Our parents are gone. A car wreck six years ago. I have a sister, Sasha who is two years older than me and she lives nearby.”

“She’s the one your ex didn’t like?”

“We are very close. Talk almost every day, see each other often, hang out, share clothes and just about everything else.”

“He didn’t like that?”

“Nope. He thought my life should be focused on him, just him. In the beginning he liked Sasha but it didn’t take long before he was saying things and doing what he could to get between us.”

“I have two sisters and all our lives the three of us have been close. Closer than most of the siblings I’ve known. I’m anxious to meet your sister.”

We stopped again and held each other. A sail boat slid by with three couples on deck. Two of the couples were kissing and the other couple was running the boat.

“You haven’t used my name once tonight. Why?”

“Every man you’ve dated or married has called you Sue. I become… we become more of the same if I’m Pete and you’re Sue. I’d like to start something new. We can pick new names and from right here we’ll be those people. Brand new, fresh.”

“That’s a novel idea. Change names. Then every time you use my new name it will remind me to be new, fresh, different. Can we walk while we think of our new names?”

“Can we stop and kiss while we walk?” She nodded and we walked. It was still eighty degrees outside even though it was just after nine in the evening and a soft breeze came in off the ocean. We watched boats coming into the marina, birds finding resting spots for the night and other couples strolling the path. We stopped often and kissed. Many of them were gentle, soft, barely touching kisses that left me wanting to become insistent, pushy and forceful. I resisted. I wanted her to give herself to me, not be taken by me. This time.

At the end of the path we stopped again and she put her lips against mine before she spoke. “When I was a little girl I read a book that belonged to my Mom. The lead character was a woman named Silver. I fell in love with that name. I wanted to have a daughter named Silver. I still do. Now you offer me the chance to change from being ordinary Sue and the only name I want is Silver.”

I pressed forward half an inch and we kissed. This time her lips parted a little and she teased me with her tongue. I touched her tongue with mine and made it a caress. When the kiss ended I said, “I am thrilled to be the first man to kiss you, Silver. I love your name. It evokes thoughts and images in my mind that are sensual. The lights shimmering on the water are like liquid silver, shining up at us.”

“Whenever I thought of the man… the man I might share my life with, his name was Roger. Every fantasy I’ve had about a life partner included him being named Roger. I’ve never known a man named Roger. I see him as strong, with slow escort kadıköy hands and kisses, most of the time. Roger can take care of me, and wants to.”

“Can Roger be forceful and demanding as well as strong and caring?” My arms tightened around her.

“Oh, yes!” Her words came out in a rush of breath.

“And might he occasionally take kisses?” She nodded. I crushed my mouth to hers and my tongue pushed between her lips and she surrendered to me.

“Does Roger love holding your breasts?”


My face pulled back a few inches and I asked, “Who am I?”

She smiled a mischievous smile and whispered, “Roger! Please, take me!”

I spun her around so I was pressed against her butt and my arms still were around her. I kissed her neck and cupped her breasts through her thin dress. Silver moaned and whatever resistance was left melted away.

She tilted her head to open her neck to me. I accepted her gift and slipped my hands inside her dress to cup her warm flesh, skin to skin. The touch of her nipples to my finger tips proved them to be ready for me, wanting my touch and the muffled moan told me I was doing what she needed or wanted.

The sound of approaching people prompted me to pull my hands from her breasts and out of her dress. Her hands covered mine and put them back on top of her breasts. As the people passed us she turned and faced me. She whispered, “I am here for you. Whatever you want, Roger, is yours.”

“Give me your panties, please.”


I nodded. She backed up a step, bent at her waist and reached up under the hem of her dress. A Silver thong came back hanging from her fingers. She looked around to see who might have seen.

I took them from her and lifted them to my nose. “I love the fragrance of warm Silver. It is my favorite fragrance.” After the sniff I put them in my pocket. She hooked her arm through mine and we walked back towards my car.

“You know my juices are running down my legs.”

“I hoped, but didn’t know.”

“Will you take me home and love me?”

“To my home. If I take you to your home the engagement is over, by our earlier agreement.”

“You made that agreement with some other woman. Silver has never been with any other man than you, Roger. I want to be in bed with you.”

“The truth is I want you right now! I don’t want the twenty minute drive to my place. Can we go to a nearby hotel?”

“Or a grassy lawn. I want to be filled by you.”

While we were having dinner or walking a van parked next to my car, blocking the view of anyone nearby. She pulled me to the hood of my car and kissed me hard. I lifted her dress to her hips and she opened my slacks, freeing my meat. She leaned back and opened herself to me. As I entered her I noticed we made slippery, wet noises together.

Her hands held my arms and she wrapped her legs around my hips. “God! You fill me perfectly! I’m so close!”

We mated, combining feelings of animal lust and our fantasies of Silver and Roger. She peaked first. The muscles inside her channel grabbed me and drew everything I had to give out of me. I gave it all up willingly. She tried not to scream. I tried not to bellow like a bear. I think we both failed.

As I wilted we kissed. We both heard something drip from where we were joined and splat on the bumper of my car. Something about the sound struck us both as funny. We laughed and as soon as we laughed, more of our juices plopped out. We laughed harder.

I walked to the back of my car and got a towel from the trunk. I gave it to Silver and she folded it for her to sit on. She used her mouth to clean my equipment, telling me how good we tasted together as she did the job.

She left her dress bunched at her waist as she got into the car. I didn’t zip. When we stopped at a light and another car pulled alongside she covered my cock with her hand. The lady in the car noticed and looked away, quickly. We laughed some more after the light changed.

Inside my condo we left a trail of clothes to the bedroom. We made it to the bed and Roger buried himself in Silver again. The urgency was tempered and the mating became more than a rut. We explored each other, spending time taking mental notes and memorizing what worked for and with our new partner.

I discovered I loved sucking on her breasts even more than I had loved holding them in my hands. I loved how her areolas were slightly oblong instead of round. Her left nipple was inverted until I sucked on it, then it popped out and swelled to the size of a blueberry. A Silverberry!

She got us into the shower and we learned more about each other. I kept reminding myself this wasn’t a one night stand. As we shut off the water Silver asked, “Can I have a place in your bathroom for some of my things?”

“Of course. I don’t want the engagement to be over either.”

We got back in bed and held each other. “You mean that?”

“Yes! You can end this, but I won’t. I was beginning a long term relationship with the date Pete went on tonight. It wasn’t a let’s-test-the-waters bostancı escort date for me. I wanted to dive. Sorry. Pete wanted to dive in. Sue’s ex just made the transition quicker for both Sue and Pete.”

“I don’t feel like Sue. She would never in a million years have given you her thong!”

“Would she have leaned back on my car and welcomed me inside?”

“No! She had rules. No sex until the sixth date. No kisses until the forth date.”

“I’m glad I met Silver. I would have waited for Sue, but then I would have wondered why we waited.”

“Sue wanted to be careful. If you aren’t careful you’ll get hurt.”

“That sounded like something someone’s Mom told her years ago.”

“Even sounded like her voice when I said it just now.”

“It’s probably true, just not all the time.”

“Am I going to get hurt?” Silver asked.

“Probably. You’ll have an expectation I won’t live up to. You’ll want something I’m supposed to have a crystal ball tell me about, but I don’t have a crystal ball. But!”

“But, what?”

“But, I won’t cheat on you. I’ll tell you what I’m up to, what I want and what I hope for. I request you do the same. You want something from Roger, ask for it. I think when most men get married they should wear a t-shirt every day for the rest of their life that says, “I don’t have a crystal ball.”

“That sounds like Pete.”

“You’re right, it does. Roger is still a babe in the woods.”

“Maybe we both need a t-shirt that says, “I’m not who you think I am, and neither are you.” We both laughed.

Silver grabbed for my cock and gently tugged it. “What would this be?”

“It has lots of names. Some people only use medical terms. They’d call it a penis.”

“I want to know what Roger thinks of it as.”

“When it’s soft, it’s for peeing and it’s my dick. When you play with it, or inspire it to be all about sex, it’s my cock.”

“Please, Roger, could you shove your hard cock inside me again?”

“Where inside you, Silver?”

“For most of the last year Sue had a vagina and only a vagina. Since Silver arrived she’s put her pussy to good use, with your help. When I’m at work on Monday I’ll have a vagina again. I want your cock inside my pussy. We can talk forever on the phone over the next months and years. Right now we’re naked and I’m holding your cock in my hand.”

I blinked twice to get the Pete part of me to back off and let Roger take care of the beautiful woman holding his cock. Very quickly her hand achieved the growth goal it had wanted and she moved down on the bed and looked up at my face as she engulfed my cock with her mouth. Her eyes smiled as her lips and tongue gave me sensations intended to make me crazy.

After a minute or two of focused effort she pulled off my cock and said, “I like how you taste. Want to cum in my mouth?”

“Unless you’d rather have it somewhere else.”

“Will you be willing to kiss my mouth after you’ve cum there?”

“Yes! I’ll kiss your mouth or your pussy after I’ve cum there. Or before. I love kissing you.”

Her mouth and tongue were working on me. She licked my shaft from base to tip and as I watched I knew I wasn’t going to last very much longer. “Baby, I’m close! You’re in charge.”

She smiled and rolled us over so I was on top of her. She lifted my hips just enough to speak and said, “Fuck my face! Fill me with cum!” Then she sucked hard and released my hips. My hips raised and dropped fast and deep. She didn’t choke or gag. In just a few strokes I was unloading inside her. Silver’s arms held my hips as I shook and my cock pulsed.

She got it all. When she was sure she had it all she rolled me back on my back and climbed up to be face to face.

“I do love how you follow orders. Do you also give orders?”

“Yes! I can be quite demanding, at times.”

“Oh! What kind of things will you demand?”

“When we are together, please, do not wear red. Not red shoes, dresses, underwear or nail polish. I say it as a request. It is a demand.”

“You don’t like red. Got it.”

“I demand that you communicate when you’re upset. Don’t clam up.”

“Ok. Anything else?”

“Don’t keep secrets.”

“What about Christmas presents?”

“That’s not a secret. A secret is something you don’t say because it will hurt. Christmas presents won’t hurt. If you’re moving away, tell me. If we’re through tell me. Don’t keep it a secret.”

“Is that it?”

“No. I want the kisses you mentioned.” We kissed another seventy-six times. I didn’t actually count. In the first kiss I tasted me and her in the kiss. In the third that taste was US. It was all good.

We napped for a little while and when I opened my eyes she asked, “I need to know. Do you eat pussy?”

“Yours or anyone’s?”


“Any time, any where.”

“I tend to scream.”

“I tend to enjoy screams.” I moved down her body, one kiss at a time. She adjusted herself to be open and comfortable when my mouth found her lower lips and made myself ta’ home.

I discovered I loved the feeling of pushing her to an orgasm and beyond to the second and the third. I loved having her grab the hair of my head as she begged me to stop, before she died of pleasure. I loved the aftertaste of her and the warm snuggle while we fell asleep again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32