Operation Happy Dad

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I am a carpenter, not an English major so If I am not writing with the proper syntax or grammar and punctuation please forgive me.

Maybe if an editor likes my story they will volunteer to edit it for me.

I have written 8 more Chapters that go off in a Crazy direction so If I get your support I will then Publish them as well. If you readers think its not worthy I will keep them for my own Library of depravity and hope you enjoy your day.

All Characters in this Story are 18 or older.


My Name Is Danni Thomas I am 18 years old and this is my story.

My Parents were great as I was growing up.

My moms tall and beautiful, smart and sexy and how she fell for my dad I never know. She was 6 ft tall, black hair, almond shaped green eyes, she got those eyes and beautiful tan from my Grandma, she was Polynesian. Like a very tall Moana, moms beauty was striking, men would trip all over themselves when she was around, they could never decide what to stare at, her face, her ass, or her boobs. She was kind and considerate and everybody loved her.

My dad is tall 6 ft. 3 and kind of like a big bear with lots of hair. A big beard, with lots of chest and back hair. He has arm and leg hair to spare, OK lets just say he’s really hairy. My dads 41 years old, a salesman, he sells heavy duty equipment to big companies and he’s very good at it. I heard him take an order last week for $200 million dollars for a few huge shovels up in Canada’s oil patch. He was so casual about it, like it was just another day. He is so funny he always makes me laugh. Dads pretty quiet but very smart, he reads a lot and is up on his politics and business knowledge. I love how smart and funny he is but I’m sad he’s so quiet and introverted these last 3 years. I guess I should shut up and tell you our amazing story.

My childhood was that of a normal spoiled single child, right up until my mom got breast cancer when I was 14, mom passed away just after my 15 birthday, that I spent in the hospital praying for a miracle that never came. Dad was devastated ,he adored mom and his whole world revolved around mom and me. I quit my soccer team because I just didn’t want to play with mom not there to cheer me on.

Dad had coached me for a few seasons and I really disappointed him by quitting.

I went to school, dad went to work and we kind of just existed for a few years.

For my 18 th birthday and basically where this story starts from, my dad bought me a small little sports car from a buddy of his that had kept it in great shape . My Little Mazda convertible. I loved the car and was so happy that I decided to see if I could bring a little happiness to dad. I took a deep Breath and looked dad in the eyes, “Dad its been 3 years and I think mom would say its time to get out there and date!” Dad just mumbled something and left the room. I followed dad and said “daddy I love you and want you to be happy and right now you are just going thru the motions of life, all you do is work, sleep and take care of me. I am 18 now and you don’t need to take care of me any longer. You need a life, a hobby, a date, maybe even some sex!”

I was all ready to drive my point home when I saw the tears do a slow roll between his eyes and his beard then dart into the hair to hide his sorrow.

All I could do is start to cry myself and sit on his lap. Dad put his arms around me and hugged me so tight I couldn’t move. I couldn’t comprehend my dads sorrow.

It was like a cloud over his head, but he would still smile from ear to ear when he saw me, I think its because I reminded him of Mom, we were starting to look very similar, I was 5 ft 11 and was wearing moms old bras so I guess we were about the same boob size. I would wear her dresses and pretend to be the sophisticated beauty that mom was. The neighbors would stare and say “wow Danni you look just like your mom.” I would smile and say “thank you” but I always went in the house and cried when that happened.

Title on my note pad, Operation happy Dad.

That’s a good start but what is going to get him up and out of this funk.

I thought that if I could get him out on a few dates maybe he would break out of his shell and have some fun. I had a few romps in the hay lately and I know sex is a powerful anti depressant. I saw a old soccer player friend of mine Ula at the store and after a few minutes of talking she asked about Dad, I kind of told her my plan to get him dating again and she said ” do I ever know a lady that needs to go out on a date. My aunt Pam hasn’t been on a date since her divorce. It must be at least 5 years now!” So it was set. Dad wasn’t very happy with me but I didn’t care. Saturday night they were going out.

On Friday night I said to dad “we are doing a dress rehearsal for tomorrow night.

Lets see what you got dad!” Dad went into his room and picked out a pair of nice pants, a nice shirt and tie, everything looked pretty good. “Dad when was the last time you got some grooming done because you are looking escort ataşehir pretty hairy? Come and sit on the stool and we will have a look!” Dad took his shirt off and sat on the stool, “wow hey dad do you know who Chewbacca is because you might be related to him?” After an inspection I went and got moms clippers out from under the sink in the bathroom were they have hidden for 3 years, the kit had all the attachments in it and they were very professional clippers. I put on the 1/8 inch attachment and went to work.

I worked on his neck, back and sides, when I got to the chest hair he grabbed my hand and said “leave my chest!”

“Ok Dad ill just take it down a few notches!” I put the 1 inch attachment on the clippers and took the hair from 3 inches to 1 inch, much better I thought. I made him stand up and I pulled his boxers down a bit and trimmed there, I made him pull his boxer bottom cuffs up so I could start on his legs when this smell hit me, “wow dad you smell like ass!” I could see tears start in the corners of his eyes as he pushed me away and tried to move from the stool. “STOP!”, “dad I’m sorry but its the truth you stink like ass, I have a plan, let me finish your legs down to a reasonable length so you can at least see your skin.” Dad Reluctantly sat down again. I finished dads legs and sent him to the shower. I pondered how am I going to groom dad so he doesn’t smell like ass for his date?

Dad came back wrapped in the towel like I told him to do. “Dad we are going to have to do some manscaping and its not going to be very comfortable for you.

Have you ever trimmed those parts before?”

“Yes Danni Your mom used to trim me every Sunday!” As I comprehended what he had just said I thought, how hard can it be. “Dad stand up and hold the towel over your front and let the back hang out so to speak.” I grabbed the clippers and started to work, wow there’s a lot of hair back here I thought. It was not a bad ass once you could see it, after I was done the outside I said “bend over dad and spread em!” Slowly dad bent over and I could start to smell ass again, “wow Ok dad we need to do some more work back here!”

I went and got his razor and a bowl of water, a hot cloth and some shaving cream. Once I had prepared him he just bent over without saying anything, I suppose it was embarrassing enough without talking to me. I shaved and pulled skin and shaved some more, when I got to his rose bud I carefully went around it and kept going under his balls and cock, wow his cock hung way past his balls it must be pretty long I thought to myself. “We are done back here, time for the front” I said. “Please cover your privates dad so I can get that nest from the sides and top.” I trimmed 4 inches off the top and sides.

“Dad I know this is embarrassing but it needs to be done. Drop the towel dad!” He did as he was told and wow what a cock, long and thick and very soft. Secretly I hoped he might get hard but that was not to be. I trimmed and trimmed moving his cock and balls from one side to the other. I soaped him up and shaved the creases and the places that the skin rubbed together. It really was a beautiful big cock now that you could see it. I left him a patch of short hair above his cock so he wouldn’t be bald. “All done!” I said, “now go rinse off again!”

I was so horny I said good night dad and ran straight to my room. What is wrong with me, I ripped off my pants and underwear and went crazy on my clit, all I could think about was Dads big cock and for the first time in my life I squirted all over my bed. Holy Crap that was good. I’m such a fuck up to think that way about my dad.

Saturday dad went out on his date. I attacked him as he came through the door at 2 am, “What happened, how did you do, did you have a good time, did you get lucky?”

“Danni Stop!” dad yelled “I don’t want to talk about specifics.”

“Bull shit Dad spill the beans!”

“OK Danni, she was nice, we talked a bit we didn’t get into to much detail, she started to talk about her ex husband and then stopped because she was coached to not do that. I laughed and told her I had been coached too about what to say and not to say. She is a nice lady but there was no spark so I think Ill wait awhile before I decide what to do.”

I waited a week for Dad, but nothing. I called my Friend Ula whose Auntie Pam went out on the date with Dad.

Ula was not really saying what I wanted to hear she was dancing around the subject of how the date went. “Ula stop screwing around and tell me the truth, how did the date go, what went wrong?”

“Fine you want to know, Your dad couldn’t get it up. My auntie was ready to fuck his brains out but that didn’t happen!” Auntie Pam said “he was hung like a horse but was as soft as a feather bed!” Well that’s embarrassing I thought to myself. I thanked Ula for being honest with me and I vowed right then and there to solve Dads problem.

Dad was walking around the house on Sunday morning very gingerly and looked to be in pain. “Dad what’s wrong?” I kadıköy escort bayan said.

“I’m hurting Danni, I have a rash from the shaving you did and its killing me!”

“Well dad how long has this been going on?” I said.

“It started to itch on Tuesday, Thursday it was really red, and today I think I have to go to the doctor!” “Dad why didn’t you tell me, come on lets see the problem, drop your PJ’s!” I could tell Dad was embarrassed but he did what I said.

As dad dropped his pj’s I could smell it, and wow it didn’t smell good.

OK dad sit up on the table and lay on your back with your legs up, I saw the rash had spread to his whole crotch area and some parts were infected. “Holy fuck dad why didn’t you say something to me when it started hurting?”

“Well Danni, to tell you the truth Honey I was to embarrassed to say anything!”

“I understand that dad but from now on please say something when you are hurting.” I got the first aid kit down and started cleaning the infections, they weren’t to bad but a day or 2 more and they could have been. I was done the disinfecting and dad was a trooper because I knew it hurt like hell. I had some steroid cortisone creams from my soccer days when I would get the odd rash, so I slowly started to put it on all the effected areas, I wondered if I could turn dad on and maybe get a hard on out of him. Challenge accepted I thought to myself.

I bent his legs way up and smothered his ass crack and down below his balls with soothing white cream, slowly and carefully covering the rash. I really took my time on his balls and thought I saw a little life in that big cock of his but no wood yet, I did the leg folds and rubbed his cock sides with the back of my hand.

It started to come to life and as I switched to rubbing the lotion on his cock it grew steadily , Dad didn’t say a word I just kept rubbing and pretty soon he was hard as a rock , it was 10 inches long and the size of a coke can holy shit dads huge. I could feel the warm liquid slowly roll out of my pussy and it took all my will power not to stuff my hand in my pants and sooth my savage beast.

I stopped stoking it for a few seconds and down it went, like really fast, so stroke stroke stroke up it came again, I was starting to have a little fun with the up and down aspect so I said to dad. “Hey dad how fast does it normally go down if you stop touching it?”

Dad coughed a couple of times and said “that’s kind of inappropriate father daughter conversation Danni!”

“OK Dad, Ill be blunt, I heard that you had some impotency troubles on your date, now don’t get mad it happens to all men as they get older!”

“OK Danni, you wanna know, Ill tell you, the doctors have said I don’t have big enough veins leading to my cock to maintain an erection. There are you happy?”

“I’m so sorry Dad I’m not meaning to hurt you, what did you and mom do about it?” I said as I stroked his cock back to life.

“Well Danni your mom was really good at getting me hard and she never stopped stimulating me while we made love!” I looked up at Dad and he had sad eyes, I was now done spreading the creams all over but I didn’t want to stop touching his beautiful cock so I just kept rubbing slowly. I soon found out that rubbing slowly is not enough, I had to go faster. “Hey Danni that’s enough you can stop now!” dad said as he grabbed my hand.

“Dad how much more would it take for you to have an orgasm?”

Dad’s response was, “that’s a wonderful thought Danni but you couldn’t stroke fast enough for long enough to give me an Orgasm. Since your Moms been gone it just isn’t very high on my priorities list anymore!”

“Wow Dad so your saying you don’t orgasm at all anymore, no wonder its not responding, its a muscle dad it has to be used or it wont work at all!” The rash wasn’t really on his cock so I started to pick up my pace and up he came, what a magnificent cock to touch and hold. “Lay back and relax dad just be quiet and let me play a bit!” I made long strokes with my left hand and rubbed the head in circles with my right hand, I was smiling to myself that he was still hard.

Faster I stoked and then went really fast, dad was arching his back and I thought I’m so close to making him come, but nope, my arm started to get sore and I knew I could only keep it up for a few more seconds. I lower both my hands on the shaft and dived forward opening my mouth as wide as I could. My hands were a blur, my mouth suctioned onto his cock for dear life and Dad screamed. Cum shot down my throat and there was so much it shot back out my nose, dad bounced up and down on the table like a piece of bacon frying as I tried to swallow the rest of his load.

“Danni that was fantastic, but that was so wrong. We cant do that anymore ever ever, do you hear me!”

“Yes dad I hear you but I was just trying to make you happy, your such a sad sap these day!” I crawled up onto the table and dad saw the cum dripping from my nose and he lost it, he was howling laughing until he escort bostancı closed his legs and pain from his rash took the smile right off his face. “OK OK the fun is over dad lets get this cleaned up and you can relax on the couch, but no underwear or pants, that rash has to breath!”

Dad sat on the couch and let that big beautiful cock breath and watched football. I did homework in my room for awhile and thought about dads cock, Pretty soon my head was back, my hand was in my pants and I was rubbing my clit slow and steady. I took 2 fingers and curled them into my pussy and found my G spot, nothing feels better than rubbing my g spot and my clit at the same time. Ba Boom cum shot every wear, It hit my hand and squirted up into my face, never have I come so quick or squirted so far, this being only the second time I have ever squirted, It is very messy wow. I dried off and headed for the shower, I decided to go check up on dad with a towel wrapped around me , it was kinda daring but I wanted to be a little daring. I was kneeling in front of him I moved his balls one way and then the other, Then moved his cock around pretending to look at his rash, but no hard on or even a little growth. It was still fun thought, I gave him a kiss on the forehead and ran up to my room .

Monday after work I asked dad to stripped down and sit on the table again, I had a good look at the rash, it was going away but he needed to be shaved again or the rash would come back. I had to be very careful and gentle but I was a little mean and touched his cock way more than was necessary. I loved the feel and the shape, it is the perfect cock, well except it had trouble staying hard.

We might have to fix that I thought. “Daddy When was the last time you had an orgasm not counting yesterday?”

“None of your dam business Danni and why do you want to know?” “Because I’m curious Daddy!”, “Well honey its none of your beeswax!” dad said smiling at me. “Look Dad I’m just trying to figure a few things out to see if I can help you solve your problem.”

“Danni I don’t have a problem , If the cars broken down and you don’t have your drivers license anymore then you don’t need the car running do you?”

“Well dad if you have a 68 Shelby Mustang GT 500 KR ( my favorite car )sitting there in your garage hidden from the world, don’t you think some wonderful person or Ladddddyyyy might want to look at it, play with it, take it for a drive. Instead of it rusting into the ground?”

“No Danni, its my Car and my decision!”

“God you are a stubborn old bastard, I poked him in the rash and made him scream. Dad tried to move and I said “stop I’m not done yet don’t you dare move!”

Dad Stopped and growled at me, but I just smiled and finished shaving his short and pricklies.

On Friday morning I said “hey dad I made a doctors appointment for you on Saturday at 10 am, make sure you are ready!” I said as I ran out the door. I heard bitching words follow me out the door but I wasn’t interested in what he had to say. I had it all planned out it was an appointment with My Female doctor and I had talked over the whole situation with her already, well except for the orgasm I gave Dad. On Saturday morning we got in the car and headed to the doctor and I said “go to the medical center on Pine street dad!”, “Danni what is this shit that’s not my doctor?” ,” No Dad its mine and she is not 70 years old like your old coot of a doctor!”

“God dam it Danni why are you doing this to me!”

“Are you kidding me dad, your a miserable shit that’s just waiting to die and all you’ll have to show is, the memory of love from a good lady now gone forever, and a daughter that is going to leave your miserable ass behind and move on with her own life!”

“Come on Danni you don’t mean that!”

“God dad yes I do I will move out and have my own life and you will sit in our little old house and rust away and I don’t want to be there to watch it happen!”

“Now what’s it gonna be Dad live a great life or rust away its your call but you make it right fucking now?” Dad Sighed and was silent for a few seconds .”OK Danni.”

“Good , now that we have that straight you will let me lead the doctors visit, don’t you go saying any negative crap or that you are just fine and don’t contradict me in front of the doctor. You can wait until we are alone to bitch about what I did or didn’t do, you hear me old Man, I said with a smile. Dad looked at me smiled and nodded his head.

Dr Baxter is a 35 year old beautiful woman that is tough as nails. She has had to fight past her beauty to be taken seriously by her colleagues and her male patients her entire Career. The doctor ushered us into her large main office and exam room . “Hi Danni how are we doing today?” asked the Doctor, “Fine Doc” I replied. “This is my dad Steve , Steve Thomas!”

“Hello Mr Thomas nice to meet you!” Doctor Baxter said in a warm friendly voice.

Dad just smiled, nodded his head and watched me take over.

10 minutes later dad had a red face and the Doctor new almost everything. I sat on the couch as she took dad behind the small screen for his exam she trundled through the exam and asked dad where the rash had started and where the infected areas were. Dad having no Idea called for me to show the doctor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32