Our Cross Continent Ride

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Hi. My name’s Jeremy…. No don’t bother telling me your name. In five minutes I won’t remember it anyway.

Now you look to me like the kind of person who likes stories, and I’m guessing by that look in your eye that maybe you like something a little… well let’s say juicy. I’m also guessing that you might even be alright with a story that ventures close to home, if you get my meaning.

You do? Good. Then have I got a story for you. That is if you’ve got the time. It’s a long story, but details can be left out.

What? Oh yeah. I got loads of time. You see, I’m on my way to Russia to pick up my future wife, but I got a fourteen hour wait for my next plane.

How did I meet her? Well that’s part of the story you’re about to hear. Some of it might not make sense to you, but I’ll do my best to tell you everything that’s relevant to help you understand.

My sister Chrissy, her name is Christine, but I been calling her Chrissy since I don’t remember when, we used to cycle with Mom before she got killed in a car wreck. Before that she’d often talk about taking a bike ride across Russia and end up on the furthest coast of France. Dad could afford it, he was a big man in a big company back then. Later he’d take it over, but that’s not what you want to hear about, is it.

Anyway, after Mom died, Chrissy and I decided to do the ride. Now you need to understand that Chrissy wanted a new expensive bike. She wanted it before so she could use it, but I told her it’d be well used by the time we got back. She came up with this other idea that we could save money by sharing a tent, and rooms when we weren’t camping. Dad could afford for us to stay in separate rooms all the way. Now we’re talking about eighty five hundred miles. That’s a lot of nights spent in rooms, so with us sharing instead of having separate, you can imagine how much we’d save.

Chrissy said that if we shared we could save on expenses, the she’d be able to get the bike she really wanted which cost near on ten thousand dollars. We’d save a lot more than that by sharing. She came up with ideas on how to keep our privacy when I asked. I was more concerned about hers than my own. We men have less to try hide than women do.

Well, we were in a two night stop over in Russia before our final flight to where we’d start riding, and Chrissy broke the news to me that she was still a virgin and never had a romantic dinner.

Why she’d told me this is a bit of a long story which you’d probably find boring, but we’d been close since just after she started walking, though we’d never discussed our sex lives before.

I was surprised to hear that she’d never done it before, I mean, she was twenty four at the time and she could have passed for Meg Ryan’s double. That’s if Chrissy had dyed her hair to change it from that golden red to blonde.

So anyway. I gave her the romantic dinner she wanted, only I left out the kissing. When we got back to our room, she made a little joke. She told me she wasn’t inviting me in because she wasn’t that kind of woman, but when we did go in, she took off her clothes and climbed into bed in her underwear.

I asked her about it and she told me I needed to get used to it because she wasn’t going to be sleeping with clothes on when the weather permitted less. I went to the bathroom to do my last minute necessities before bed, and when I came out in a pair of shorts, she climbed out of bed and pulled them off saying how she felt uncomfortable that she was in underwear and I wasn’t.

I wasn’t wearing anything beneath them and she didn’t notice until my shorts were around my ankles. When she did see it she pretty much jumped away, so I pulled my shorts back up and climbed into bed.

The next morning when I woke up, she was sitting there watching me. It took me a second or two to realize she had taken her bra off. She told me it was payback for her seeing me, like it was some sort of punishment, but her breasts were nice. They were small enough for me to cover one with my whole hand, and they were pale and perky with the cutest little bostancı escort pink nipples I’d ever seen. After almost half a minute she put her bra back on.

Now I’m going to jump ahead. We were on the last leg of the first part of our ride which was all mountains. From the last town in the mountains to the next one at the foot which lays on the banks of the Aldan river was a stretch of over three hundred and forty miles. We spent twelve days getting through that due to problems with the bikes. We’d only carried food supplies for ten days, even though it shouldn’t have taken us more than seven.

By the forth day of that leg, Chrissy had taken to sleeping naked and riding without underwear because everything she’d brought was dirty. Hell, we were dirty by then. I spent the next two nights lying awake, worrying that I might do things to her in my sleep. When she’d undressed that first time, she didn’t get into the sleeping bag right away. She took the time to pack her underwear into her backpack first, so I got to see more than I should have. So much more that I noticed the four day pubic growth.

I couldn’t argue with her about being naked in front of me. For a woman to be wearing dirty clothes is unhygienic, especially dirty underwear. She started becoming more relaxed from then. When we got down off those mountains I even walked in on her shaving in the bathroom of the bed and breakfast we were staying at. The door was open, so I thought she wouldn’t be doing anything like that in there. She was sat on the toilet with the lid down and had one foot up on it with her legs spread wide, while she worked herself over with the razor.

It was in that town that I met the woman I’m on my way to fetch now. She served us in the restaurant the following night. I’d decided we needed to stay there until we got our strength back. Two days riding without food takes a lot out of a person. We ended staying there for three nights, and when Chrissy had noticed how that waitress had looked at me, she went to talk to her.

We’d just finished eating when Chrissy told me we had to go. At the room she said she’d be back shortly, and off she went. A few minutes later there was a knock. It was the waitress. She walked right in, undressed and went to the bathroom for a shower. When she came out she undressed me.

Chrissy came back about an hour after she’d left. The waitress had left only a couple of minutes before.

The following night the waitress returned after Chrissy had disappeared at about the same time as the previous night. But that night the waitress didn’t leave before Chrissy got back, so when Chrissy walked in, the waitress was still sitting on me. Chrissy had wanted to walk out, but the waitress told her to stay. We weren’t doing anything, we’d just finished.

After talking for a while, the waitress got up and left after dressing. As soon as she was gone, Chrissy told me to go get cleaned up. She’d been referring to the mess left on me from what the waitress and I had been doing.

That was the first time I slept naked next to Chrissy. She was also naked, even though we’d done our laundry.

It wasn’t until we reached Poland that Chrissy told me she was asexual. She explained that she wasn’t emotionally dead, but that she just didn’t feel any sexual desires. She’d brought up the subject because she’d wanted to ask my opinion on her trying acupuncture to ‘cure’ her of this asexuality.

I admitted to her that I was proud of her being a virgin and hated the thought of some guy getting his grubby paws on my little sister. She’d told me once before that she’d been in love, but seeing as how it had affected her studies, plus the fact that it would amount to nothing, she’d shut it out. After I admitted hating the thought of guys touching her, she told me who she’d been in love with. It was her best friend, but her friend had been shown an interest in me since long before. So Chrissy’s love for her had been secret. As for the friends interest in me, I’d always thought of her as a sister. Chrissy and her were almost ümraniye escort bayan always together for as long as I can remember.

Chrissy and I discussed her asexuality for a while. Finally she decided that she’d leave it seeing as it was obviously that way for a reason.

About a week after that talk, we were lying in the tent and she took my hand and put it on her ass cheek. She’d done that because an earlier discussion about how she felt about herself lead to me telling her how pretty she was and blurting out how sexy I thought she was. In my speech I’d mentioned how nice her breasts were before my tongue took control and said how I’d have my hands all over them and her ass if she wasn’t my sister.

The next day she was quiet, even though she seemed like her cheerful self. Two nights later in another bed and breakfast room she asked me to touch her ass again. She explained why she’d been quiet. She told me she could still feel my hand there the whole of that next day, even though it was attached to the handle bar of my bike.

She told me that this time she didn’t want me to just touch it, she said she wanted me to use both hands on her ass and to do to it whatever I would do with any other woman’s ass. She said it was an experiment for her benefit.

I finally agreed to do it, so I told her to stand between my legs and hold my head against her stomach so I couldn’t see it was her. I started off with my hands on the back of her thighs, concentrating on trying to imagine it was that waitress back in Russia. In my mind I could see her standing there between my legs and I could see my hands work their way up to her ass.

At the same time, I was concentrating on my hands just enough to make sure they were doing what I was seeing in my head. I grabbed her cheeks and squeezed them gently, rubbed my hands over them and molded them like I’d mold dough to make bread.

After a little while I heard a voice saying ‘oh Jerry oh yes Jerry’. It was the waitress in my head, but she’d never called me Jerry. She’d liked Jeremy and had used it all the time we were there. The voice changed, and it was Chrissy saying it. It was like I was coming out of a dream.

I must have slowed my hands or stopped them all together, because Chrissy grabbed my head and turned it up so she could look into my eyes. She begged me not to stop. The look on her face was irresistible, so I kept my hands moving, or got them moving again. I was back in that dreamlike state.

I felt Chrissy’s body start shuddering, then I felt her knees giving way. I knew that if I just hugged her legs to stop her from collapsing, she’d most likely fall over sideways. So I waited for her to sink low enough then I hugged her against me and lay back. Her head flopped down beside mine, and when she finally got some strength back, she lifted it and told me my ‘thing’ was in a dangerous position.

I rolled over onto my side so that she was on the bed beside me. She smiled and informed me that she’d just had her first orgasm. I was still feeling like it was a dream, and I heard myself telling her that I wanted to taste her first orgasm and that she should put her fingers between her legs and then touch them to my lips.

She did. Twice. Then she told me that after what I’d just done for her, she’d let me taste it properly. She got herself onto her knees and moved closer to my head, then she lifted one leg over me and lowered herself onto my lips.

I could feel my tongue moving round, sliding all over her and trying to stretch all the way up inside. Even though I was in that state, everything was crystal clear. The feel of her, her taste, her juices running down the sides of my face. Then she was having another orgasm.

Later she begged me to take her out to find herself a woman. When she was done with the woman she’d found, she came looking for me and told me that the sexual desire she’d felt previously was gone. Back in the room together, she asked me to try again. For her sake I did, but only the ass thing this time, and she had another orgasm.

She kartal escort laughed after she’d recovered and said that I’d have to be her lesbian lover. She suggested that we find a woman who wouldn’t mind doing to me what a lesbian wouldn’t, while I did to Chrissy what other woman couldn’t.

I couldn’t believe she was considering this as a long term thing, but at the same time, I couldn’t exactly leave her high and dry, so to speak. She told me that I couldn’t put anything inside her that wasn’t a finger or tongue, and that the finger wasn’t allowed deeper than the second knuckle, but otherwise I could do anything I wanted. She listed things which I could do to her, that included everything to do with her breasts, mouth or ass as long as my ‘thing’ didn’t get near her.

She didn’t mind looking at it, and she even said I could play with it during whatever it was that I was doing to her, but she specifically stated that she’d never touch it on purpose.

The next night she told me she was going to get dinner and bring it back for us to eat in the room. We were hitting the road again, so an early night was a good idea. When she came back, this tall tanned beauty followed her into the room. Chrissy specified slowly so that she’d understand, that the guest could have everything from my chest down to do with as she saw fit. The rest was hers.

I ended up with Chrissy standing between my legs as I sat on the edge of the bed. Our guests head was between Chrissy’s legs with my ‘thing’ buried almost all the way in her mouth. I had one hand on Chrissy’s ass while the other was playing with her lady part for the first time.

Before then, I’d felt it with my lips and tongue, but never with my hand. She felt more lubricated than she had with my saliva in the mix. Maybe that was because she knew I was also being relieved.

From then on, Chrissy kept herself clean and shaven, and wouldn’t ask me to satisfy her if she wasn’t. Most of the times she asked, she didn’t ask with words. She’d just bring someone home with her, or us, if we’d been out together, as her way of asking.

On some occasions when there was another woman there, Chrissy would just sit back and watch us doing things to each other.

It took us about six months to get from that first day we mounted our bikes in Russia to the eastern most point of France. The first four of those months had been good, but I have to tell you that the next two were so much better.

Chrissy came to live by me when we got back. The night I gave her the bike she wanted was the first night she touched my ‘thing’ on purpose. She even put it in her mouth and kept it there till I was done.

Both Chrissy and I have kept in touch with that waitress in Russia. I’m in love with her, have been since that short time we spent together. We’ve spoken a lot about her leaving Russia, and Chrissy’s even told her everything about our cross continent ride. Now she’s more eager than ever to come join us.

Her name is Galya. Didn’t I tell you that? Sorry. She’s a little taller than Chrissy who only comes up to my shoulder, but Galya isn’t as petite in certain areas, if you know what I mean. No, not even down there. She’s as plump and juicy as a perfectly ripe peach. It’s only been seven months since I last tasted that peach, but I can’t wait to get my mouth on it while my hands are all over Chrissy. That’ll be a first for me, Galya and Chrissy.

Oh, and before I forget and have you disappear. Chrissy says she’s going to talk to that friend of hers, the one she was in love with. She wants to talk her into joining us. Chrissy’s got the gift when it comes to talking women into joining us, but if I think her friend still feels the way about me that Chrissy described, I don’t think Chrissy will need the gift.

Her name’s Briana. Sorry? Oh yeah, well at least she was quite hot last time I saw her. That was about a year before we left for our ride.

What? About the story? No, I don’t think people would by a book about a story like that. You would? Well then you keep your eyes open because I just might. It may take a while if I do, you know, with trying to keep Chrissy happy. And then there’ll be Galya and maybe Briana too, but if I do decide to write it I’ll do my best to get it done quickly.

Yeah ok, you have a safe trip now. You’re welcome.

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