Our Kidnapping Ch. 01

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Asian Student


– Everyone is over 18

– Told from Sarah’s POV

– Things Sarah might think and things her brother might say or do may be contradictory because they are people and people are wrong sometimes.


My brother and I had always been close and it was on my 18th birthday that everything would change, whether we wanted it to or not. I guess I should inform you that neither my brother nor myself viewed each other in any sexual ways. My brother took me out for my birthday like he has every year since he could drive. He drove up a small dirt path in the woods and we got out and walked to a secluded area. We watched my favorite movie via a projector and screen that my brother had set up earlier that day and we sat on a soft plus blanket that had the main character’s face on it. After the movie we began walking back to his car. I grabbed the blanket and he said that one of his buddies would come get the projector and stuff. We were laughing as we walked back to his car when my brother froze for a second and looked at me, then he fell face-first. I began to freak out when I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder followed by darkness.

I woke up in a painfully white, padded room. My brother sat in one of the corners hugging his knees to his chest and resting with his forehead on the top of his knees and his face out of my view. Seeing him gave me relief but that quickly faded when I noticed that he was completely naked and further investigation showed that so was I.

“Steven?” I asked shyly.

He stood up and began walking over to me.

“I’m so sorry Sarah! I should have protected you better!” He said opening his arms to hug me.

It was the then I collapsed into my brothers out stretched arms, comforted briefly but his embrace.

“It’s not your fault.” I said, my voice barely audible.

We both sat against the wall that I had woken up next to, and looked around the room. There was no bed or chairs or well anything much for that matter. There were numerous cameras put all along the walls; in corners, implanted in the wall, one that war right in the center of the ceiling even had mechanical arms that allowed for them to go almost anywhere in the room. There was a small panel that was missing from the wall that gave way to a small bathroom which also contained cameras. On the left side of the bathroom opening there was one speaker and on the right was a small TV screen. As we continued to look around the room a voice came over the speaker.

“Welcome! I suppose that you are wonder what you’re doing here. Is that correct?” The voice sounded extremely loud.

“Well the hell kinda stupid question is that? Of course we wanna know why the fuck we’re here!” My brother yelled.

“Tisk, tisk. Mr. Peterson I thought you’d have better manners then that, but be it as it may. I shall continue now. You are in what I often refer do as my doll house. It is where bostancı escort bayan I keep all of my play things. Now I do provide a way out but that is only when my dolls obey every order I give them without even a moments hesitation for one entire month. Just a simple 30 days. But I do suppose that I should say that if you happen to not listen to me, whether it be on day 1 or close to the end of day 30, you start all the way back on day 1 the very next day and have to make it 30 days from your restart date, so I advise you to listen.” The voice said. “Now I would like you to turn your attention to the television screen.”


A video came on. It was me in my room holding a fake dildo that my friend Lisa had gotten for me. I was contemplating whether I should use it or not when my phone rang. It was Lisa asking me if I liked it and I told her that I couldn’t use it because she knew that I was a virgin and I was scared that it would hurt. She told me that is be fine and to stop being and pussy and start pleasing it instead but I just said I couldn’t. And that was the end.


My face got bright red when I remembered that my brother was watching it to.

“So does this shock you Steven? Does it shock you that you cute little sister has never had anyone shove their hard cocks into her pussy and fuck her brains out?” The voice chuckled maniacally as my brothers face got red and cock started to rise.

I looked over at my brother and gave him the what-the-fuck-is-going-on-here look, but he just tuned away from me.

“I will explain to you Sarah, or better yet I will show you!” The voice exclaimed as another video came onto the screen.


This time it was my brother. This must have been just this morning, or was it technically yesterday morning?, well it was the morning of the day of my 18th birthday. I could see the bag that my brother gave me when I had gotten home that morning and I heard my mother call to my brother saying that her and I were going out for my birthday and that we’d be back in a couple of hours. Then my brother pulled his rock hard cock out of his shorts and began stroking it.

“Oh fuck! You like that?” He said closing his eyes and imaging someone. “You like your big brother’s cock? Oh yeah I bet you do!” He continued and my eyes got wide with the realization that he was talking about me.

He continued to stroke his cock getting faster and harder each time and he also continued to make comments about how ‘he’d waited for this for too long’ and ‘he’d been dying for me to touch him’. His body tensed as her reached his climax.

“OH FUCK! SARAH! YES!!” He yelled as his first rope of cum shot out, using my actual name for the first time in this little scene and getting rid of any possible doubt that I had that he didn’t mean me. And that was the end.


I tunes to him and his cock twitched. Again ümraniye escort he looked away from me, but I scouted closer to him and hugged him.

“It’s ok. I still love you.” I whispered.

“Oh such a touching family moment,” The voice mocked.”but it’s time for your first task. Sarah I want you to lay on your back and spread your legs. Now Steven look at your sister tight virgin pussy.” He looked over and his cock twitched again. “Now I want both of you to touch yourselves. Go ahead.”

I reached down and began to rub my clit. I was wetter than I thought that I’d be and my pussy longed for my touch. Steven stared at me while he slowly rubbed his cock. I began to run my clit furiously as I felt the pressure building, and my brother began rubbing his cock fast and hard. Seeing that he was close I used my other hand to push one finger into my virgin hole. His head shot back, but he continued to watch me from his the corner of his eye as load after load of his hot cum shot out. One landed across my stomach and one fell on my hands still at work on my pussy as I reached a body shaking orgasm. A few more of his loads landed on me. One went from my neck down over my right tit, and another landed across my stomach, again. We both stayed panting as our orgasms subsided.

“Now lick the cum from your sister’s body!” The voice demanded, his breathing clearly escalating and his voice hoarse, indicating that he too was trying to get off.

I moaned when I felt my brother began to lick my hands that still rest where I had them. As he pulled my now soaked tiger out of my still oozing fuck hole I moaned again. He sucked on my fingers one at a time and licked off the rest of his cum, a small bit had dripped on to my pussy and he slowly began to lick it off, making my body twitch slightly. Then he moved up to my stomach and up to my nipple. He stayed on my nipple for a little longer than necessary but I was not going to complain. Then he followed his cum up to the crease of my neck, leaving a dark purple hicky.

“Kiss her! KISS HER DEEPLY AND DONT STOP UNTIL I TELL YOU TO! OH FUCK!!” We heard the man yell as a large ‘splat’ was transmitted through the room, which could only have come from his cum hitting something.

My brother’s lips met mine furiously and his tongue begged entry to my mouth. I granted it and our tongues quickly crashed together I wrapped my arms around hi neck and put my hands in his hair. It was in this moment that I realized that I wanted more. I wanted my brother to fuck me. I wanted to feel him deep inside of me as he shot rope after rope of his hot spunk into my eager pussy. I could feel his still hard cock against my leg. I ran my hands down his back and he ran his over my sides.

“Ok stop.” The voice announced, panting. “You want to fuck your brother do t you Sarah? Well don’t worry it will happen. Good things happen to those who wait.” He chuckled. kartal escort “Now go clean up you eager whore!”

I looked into my brother’s eyes and he slowly got off of me. I made my way into the shower and cleaned up. When I finished my brother followed suit. While he was showering a small panel in the wall slid open and two ear pieces were pushed into the room. I walked over and picked them up. When my brother got done I showed him what I had found and he took one.

“So I see you’ve found my gifts!” The voice stated. “Turn them on and put them in your ears so I can make sure that you can hear me.”

A voice came through my ear plug saying to put a thumbs up if I could hear him and I figured that my brother got the same message because he held up his thumb. Then the voice informed us that this was so neither of us knew what the other had to do, ‘creates more suspense’ he said. I was the. Ordered to lay down on the floor and the camera on the mechanical arm came down by me. Then my brother made his way over and we were in the same position as how we ended last. I assumed that the man was talking to my brother because he was looking me in the eyes and I could feel his cock hardening against my leg. His gaze was full of lust and he began to kiss me. Slowly at first but it got intense fairly quickly.

We kissed for a good 15 minutes, his hands exploring my body and mine exploring his. At some point in that 15 minutes we had shifted and I could feel his cock so close to entering my virgin pussy. After about another 5 minutes he broke the kiss, looked at me apologetically, whispered ‘I’m sorry’ and shoved his cock all the way into my pussy in one clean stroke.

“OH FUCK!” I yelled as his big cock broke my hymen and stretched me to the max. “Can I at least have a minute to adjust?” I begged but the voice in my ear price chuckled and said no.

At that minutes my brother began pounding into me. It hurt like hell but only for about three minutes, all the while my brother kept whispering ‘I’m so sorry’. After the pain was gone I began to move my hips and my my brother with every forceful stroke. Our lips met again for another hungry kiss.

“I’m cumming!” My brother yelled.

I felt his cum erupt in me but I continued to move my hips because I was still not even close.

“No I can’t… It’s too sensitive.” My brother pleaded obviously not talking to me. Then he huffed and continued to pump his still hard cock in and out of my pussy. “I’m sorry Sarah but our month starts over tomorrow.” He said seeming close to tears.

I kissed him.

“I wouldn’t mind another 30 days here with just my brother.” I whispered into his ear. And he began to fuck me harder.

This time our orgasms hit at almost the same time, mine just a second before his, but this time he pulled out and came all over me. For the first time ever I had a squirting orgasm and by the time we were down the padding on the floor under us was soaked.

“Good job but we start over tomorrow. As for right now get some sleep. You have a long month ahead of you!” The voice chuckled.

My brother and I feel asleep together wondering what the next day would hold for us.

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